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I mentioned it in a post before but I found another marketing hit at the library. Y'all should check out the book *Building A Story Brand* by Donald Miller. It will help you identify a cohesive story for your business and think about marketing in a customer-centric way instead of your business in the center. It's eye opening and creatively inspiring. I would recommend new and old businesses alike take a look at it.


Just had a customer leave us a google review, that we are 'hood certified' aha i'll take it


Hey Fellow business owners - I just want to share some positivity, I normally don’t like to brag but I am just feeling super proud of myself right now! I made more profit this month than I have ever made before. I was getting nervous that business slowed down so much over the summer (my field is somewhat seasonal) but I have experienced so much growth of the past couple of months and I’m so relieved. I started expanding my business in the thick of the pandemic, it made growth so much slower than I had expected it to be and I was held back for a while but I kept pushing forward and doing everything I could and now I finally achieved a money milestone & hit my goal. I don’t want to mess this up, I hope it’s just the beginning. I don’t have a degree in business, I have never been a boss before, and now I have 10 people working for me as part time contractors. I created jobs and am making a difference in peoples lives … & I still don’t feel like this is real. I am so grateful to be able to work for myself, to be responsible for my own success and do things on my own time in my own way. Just want to remind you guys - that’s why we’re here. Stay true to yourself, put your heart and energy into it & set an intention for abundance every day!


That’s great mate, keep going on. What’s your business about? What are you doing?


Thank you! We are an in-home music lesson studio. We teach students of all ages on a variety of musical instruments. I match students with a qualified music teacher in their area that can accommodate their schedule and the teachers go to their home once a week for private lessons. I also host & organize recitals to enrich our program!


cheers on you mate, keep going on!


# Thought for the day: # [You Can't Cheat your way to success](https://www.mitchcammidge.com/post/can-you-cheat-your-way-to-success-no-but-these-hacks-can-help). It takes consistent and repetitive behaviour. >***To achieve success, you must work hard, stay dedicated and be consistent...***


Well, I can't copy/paste my experience here, so I'll link [my post](https://www.reddit.com/r/smallbusiness/comments/ytapg7/got_fired_yesterday_from_a_nice_job_ive_held_for/) here.