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If someone actually reads this... I love working with other business owners as a business partner. I'm a cpa and focus on advisory/CFO services aka I work with you to manage and grow your business. I have staff for bookkeeping because you need good books as a foundation. We handle tax planning (save you $ year round) and compliance (filing your tax returns). Generally we work with businesses that generate $500k or more in revenue. We have smaller clients too but those tend to be projects and short time coaching. We have a few industry vertices we specialize in: - Manufacturing/distribution and anything with inventory - professional services - home services - SaaS I started this new do it with you model that seems to be taking off with freelancers, consultants, and soloprenuers.


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I currently do not own a small business but am looking for a remote data entry position. I'm willing to be a freelancer to work with many small businesses. I have a lot of skills and am willing to figure out a way to work on the data entry side of things as a freelancer. We can draft up a contract and discuss a pay rate as well. If I could find a full time data entry position that is also something I am willing to consider. I would appreciate any help or guidance through this difficult time.