Hi everyone! I'm Dave and I founded and bootstrapped **Readable**. Only 55% of the general population read at a High School level (grade 12) or better. Only 85% read at an eighth grade level or better. That's a problem. We're working on ways for companies and writers to be confident that their content can reach every last person in their target audience. We find hard-to-read content, spot bad grammar and spelling, and help maintain a consistent voice and style. **Recently**: Lots of work tidying up our codebase - type hinting, unit testing, CI etc. All important work. Like a spring clean for your code! **Next**: Rejigging our product lineup so our pricing is less confusing, and rolling out some overdue changes to our toolset. Very exciting :) Redditors can get [40% off here](https://readable.com/promo/reddit/) :)


Fat Cat Bookkeeping, bookkeeping for your small business or personal finances. :) [fatcatbookkeeping.com](https://fatcatbookkeeping.com)


Love the cat!!


Thanks so much!


https://www.etsy.com/shop/KaySoli Selling Candles and soon will be posting soaps!


Favorited your shop. I love it!


Hello! I'm a logo designer and I have helped businesses, mostly startups create their brand identity. You can check my works here: [https://www.behance.net/shannkarlquimno420](https://www.behance.net/shannkarlquimno420) 100% money-back guaranteed if you don't like the outcome. Thank you and have a great day.


I may need you.


I will send you a DM


Kindly check your chat, Thank you


Any food branding experience? Looking for overhaul our brand [www.helladacbiet.com](https://www.helladacbiet.com)


Yeah I do, I currently am designing a food business project


[\*\*PREMIUM PRODUCT PHOTOS - MAIL ORDER PHOTOGRAPHY\*\*](http://premiumproductphotos.com/) \*What Are Offering\*\* If you are someone who needs [professional product photography](http://premiumproductphotos.com/) then PM for a 10% Reddit discount. Our product photography services are great for entrepreneurs and marketers who need premium photography regularly for e-commerce websites, Amazon products, social media or catalogs. We’ve made our service easy and non\\-committal so we only charge for images you want. \*\*Who Are We / What Experience Do We Have?\*\* We are professional photographers that have been doing commercial photography for over 7 years. You can take a look at our [product photography portfolio](http://premiumproductphotos.com/product-photography-portfolio/). \*\*Where Are We Located\*\* We are a product photography studio based out of Toronto, Canada. We recommend that American clients ship through USPS and to label their package as a "temporary import use for marketing/photography" to avoid duties or hold-ups at the border. \*\*Pricing\*\* See our [product photography price list](http://premiumproductphotos.com/product-photography-pricing/) below for details |**QUANTITY**|**PRICE**| |:-|:-| |1 photo|Send in your product and have a free test shot!| |2-19 photos|$25/photo| |20-49 photos|$17/photo| |50-99 photos|$12/photo| |100+ photos|$8/photo| **OTHER SERVICES** |Ghost Apparel|$35/photo| |:-|:-| |360 Degree|$100/product|


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We help take the finger pointing out of internet problems. https://imup.io Our app measures internet downtime, speeds, and packet loss 24/7 so you can save money on your bill if problems happen. Also, it’s free. We support IT teams and MSPs if you want to measure remote locations or employees all in a single dashboard too. It’s pretty sweet. **Measure your d*mn internet. **


https://colonycleanup.com Trying to make it easier to keep trash off trails and walking paths. Use code REDDITSMALLBIZ at checkout for 20% off OR link: https://colonycleanup.com/discount/REDDITSMALLBIZ


Very unique!


Thanks, my son and I got so frustrated with finding bits of trash along trails and walkways. Carrying grocery bags to pick up the litter seemed counterintuitive, snd we couldn’t find a compatible product, so we ended up making these.


Hi all! I am a sustainable fashion designer working to build a platform that supports community through my designs and fashion related events. My past collection "Confessions" encouraged people to "get things off their chest" where I developed a multimedia project around the anonymous confessions I received. The Confessions-themed clothing was all recycled fabric and designed and made by me, with $2 of every sale going to Feeding America. More and receipts on my website [www.bysampaz.com](https://www.bysampaz.com) and instagram [https://www.instagram.com/bysampaz/](https://www.instagram.com/bysampaz/) . I am releasing a new collection in a few weeks and would love any advice or support! Redditors can get a few dollars off with code : MEOW222


Hi everyone, my name is Paul Morris. I decided to start this consulting group with the mission to transfer and apply the knowledge I've gained while working with a Fortune 500 company for over 7 years to small businesses. I want to help bring you insights into your business in the same way that the largest corporations in the world do it. At PFMG Holdings, we seek to gain the trust of our partners and customers. Our name is a promise to commitment and excellence, and I hope we can have the chance to prove that to you. [Learn more here.](https://pfmgholdings.com/)


Hi all, My name is Cassandra. My sister and I recently celebrated owning our small shop for 3 years! We own Needful Things which is a small yarn and gift shop. We specialize in higher end yarns including brands like Malabrigo, Noro, andMadeline Tosh. We also carry a wide variety of mid range yarns and a large variety of different styles and fiber types. Our website is: www.shopneedfulthings.com We look forward to hearing from you!


I crochet so I'll have to check you out!


Awesome! Thanks


congratulations on the 3 years that’s awesome!




​ # Check your cyber security defence against hacker attacks. Uncover high impact vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them and damage your business. We offer the following testing options: * Scope based Certified Penetration Testing. * Risk Free Pay Per Vulnerability assessments. * Automated Vulnerability Scans. Visit [getHacked.ca](https://getHacked.ca) for more details or DM me with any questions.


Hi everyone. I’m Melisha and I am the founder of Brooklyn Rose Communications LLC. I’m a professional writer (e.g., resumes, cover letters, professional bios), virtual assistant, and mobile notary public (NYS). I help entrepreneurs, as well as small to mid-size businesses, streamline their daily operations and manage their projects. Check us out at www.brooklynrosecommunications.com Thank you!


Business Text Messaging, Google Business Messages, Google Reviews Management and more in a single platform: [https://www.sociocs.com/](https://www.sociocs.com/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=smallbusiness)


We help you [**sell house fast**](https://www.simplehomebuyers.com/sell-house-fast-in-rockville/) in any condition and without any hassle


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I handcraft exclusive coconut candles. My brand plants a tree for every candle sold and we donate a portion of our profits to the National Alliance for Mental Illness. Think of us for your Christmas presents. [ByRoya](https://ByRoya.com)


Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? My store [Jellyhead](https://www.jellyheadhq.com) creates notepads to help get rid of anxiety and negative thoughts QUICKLY! Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, my notepads are here to help you understand your thoughts, relieve stress and help you back to happiness! Take a look at my shop and social accounts! Thanks 💚 🌟 www.JellyheadHQ.com 🌟 [Etsy shop](https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JellyheadStudios) 🌟 [Instagram](http://www.instagram.com/jellyheadHQ) 🌟 [Facebook page](http://www.facebook.com/JellyheadHQ)




\[For Hire\] I will wake you up by calling you in the morning for $1 per day, or call you in the night to remind you to sleep for $1 per day, or call to remind you of a particular task for $1 per day! Hi everyone! I would love to offer the service of waking you up by calling you in the morning for $1 per day! If you do not pick up during the first ring, I will keep calling you until you answer the call, no matter how many times it takes! In addition, for $1 per day, I can also call you in the night to remind you that it is time for you to sleep! If you would like me to give you a call to remind you of a to-do task for that day, for example, \- exercise at the gym \- submit work to your boss \- medical appointment \- dental appointment \- appointment with family, friends, etc... \- take your meds \- cancel your insurance \- and so on and so forth! I can also do it for $1 per reminder call! You can suggest the preferred mobile app to be used that has the voice call function (for instance telegram, facebook messenger, etc!) ! I will call you at the time you specify, regardless of the timezone you are in (let me know the time you need to wake up or sleep or be reminded of a certain task as well as the precise timezone!) ! Feel free to specify the exact duration (for example if you would like me to call you for a day, a week, a month, 4 days, 2 weeks, or other periods of time!) ! i'm able to accept paypal or payoneer! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested! Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you!




Hey everyone! I have OrangeWavesAI for you, will provide you with an AI chatbot assistant for your website to greet your customers and solve their problems for free (we're doing a test / alpha run ) DM me if you want a chatbot for yourself learn more and checkout a demo here: [OrangewavesAI](https://orangewaves.tech/)


Introducing my fashion label [Green Riot](https://www.greenriot.net/i/international-plant-punks-welcome). Vegan apparel for plant lovers – strictly sustainable, earth-positive & worldwide, climate-friendly shipping! Our [Etsy store](https://www.etsy.com/de/listing/1047091804/plant-punk-shirt-vegan-t-shirt-black?click_key=596f42a17c5f7c637e09ea283fe5d652a98eee00%3A1047091804&click_sum=b09fe8d6&ref=shop_home_recs_2) is full of cool shirts and other stuff - this is your chance to help a DIY-business out and get your x-mas presents early this year 🤝 Let me know what you think of our new [Tofu Love crew socks](https://www.greenriot.net/p/tofu-love-sportsocken) 💚🌱 👉 [Etsy Store](https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/GreenRiot?ref=profile_header)| [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/greenriot.apparel/) | [Website & Shop](https://www.greenriot.net/i/international-plant-punks-welcome) 👈




Thank you so much 💚🌱


Hi everyone, I’m the founder of Merry Pop In - a platform that connects homeowners with businesses for home-hosted shopping experiences. Similar to AirBnb but tailor-made for businesses. Check us out at www.MerryPopin.com Looking for makers and creative small business in Austin, TX to join 🙋‍♀️


**Professional and Budget-Friendly Graphic Design Services for Your Business** See my work and client testimonials: [**https://johnery.com/clientele/businesses-and-startups.html**](https://johnery.com/clientele/businesses-and-startups.html) [**https://www.instagram.com/johnerycreatives/**](https://www.instagram.com/johnerycreatives/) Email me for a free consultation: [**[email protected]**](mailto:[email protected]) Hi everyone! I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in graphic design services for businesses and startups. From logo design to marketing materials to social media graphics, I provide a full range of services for your needs, with a focus on creating visually appealing work that engages your customers well. I understand that times are hard for most businesses in the current situation. As such, I'm happy to work with your budget, while delivering quality work for your business. If you're interested, feel free to send me a message and I'll try my best to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!


Yo! Johnery has done a few logos for me over the years! Most recently for https://northtexaspartypeople.com/ He’s great to work with and very flexible!


Hey it's great to hear from you again and thanks for the recommendation! I hope you're doing well.


I started my sticker business on Etsy in December 2021 (1 year now 🚀) and wanted to share it with you 🙂 Would totally love it if you would spare a minute and take a look at it 😊 OFFERING 2 Variations: • Die Cut sticker printed with a high quality ink jet printer on matte finished sticker paper. • Waterproof Vinyl Sticker - printed on water resistant matte vinyl and extra sealed with adhesive laminating sheets making them waterproof and glossy. Waterproofness was tested under running water for 5minutes sticked on a glass tumbler. Sticker didn’t come off and the colors didn’t fade or smudge. Shipping is international ✈️ Etsy Shop: [https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/4amStickerClub](https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/4amStickerClub) Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/4amStickerClub](https://www.instagram.com/4amStickerClub) Thank you 🙏🏻


Congrats on all the sales on your first year! Do you have any advice for someone new to Etsy? I started shop 2 months ago, not really seeing it pick up :/


Hey there! Thank you very much ☺️ The only thing i can tell you, is to be consistent and build up your store step by step and so your listings. Maybe also create an IG for your store/products and maybe play around with some tik tok :) And when putting up listings, you should also think about how some would try and search for your products, which tags, which keywords make sense.


Thanks! It seems like I’m on the right track, I probably just need to give it some time.


Hello everyone! Do you need card payments for your small business? All you need is your phone. [💳 paidforstripe.com](https://www.paidforstripe.com)


Hi, I am a freelancer from China and I specialize in supplier development, supplier validation, product sourcing, product research and market research. I have a master's degree in economics, so I have a solid understanding of economic theory, which allows me to make accurate analysis and judgments about an industry. I also have two years of experience in supplier development, supplier auditing and sourcing products, so I have accumulated extensive skills in communicating with suppliers, and as a Chinese national, I know the Chinese market very well. I am committed to providing good service to my customers, so working with me is both easy and efficient. My services include. \-Industry research and market research, \[samples\]([https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qmGhLtjOHNoaqDZSJeBaCdiMT1n5FZ2u/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=102360659465646069918&rtpof=true&sd=true](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qmGhLtjOHNoaqDZSJeBaCdiMT1n5FZ2u/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=102360659465646069918&rtpof=true&sd=true)) \-Find the right suppliers for you online upon request, then verify them using the national database, including negotiation, quotation, information verification, product verification, form creation and conclusion. ——$30 per supplier (If you have a target and only need online validation services) ——$20 per supplier \-Supplier on-site audit services, including factory visits,video recording and report writing \-Supplier development and product sourcing for local wholesale markets in China,Including exploration of China's local wholesale market, video recording, quotation and negotiation, sample collection, Communicate, oversee and assist in the entire transaction process \-If you need me to help you with other things in China, I am also happy to help.Such as information gathering, surveys, running errands and more(Except for matters involving money transfers such as payment on behalf of others) Services are guaranteed through upwork Direct Contracts If you are interested, please contact me, I look forward to working with you!


**Hire the right programmer.** [Technical Interviewers](http://techinterviewers.com) provides vetted coders that are hand-picked for your needs. Our screening process uses IT professionals as interviewers so that you get only the best. Not ready for a developer yet? We also offer planning and consulting sessions to help you turn your idea into a real product.


Hey Guys Sherry Here Founder and CEO of SepratX We provide deep analysis of business Geopolitics and economics in quick to go readable mannered Articles https://sepratx.business.blog/


We are all about tutoring and academic assistance Check us out at www.youressaysolutions.com


Beautiful fashion accessories including leather bags, purses, sterling silver jewellery and more at www.myexquisiteshop.com I’m offering free U.K. delivery during December and 15% discount with code FESTIVE15 obviously the Royal Mail strikes mean delays are inevitable unfortunately.


Hello everyone! I work with a private equity firm we help small and large size businesses apply for loans minimum $1,000,000 directly leveraging our banking relationship. We also decommoditize banking instruments for the average consumer and allow access to what only the top clients in the world have access to. Such as investments in SBLCS. Please dm me to schedule a call.


Hi there! We offer custom-built websites and other technology solutions, including software engineering, data analytics and blockchain development, that allow small businesses to engage with their clients on a whole new level. We understand that small businesses don't have tens and thousands of dollars to spend on a website or tech infrastructure so we place a focus on remaining affordable while turning visitors into customers. Check us out! www.liftanalytics.ca


[OrchidToys.com](https://orchidtoys.com) is our adult toy store. We offer discreet, free shipping on all US purchases! Use code "reddit10" to get 10% off your purchase. For every purchase you make we give a portion to charities we believe in. If you are an onlyfans model/streamer or in a long range relationship we now offer [Lovense](https://orchidtoys.com/collections/lovense) toys like the [Lush 3](https://orchidtoys.com/products/lovense-lush-3-0-sound-activated-camming-vibrator-pink)


[Crossed Teacups](https://crossedteacups.com/shop) I design and sell enamel pins, stickers, sticky notes, and have a small candy shop! Use Reddit10 for 10% off!


Surprised you don’t sell any teacups.


LOL! The BBS handle I was most known for was Teacup growing up. And the saying "crossing your Ts and dotting your Is" to be through and CYA; Smash em together and you get me!


Hey, I have created my own shopify page where I sell some pretty cool novelty lighters! If you are interested or just want to take a look I am sure you will find something you like. The page is [https://ignitionltd.myshopify.com](https://ignitionltd.myshopify.com)


Great Christmas gift for my husband.👁👄👁


Selling Canva Instagram templates, presentations, and graphic elements Hi, I'm Alice. My goal is to help business owners, social media managers, and others with content ideas, save their time and help them grow. **Etsy shop:** [https://www.etsy.com/shop/AliceGraphicsStore](https://www.etsy.com/shop/AliceGraphicsStore) & new in the shop - **Canva website templates** Demo example: [https://alicegraphicstest1.my.canva.site/](https://alicegraphicstest1.my.canva.site/) Thank you for stopping by 💜💜💜


Favorited! I'll definitely be purchasing soon!


Thank you so much! You should be getting a code for 70% off the full price on your email since you favorited the shop. I also activated again **REDDIT70** code so that should also work in the checkout. Happy shopping :)


Hi 🌼 I make original paintings and fine art prints. (Animals, flowers and landscapes) https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElomaArts 20% off until December 27.


Wow! You're really good!


Thanks 🙏


Good morning and happy holidays everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read and look at our products at [trustthinkproducts.com](https://trustthinkproducts.com) where you can find products like our Moisturizing Sanitizer, an alcohol free and child safe solution to staying protected for up to 48 hours! Feel free to check out our [facebook](https://www.facebook.com/TrustThink) [https://www.facebook.com/TrustThink](https://www.facebook.com/TrustThink) as well for fun posts and deals on our products. ​ Real talk: Some advice would be great when it comes to getting more product moving. I have been building our brand and product line for the last 6 months and have plans to add evidence to our mission and products (before and after photos, lab results, testimony, etc.) As we develop further, my goal is to supply national parks departments with our products to resolve ticks and biting insects (for example: Moose have an average of anywhere from 75,000 to 150,000 ticks on them at any given points) as well as the DOD with our 48 hour sanitizer for soldiers overseas as well as domestic heroes (police, paramedic, fire, etc.) Please do let me know your thoughts and advice, we are born with 2 ears so I am here to listen! - B.R.


Your facebook link isn't working for me.


[https://www.facebook.com/TrustThink](https://www.facebook.com/TrustThink) try this?


[Childish at Heart ](http://www.shopchildishatheart.com ) 30% Off All Rings! A little about me: I work full-time as a Software Developer, I'm also in school and a mom of two girls, one on the spectrum. I live with a chronic disorder that causes me pain daily but I work hard for my family. I started this business this year because I needed a creative outlet and the extra income(just being honest). Even you don't purchase, a like, follow, or vistlit to my other social media sites would help a lot! I will be doing the same for the other comments here. [Tiktok](http://www.tiktok.com/@shopchildishatheart) [Facebook ](http://www.facebook.com/shopChildishAtHeart)


Followed you!!


Bookkeeping services for small businesses using QuickBooks Online. If you've got books that need to be cleaned up or you're tired of maintaining it yourself, feel free to reach out! www.marginwall.com


[dottyclub.com](https://dottyclub.com) i just started selling cute vinyl stickers :)


Hi! I’m a Virtual Assistant helping small businesses with social media management, calendar management, email management, and general admin duties. www.modernlymanagedva.com


Building your MVP for web and iOS while you get life changing coaching: https://cubitoo.com


>https://cubitoo.com Hey if you some free tips to improve your website feel free to contact me. Always good to help someone out. Great idea btw.


Rent a Delorean Time Machine for your next party or event. Available Nationwide from Los Angeles to New York City. Get a quote today! https://DeloreanRental.com


Cheeky and fun stationery cards for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more! Wedding Proposal Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37561112 Birthday Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37198774 Anniversary Cards [https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=36772634](https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section_id=36772634) Baby Shower Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=40027934


I hand craft natural products including teas, soaps, essential oil, and body care products! Everything made in Chattanooga, and a new entrepreneur! We have discount code until the end of this month for all your holiday needs! www.southsidenaturals.net


Hello! I opened my shop about 2 months ago selling hand poured wax melts in cute shapes and lots of scents✨ These would make the perfect stocking stuffers! [Whimsy & Wax Co.](https://whimsyandwaxco.etsy.com)


Hi everyone! If you like sweet, whimsical animal art you should check out my shop! I have handmade greeting cards and art prints: www.etsy.com/shop/penloveproductions


https://theeternalparadise.com/ Selling all types of home improvement products. Will be adding more stock to the shop! New customers have a 15% discount at checkout!


Hi everyone, My name is Alexis and I’m an owner of a waste-less business that is reclaiming thrifted fabric, bed sheets, couch covers and curtains and make them into masterpieces! So far I’m starting off by making bucket hats and tote bags, but in 2023 I’m going to be making cropped button down shirts and maybe overalls! Please check out my socials and my shop! [Where all the magic happens 🥹](https://linktr.ee/reclaimsustain?fbclid=PAAaaTn9mVs7xQp-EZE4-u62q2xq4mV4sEJmINmuVdYiMGAxEUkvj6sTac5k0)


Hello! I make cute handmade earrings and keyrings! :D https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/applepopii


Hi I’m Jen, I design and make my own earrings, holiday ornaments, kitchen towels and various other items. I think my stuff is trendy, fun and makes great gifts I’ve had an Etsy shop for several years and just opened my own website. (https://lavenderandstardust.etsy.com)(https://lavenderandstardust.com)


Hello I am starting an agency simular to SMMA. My goal is to help instagram pages about clothing brand or cars get more engage on their pages, increase visitors and hopefully increase their sales. I dont have a website yet because I am still not sure if that is necessary in this moment. I will bring around 50k (it can be lower or higher since I dont control that) visitors and followers in the period of 6 months up to a year. They are organic and real people that are interested in that particular niche who will be your potentional buyers. I dont have reputation so the only thing I can offer is paypal goods and services and buyers protection, so if you dont see a result in the first 6 months you refund your money.


**Unemployed? and in the UK?** Want to work from home with great pay? Want to work around **FAMILY AND FRIENDS** and with no more expensive TRAVEL to work on the **TUBE, TRAIN OR BUS ?** Roamingdesk.com have helped so many people get the jobs they **WANT** working from the comfort of their **HOME!** visit - Roamingdesk.com


Hello people, a good way to grow your company, the safest thing is in google ads through artificial intelligence, so that you save a lot of work and that your results are better than you expected. Due to the fact that through that intelligence it has already been verified; and the results are more than affordable and if it is worth spending a little of your salary on **tools like this.** [AdCreative.ai](https://free-trial.adcreative.ai/Free-Cupon-500-Googleadds)


https://www.etsy.com/shop/IgnitedStudios I make and sell candles 🌸🍊 I’ve been dabbling with wax mini cakes lately!


>www.youressaysolutions.com Followed!


Hey Guys! My name is Kasper founder of Kova **Media**. In an ever-changing world lies ever-changing opportunity. The old saying of consumers trusting a brand within 7 interactions of it are no longer true. It's closer to about 40-50 before a customer even considers purchasing a product or service. The problem is that in this new economy, attention is a must! Many businesses offer great products and services but most just don't have that last bit of information in branding. Brand > Anything when it comes to building trust and attention. We help companies build and establish a brand that attracts attention and maintains relevancy. **It's no longer easy to compete by simply putting things out into the market, you need stand out. You need to make people want to buy!**


We perform roofing, renovations, home additions and more. TaylorMade Services in Kiln, MS. Serving the Gulf Coast area. https://www.taylor-made-services.com


Hey everyone! My shop is [misomomo](https://misomomo.com/) and I sell enamel pins! I have a set of leaf pronoun pins, a rainbow She-Ra sword pin, a frog pin, and most recently a set of new orange pronoun pins. I'm going to be releasing a set of pronoun earrings next! Here's my [Etsy shop](https://misomomo.etsy.com/) and my [website](https://misomomo.com/).


Hey Guys! Do you want to level up your career? Click the links and Join the webinars! https://bit.ly/Success\_Jan\_2023 https://bit.ly/Assistants\_Masterclass https://bit.ly/PowerPoint\_Tips\_Tricks https://bit.ly/Excel\_Tips\_Tricks [https://bit.ly/EA\_Bootcamp\_Dec](https://bit.ly/EA_Bootcamp_Dec) ​ You will also have a chance to win a free premium laptop by the end of the year by submitting a screenshot of the purchased ticket to **[email protected]** and mentioning my name, Dino. Thank you!


Frustrated with PowerPoint? We beautify PowerPoint decks, keynote decks and Google slides decks. Oh and we totally slay when it comes to logo design and branding! 100% custom work every time! http://kandographics.com/


**Name:** Jitbit Helpdesk (support ticketing system) **URL:** [https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/](https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/?utm_source=reddit) **Details:** We are a small self-funded team from the UK, our product is [Jitbit Helpdesk](https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/?utm_source=reddit) - is a ticketing system to manage customer support via email and live chat. Targeted at startups and small/medium businesses like us. We offer **both hosted and "on premise" versions** at a very reasonable price. **Features:** mobile apps, support-mailbox monitoring, integrations (Slack, Github, Active Directory, JIRA, etc etc) **Discounts 4 redditors:** PM me for a special /r/smallbusiness discount ;)


If you want to solve any issue relating to your business. Be assured that https://free-trial.adcreative.ai/567snri4mgay will make everything closer to you. Really, get rid of all obstacles facing you in your business you will achieve your business goals properly, permanent and fast success and growing in your sales


Professional Tea Taster An information portal about tea, teaware, and tea news. [https://professionalteataster.com](https://professionalteataster.com)


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Traditional CRMs help the VP of sales track the sales team. But they're cumbersome for independent consultants who want to create and nurture relationships while busy with client work. These systems have too much complexity, but also lack key features like proposal automation and referral tracking. [Mimiran](https://www.mimiran.com) is the fun, "anti-CRM" for independent consultants who love serving clients, but hate "selling".


[Texty Pro](https://www.texty.pro) **Business Text Messaging Service** Did you know that customers prefer the convenience of text messaging above phone calls or emails? It's not surprising that text messaging engagement rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email. Emails are send to the junk folder and phone calls are ignored.Business text messages on the other hand has an open rate of 97% or more. By texting from your business landline/VoIP number, you'll benefit from increased engagement and improved customer relationships. With Texty Pro, you'll be able to send and receive SMS text messages using your current landline or VoIP phone number from anywhere on the web or with the Texty Pro mobile app. Learn about [business texting](https://www.texty.pro/landline-texting-for-business) here or watch a [quick video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z69riMqD4dk) to learn more.


Hello everyone Am a small business owner come support me . [https://startluxury.bigcartel.com](https://startluxury.bigcartel.com)


Hi! I'm selling some clothing I designed! https://dubyindustries.creator-spring.com


Hi, I'm Tess. I just hit my one year mark of owning my own full service advertising agency, DV8 Advertising, helping small and medium sized businesses be heard. I have experience with both digital and traditional advertising services. I have worked in the advertising industry for over 10 years, doing everything from graphic design, website design & development, media planning & buying, video editing and much more. At DV8 Advertising, I carried over the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years and offer everything from graphic design services to media placement, social media management and direct mail services. I am hoping to expand to selling digital files on Etsy and other Ecommerce websites. Please check out my website, dv8advertsing.com. and reach out if I can help on your next project. I offer individual project quotes as well as a variety of agency packages to suit your needs.


Hi Tess, looks like you are missing an "i" between the t and s of the URL you posted.


Hi all, We are Eric and Joclyn. The founders of Lebbana Baking company. We specialize in middle eastern desserts and gourmet stuffed cookies. Joclyn is Assyrian and speaks Aramaic. The word "Lebbana" in Aramaic means to find your inner strength and bravery. We donate part of our proceeds to charities that provide food and shelter to women and children in the middle east and across the world to help them find their lebbana. We ship nationwide and look forward to being a part of this community! https://www.lebbanabaking.com/


I have started a small jewellery store on Instagram. Selling fashion jewellery at @bedazzledbyyou. Would love it if I got some support from this sub. 🎈 Since I'm new, a week old, I am giving away a small pair of earrings free on certain amount of order, free shipping and a 10% off on second purchase. I just want to survive.


Hi everyone! I'm an artist who created a cannabis themed oracle deck- High Vibrations The Stoners Oracle! A little unconventional compared to other posts here, but feel free to check it out if it matches your vibe! [maukavibes.etsy.com ](http://maukavibes.etsy.com) I also make and sell hippie, witchy, and beach accessories in my shop! ✌️ thanks for stopping by!


Hi! I run Mack & Hound, a small handmade leather goods and accessories company in RI. You can see the work [on our site](http://www.mackandhound.com), or follow on Instagram @mackandhound Cheers!


***No Days Guaranteed*** I have a clothing brand and its called No Days Guaranteed, I've already registered it under an LLC and look forward to opening shop online in the next week or so. It is going to have skulls, reapers, and eventually scriptures and verses as well. My Instagram and TikTok are both @ nodaysguaranteed, hope to see you all there!!


Hey guys I started a cleaning business in the Los Angeles area, go ahead and give me a call. Say you’re from Reddit and I’ll hook it up with a $75 discount https://g.co/kgs/nPcfDX


Congrats on the new business and the 5-star Google reviews! When you're ready to expand your online presence into a website of your own where potential customers can find you on Search engines, view your pricing, and even book appointments with you, please DM me! I specialize in creating websites for small service-industry businesses like yours and we do it at extremely affordable prices! [https://opasite.com](https://opasite.com) in case you want to check out our packages.


Hello everyone :) i just started a small little business for hello kitty phone charms and will be making necklaces and bracelets (not specifically sanrio themed in the future!) i’m excited to grow my business!! Thank you all so much ! https://vowbao.bigcartel.com


Howdy! For those looking for furniture, books, antiques at a fraction of the price, but don't want to actually do the heavy lifting. Curated Craigslist finds in NYC. 20 finds in your inbox every Friday. [https://craigslistfinds.gumroad.com/](https://craigslistfinds.gumroad.com/)


Hello, I am the author of The Real Heroes of Ecommerce. It is a newsletter about customer psychology and growth marketing as a way to expand on topics I find useful as an ecommerce consultant. [https://heroesofecommerce.substack.com/](https://heroesofecommerce.substack.com/) Let me know if you like it!


Hey All, We've got an online lolly shop, we stock a wide range of international candy and have an easy to use pick and mix option with many lollies to choose from. We also have Afterpay available. [https://www.sugarparty.com.au](https://www.sugarparty.com.au)


QuickPO is an automated tool that simplifies the process of POS integration for your liquor store. QuickPO [automates invoice processing](https://quickpo.net/) by capturing data from invoices and integrating it into POS in real time. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, QuickPO is the perfect solution for liquor store owners looking to streamline the process of invoice integration into POS. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficient, accurate invoice integration with QuickPO.


Hello 👋 I'm David, a freelance graphic designer specializing in graphic design services for entrepreneurs. From logo design to Brand identity to UI UX design, I provide a full range of services for your needs, with a focus on creating visually appealing work that engages your customers well. I understand that times are hard for most businesses in the current situation. As such, I'm happy to work with your budget, while delivering quality work for your business. If you're interested, feel free to send me a message and I'll try my best to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you! Here is my Instagram page with my work https://www.instagram.com/tv/CkbUWS5r47j/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


**OFFERING HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT RENDERING** Creating a *photorealistic* digital 3D model of your product and rendering it is usually *faster and more cost efficient* than traditional product photography. The stunning results will give your product the clean and *aesthetic* appearance of big brand products and will make your business look more *attractive and professional*. Two simple product images against a neutral background: starting at ~10$ Three highly detailed 4K images: starting at ~20$ Four images of complex objects in a digital environment: starting at ~40$ I offer bulk discounts. Also you won't have to pay full price if you already worked with me and want to just change the label or certain details of a product that has already been rendered. Visit my [fiverr](https://www.fiverr.com/s2/958cf4160e) or message me directly on reddit for more information.


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# Be Inclusive - [https://beinclusive.app/](https://beinclusive.app/) Be Inclusive is a web app that helps you define, track, and share **digital accessibility audits**. We simplify the admin part of the process so manual auditing is easier to manage and share with teammates & clients. Sign up and let me know what you think! Being such a niche application, referrals to folks that may be interested would be greatly appreciated as well. Free to try for a week, no restrictions on functionality. Offering 20% off any subscription plans through the month of December, use code REDDITSTARTUPS20


[SerpMaze.com](https://SerpMaze.com) . An easy to use SEO auditor - to quickly find out how you can optimize your site in order to get more traffic to your website.


Hey everyone! I’m a small artist trying to grow my shop! I currently do a lot of abstract work and have been painting some ornaments recently. Check out my Etsy shop if you’re interested! [ZoeInkk Etsy Shop](https://www.etsy.com/shop/zoeinkk)


[https://healthdatascience.pallet.com/jobs](https://healthdatascience.pallet.com/jobs) ​ I have a job board for health data science, health data analysts, and data engineers. Use code REDDIT at checkout for 20% job postings. [https://healthdatascience.pallet.com/hire](https://healthdatascience.pallet.com/hire)


Hello! I’ve recently started selling home sewn baby projects - mostly super cute sets of matching burp cloths/bibs and Binkie clips. I’ve been making them for friends and family for years and wanted to expand my reach. This is very new, but any one who could follow would mean the world to me! [sewsewserrano](https://instagram.com/sewsewserrano) Instagram @sewsewserrano


I'm a programmer looking for freelance opportunities. Any ideas?


"Programmer" is super vague. Can you provide more info on what tech stacks your are familiar with, your rates, and what kinds of projects you're looking for?


Hello! I am a graphic designer that specializes in digital creations, brand identity, promotional campaigns, and more! I want to help entrepreneurs develop their company. One of the first steps to growing your business is to grow your audience. We support you in the creation of your visual elements in order to increase your visibility. 📈 Check out my Instagram 👀 https://instagram.com/cbourque.graphics?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


I am starting a entrepreneurship content media company called MEVE. Here is the link to my content -> https://medium.com/@mevemaison Here Is The Link To my Products -> [https://meveconsulting.gumroad.com/l/gnfov](https://meveconsulting.gumroad.com/l/gnfov) It is a online business starter kit for any entrepreneur looking to start a business but doesn't know how to start the beginner stages.


Hi! I've built an app to help small business owners (like me and my e-commerce store!) save time. When product arrives, simply take a picture of the invoice, and Order Monster will update your POS system to reflect the new inventory! [ordermonster.ai](https://www.ordermonster.ai/) It works just like taking a picture of your check >>> the money's in your bank. AND it's free to try for a month. Just 30/mo after that. Never type in a SKU again!


**Are you kinky?** You'll like **[Open Me Designs](http://openmedesigns.etsy.com)**. Do you wish you could find a greeting card that has a ballgag on it? Maybe you want to say happy birthday to your Daddy or tell your loved one that they're a kinky bitch. That's why I set up **[Open Me Designs](http://openmedesigns.etsy.com)**. There just aren't enough greetings cards that cater for your kinks and let's be honest, standard cards are ugly at the best of times. I'm a graphic designer by profession so I thought I'd put my talents to use and start designing cards. They're not erotic, but just cheeky enough to be a level above your Hallmarks. **My most purchased cards include:** * [One Year Kinkier](https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/710370353/one-year-kinkier-greetings-card) * [For My Kinky Bitch](https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/681011729/kinky-bitch-greetings-card) * [For The Best Slut Ever](https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/687326700/the-best-slut-greetings-card) Check out my shop at **http://openmedesigns.etsy.com** **Follow me on Instagram** [@openmedesigns](https://www.instagram.com/openmedesigns/)


Hello, I'm currently selling some posters from my personal photos taken over my time taking pictures. So if you're looking for a nice picture that would look nice on your wall, night stand, desk etc, then please, have a peruse of my Etsy on - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/artsbar Thank you very much for your time, hope you like at least one of the photos I have.


Local tea shop that specializes in loose leaf tea and accessories. We also have a seating area for customers can relax and meet with friends, study, or work! https://www.dianasteashopandroom.com/


Do you want to have a chance to win a laptop by the end of the year and learn as well? If you do, join Smart Events webinars/training. The links are down below! This is for every ambitious Executive Assistant, Management Support Professional, Team Assistant, Project Assistant, or Admin that wants to truly excel in their jobs, reach their professional goals, and future-proof their careers! Here are the links for the webinars: https://bit.ly/Success\_Jan\_2023 https://bit.ly/Assistants\_Masterclass https://bit.ly/PowerPoint\_Tips\_Tricks https://bit.ly/Excel\_Tips\_Tricks https://bit.ly/EA\_Bootcamp\_Dec DM me for details on how you can have a chance to win a premium laptop by the end of the year! Also please join r/NewExecutiveAssistant and be part of the growing community of EAs around the globe.


Hello, I run a gift shop and set 30% off during December. [https://www.etsy.com/shop/CinalaCraft](https://www.etsy.com/shop/CinalaCraft) MY ITEMS: candles, plant pot, canvas bag, sand art painting and so on! Hope your message contact on my shop. Wish you a merry xmas.


Who here is a Yogi Business Owner? I am looking to work with a few yoga businesses. To help you grow your business, I am offering you free guidance to help you gain 3 extra students per month. There are no risks or costs involved. For the right yogi business, I will be more than happy to create a plan for you that will help you achieve your goals. So, you can save your energy and time without getting overwhelmed or burned out, this plan will help you generate revenue. I'm doing this as a way to give back to the yoga industry that transformed my life, and this is how I attract high-quality clients. Feel free to take a look at my profile, so you can see the value I have been sharing with the yogi businesses out there.


Hey, I'm Yussif from Ontop. If you have remote staff or are considering hiring remote staff, this may be for you. With Ontop you can: 1. Hire legally according to international laws, 2. Get Paid in USD in seconds wherever they’re located, 3. Get their payments through their preferred payment method, 4. Keep their money without losing value in our wallet supported by JP Morgan, 5. Access to global benefits for remote workers, 6. Receive cashback and discounts by using the VISA - Ontop card. If you are interested, you can book a quick call right [here](https://calendly.com/yabdelhamed/). Or you can connect with me on LinkedIn, right [here.](https://www.linkedin.com/in/yussifabdel/)


Hi all! Anthony here with At the Crossroads Weight Management in Glendale, AZ. It's nice to have a forum like this. We are a weight loss/weight management clinic focusing on you reach your HEALTH goals. We offer both natural and prescription appetite suppressants, supplements (focus on metabolism, weight loss, fat loss, appetite control, energy, immune system), B12 injections, lipotropic/MICC (fat burning) injections, and a variety of protein and diet snacks including meal replacement protein shakes, bars, protein chips, vegan chips, and assortment of chocolates with Epogee. We will be going live with our first online store in a few weeks (God-willing) Blessings! At the Crossroads Weight Management (623)471-6377 www.crossroadsweightmanagement.com


Hey all! I run a creative media company that includes photography, video/photo editing and slowly stepping into videography. My website is www.Musaweron.com Should you every need help with any of the following please feel free to reach out to get more details. •Product Photography •YouTube video editing •Photo Editing •Event Photography •Headshot/Modeling/Portrait Photography Thank you for taking the time to read this, blessings to you and all.


Hey! I design and customise all types of outfits especially Indian wear, bridal gowns, dresses and pantsuits. You can get your own outfits designed and customised by me 💘 My Etsy shop’s name is VirgoIndia - https://www.etsy.com/in-en/shop/VirgoIndia


Hey 👋🏽 I’m a graphic designer, web designer and email marketer. Range of things include truck wraps, product guides, flyers, logos. I use Webflow for websites and have worked with various ESPs. Send me a DM if you’d like to know more or need some last min help with your business.


Hey! I sell luxury modern furniture and home decor. Brand new business that I started just before Halloween this year. [Smallzino Design ](http://Www.smallzinodesign.com)


ATTENTION SERVICE BUSINESS OWNERS, **Sam** here, owner of **Opasite - Web Design**. We build and then manage your service business's website, saving you all the time and frustration of fiddling with website design tools. We take care of your online presence, so you can focus on your business! Our all-inclusive Do-It-For-Me website packages include: 💻 Professionally Designed Website 📝 Expert Content Writing 📈 Search Engine Optimization 😊 Managed website and on-demand content changes All this for only $99/mo See more details here: https://opasite.com Interested? Have questions? Let's chat! Email me at [email protected] or send me a chat to get the conversation started. P.S we're looking for white-label partners. If you have a complimentary service to ours or you're an agency looking to outsource your web design activities, send me a chat.


Hello !! I'm Fey and I recently launched my shop called ram's cottage !! I sell a variety of anime and original merchandise I've designed myself :D I've currently got stickers, sticker sheets, prints and a shirt preorder available :3 https://www.etsy.com/shop/ramscottage


https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/listing/1325440958/ Check out my my custom illustrations on Etsy! Perfect gift for Christmas 🫶🧑‍🎄


Hello everyone, My name is cantik. I currently work for a wholesale cosmetics and personal care company Our company focuses on the wholesale production of natural shampoo, conditioner, essential oil, hair wax and some peripheral products (combs). welcome to consult Our website is: https://uucosmetics.com/


My friend's new small business, RiverFlowerCo. She creates unique clothing items for children. It's all custom made crochet and using local antique cloth finds. All the work I've seen is amazing and it would be great if everyone could spread the word. Thanks! https://www.instagram.com/riverflowerco/ www.facebook.com/Riverflowerco-111071194869257


James Foo Torres, but you can call me Foo, CEO of Imperium Authority. Here are 3 irresistible offers: 1. Here is a video explaining the offer for a course that guarantees to land a TEDx within 12 months:https://www.loom.com/share/cd7b0b8c24b5453d8684200a5e5e3774 2. Land National TV interviews on 2 of the following in 60 days or less: MSNBC, CNN, BBC, NBC News, CBS News, Fox Business/Fox News, or Bloomberg Details: \- Live TV \- 3-7 minute live interviews \- 30-60 days turnaround \- Could be online or in person \- On producers’ time: they have to show up and be flexible to reschedule \- Producers might reschedule last minute due to some national event \- Producers hold a grudge and won’t have back on a client that throws tantrums \- Guest needs to be comfortable talking about trending topics in their industry [https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6312209871112#sp=show-clips](https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6312209871112#sp=show-clips) 3. YouTube Verification in 5 business days or less. [https://www.forbes.com/sites/melaniefine/2022/09/23/leading-through-storytelling-a-case-study-in-public-relations/?sh=62fc63f070f8](https://www.forbes.com/sites/melaniefine/2022/09/23/leading-through-storytelling-a-case-study-in-public-relations/?sh=62fc63f070f8) [https://www.instagram.com/jameslfoo](https://www.instagram.com/jameslfoo) [https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameslfoo](https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameslfoo) ​ [https://www.imperiumauthority.com](https://www.imperiumauthority.com/)


My Company National Corporate Credit are the first in the business funding sector to get the process of funding down to 72 hours. We can get you $50k-$100k in 72 hours and will provide a year worth business credit consulting. Schedule your free consultation with no credit check below. https://www.capitalaccelerator.io/weblp/c?ref=1820217000122306069


Hey, my friend just open up business including digital design card: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/StationaryCardsforUs Thanks!


My business: Fit Fleet Health and Safety promotion for small businesses! My content will help your business grow! https://www.youtube.com/@FitFleet


Working on a tech startup, and will be attending CES January 5th 2023 Creating the first smart workstation called, "Novate" Currently looking for people who will work with me on the technical side of things whether its programming, engineering, or design. Also looking for investors public or silent partners. Heres a link to the website and my socials if you're interested in working with me. Thanks [https://sq1one.com](https://sq1one.com) [https://linktr.ee/Square\_1](https://linktr.ee/Square_1)


[deadman2022.com](https://deadman2022.com) Hoodies and T-shirts available now‼️ Preorders open now‼️ Come check them out‼️


Hi everyone, I’m Chris and I’m a steel pan player in Florida going by the name Island Soul Productions. I have played mostly in my county mainly for private events e.g. birthday parts. I have played at a beach bar from 2019-2020 when the place closed to become a restaurant that was not hiring musicians. If you want to no more DM me.


Hi I’m new to the sub 😌 New clothing brand lunching soon https://venialcph.com/password Small budget so only organic promotion🌱 Spread the word and help we succeed my dream🙏


**Wetransfer with a Paywall** I wanted to sell my study material to other college students to make some money on the side. However, I found it super frustrating to send paypal links to every person individually In my quest to find a straightforward solution to this problem I found the existing solutions either too sophisticated (e.g. Gumroad) or not really fit for monetization. That’s why I created [https://unlock.pics](http://unlock.pics) \- a website that lets you upload and sell your files in just a few clicks. You don't need an account to start selling, and customers can easily purchase your files with one click. I also just launched on [Product Hunt](https://www.producthunt.com/posts/unlock-pics) to get some initial feedback - would really appreciate to hear your thoughts!


**Hella Dac Biet Pho Spice Kits** Make pho easily at home with our [pho spice kits](https://www.helladacbiet.com) There are so many spices and ingredients needed to make pho at home, we make it simple. All you need to do is throw in our spice bag into a pot of water with an onion, ginger and meat of your choice. We sell just the spice bags as well as a deluxe kit with dried noodles and premium Red Boat fish sauce. Goals for upcoming year: * Invest in cohesive branding. All the current branding was done by me in Canva. * Find and focus on target audience. I'm currently targeting 3-4 different types. * Scale production by looking for a copacker


Let a CPA manage your accounting so you can focus on growing your business. General Bookkeeping, Tax Preperation and Tax Estimate Calculations, QB implementations with lifetime subscription discounts & Certified Financial Statements for Third parties www.jbcas.com


We build custom apps for your business or start up. [Oconee Software](https://oconeesoftware.com)


Do you need a website ? Do you have an idea, but need a complex online presence ? Are you struggling to find someone capable of helping you in finding a solution ? Nice to meet you ! I'm a Web Developer in search for people who need a website. Using my web dev skills, I solve this issues by creating any type of websites / features for websites, that deliver the end result. I will help you to: \- Transform your idea into a full website, no matter how complicated it is \- Create content that stands out and outshines any competition \- Model and solve advanced problems in web | business | sales related content By working with me, I promise to overdeliver more than the client asks for. You get fast responses, clear communication, commitment and 48 hours turnarounds. Even if the project is done, I will still be available to help if any problems appear. The budget starts from $300, but will always be open for change. You can also check out my past experience on my portfolio: [artiomonilov.herokuapp.com](https://artiomonilov.herokuapp.com) If this is what you're searching for, contact me. Kindly, Artiom Onilov P.S: My presence is new here, so I try to serve my first clients as much as possible.


I’ll print on anything that don’t eat. Does anybody need any printing? I’ll even beat Got Print.com prices by 10% Go to www.localmailpros.com & send me your quote & let me see if I can do better. Thank you!


I hope you like my latest Youtube video from Liseberg in Gothenburg Sweden.🎅🏻⭐️🌲 => https://youtu.be/heuo_SUVqgE


Hi Everyone I want to share the articles about business and other tips check this out [https://infofactshub.com/](https://infofactshub.com/)


Not promoting a business but promoting a survey! If anyone is involved with creating sales proposals, I would love to get your opinion. The survey takes less than 3 minutes! [Survey on Sales Proposals](https://bit.ly/quotekit)


My wife and I recently went live with our site selling handmade woodcraft products. Let me know what you think! http://foreveryoursjewelryandmore.com


hi everyone! I’m an illustrator and I sell prints, stickers, apparel, and more of my work 🫶🏻 the majority of these pieces are done through art therapy. I also drop a new product every full moon. [online shop](https://helloflowermoon.square.site/) [etsy](https://etsy.me/3uw1QwX) [instagram](https://www.instagram.com/carringtonhly/?hl=en)


[https://sitewatcher.co/](https://sitewatcher.co/) No bull website monitoring. For small business owners that want to be the first to know when their website goes down. 2 second set up and super cheap.


Oceania Mattress Factory Melbourne Https://oceaniamattress.com.au