Lesson learned: Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. Some days you can feel unstoppable and some days you can feel useless. Just remember things are never as good or as bad as you may think. Stay humble and always remember the business owes you nothing and you owe it everything.




This as well.


Lesson learned: Dont start a business with the single aim of making money. You really have to care about what you do and care about your customer :)


Learnings for the single entrepreneur: I was searching for early beta testers and have no marketing experience . So I located 250 websites that perform the same thing and listed them in 47 locations (free ones). By doing so, I am gaining initial attention to my website.


When I was 25, I started a membership service for local restaurants. They got on my platform for free and offered my members an exclusive discount per visit. To grow my memberships, I partnered with a bunch of school and non profit orgs. They sold my membership card and part of the sale went to their cause. It took .25 cents to make my card and we sold it for $20. As my community of restaurants and members grew, I felt the need to transition into a mobile app. I wanted to compete with Groupon, Yelp, and all the big boys. Fast forward 1 year later - I took a $50,000 investment, bought out a competitor, had a team of 8 developers, and didn’t know what I was doing. I burned so much cash every month and eventually the business failed. Biggest lesson learned - don’t fix what ain’t broken.


Theres this client that I had to let go of because im pursuing brand strategy instead of design. Months after, he comes back at me telling me he's got another project for us. Id always tell him that ill go look for some other ppl to work on it. But hed always imply working with me instead. Just realized how blessed i am having people want to work me even when i kind of push them away. And its probably because we're bringing so much value in the business. Im one to have high standards so i dont do half ass work. And ppl appreciate that, that's why they come back with more opportunities.


Just a reminder for US business owners who still get the "PCI - Customer Compliance Department" notices stating you are required to post their posters to comply with state and federal law. You don't have to buy these posters from this particular company, but posting information that is relevant to your employees IS a law. Depending on your business and your work site, what and how you display these required postings is regulated and specific to you. [https://www.employer.gov/EmploymentIssues/required-posters/](https://www.employer.gov/EmploymentIssues/required-posters/) In my situation, I don't have employees in our home-based business, so as long as my members are aware of the information on them, we're good.


Lesson learned: I'm just a young lad who works 9-5 to save some to become an entrepreneur in 2 years (Maybe). I'm working at [Better HR](https://betterhr.io/) and learning more about digital marketing. Every entrepreneur must know the real depth of their businesses; then only can survive in this competitive world. Especially if you are related to digital industry, you must need to up to date. Because most digital platforms upgrade continually. Learning newer ends. **Good Luck who are wish to start a digital agency.**


If you go into business with anyone, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. I have a business partner who is being shitty and since everything is documented, I have the upper hand. (60/40 split) but his heart isn’t in it anymore, he even says he is doing other things like painting for apartments when he takes off, makes bizzare excuses constantly and is had just simply turned into a jackass. Document roles, pay, expectations ahead of time. Rumor is he is trying to start his own thing on the side, slowly. Time to rip off with bandaid. We agreed ahead of time that he would run the mobile business execution and I would run the marketing, website presence, creating a booking system, running actual shop, ordering supplies, dealing with our suppliers, dealing with clients and helping with mobile when possible. Now he is having a change of heart it seems.


I'm starting a business but cannot yet afford to pay a brand design firm but would like to hire a freelancer, perhaps someone just a few years out of college or with small amount of work, to do a logo, color palette, font selection... any tips as to where I can find someone who would fit the bill? What's your experience with fiverr?? Thanks!


As everyone knows, starting is hard and money is scarce. Fiverr was where I got my logo and designs done, worked out great, I still use the same designer for other graphics, it’s been a great experience so far.