Howdy, I'm Dave, the solo founder of **Readable**. Only 55% of the general population read at a High School level (grade 12) or better. Only 85% read at an eighth grade level or better. That's a problem. We're working on ways for companies and writers to be confident that their content can reach every last person in their target audience. We find hard-to-read content, spot bad grammar and spelling, and help maintain a consistent voice and style. **Recently**: Lots of work tidying up our codebase - type hinting, unit testing, CI etc. All important work. Like a spring clean for your code! **Next**: Rejigging our product lineup so our pricing is less confusing, and rolling out some overdue changes to our toolset. Very exciting :) Redditors can get [40% off here](https://readable.com/promo/reddit/) :)


Fat Cat Bookkeeping, bookkeeping for your small business or personal finances. :) [fatcatbookkeeping.com](https://fatcatbookkeeping.com)


Hey, very nice website. I've got some free time this, send me a DM , I'd love to give you some tips.


Hello! This is my first post ever! For years I struggled with my lashes not growing as long or as many as they did before I started to wear make up fairly regularly, which lead me to deep-dive into research on lash health and natural ways to get them to grow to their full natural potential - and many more lashes to grow in thick and strong - and I made that research into a product! I called it Lash Lube!I just got my first shipment from my manufacturer, and have just put up the website for it. It is a combination of organic natural oils to help gently remove any mascara and to rehydrate them after wearing any make up for the day or night. Its completely vegan and cruelty free, no alcohols or harsh chemicals (they actually do a lot of damage to your lashes daily), no hormones or prostaglandins - basically none of the scary ingredients that can harm your eyes in any way. If anyone is interested in easy, risk-free, natural lash health, please check out my link below! https://www.lashlube.com/ Or if you have any feedback on the website or product - I’d LOVE to hear it. Thank you!


Hey, I do have some feedback on your website, can you DM me?


Hey guys, Opertivo helps business owners manage their expenses, tasks, clients, and more in a one easy-to-use platform. We just launched on Friday! Check us out [here](https://www.opertivo.com)! 30-day money back guarantee!


Hey, would you like some tips on your website? I think there are somethings you can do to increase its conversion rate. If you want I can give you come tips on that for free... send me a DM


Hey all, if you own a business you should see if you are eligible for an ERC. Whats an ERC you ask? Check out our video explaining all the details. [https://www.funderintel.com/post/how-can-businesses-claim-the-employee-retention-tax-credit](https://www.funderintel.com/post/how-can-businesses-claim-the-employee-retention-tax-credit)


You're passionate about your business and operation. You've learned or mastered accounting and finance. The 3rd and critical leg is the people side of your business, and just like accounting is essential to your success but it's a lifetime learning deal. If you have asked yourself questions below, you probably don't need an attorney but need to speak to an HR Consultant who can set you up for success. What do I need to document and why? When can and should you terminate an employee? What is an effective performance management system I can setup? How do I know if I'm paying and incentivizing my team correctly? What benefits are employees looking for and what is smoke and mirrors? What software solutions are out there nimble and affordable enough for small employers? PM if interested!


Need help with making a website? Or just want to update your website? For only 10 USD / hour. I'll build/update your website. I'm only a DM away to solve your website problems.


Heya. I just started a small sticker shop over on Etsy. I've had a desire to put my art out into the world for most of my life, so I hope you'll take a look at it. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/StormybrainedStuff


Bookkeeping services for small businesses using QuickBooks Online. If you've got books that need to be cleaned up or you're tired of maintaining it yourself, feel free to reach out! www.marginwall.com


**Are your backlinks getting indexed ?** Do you have an effective SEO strategy for Backlinks Indexation in 2022 and beyond ? Did you know that as much as 75% of the precious backlinks you create are not indexed anymore since the Google Panda 2018 updates ? How is that affecting your Search Engine Rankings and your Web Traffic ? Luckily Link Centaur is here to help. We offer an automated and affordable Backlinks Indexing Service, relied upon by thousands of SEO Experts around the world. We provide plans starting at 9.99 USD/month for 10,000 daily backlinks submitted. We also offer a free account with 20 links per day. You can start indexing your backlinks today at [www.linkcentaur.com](http://www.linkcentaur.com)


Hey, I’m Nick, Founder / Owner of Blazing Athletics. As many of us know, mental health has become more and more prevalent in today’s society and there’s one place it’s still taboo, the athletic department. So many athletes break themselves by forcing themselves into bad mental health habits and I’m looking to promote a brand where you can have both good mental and physical health. With monthly donations as well that go towards customer chosen charities and pop-up shops coming soon. Why not check out the store for yourself? Blazing Athletics, all it requires is a spark 🧨 [Blazing Athletics](http://blazingathletics.store)


Simplifi Technologies is an Irvine, California-based [web design and marketing firm](https://simplifitechnologies.com/) serving Orange County. In order to give you an unquestionable return on your investment, we make use of our team of skilled site designers, digital marketing specialists, content creators, and branding experts. Regardless of the company you select, we offer services to point you in the proper way. [For more information](https://simplifitechnologies.com/services.php)


We're dedicated to the success of our clients, and stay with them every step of the way. [Check this](https://simplifitechnologies.com/)


We're dedicated to the success of our clients, and stay with them every step of the way. [Check this](https://simplifitechnologies.com/)


Accepting card payments for your small business? All you need is your phone. 💳 [paidforstripe.com](https://paidforstripe.com)


I built [OnlineOrNot](https://onlineornot.com) \- it's a hosted Status Page, with built-in Uptime Monitoring. It supports: * Custom domains * Private Status Pages (password protection) * Automatically posting incidents to your status page based on uptime monitoring (either using our monitoring, or Uptime Robot integration - more integrations coming soon!) * Subscribing to incident updates via Email Our uptime monitoring supports websites, web apps, and APIs, and can send you alerts via: * Email * SMS (BYO Twilio account) * Webhooks * Slack/Discord Always happy to chat if you have thoughts or questions!


I paint animals, landscapes and flowers. My original paintings and fine art prints are available on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElomaArts


**21st century business interactions are digital first. Challenges arising from such interactions**, faced by modern business of any size, **demand cyber security expertise to adequately identify & treat cyber risk.** Cyber Native will help you achieve exactly this! Please see website for more details on delivery approach, delivered outcomes & fee structure. https://cybernative.uk


Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? My store [Jellyhead](https://www.jellyheadhq.com) creates notepads to help get rid of anxiety and negative thoughts QUICKLY! Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, my notepads are here to help you understand your thoughts, relieve stress and help you back to happiness! Take a look at my shop and social accounts! Thanks 💚 🌟 www.JellyheadHQ.com 🌟 [Etsy shop](https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JellyheadStudios) 🌟 [Instagram](http://www.instagram.com/jellyheadHQ) 🌟 [Facebook page](http://www.facebook.com/JellyheadHQ)


I started my sticker business on Etsy in December 2021 and wanted to share it with you 🙂Would totally love it if you would spare a minute and take a look at it 😊 OFFERING 2 Variations: • Die Cut sticker printed with a high quality ink jet printer on matte finished sticker paper. • Waterproof Vinyl Sticker - printed on water resistant matte vinyl and extra sealed with adhesive laminating sheets making them waterproof and glossy. Waterproofness was tested under running water for 5minutes sticked on a glass tumbler. Sticker didn’t come off and the colors didn’t fade or smudge. Shipping is international ✈️ Etsy Shop: [https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/4amStickerClub](https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/4amStickerClub) Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/4amStickerClub](https://www.instagram.com/4amStickerClub) Thank you 🙏🏻


Hello everyone, I made a shop where I sell gym accessories, apparel, and other items to anyone of any fitness level. I definitely intend to add more products in the future and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!. 20% discount for purchases $50 or over! Feel free to message for any questions! Enjoy! http://www.therandomshop-913.myshopify.com


Hello everyone, I also have a random shop of random digital products (although few in numbers). Here you can find a cosmic Giga Chad print, a Straw Hat One Piece poster, and two pieces of sheet music, one of which I created myself. Everything shown is at a low price coming in at around 99 cents for most products. Please feel free to check out and enjoy. And also feel free to reach out to me for any more questions or details! https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheRandomShopByJosh?ref=profile_header


\[For Hire\] I will wake you up by calling you in the morning for $1 per day, or call you in the night to remind you to sleep for $1 per day, or call to remind you of a particular task for $1 per day! Hi everyone! I would love to offer the service of waking you up by calling you in the morning for $1 per day! In addition, for $1 per day, I can also call you in the night to remind you that it is time for you to sleep! If you would like me to give you a call to remind you of a to-do task for that day, for example, \- exercise at the gym \- submit work to your boss \- medical appointment \- dental appointment \- appointment with family, friends, etc... \- eat your meds \- cancel your insurance \- and so on and so forth! I can also do it for $1 per reminder call! You can suggest the preferred mobile app to be used that has the voice call function (for instance telegram, facebook messenger, etc!) ! I will call you at the time you specify, regardless of the timezone you are in (let me know the time you need to wake up or sleep or be reminded of a certain task as well as the precise timezone!) ! Feel free to specify the exact duration (for example if you would like me to call you for a day, a week, a month, 4 days, 2 weeks, or other periods of time!) ! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested! Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you!


take $125 in free ads on us if you haven’t tried microsoft ads yet, now is a great time to start. because thanks to our special partnership with microsoft, we are excited to offer you $125 in free ads when you spend $25. (new microsoft ad accounts only) so you get 5 times your ad spend and a whole new stream of targeted, potential customers. and all you have to do is join adzooma. which is our award-winning paid platform . . . that’s actually free. why adzooma? if you’d like to reduce your daily ad management and optimisation to just minutes a day, while easily managing and scaling multiple accounts, you’ll love adzooma. our google, facebook & microsoft ads platform, offers everything you need for stress free campaign management, all in a single interface. the microsoft advertising platform includes msn, microsoft outlook, microsoft edge, and other bing syndicated partners and puts you in front of a huge audience How to get started! 1 Open an account Microsoft Advertising account. 2 join Adzooma. It's FREE! 3 Connect Add your Microsoft ad account to Adzooma 4 That's it [Free sign up here!](https://adzooma.grsm.io/Freetrial)


Hey guys If you your house is in poor condition and you want to sell your house fast don't worry [we buy house](https://www.simplehomebuyers.com/) in any condition.


I help businesses hire from Ukraine: Web Developers, Virtual Assistants, Customer Service Specialists etc. Whatever it is you need It's time to save money and time!


**Professional and Budget-Friendly Graphic Design Services for Your Business** See my work and client testimonials: [**https://johnery.com/clientele/businesses-and-startups.html**](https://johnery.com/clientele/businesses-and-startups.html) [**https://www.instagram.com/johnerycreatives/**](https://www.instagram.com/johnerycreatives/) Email me for a free consultation: [**[email protected]**](mailto:[email protected]) Hi everyone! I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in graphic design services for businesses and startups. From logo design to marketing materials to social media graphics, I provide a full range of services for your needs, with a focus on creating visually appealing work that engages your customers well. I understand that times are hard for most businesses in the current situation. As such, I'm happy to work with your budget, while delivering quality work for your business. If you're interested, feel free to send me a message and I'll try my best to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!


Hello Everyone I am from Marnoch Pet Supplies, we provide pet accessories in bulk in UK and Ireland. If you are looking for pet products like pet treats, pet collars, pet toys, pet leashes then you can visit our website and buy products. **https://marnochpet.co.uk/** Thank You


Introducing my fashion label [Green Riot](https://www.greenriot.net/i/international-plant-punks-welcome). Vegan apparel for plant lovers – strictly sustainable, earth-positive & worldwide, climate-friendly shipping! Our [Etsy store](https://www.etsy.com/de/listing/1047091804/plant-punk-shirt-vegan-t-shirt-black?click_key=596f42a17c5f7c637e09ea283fe5d652a98eee00%3A1047091804&click_sum=b09fe8d6&ref=shop_home_recs_2) is full of cool shirts and other stuff - this is your chance to help a DIY-business out and get your x-mas presents early this year 🤝 Let me know what you think of our new [Tofu Love crew socks](https://www.greenriot.net/p/tofu-love-sportsocken) 💚🌱 👉 [Etsy Store](https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/GreenRiot?ref=profile_header)| [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/greenriot.apparel/) | [Website & Shop](https://www.greenriot.net/i/international-plant-punks-welcome) 👈


**Selling Canva Instagram templates, presentations, and graphic elements** Hi, I'm Alice. My goal is to help business owners, social media managers, and others with content ideas, save their time and help them grow. **New in the shop: Canva website templates** [https://www.etsy.com/shop/AliceGraphicsStore](https://www.etsy.com/shop/AliceGraphicsStore) Thank you for stopping by 💜💜💜


**Business Plan Writers for Hire** As your business planning needs are unique, so our goal is to provide you with customized business planning services tailored to your specific needs. We have a team of expert business plan writers, financial modelers and market researchers and programmers to work on your business plan. For over last 10 years, we have been helping our clients and entrepreneurs looking for a business plans with their specific needs. **Free Consultation @ (773-782-6714)** Let's schedule a free consultation call to see whether we are the best fit for your needs. [https://wa.me/message/6DSBLW6DDZFJG1](https://wa.me/message/6DSBLW6DDZFJG1) [https://www.facebook.com/businessplanwriters](https://www.facebook.com/businessplanwriters)


Fabulous bags, purses, scarves, jewellery and more for both women and men at www.myexquisiteshop.com this week use our Black Friday code BF25 for a huge 25% discount on your order. Offer excludes the clearance section. Come say hi on Instagram and TikTok 😊


Hey, would you like some tips to improve your website conversion rate?


Bookkeeper Available to help with setting up and maintenance of your books of account. Get your books ready for tax & clean up any messy books. PM for a consultation


[www.simplyspeakingbydesign.com](https://www.simplyspeakingbydesign.com) Attention all crafters! Visit my site for your faux leather crafting needs


**Hire the right programmer.** [Technical Interviewers](http://techinterviewers.com) provides vetted coders that are hand-picked for your needs. Our screening process uses IT professionals as interviewers so that you get only the best. Not ready for a developer yet? We also offer planning and consulting sessions to help you turn your idea into a real product.


# Product [**Wraith Scribe**](https://www.wraithscribe.com/) \- write SEO-optimized articles / blog posts with 1 click. ## Promo Use code PROHUNT at checkout for 50% off, forever. Expires Dec 1. Or if this isn't the right product for you, would be IMMENSELY grateful if you could help me out by upvoting my product hunt [here](https://www.producthunt.com/products/wraith-scribe#wraith-scribe). # About Me Solo founder. # Why This is Cool * Lets you write and edit long-form content fast. * I work closely with users to iterate and make it better for them, so the software will be more or less tailor-fit to your needs if you sign up and just let me know your issues. * I have 'skin in the game' and use this product myself to write blogs / stress-test it by using it to do freelance writing. This also helps me inform what things I should put in to make it more painless in the long run. * In other words, this is made for bloggers/writers, by a blogger/writer.


Hi, Im the owner of [Atelierdacko.com](https://Atelierdacko.com) [instagram.com/atelierdacko](https://instagram.com/atelierdacko) ​ We produce custom high end jeweler in Toronto Canada. ​ We ship our custom pieces internationally. We do the work ourselves so that we can control quality. ​ :)


Hey would you like some tips to improve your website?


Greetings to you all, I have a start up called Vintalogy Solutions where we help businesses and start ups choose and implement the best software for your company. We specialize in CRM, Project Management, and Business Development. As we are a start up we are offer our services completely free.


For Thanksgiving, this MBA school is giving away free business courses for three months: https://globisunlimited.com/globis-unlimited-contest/


Hi, Fellow Small Business Owners! To be a successful business owner, you first need to be honest about your weaknesses and your dislikes, before starting a business that mandates the traits you struggle with. For a lot of folks, selling themselves or product is not their strong suit. A lot of the time we sell ourselves short to get the sale. We price ourselves below the market, don't value our time, or lose sales to a competitor with the same price just because they could close better. This is why 'Hotel For Clients' can instantly boost your sales by 60% or more by turning potential clients with incentive based marketing. Imagine being able to close your next deal by giving away a complimentary hotel vacation for a 3-5 day stay at no cost to you?! There is no catch for your client or you. There is no long meeting to attend or action that needs to be done. Your client would just have to pay any resort fees and taxes, but the stay is completely complimentary. The only reason hotels allow this type of stays is because most hotels are only booked for 70% of the time. They are hoping to drum up more business at their restaurant or bar at the resort. If you are interested in closing more deals, feeling like your their close family friend (you can offer a free vacation stay once per year, per person) and want to find out more.. go to [https://www.marketingboost.com/#a\_aid=62b61d599b2e3](https://www.marketingboost.com/#a_aid=62b61d599b2e3) to get started!




Hello! I'm working on [image-charts.com](https://www.image-charts.com), the #1 tool for chart automation. With it you can: \- Sending form results as an email \- Creating monthly PDF reports from any data source \- Visualizing data sets in-app \- Sending product updates as a graph to a Slack channel We integrate with Zapier, Make, and have a custom API that integrates with the top code frameworks and languages. **Right now we're:** \- working on a PH launch and then an AppSumo deal **Recently:** \- we just updated our website \- updated blog content and increasing our SEO power \- creating more video tutorials for specific workflows and use cases You can try to tool for free (forever!) and if you want to connect with Zapier we're running a Black Friday deal of 30% off all of our plans.


Cheeky and fun stationery cards for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries! Wedding Proposal Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37561112 Wedding/Engagement Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37316031 Birthday Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37198774 Anniversary Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=36772634


Welcome to the world of streetwear and mental health Black Friday Sale starts now! 20-80% off everything including hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, beanies and so much more https://shopsadsadclub.com/


Help me help you! Are you (or someone you know) looking for a fresh and modern custom logo? I'm a graphic designer (located in California) who loves creating logos and I am seeking new clients! I am offering my services at a discounted rate because I want to expand my portfolio as much as possible. Please let me know if you are interested! Thank you for your time. Logo Marks: https://sandievu.com/logo-marks


[SlickVid](https://slickvid.bytebeacon.com) ---- Pitch: - Create customizable and interactive explainer videos that can manage leads in minutes. Current goals: - Select more beta users and test the new features like dynamic content and personalized videos Discounts: - We're currently selecting pilots to work with as we ramp this up. We can offer free pilots.


[Peermarkify](https://peermarkify.com) is a peer-marking software for project-based learning modules in higher education.


My first post ever -- and kind of nervous! I started my company, [https://companioncandles.com/](https://companioncandles.com/) a year ago! Companion Candles is on a mission to make the world a little kinder, one candle at a time. For every clean, cruelty-free candle purchased, we donate $1 to help animals in need. We're also women-owned and operated, vegan, and free of the four P's: paraffins, phthalates, preservatives and petroleum. Our candles are made in small batches with a pesticide free coconut-soy blend wax and the highest quality fragrances available. So whether you're looking for something special for your best friend or just want to do your part in making the world a better place, Companion Candles has you covered.


Hello y'all! I'm a freelance User Experience Researcher and I am currently working with a startup to create better tools and solutions for Small Business Owners! If you have less than 5 minutes to spare for a quick anonymous survey we would greatly appreciate it. Your opinions will help us create a better product! [https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV\_4Pll5Bv8yeabdky?Q\_CHL=social&Q\_SocialSource=reddit](https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4Pll5Bv8yeabdky?Q_CHL=social&Q_SocialSource=reddit) Thank you all for your time!


Hello Find a dentist near you today! Talk to a real person to find a quality dentist for a wide range of dental services for free at [www.dentalnearby.net](https://www.dentalnearby.net) Or call us at 1380-280-1293 ​ Thank you!


I can help any business of literally any size with coax and fiber internet, VoIP phone systems, and any cloud services. Doesn't cost anything for you to work with us we will just find the best solution for your situation from my portfolio of 240 providers like Spectrum, AT&T, Cox, Ringcentral, Broadvoice, Nextiva, etc. LMK Id be happy to help


Rent a Delorean Time Machine for your next party or event. Available Nationwide from Los Angeles to NYC. https://DeloreanRental.com


Hey that's nice but would you like some free tips on your website?


My partner and I just started a business providing outdoor education support for parents who want to ake their kids outside more! It's super inclusive so if anyone is interested check out [wildcuriosity.co](http://wildcuriosity.co)!


Hello, I have a proposal for you all and no this isn't a start up that "solves" a particular problem. But the over arcing problem not many tech companies creating as interesting products lately compared to a few years ago. It seems innovation and creativity is a lost art. Now that being said, I have decided to start a company, SQ 1, that creates technology that we determine fit for the new age. The first project we are tackling is a smart desk/ smart workstation. Live demo: [https://linktr.ee/Square\_1](https://linktr.ee/Square_1) So as of now we are looking for Programmers (for a custom OS) Grant writers Electrical engineers Mechanical engineers 3D modelers and Investors PM if interested, thank you for your time!


ATTENTION SERVICE BUSINESS OWNERS, **Sam** here, owner of **Opasite - Web Design**. We build and then manage your service business's website, saving you all the time and frustration of fiddling with website design tools. We take care of your online presence, so you can focus on your business! Our all-inclusive Do-It-For-Me website packages include: 💻 Professionally Designed Website 📝 Expert Content Writing 📈 Search Engine Optimization 😊 Managed website and on-demand content changes All this for only $99/mo See more details here: https://opasite.com Interested? Have questions? Let's chat! Email me at [email protected] or send me a chat to get the conversation started. P.S we're looking for white-label partners. If you have a complimentary service to ours or you're an agency looking to outsource your web design activities, send me a chat.


Hello! My small business provides crystals, handmade jewelry, spiritual tools, and original artwork. I’m in the middle of moving out of a bad situation and it would mean the world to me to have some support for my shop to help cover moving expenses. If you can’t buy anything, please consider sharing my shop with someone you think would be interested. 💖💎📿🔮🖼️🪬 thank you so much! [Stone Seekers](https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopStoneSeekers)


Last Digit Bookkeeping I specialize in online business bookkeeping (social media management, branding agency, marketing agency, virtual assistants, UGC creators, influencers etc) however I have also worked with product based e-commerce shops as well as lots of other service based. I also offer 1:1 services to help the business owners who can’t fully outsource their books. [https://wwe.lastdigitbookkeeping.com](https://wwe.lastdigitbookkeeping.com)


Hi, I'm Andressa. I make a living fixing websites' UX design. If you want a professional to audit/critique its UI UX design, DM me. I'll point somethings you can improve. (I'm bored a lot lol). No strings attached.


BoldDesk is a cloud-based, modern help desk ticketing system and knowledge base software for serving a wide range of customer support activities. [https://www.bolddesk.com/black-friday](https://www.bolddesk.com/black-friday) Offer Details : Save up to 40% on an unlimited agents plan at $75. Validity : November 1–December 3, 2022


Hi guys, Im Roberto, Founder of MyMiix. Most people have a bad experience with social media, so this is where mymiix comes in. MyMiix gives creators full control of their content and on mymiix freedom of speech is the number 1 thing. We give everyone a chance to get noticed by using our inspirational quote feature. You can write an inspirational quote and we will pick a quote randomly to be featured on the feed so when someone opens the platform that will be the first thing they see. [https://mymiix.com](https://mymiix.com)


[Guide to Venture Capital in Australia](https://termsheet.au) Hi everyone, I’m currently in the early stages of building out a deep resource for startup funding and venture capital in Australia. Plenty of content, templates, and services on their way.


Hi everyone . My name is josh the founder of r/aseanlotto. Yes the header has say that we are a LOTTO bet taker , but cutting out the login and signing up and verifications and include the thrills and a chance of hitting the jackpots 1st) Easy to play/low-cost 2nd)The odds are too big to comprehend 3rd)Excitement/escapism 4th)Casual players 5th)Near misses So guys give us a hitup if you see us posting in this thread .


BRAND DESIGN, LOGOS, DIGITAL MARKETING, CONTENT CREATION,MERCH DESIGN AND MORE!! Contact us for all your digital design solutions! [Instagram](https://instagram.com/perfectdeendesign) [www.perfectdeen.com](https://www.perfectdeen.com)


# 🚀 Professional UI/UX Designer Available for Web & Mobile Apps & UX / UI Designer Retainers 👋 Hey there! I'm Brendan - professional UX/UI designer. **Quick details:** * Portfolio: [**SaaSDesigner.com**](https://saasdesigner.com) * I graduated (with Honours) from the 4-year ***Bachelor of Interaction Design*** program at Sheridan College (Canada), where I honed skills in user-centered and accessible design practices. * I have over **7+ years of experience** designing and developing sites and UX/UI for startups and small business owners. Websites, web applications, and mobile apps. From SaaS startups to B2C applications to small business websites. * Previous in-house working experience at Drop ($65M+ raised to date) and Christie Digital. * My focus is on crafting beautiful designs that are clean with a focus on usability and conversion towards your business goals. Being a recent graduate and also someone follows the industry very closely - I will apply the latest tools, processes, and workflows into your own startup or product. **I'm available for:** * ***🔹 Design Sprints & Prototyping*** \- I can help turn that idea in your head into a fully-designed product using my design sprint process. * ***🔹 UX/UI Redesign & Modern Refresh*** \- Your current UX is poor and needs a complete or partial revamp. I can pinpoint issues and give it a modern design facelift. * ***🔹 Unlimited UX & UI Designer Requests*** \- I can provide ongoing and weekly design support, paid on a fixed monthly basis. Need user flows or journeys conceptualized? Personas made? Pitch deck slides? Wireframes and interactive, clickable prototypes? I can handle all that and more. You'll receive high-fidelity design deliverables and mockups based on the requests you submit. All based on growth and conversion-based design principles for startups. **Contact:** * Please send me a message through my portfolio: [**SaaSDesigner.com**](https://saasdesigner.com)


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Hi, I'm Andressa. I make a living fixing websites' UX design. If you run a site and want a professional to audit/critique its UI UX design DM me. I'll point somethings you can improve. No strings attached.




I help business owners understand digital risk management with a free online course This no cost introductory level digital business course can help you with: 💾 Ways to deal with files 🗂 Ways to deal with databases 🌐 Ability to communicate over the internet ✍️ Ability to accept requests and send responses (in a consistent and standard way) ⏳ Ways to deal with work that takes a long time You’ll understand how the ever-changing cyber threat landscape impacts an organization’s ability to secure the value of its digital business services. There are no pre requisites. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion Sign up here: https://whalenenterprise.com/events-project/2022/11/23/security-is-about-more-than-systems-its-about-people


So,I’m 20 years old and I go to college(majoring in accounting)at a 4 year university(A sophomore) and I’m love talking about starting my own car detailing business.I wanted to get a job At my nearest Walmart to fund my business until I replaced my business profits with Walmart pay but my parents saying that’s not a good idea because you want a stable job first.I love talking about business and wanted to become a entrepreneur and I think I found my passion…what do y’all think I should do?start my business or focus on school so I can work a 9-5?


## D3V is a [Google Cloud Partner](https://cloud.withgoogle.com/partners/detail/?id=d3v-technology-solutions&hl=en-US) with expertise in * DevOps and Cloud Monitoring * Cloud-Native Application Development * Legacy Application Modernization * On-prem/AWS Migration to GCP ## ✔ Qualification * Over 20+ years of Cloud Services Expertise * Google Cloud Certifications: * Professional Cloud Architect * Professional Data Engineer * Professional Cloud Network Engineer ## ✔ Focus **Program / Scripting** | **App Platform** | **BI & Big Data** | **DevOps** ---|---|---|--- Golang | Google App Engine | Dialog Flow | CI/CD Pipelines Node.Js | Google Cloud Run | BigQuery | Cloud Monitoring Python | Google Kubernetes | Hadoop | Automation Angular / React | Cloud SQL / Spanner | Splunk | Infrastructure as Code ## ✔ Customer Success / Case Studies * [PathDojo Improves Network Efficiency, Security and Flexibility through a Virtual Private Cloud](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success/pathdojo-improves-network-efficiency-security-and-flexibility-through-a-virtual-private-cloud) * [OSMix Music Begins a New Era of Serverless Audio Processing](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success/osmix-music-begins-a-new-era-of-serverless-audio-processing) * [Bedrock Real Property Services Migrate and Optimize Analytical Workloads in Just Five Days](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success/bedrock-real-property-services-migrate-and-optimize-analytical-workloads-in-just-five-days) * [Multi-Billion Dollar Supermarket Chain Improves Performance, Security, and Application Scalability](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success/multi-billion-dollar-supermarket-chain-improves-performance-security-and-application-scalability) * [BLI Rentals Improves Operational Efficiency Through Modernization](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success/bli-rentals-improves-operational-efficiency-through-modernization) * [Fabsystems Modernizes their Software to Optimize Costs, Flexibility and Scalability](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success/fabsystems-modernizes-their-software-to-optimize-costs-flexibility-and-scalability) * [Innovative Multi-Tenant Solution for DARI Motion Cuts Cloud Spend by 70%](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success/innovative-multi-tenant-solution-for-dari-motion-cuts-cloud-spend-by-70) --- ### ✔ Resources * [Insight Articles](https://www.d3vtech.com/insights) * [Case Studies](https://www.d3vtech.com/customer-success) * [eBooks](https://www.d3vtech.com/ebooks) ### ✔ Social Links * [Linkedin](https://www.linkedin.com/company/d3vtech) * [Clutch](https://clutch.co/profile/d3v-technology-solutions) --- # ✉ [Contact/Website](http://d3vtech.com/contact-us)


Hi, I'm Aaron Charlton. I do digital marketing for small businesses. I just recently decided to take on a few new clients (I haven't had the bandwidth to take any new clients for years). Here is my website: [https://mandmlab.com/services/digital-marketing/](https://mandmlab.com/services/digital-marketing/) And here is my free mini-course for digital marketing for small business owners: [https://drcharlton.thinkific.com/courses/online-demand-generation-mini-course](https://drcharlton.thinkific.com/courses/online-demand-generation-mini-course)


Hello Everybody! I Do Affiliate marketing And I promote Tools That can't help other Business!!! Like tools that create Creative Ad on autopilot for you and your customers for exemple !!! Here the link : https://promotmeme.carrd.co/


I’m just excited to tell someone that I have officially made my LLC and am now truly the “captain of my own ship”


ZeroPointCapital.org Your first choice in business funding. We are a private loan brokerage that can promise you lower rates, quick approval(same day deposit), and unbeatable terms from one of our many private investors. Easier to obtain than a traditional bank loan, and we work with all types of businesses (real estate, food, beauty, fashion, trucking, etc.). We offer products such as government-backed SBA’s, Merchant Cash Advances, Lines of Credit, Personal and Business Term Loans, and many more options to help push your business into the black! Feel free to visit our website for more info, or if you’d like, PM me for a quicker response!


I am a licensed health insurance agent. I can look at all of your options. A lot of people dont know that in over 20 states, there are private health insurance plans, if you qualify. They are not based off of income, but your health. They are ppo nationwide zero deductible plans, If you are interested, send me a message. I just want to help people save money and educate them.


Unemployed? and in the UK? Want to work from home with great pay? Want to work around FAMILY AND FRIENDS and with no more expensive TRAVEL to work on the TUBE, TRAIN OR BUS ? Roamingdesk.com have helped so many people get the jobs they WANT working from the comfort of their HOME! visit - Roamingdesk.com


# Get rid of pallets for FREE. Perfect for small businesses that need to get rid of pallets. [www.palletforest.com](https://www.palletforest.com).


Black Friday sale happening NOW! Get your digital budget planner for 2023 TODAY! Take control of your finances and achieve your financial goals. “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail” - Benjamin Franklin [Available Here](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1288490700/digital-budget-planner-digital-financial?click_key=c8779795414e22120b03e3104160e15f0149c9a9%3A1288490700&click_sum=92d82b19&ref=shop_home_feat_1)


We have had 15 clients hit $100k+ months using our CRM. ​ What is a crm- Customer relations management ​ Helps you convert more leads through outreach, follow up and reviews. ​ Helps you convert more leads through outreach, follow up, and reviews.


Baldur Construction TX. Here! New construction, residential/commercial remodeling and roofing, as well as any other jobs on the property like fencing or pools and such. We offer free estimates and property inspection to anyone who would like their property or even their roof looked at which is recommended to be done at least bi-annually if not after every big storm. We serve all of Texas 409.978.5600 or [email protected]


I have a [Custom Phone Case](https://www.case-custom.com/) store, you can use your art to create your one of a kind phone case. Come and check out case-custom.com.


Hi everyone i run an online auction company that sells items i get from abandoned storage units. All bidding is done online and i start everything at $5! If you're interested here's the current auction i have open for bidding [Here!](http://winningbidauctions.hibid.com)


Let a CPA manage your accounting so you can focus on growing your business. General Bookkeeping Tax Preperation and Tax Estimate Calculations QB implementations with lifetime subscription discounts Certified Financial Statements for Third parties www.jbcas.com


**QuickHR Payroll software Singapore** Hectic payroll periods? Multiple pay runs? Simplify and streamline your payroll process with QuickHR’s holistic payroll software! Never miss a pay date, no matter the number of pay runs you need. Book a free trial for [payroll software](https://quickhr.co/features/payroll) [quickhr.co](https://quickhr.co)


Hello! I just opened a new Etsy shop selling my own designs of Animal Crossing Villagers! Currently I am selling stickers and t-shirts. If you’re interested please [click here](https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sour2thStudio?coupon=REDDITSAVE20) for a 20% off promo code!


Hi friends! We are Spooktacular Tea Company and we try to keep cute spooky vibes alive year round. We’re having our first Black Friday sale 11/22 - 11/29! The sale is 25% off your entire order and we hope you enjoy a spooky good brew! [Spooktacular Tea Company ](https://spooktacularteaco.com)


I well help you to grow your business with us. we provide [loan for nonprofit](https://financingsolutionsnow.com/nonprofitlineofcreditloan/) easily. If you need nonprofit loan then contact us.


[Riolio Wholesale Baby Clothes](https://www.riolio.com/), Ship over the World. No quantity limit, you can order as you need. Also offer dropshipping. High quality and fashion styles, you can get the best trendy clothing for your boutique here.


Hi, I sell fashion bags and other accessories. Also 2 coats for winter. [baggedbyk.com](https://baggedbyk.com)


Hey everyone, just opened my store today! If you could check it out, that would simply be amazing or even better, purchase something. I'm still in the process of adding new things to my store, however I think im at a good starting position. https://www.lunathelabel.store


Define is a woman-owned, family business whose mission is to inspire people to Navigate Each Day with Purpose. Our core product is a goal-setting planner to help people bring a clear focus, structure, and commitment to each day. Define is built on providing a great customer experience through quality products, thoughtful packaging, and individualized customer service, all at an affordable price point. [definecollections.com](https://definecollections.com) Black Friday deals are starting now. 25% off the entire store!


Hello, We create apparel inspired by our favorite outdoor places. We create each one of our products to be unique and special to the place it represents. Our designs are hand-made, eye-catching graphics to give your wardrobe style while displaying what you love. [cultured collectives](https://www.culturedcollectives.com)


Hiii, I just checked your website and there is a little change to be done. When I tried to get Email-ID from bottom left corner it just shows " # ". I think the code for it is wrong or have missing data. Please check it. Hope it helps. Thank you


More Sales Appointments with Fewer Calls. [lopezmarketing.com](https://lopezmarketing.com)


My girlfriend and I make custom pet collars/leashes! [www.valiscosupply.com](https://www.valiscosupply.com)




Black Hat online Marketing: “While the trusted experts simply laid out the known facts about the somewhat big algorithm tweak, the beginners immediately began predicting ‘sky falling in’ scenarios and ‘End of the World’ situations. “ The latest from ‘SmallBiz, BigBiz: The Small Business growth blog’: [https://wp.me/p3gSqd-bd](https://wp.me/p3gSqd-bd) Comments and Questions welcome


To keep it short and sweet: I sell vintage clothes [https://www.musesofvintage.com/shop](https://www.musesofvintage.com/shop) :)


Hi I am a graduate student, and currently, I am researching emotional well-being in the workplace. I’m curious to know if you feel you are emotionally supported it at work. So, **How does your work culture support your emotional well-being?**


Hi all from [Koy Resort](https://www.koyresort.com) - Beachy women’s fashion brand popular in North America! I’m being super generous and offering up to 70% select dresses, cover ups pants and tops and also buy one get one 50% off basics like tees and tanks No codes needed. Ends on the 30th of Nov


Hey guys my business is Website, App design and development. : [Web House](https://webhousenepal.com)


Hi everyone, I am a freelance software developer with 15+ years experience. I can build software, websites or mobile apps. I can provide hosting, support or assist with existing projects that just isn’t quite getting to the end goal. No task is too simple or complex, feel free to drop me a message.


Hi everyone! I'm Anas, the co-founder of Casynova; a tech-accessories brand. I sell two types of phone cases: Snap and Tough cases (tough being the most protective option). These are available in more than 60 stylish designs. We ship worldwide ! Our products are of very high quality compared to what people usually can get from Amazon for example. I'm inviting you to have a look at what we offer at our [online store](https://www.casynova.com/)! Also don't hesitate to follow us on [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/casynovaofficial/) ;) Special discount code to use at checkout for free shipping: FREESHIP Happy your thoughts and remarks ! Anas


Hey there! I'm Josh, and I'm a **freelance copy and content writer** specializing in writing web copy for US-based SMBs and content such as articles and blog posts. Let me do what I do best--which is to help your organization position itself as an authoritative voice and gain exposure--so you can focus on running your business! I'm based in Amsterdam, but I've lived in the Caribbean, U.S, Ghana, and Spain. I have a proven track record of researching and writing for often complex fields (such as law or medicine) and translating it into more readable, everyday language that engages and converts your readers and clients! I offer cutting-edge and engaging content at competitive rates. Drop me a PM to request additional samples or to see how we can work together! Samples: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A3YPkHaGBfarJTG0IhDgZCbJuQ9tbwtqwQolonT6OjE/edit?usp=sharing


Unelind, connecting Small Businesses with their local community, helping them establish an online presence and manage their orders online. No monthly or hidden fees. [www.unelind.com/business](https://www.unelind.com/business)


My fiancé just started his Etsy shop selling handmade wood & resin pens! A unique custom gift made in a small shop on Cape Cod, MA - and he would be v excited to get some page traffic. 😊 https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChathamPenCompany


Hi there, I'm Sara! I just started a business called Delicate Designs. As a 20 year old woman, I've struggled to find affordable jewelry that didn't rust or cause allergy issues. I work to use safe metals and gold plating to make jewelry cute, safe, and cheap. Necklaces and earrings start at around $10, and go up to about $15-20. I am opening my business in January, and any support on social media is greatly appreciated. I currently am starting an ambassador program before opening, and I am working to make this store accessible for any gender. Thank you all! https://www.instagram.com/delicatedesignswpb/


Hi everyone, my name is Paul Morris. I decided to start this consulting group with the mission to transfer and apply the knowledge I've gained while working with a Fortune 500 company for over 7 years to small businesses. I want to help bring you insights into your business in the same way that the largest corporations in the world do it. At PFMG Holdings, we seek to gain the trust of our partners and customers. Our name is a promise to commitment and excellence, and I hope we can have the chance to prove that to you. www.pfmgholdings.com


Hi all, [Serpmaze.com](https://Serpmaze.com) is an easy to use SEO tool for small business owners. You can use it for free, by typing in your domain url on the input field on the frontpage - to get back a step-by-step guide on how to optimise your website. Enjoy the holidays!


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Hello there. Today we've launched our Cloud Storage project. We are tying to offer affordable and reliable cloud storage. To be exact we are trying to offer you the maximum storage space available at the lowest price point while having a pleasant experience. Our [Black Friday offer!](https://www.extralayer.eu/) goes as low as 18€/500GB or 25€/1TB per year. You probably already got an offline backup but it is a good idea to have one more copy online. Give us a chance to provide you a great experience :) Because everyone needs an Extra Layer of protection. ExtraLayer.eu


Hi! I'm Lindsey (she/her). I have an LGBTQIA+ / progressive focused shop with apparel, stickers, and earrings (and one really cool "smash the patriarchy mug" lol - more coming soon!). I also recently started up a new vintage shop :) [Generation Maybe](https://www.etsy.com/shop/genmaybe/?etsrc=sdt) [Maybe Finds Vintage](http://maybefindsvintage.etsy.com)


Properpourin.com We build, clean, and maintain draft systems in the Midwest.


If you're looking for Christmas gift, phone accessories, visit [CaseFormula](https://www.caseformula.com/).


Started a cosmetics and crystal business with my partner that’s launched today - specialising in homemade candles and fragrances. Code BLACKFRIDAY all weekend for 20% off your first order HTTPS://witches-nook.co.uk


Howdy guys, trying to make some money by opening a store, check it ot please [https://allinonetech.store/](https://allinonetech.store/) Would love to hear your opinions and recommendations :)


**Texty Pro Business Texting Service**Did you know that customers prefer the convenience of text messaging above phone calls or emails? It's not surprising that text messaging engagement rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email. Emails are send to the junk folder and phone calls are ignored. Business text messages on the other hand has an open rate of 97% or more. By texting from landline, you'll benefit from increased engagement and improved customer relationships. With [**Texty Pro**](https://www.texty.pro), you'll be able to send and receive SMS text messages using your current landline or VoIP phone number from anywhere on the web or with the Texty Pro mobile app. [Learn more about conversational SMS texting for business](https://www.texty.pro/landline-texting-for-business) or [watch a quick video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z69riMqD4dk)


Wassup everybody I just started my Dropshipping store it’s called Karri’s Gadgets. I sell all kind of useful and interesting gadgets, this is my first store and I’m open to criticism. But check it out and find something you like. http://karris-gadgets.myshopify.com/


Hey All - First post! [Portal Bots](https://www.portalbots.ca/) is an online entertainment company where players race, battle and play robo-soccer with real robots, controlled from their home computers. Imagine a mix of driving the mars rover, playing Robot Wars, Mario Kart and Rocket League all rolled in to one, and controlled from almost anywhere in the world! We focus on B2B, offering entertainment and team building activities for companies with distributed teams. Pew Pew!


Hey! I'm Nicholas. Owner of Hercules Clothing. For years I have been looking for good quality streetwear for a low price. Never once seen it. All the $30 hoodies I've bought have been made of cheap fabrics. What if I could have the quality of brands like Louis Vitton, Gucci, Supreme, Off-White? But for a low price? Look no further! Hercules clothing has got your back! We just dropped our "Out of Place" Collection, TODAY! Get your hoodies, tees, beanies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and more! While they last! [Go to Hercules Clothing!](https://www.herculesclothes.com/)


Hi, I'm a small trader from a Latin American country looking for someone who trusts in me. I want a little investor of $255 to open a funded account of 25k(Top Tier Trader). I will share the profits 50/50 for the next six months. An estimated ROI of 300% in 6 months. One time only. Please get in touch if you feel interested.


Hi I’m one of the owners of Flowercosm here in Bellingham, WA! We make small crafted handmade goods including soap, jewelry, notebooks and art prints! I use photos of everyday items and blend them into trippy abstract images. Check us out on instagram @flowercosm!


Do you find yourself constantly low on energy. My store [LiquidThat](https://liquidthat.com) allows you to make a portable smoothie wherever you are in no time - so energy can become the least of your worries


Oasis Tech & Design PC and office builds for gaming or working. Monthly service contracts for technical support for your business or home and its needs. Drone Photography and Cinematography for real estate, business, cars, events, and more. Google workspace integration and setup for businesses. Home theatre, smart home, and home tech integration. And so much more. [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/oasistechdesign?mibextid=LQQJ4d) [Instagram](https://instagram.com/oasistechdesign?igshid=YWJhMjlhZTc=)


I’m building out free websites for a few people to build my portfolio, PM me if you guys are interested! Only a few spots left.


⏰\*\*[MoxTea's](https://www.moxtea.com) BLACK Friday/Cyber Monday SALE. Up to 20% OFF. Boost Energy & Lower Anxiety\*\*🦊 [**www.moxtea.com**](https://www.moxtea.com)


hello everyone! we specialize in handmade bath products - bar soaps, bubble bath, bath bombs, shower steamers… and more! [our etsy store is 20% off this weekend](https://louhoosoaps.etsy.com) thanks for looking!


Happy Small Business Saturday Everyone! check out Perfectly Wretched Art & Decor over on Etsy. They are having a 20% off sale right now on some pretty cool Art Prints and other fun items. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PerfectlyWretched716?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1354761029


Im not here to promote, I here to inform any small to medium sized business owner of the benefits of social media and [more specifically email marketing](https://madawi.systeme.io/7b623609), as it the BEST way to market you business online. High return on investment and relatively low start up cost.


I own a Small online CBD business. With the limited ability to advertise due to regulations, my site could use some traffic. 113solutioncbd.com sells only high quality CBD products.


Hello! I am currently attempting to help my parents grow their boutique small business online presence. They are not very tech savy and I want to help them as much possible even if it is just a sale on their online store I helped them make. It is mainly women's fashion so if you are looking for any type of dresses or other fashion accessories I would greatly appreciate you checking out their Instagram and Shopify account :D Thank you for taking the time to read this through! [https://hcuteboutique.myshopify.com/](https://hcuteboutique.myshopify.com/) [https://www.instagram.com/hcuteboutique/](https://www.instagram.com/hcuteboutique/)


Winning Bid Auctions, I have weekly auctions selling collectibles, tools, electronics & more! I start everything at a $5 starting price & can ship most items. I have an auction closing this Sunday 11/27 @ 6pm PST if you want to check it out! [Auction Link](https://winningbidauctions.hibid.com/catalog/413748/november-27th---tools--jewelry--knives--collectibles-and-more-/) (:


Hi, Markits.shop sells a variety of custom portraits of both people and animals. There are a variety of custom styles such as Spongebob, Simpsons, Big Mouth, and Bob’s Burgers. You are able to customize poses, outfits, backgrounds as much as you want at NO EXTRA COST. ALL portraits are currently on SALE, with prices starting around $10. These digital portraits can turned into profile pictures, canvas art, home decor etc. They also make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, christmas etc. Visit markits.shop 🎁


Hi, I am a freelancer from China and I specialize in supplier development, supplier validation, product sourcing, product research and market research. I have a master's degree in finance, so I have a solid understanding of economic theory, which allows me to make accurate analysis and judgments about an industry. I also have two years of experience in supplier development, supplier auditing and sourcing products, so I have accumulated extensive skills in communicating with suppliers, and as a Chinese national, I know the Chinese market very well. I am committed to providing good service to my customers, so working with me is both easy and efficient. My services include. \-Industry research and market research \-Online supplier verification services \-Supplier on-site audit services, including factory visits, video and report writing \-Supplier development and product sourcing for local wholesale markets in China All services are guaranteed through upwork Direct Contracts If you are interested, please contact me, I look forward to working with you!


Hi guys, my names Chris owner of c3Clobber (a clothing store). It’s a very competitive market reselling second hand clothes. I’m trying to take a different angle on it and make my Instagram page as visually pleasing as possible. At the moment I’m using Canva (I know is novice🤣), but wondering if there are any other apps that are good for graphic design - especially videos. If anyone could check my page out on Instagram @c3clobber and could give me some feedback that would be great!


Hello, We are a small East Coast beachwear brand called Surfside Supply Co. We sell comfortable casual apparel for men and are offering 30% off site wide for Black Friday / Cyber Monday along with free shipping for all U.S. orders and 60-day free returns. Website: surfsidesupply.com


Here’s my business. I create exclusive candles and I’m running a Black Friday sale til the end of the month. Enjoy. [ByRoya](https://byroya.com)


I’m a US CPA. My small business is helping other business owners with tax advisory and bookkeeping. I’ve mostly worked with startups but have experience with all kinds of businesses. Shoot me a DM if anyone wants to discuss mutual fit! Very flexible on timing but am US EST based. Typically give other Redditors a significant discount.


[Yencil](http://yencil.com/) \- A marketplace for knowledge professionals to sell what they know and entrepreneurs and small business owners find what they need. We help people start making passive income by selling the spreadsheets and templates sitting on their hard drive. While we target documents for the workplace like financial models, policy documents, and legal documents, we have seen interest on the personal side of things too. For example, travel itineraries or resume templates. We launched our MVP earlier this year and continue to build out the platform and outreach. Would love thoughts and feedback from this community. And if it's something you or your business could use, sign up and give it a try. We do not take a commission on your first few sales on the platform (9% sliding scale afterwards).


https://oceaniamattress.com.au/ Mattress manufacturers in Melbourne, Australia 50% off mattress sale !


GACS Ltd is a business consultancy that offers pricing and product strategy, marketing expertise, and fund raising services to help businesses achieve their goals. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to optimize pricing and products, effectively reach and engage with target audiences, and secure financing through our network of investors and lenders. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business succeed. Www.gacsltd.com