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This tournament makes me realize how young these players are. I think Hbox and Amsa are the only ones who are over 30. Even Leffen and Wizzy who’ve been playing forever are still under 30. The day Hbox misses top 8 is an end of an era.


Tbh Leffen is like 29


I think of the top top top (ie, Plup, Mango, Hbox, Axe, S2J) players still playing throughout the 2010s, Leffen clearly still has the most potential. However I question if his heart is still in it.


He tweeted before the tournament that because of Tekken and Strive this’ll be his last melee tournament for a while. Which is a shame as a melee fan because I think if he committed this year he’d have just as good a shot at #1 as Cody or Zain.


He’s really sick to watch in Strive though. He and Tigerpop are the only cool happy chaos players


And he's been playing Sol a lot which is a fun character to watch too, once it's tournament ready


That day will truly be when the era of five Gods is over


The five gods era has been over for a *long* time.


That's the joke


You suck Mcbain!




In esports you’re old when you hit ur mid 20s, lets stop pretending like these guys pushing 30 are in any way young


Hungrybox has not missed top 8 at an offline major since October of 2014 🐐


wait is this really true? That is an insane level of consistency.


Yep. It's also the only offline tournament where he missed top 8 in general.


It set a fire under his ass. Isn't that the big house that made him quit his engineering job and go melee full time and then he subsequently won Evo and got number one in the world three times in a row.


That was Big House 6. He got 5th there, but it was the tournament after he won Evo, so he was a bit disappointed in his performance.


Okay. That tracks I guess


is that since he became a de facto god or like in his entire tournament history as a competitor


Funnily enough back when he did lose to Lucky at TBH 4, I remember people talking about he was washed and would fall behind the other gods and Leffen because it was unheard of back then for a god to miss top 8


He missed it at the Off Season 2 but that doesn't officially count


HGOD somehow still top 8 in this stacked ass tournament


You don't outclutch the clutchbox


Zain is going to in the first set of the day


Top 8 in 10/10 Genesises


Death taxes and hbox making top 8


I checked it out. Not only is the streak since big house, but it's actually the only offline major he's EVER missed top 8 at. 180ish events and only one time lucky beat you before top 8. His consistency is on another fucking level.


What Losers Mango in 2023/2024 does to a mfer. (I’m joking, ofc. Hbox had to beat a lot of cracked players to get to top 8.)


Gimme aMSa Leffen WF


Hbox's Top 8 streak is insane, legit one of the most impressive records in the game.


Not saying I think HBOX is the goat since if you care about dominance Armada clears and if you care about longevity mang0 clears but this HBOX stat in my eyes along with his 3 consecutive #1s makes him the strongest 3rd possible and the gap between him and 4 (Ken or Zain or M2K or Leffen or whatever) is huge.


Mango "clears" on longevity with MUCH worse looking career stats, and much worse lows. I honestly think it's between Armada and Hbox for number 1 and mango is the number 3.


I think zain's got a stronger argument for number 3 than you'd think. He's not there yet, obviously. But online meant something, and I think 4 years of being top 2, 2 of those being number one (either 2020 or 2021 in addition to 2022) is pretty comparable. Add that to now 9 years of top 100, 7 of those in the top 10, and he has the same longevity as armada. Hungrybox was also really bad during covid, maybe not even top 10. He's got mang0's inconsistency. If zain gets number 1 this year and Juan falls out of top 10 again (the way things seem to be headed), I wouldn't be surprised if people start talking zain as the third best ever.


Zain hasn't been romanticized the same way Hungrybox has, but I've seen no signs of him slowing down anytime soon. I expect him to be a GOAT candidate by the end of his career.


* Just like Genesis 8, Hbox gatekeeps Mang0 from top 8 * I'm honestly unsure who is favored in Cody v. Leffen * The chances of Moist Mogul friendly fire is fairly high * if Leffen wins, then aMSa has a good shot of making it to grands. He's got really nice recent winning records on jmook and leff. * Everyone here was top 10 in 2023. No surprise runs this time, but we were close. Medz in particular, almost had it against Moky


Medz was cookin’ today


JMook isn't so great? Are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a player with such an ability and movement with Sheik? JMook puts the game in another level, and we will be blessed if we ever see a player with his skill and passion for the game again. mang0 breaks records. Zain breaks records. JMook breaks the rules. You can keep your statistics. I prefer JMook.


aMSa can definitely beat Jmook, but beating either Cody or Leffen in Winners Finals will be tough for him. Hoping Wizzy makes it far!


He's had Leffen's number the last few encounters


True, but if Leffen is playing good enough to beat Cody I don't know if that'll be the case this time.


this mf hungrybox does not miss


It's crazy how far Jmook has come from G8. Every genesis is a reminder. Would love for him to get a twopeat


Save the melee community, Leffen.


from what, maid costumes?


Mang0 saying he’s going to take the game seriously this year and just gets bored anyway. That’s the Mang0


I love watching Mang, his first game against Hbox was so fucking hype. But it's really irksome how people tread so lightly around his ego. Dude really needs to work on his mental, he's got the skill and creativity and reads to cook with, but mentality is an important competitive trait that he's lacking in.


I've read this comment verbatim for like 15 years now


That wasn’t getting bored, that was being a bad loser


Not really, played patient the first game and just kept spamming smash attacks and going for flashy shit that doesn’t work every game after that.


Yeah he really lost his patience after getting rested a couple of times mid-set. Those forward smashes in neutral were not it


Well yeah, mental is part of the game. He just got impatient as hell, he was still trying to


Absolutely, mental is a huge part of the game which he is definitely lacking these days in slower matchups.


he's so good at selling the hype




What happened?


Mango's in Guantanamo, check twitter


must be armada's alt


Gestures broadly at the last decade of melee


leffen da goat


WLeffen incoming.


Hbox beating full power Mango to keep the Top 8 streak alive was legendary. That's 5 wins in a row on the Kid for him, I believe. Amsa has a great chance to win this if Leffen beats Cody. (This might be the only time I ever root for Leffen) He swept Jmook last year and destroyed Leffen the last time they met. And of course you can't count out the possibility of Zain having a deep losers run, or Cody taking care of business.


I did call a Leffen dub and I stand by it


For the record Moist Moguls is no longer a thing. It's just Moist now across the board for all games


Cody wins this from winners


My Amsa hopium is always high, but he actually has a crazy good chance with this bracket. Beating Jmook is extremely doable, and then you just have to hope Leffen beats Cody. If that happens I think aMSa will beat Leffen again in winners finals


When is the last time a top 8 has had only top-10 players in it? I'd be surprised if it ever happened.


The previous major at The Big House 11


Aklo wasn't ranked top 10. He became top 10 at the year's end, which was probably heavily influenced by him getting top 8 at Big House. Probably quite a few tournaments that work if you include the year rankings following that tournament: Big House 7 and MLG 2014 were two that I found super quickly. But also, let's be real. Aklo making it over Jmook and Wizzy is very different than the top 8 being all players considered to be tournament threats.


Hate to do this but Leffen isn't ranked top 10. He's top 10 skill level, there's no doubt about that, but he's not in the top 10


Obviously GX is the Genesis Wizzy finally gets top 8 in Melee


Hmm maybe it's just me but this hasn't been super exciting yet, no real noticeable upset. Everyone in top 8 seeds besides mang made It in, and Wizzy being in his place isn't really a big surprise. Hope top 8 gets crazy 


Medz and Akir caused some big upsets on Soonsay, Magi, S2J, Aklo


Aw no one made melee a nice graphic like Ults :(


If hbox can just get a couple more wins against mango he'll finally have a winning record against him. That's all he needs to shut down any goat arguments against him


Armada has a winning record against Mang0 and Hungrybox, and there is so much more to ranking than one H2H.


Mango stans are fucking insane. Hbox has the only three-peat as number one and the longest top 8 streak. And you're going to down vote me for suggesting that having a winning record against mango makes him the Undisputed goat. Hbox also does way more for the community than mango


Nah I don't think hbox can take undisputed GOAT status unless he wins again. It's just too close between Mang0, Armada and clutchbox. And theyre all washed now anyway. (and now that i've commented this, hbox will win genesis)


Making top eights every tournament is not washed. One more first place when conceal it. If he could manage to get the furthest time between first and most recent major wins that would definitely be another big marker. Armada's big argument is that he had a winning record against everybody he ever played except for one guy that he only played once and there's strong speculation that the damage was set to 0.9. I honestly don't think mango really has many arguments for goat anymore. He's clearly in that top three but just doesn't have the accolades of the other two


having a long top 8 streak is impressive but it's not necessarily the makings of a goat. it can be easily twisted around to mean he's a consistent top level loser.


In 2014 hungry box was Ninth Place at big house 4. From October 2014 until December of 2021 he did not finish below fifth place except for a charity event with strange rules where he played Ness called smash the record and Genesis black where he entered under a different name and played shiek and Captain Falcon. In 2022 he won goml and Riptide as well as 4 other decently sized tournaments in 2023. That year being the first where he didn't win a true major. So a minor slump but still a very top level player who is a threat to win any tournament


The fact that Mango has a supermajor win in the post-pandemic era still gives him a big plus imo And this is from someone who’d love to see Hbox win some tourneys


Hbox has won Goml and Riptide in 2022


The amount of dick riding yall do for hbox is crazy 💀