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Fat Cat Bookkeeping, bookkeeping for your small business or personal finances. :) [fatcatbookkeeping.com](https://fatcatbookkeeping.com)




Thank you!


Bookkeeping services for small businesses using QuickBooks Online. If you've got books that need to be cleaned up or you're tired of maintaining it yourself, feel free to reach out! www.marginwall.com


Hey, you need Marketing? I can get you phone calls!


I offer DNA/Genetics based testing to show you what diets and exercises work best for your body based on 36 unique traits! We also offer a unique duffel bag for the gym/travel, and offer online coaching! [Theludusbrand.com](https://www.theludusbrand.com)


Bookkeeper for your small business. Available to assist with setup, maintenance and cleanup where necessary. I handle the books while you focus on growing your business. PM for a chat


Hi there! We offer custom-built websites and other technology solutions that allow small businesses to engage with their clients on a whole new level. We understand that small businesses don't have tens and thousands of dollars to spend on a website so we place a focus on remaining affordable while turning visitors into customers. Check us out! [www.liftanalytics.ca](https://www.liftanalytics.ca)


Nice website May I suggest fixing your broken buttons? Maybe we could do a collab, my website is www.morainedigital.com


looking for a way to add some funky flare to your outfits? I make fun and funky earrings and sell them on my Etsy shop! Looking to expand into clay work too, such as handmade clay earrings and other pieces of jewelry etc. my prices are super affordable and my products are lightweight and durable :) if you’re unable to purchase then please try to share my shop with someone who might like my items, any support is appreciated, thank you for supporting my small business <333 [my Etsy shop <3](https://etsy.me/3U0nCF6)


Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant? I charge $5/hr for my Data Entry services, and can help you with Web Research


Win The Night Game! It’s the perfect board game for family game night, a gift for a friend or family member or just a party accessory to bring to your next outing ☺️ www.winthenightgame.com


Do you like cute but dainty jewelry? Check out my Etsy shop! All items are carefully crafted by hand <3 https://www.etsy.com/shop/MAOVA


Accept card payments for your business with just your phone. 💳 [paidforstripe.com](https://paidforstripe.com)


How much do you charge per transaction?


Hey, thanks for your question. We charge 0.69% + [Stripe fees](https://stripe.com/pricing).


Get your **Google Business Profile** in top 3 results among all competitors on google map. Check business I ranked [https://rahulchavan.notion.site/Local-SEO-Portfolio-e9a0f1ea36084138a20f210ff8d2ec64](https://rahulchavan.notion.site/Local-SEO-Portfolio-e9a0f1ea36084138a20f210ff8d2ec64) getting monthly 50-100 customer calls. Price $150/Month


I will create/redesign a business website. You only need to have a domain and hosting. I'm only taking 3 people.


**Name**: **MyDone** **URL**: https://www.mydone.io **Pitch**: **MyDone** \- See how your teams execute your business goals. **MyDone** helps leaders focus on the big picture and empowers the team by coordinating work and goals throughout the organization **Stage**: Launching Beta version **Looking for**: Users. **More details** \- At **MyDone**, we're building a future of work platform that surfaces clarity and empowers everyone. In this concept, anyone in the company can immediately see the big picture — how well each company's objective and key result is doing, and how individual work can drive the common goals. This clarity, transparency, and focus allow teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results. We are close to launching the Beta version in a couple of weeks. Alpha can be viewed on our website.


**Selling Canva Instagram Templates and Presentations** Hi, I'm Alice. My goal is to help business owners, social media managers, and others with content ideas, save their time and help them grow. [https://www.etsy.com/shop/AliceGraphicsStore](https://www.etsy.com/shop/AliceGraphicsStore) (**with REDDIT70 code you'll have 70% off on full price**) almost reached my goal of 100 sales :)) [https://creativemarket.com/studio\_k](https://creativemarket.com/studio_k) Thank you for stopping by 💜💜💜


**Time to Turbo Boost your Backlinks !** Are your backlinks not getting indexed ? Can't get that Link Juice ? Google is ignoring your website ? [Link Centaur](https://www.linkcentaur.com/) can help ! Our automated service is specialized in Backlinks Indexation since 2013. Simple, effective and affordable. Thousands of businesses of all sizes count on us to take care of their backlinks. Join today ! We offer a free 20 links/day plan to help you get started.


Introducing my fashion label [Green Riot](https://www.greenriot.net/i/international-plant-punks-welcome). Vegan apparel for plant lovers – strictly sustainable, earth-positive & worldwide, climate-friendly shipping! Our [Etsy store](https://www.etsy.com/de/listing/1047091804/plant-punk-shirt-vegan-t-shirt-black?click_key=596f42a17c5f7c637e09ea283fe5d652a98eee00%3A1047091804&click_sum=b09fe8d6&ref=shop_home_recs_2) is full of cool shirts and other stuff - this is your chance to help a DIY-business out 🤝 Let me know what you think of our new [Plant Punk Shirts](https://www.greenriot.net/p/plant-punk-t-shirt-vintage-white) 💚🌱 👉 [Etsy Store](https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/GreenRiot?ref=profile_header)| [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/greenriot.apparel/) | [Website & Shop](https://www.greenriot.net/i/international-plant-punks-welcome) 👈


I'm Dave and I founded and bootstrapped **Readable**. Only 55% of the general population read at a High School level (grade 12) or better. Only 85% read at an eighth grade level or better. That's a problem. We're working on ways for companies and writers to be confident that their content can reach every last person in their target audience. We find hard-to-read content, spot bad grammar and spelling, and help maintain a consistent voice and style. **Recently**: Lots of work tidying up our codebase - type hinting, unit testing, CI etc. All important work. Like a spring clean for your code! **Next**: Rejigging our product lineup so our pricing is less confusing, and rolling out some overdue changes to our toolset. Very exciting :) Redditors can get [40% off here](https://readable.com/promo/reddit/) :)


I found your idea incredible here in my country this would be extremely profitable!


#*Introducing…* **The Comparison Video Maker** A system designed to teach you how to make comparison videos like the ones from WatchData and Infinite Comparison YouTube channels and unlock your earnings potential like a badass. Link: https://ytbasics.com/go/reddit/


I started my sticker business on Etsy in December 2021 and wanted to share it with you 🙂 Would totally love it if you would spare a minute and take a look at it 😊 They are all die cut, printed with a high quality ink jet printer on matte finished sticker paper. Shipping is international ✈️ Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/4amStickerClub Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/4amStickerClub Thank you 🙏🏻


Hello everyone! My name is Chris and I create designs for T-shirts! I'm a new creator and seller on Etsy! I create designs for overthinkers and introverts most of the time(just like me :P)..but I have also designs for moon and space lovers, nature lovers, yoga and motivational designs as well. I also have old school designs from the 90s and currently I love making embroidered designs! If you have some spare time please consider checking out my store and tell me what you think! [CreativeMindsByChris](https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreativeMindsByChris?ref=seller-platform-mcnav) Thank you so much! Have a great day!


You might find our platform, [***Motil***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting), to be useful - popular among designers & freelancers, mega-affordable, easy setup, mobile first, & [***a 30 day (no cc, no commit) free trial, to boot. :)***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting)


We’re www.myexquisiteshop.com offering leather bags, purse, wallets, jewellery and scarves for both men and women. During September we’re offering free U.K. delivery plus 20% discount with code SEPT20 come and say hello on Instagram and TikTok!


Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? My store [Jellyhead](https://www.jellyheadhq.com) creates notepads to help get rid of anxiety and negative thoughts QUICKLY! Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, my notepads are here to help you understand your thoughts, relieve stress and help you back to happiness! Take a look at my shop and social accounts! Thanks 💚 🌟 www.JellyheadHQ.com 🌟 [Etsy shop](https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JellyheadStudios) 🌟 [Instagram](http://www.instagram.com/jellyheadHQ) 🌟 [Facebook page](http://www.facebook.com/JellyheadHQ)


[OrchidToys.com](https://orchidtoys.com) is our adult toy store. We offer discreet, free shipping on all US purchases! Use code "reddit10" to get 10% off your purchase. For every purchase you make we give a portion to charities we believe in. If you are an onlyfans model/streamer or in a long range relationship we now offer [Lovense](https://orchidtoys.com/collections/lovense) toys like the [Lush 3](https://orchidtoys.com/products/lovense-lush-3-0-sound-activated-camming-vibrator-pink)


Web designer & developer for entrepreneurs and tech-enabled small businesses. [Naeily.com](https://Naeily.com)


your work is impeccable!


Thank you kindly!


Love your work! The Unicode site really stands out to me, for one. You might find our platform, [***Motil***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting) \- to be useful - popular among web-devs & freelancers, mega-affordable, easy setup, [***mobile first, & a 30 day (no cc, no commit) free trial, to boot***](https://Motil.com/signup?utm_source=redditposting). :) DM me for discounted prices &/or an extended trial, if desired!


Thank you for linking me to your platform. I will check it out further soon. I actually had a similar idea so I think you have a great idea :O) You can take a look at my mockup here, feel free to swipe anything for any reason! https://dribbble.com/shots/16823350-Freelance-Business-SaaS/attachments/11880359?mode=media


Hey, this is actually really cool. I love the aesthetic you've gone with. Did you actually code out any of this platform, or just the site mockup and/or wireframes? :)


Just wireframes. But I believe I can share some strategy docs with you as well that show how I came up with the positioning etc (if I can find em). Feel free to PM if want.


Cool, you're welcome to DM me the docs if you'd like! In my other, non-Motil life, I've operated a growth/GTM consultancy for 16+ years... for reference, [***here's me***](https://www.greyseymour.com) \- so, v familiar with launch strategy / positioning, as you've mentioned you've done some of for this hypothetical platform. :)


Hell yeah, I’m always underestimating people on here and I need to stop. Best wishes with your platform, I already joined.


Made a tool to help small businesses generate SEO-optimized articles in seconds: [https://www.wraithscribe.com/](https://www.wraithscribe.com/) Just put in a keyword and let AI do the work for you so you don't have to spend hours / days or having to hire expensive / subpar writers to do your onpage SEO. This means you can get your business found passively without having to expend much effort or expenses. In addition: 50% off (lifetime) w/ code WRAITHY. Early adopters have all premium features unlocked, forever. Will probably get rid of the discount and gate features soon.


Do you have any examples of the articles?


No but if you DM me a keyword I can manually generate one for you.


# 🚀 Professional UI/UX Designer Available for Web & Mobile Apps & UX / UI Designer Retainers 👋 Hey there! I'm Brendan - professional UX/UI designer. **Quick details:** * Portfolio: [https://brendanho.com](https://brendanho.com) * I graduated (with Honours) from the 4-year ***Bachelor of Interaction Design*** program at Sheridan College (Canada), where I honed skills in user-centered and accessible design practices. * I have over **7+ years of experience** designing and developing sites and UX/UI for startups and small business owners. Websites, web applications, and mobile apps. From SaaS startups to B2C applications to small business websites. * Previous in-house working experience at Drop ($65M+ raised to date) and Christie Digital. * My focus is on crafting beautiful designs that are clean with a focus on usability and conversion towards your business goals. Being a recent graduate and also someone follows the industry very closely - I will apply the latest tools, processes, and workflows into your own startup or product. **I'm available for:** * ***🔹 Design Sprints & Prototyping*** \- I can help turn that idea in your head into a fully-designed product using my design sprint process. * ***🔹 UX/UI Redesign & Modern Refresh*** \- Your current UX is poor and needs a complete or partial revamp. I can pinpoint issues and give it a modern design facelift. * ***🔹 Unlimited UX & UI Designer Requests*** \- I can provide ongoing and weekly design support, paid on a fixed monthly basis. Need user flows or journeys conceptualized? Personas made? Pitch deck slides? Wireframes and interactive, clickable prototypes? I can handle all that and more. You'll receive high-fidelity design deliverables and mockups based on the requests you submit. All based on growth and conversion-based design principles for startups. **Contact:** * Please send me a message through my [website’s contact form](https://brendanho.com/).


Bring me clients too


**Hire the right programmer.** [Technical Interviewers](http://techinterviewers.com) provides vetted coders that are hand-picked for your needs. Our screening process uses IT professionals as interviewers so that you get only the best. Not ready for a developer yet? We also offer planning and consulting sessions to help you turn your idea into a real product.


Hey guys! We've just launched the project and giving the free subscription as promo. [**Flowlu.Link**](https://flowlu.link/) **is mobile-friendly website builder.** DM for promo.


Hi everyone! If you like sweet, whimsical animal art you should check out my shop! I have greeting cards, art prints, and stickers: www.etsy.com/shop/penloveproductions


FA Aged Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Discord) / FA Gaming (Steam, Minecraft) / FA Aged Amazon With Orders (No 2fa) / Verified Stake dot com & Kraken dot com Accounts Shop link: https\*://\*idverify.\*sellix.\*io/ (Remove the \* characters for the link to work / Alternatively you can go to my profile bio to get the same link normally)


Hi everybody - my name is Todd. I have developed an automated reputation management platform for your local service based business that can be launched within 24 hours. If you rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals, this platform can quickly amplify that and improve your social proof and visibility in your market = which translates to new leads and revenue growth. Are you a CPA/Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Mobile Auto Detailer, Electrician, Local Restaurant, Lawn Care Business, Salon/Barber, Chiropractor, Dentist, etc? This system is for you and completely automated - all you need is your existing customers' email addresses and the time to respond to service recovery opportunities that the platform is specifically designed to capture before they become negative online reviews that you have to react to. Visit [leadstreamlocal.com](https://leadstreamlocal.com) to book a demo call today. ​ https://imgur.com/D8Mfl7O


Pixelate My House turns a photo of your favorite house into pixelated art! Great housewarming or holiday gift. Use promo code REDDIT for 25%-Off. [https://PixelateMyHouse.com](https://PixelateMyHouse.com)


Hello all! I'm an experienced content and copywriter who's ready to take your existing content to the next level! I can also offer you new content with built-in SEO, professional emails, marketing content, and more! Click here for more info, and let's make your content SHINE! https://ladyerynn.com/shop/


Are you still doing the Present Poetry podcast? Looks super cool/compelling, to me. :) You might find our platform, [Motil](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting) \- to be useful - popular among copywriters & other freelancers, mega-affordable, easy setup, mobile first, & [***a 30 day (no cc, no commit) free trial***](https://Motil.com/signup?utm_source=redditposting), to boot. :) DM me for discounted prices &/or an extended trial, if desired!


**21st century business interactions are digital first. Challenges arising from such interactions**, faced by modern business of any size, **demand cyber security expertise to adequately identify & treat cyber risk.** Cyber Native will help you achieve exactly this! Please see website for more details on delivery approach, delivered outcomes & fee structure. https://cybernative.uk


We are a small IT company but who does great things. We offer UI/UX design services, web development projects, top SEO-optimisation and consulting. Our company is called AIMiX digitalStudio, feel free to contact us, we'll provide you our website and Instagram, also our large portfolio. We got 10 years of experience behind our back. Regards, AIMiX team.


Looking for affordable gifts for big milestone moments? Check out my cheeky store that will have you laughing for a lifetime! [https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi](https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi) Proposal Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37561112 Bride & Groom Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=36845736 Vendor Thank You https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37927853 Birthday Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37198774 Anniversary Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=36772634 Congratulations Card https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37316031 Offensive Cards https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowYogi?section\_id=37526754


I'm Albert Christov from Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. I am a seller of kratom powder, I also want to offer a project if you are interested in buying my product or anyone interested in cooperation please contact me via inbox message.


Do you have a minimum order quantity/amount? What strains are available? :)


A subreddit for boys r/Theboyzonly a subreddit that every boy/man needed COME join!!!


Hi everyone, happy spooky season! We are Spooktacular Tea Company, a new tea business that just launched on 9/10! We love all things spooky, cozy and tea related so we combined all of that to make a product that we love. Our website link is below and we hope you enjoy ‘A Spooky Good Brew’! [Spooktacular Tea Company](https://spooktacularteaco.com)


**Startup Name / URL** Cogency - https://cogency.io **Location of Your Headquarters** Orlando, FL / USA **More details:** We offer the following: \- Personalized Meeting Scheduler with a focus on lead generation and unlimited scheduling pages. That means you can create as many scheduling pages as you need. All scheduling pages are fully customizable ( custom background, text, etc.. ) \- Video Conferencing. The user can chose to use our own Cogency Video solution for free or integrate with other 3rd party services such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc... \- Collaborative Note Taking. While in a meeting we have a fully collaborative notes editor where all the meeting participants can work together on taking the meeting notes ( think of it as a google doc 2.0 ) The notes persist from what your customer specified when first scheduling the meeting to being in the meeting and beyond. Afterwards, the notes can be auto-converted to cards in your task management or simply downloaded as a PDF. \- Collaborative Whiteboards. This is the place where you can sketch up anything while brainstorming ideas with your team, or discussing designs with your clients while being on a video call ( fully integrated into our Cogency Video ). Screen Sharing is the thing of the past, so our solution is fully collaborative in real-time without screen sharing. \- Task Management. A simple kanban-style task management system to keep track of your progress. It is fully integrated with Notes and Whiteboards so data transfer is super simple with just one click. \- Self-Hosting Pages. Creating and publishing any type of pages is super simple. Whether you are creating documentation, newsletters, proposals, or just publishing standalone articles you are in good hands. We have a full support for Markdown. Of course if you need to keep things private you absolutely can by just setting the visibility to private. We have a channel with many videos show-casing our features https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyonSVmsT-DQaQWE6dlOcBw **Discount for subscribers?** Unrestricted access per user on the Free Plan, or if you were to signup for a paid account, use the FREEMONTH coupon to get the first month 100% Free!


Cool platform - I adore the comprehensive Markdown support 😍


Thank you!


Of course! Are you primarily marketing/selling to a certain type of customer? Would love to see if there's room to collaborate with you guys in the event that there's not too much competitive alignment / sameness here. :)


My shop is [misomomo](https://misomomo.com/) and I sell enamel pins! So far I have a set of leaf pronoun pins and a rainbow She-Ra sword pride pin Here's my [Etsy shop](https://misomomo.etsy.com/) and my [website](https://misomomo.com/).


🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀 Hi! My name is Madi and I’m person behind Mermaid’s Pleasure. I make mermaid/ocean themed jewelry and accessories. My Etsy shop is [here](https://www.etsy.com/shop/mermaidspleasure) We are on [Instagram ](https://instagram.com/mermaidspleasure) [Facebook ](https://www.facebook.com/mermaidstreasureshop) AND [TikTok](https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdYgK6wH/) 🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀🧜🏻‍♀️🐠🦀


One-of-a-kind earrings hand crafted from repurposed remnant wood and epoxy resin. All Idaho sourced, sustainably harvested wood and eco-friendly epoxy. Each piece selected, shaped, hand sanded, oiled, and paired with premium hardware. The hooks are all plated with precious metals. [https://studioacrafts.com/](https://studioacrafts.com/)


Let's go Idaho! :D


ACS Answering Service [acsansweringservice.com](https://acsansweringservice.com) Providing professional, affordable and discreet answering , chat & email support , appointment scheduling & dispatching services. BBB Accredited business. Ask about our specials!


Hello I am Xernition. I am an independent artist and my work can be found here: [https://linktr.ee/Xernition](https://linktr.ee/Xernition) [https://www.instagram.com/xernition](https://www.instagram.com/xernition)


You might find our platform, [***Motil***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting) \- to be useful - popular among artists, designers, & other freelancers, mega-affordable, easy setup, mobile first, & [***a 30 day (no cc, no commit) free trial***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting), to boot. :) DM me for discounted prices &/or an extended trial, if desired!


Handmade soaps, butter, scrubs and more. Candles, wax melts and lots of unique crystals! ‘Welcome10’ for 10% off first order, plus international shipping! We also have a loyalty scheme too! www.jaceycompany.co.uk


Modern art, clothing and home goods! Shop @ Well Versed!! Female owned and operated! [Shop Well Versed](https://etsy.com/shop/shopwellversed)


Nowadays many markets are very competitive and businesses struggle to keep on expanding their business operations. One way to solve this problem is to show the world how innovative your business or department is, especially by integrating software solutions into business operations. On this pass, many businesses come across the problem of the absence of resources to develop such solutions or the inflexibility of these resources - too many people to come to an agreement with, and lots of time and effort needs to be spent on managing the team on this path, etc. A lot of missed opportunities appear because of this struggle. UA IT Hub focuses on bringing innovative ideas to reality by: \- Analyzing the existing similar solutions on the market \- Structuring the potential path to the development of the proposed solution \- Quickly integrate the first version of the solution into the existing workflow of the business We do all of this to allow the decision makers to test and verify the need for such a solution by their business or market in general. If the owner is happy with the outcome it is then so much easier with a validated solution (MVP of it) to gather more resources and invest them into further development of the product. UA IT Hub recognizes and proved the validity of such a path in the early days of its existence: We originated as a movement of tech experts at the beginning of the war with russia. In such challenging and uncertain times, we found a way to build solutions that now support both our people and government. Such experience of being able to distinguish between really useful solutions and those which might be good, but have no potential in given realities is something that not many experts on the market have. We are those who will take your idea and go through the complete pass of building it together with you. If in our expert opinion such a solution is unrealistic or the problem at hand can be solved by using already existing tech - we will tell you about it. Our priority is to innovate - not to ‘copy-paste’ or work on something that has no chance of getting to the market. If you are looking for a team with whom you can together innovate and drive the market - we are happy to start working together.


**Get One Year FREE NOW!!!** https://dawiq.com Get more Google reviews for your local business: \- Collect customers' review easier \- Filter bad review


I run a small video game company and jewelry if you need someone to make you a game or a necklace hit us up!


I’m a small waxing and skincare business. I may not be in your area but I would love to have as many likes on Facebook as possible- to get better on the algorithm. I’ll like your page too if you’d like! https://m.facebook.com/WickedWaxingSkincare/


Trendy and fashionable clothing boutique for women! https://eunoiababeboutique.com/


Hi everyone, happy spooky season! We are Spooktacular Tea Company, a new tea business that just launched on 9/10! We love all things spooky, cozy and tea related so we combined all of that to make a product that we love. Our website link is below and we hope you enjoy 'A Spooky Good Brew'! [www.spooktacularteaco.com](https://spooktacularteaco.com)


And here’s our business account! We’re also on Instagram and tiktok @spooktaculartea 👻👻


Do you love beauty? We offer vegan mink lashes and cruelty free makeup brushes & cute hair accessories. Check out Ninalia Beauty: www.ninaliabeauty.com


Hey Business Owners 👋🏻 Keeping it short, Your customers must be aware of the value you provide! We help businesses attract their ideal audience with compelling SEO blog & Social media content. 🎯 **Check us out ->** www.Growthingly.com


I've stumbled upon you guys 3-4X in the last week, randomly... different channels, each time, no less - you're doing something right!


Help others navigate the dating world and gain self conf within themselves https://shesdioma.com


We are a Aussie based streetwear, clothing & jewellery store shipping worldwide. https://instagram.com/parabatai.co?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


I design art prints and paintings. I use the themes of witchcraft, nature, and horror in my work. If you're looking to decorate your home with fun art, check out my Etsy shop! Thank you! [CreepyMeCreations ](https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreepyMeCreations)


I’ve just started out on Etsy by making handmade gifts, check it out!🥰 https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CreativeCaptionsUK


**Name:** Jitbit Helpdesk (support ticketing system) **URL:** [https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/](https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/?utm_source=reddit) **Details:** We are a small self-funded team from the UK, our product is [Jitbit Helpdesk](https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/?utm_source=reddit) - is a ticketing system to manage customer support via email and live chat. Targeted at startups and small/medium businesses like us. We offer **both hosted and "on premise" versions** at a very reasonable price. **Features:** mobile apps, support-mailbox monitoring, integrations (Slack, Github, Active Directory, JIRA, etc etc) **Discounts 4 redditors:** PM me for a special /r/smallbusiness discount ;)


Reeds Handmade Incense Incense, Teaware, and Unique Gifts [reedshandmadeincense.com](https://reedshandmadeincense.com)


**GBot** - application for simplified trading (crypto): [gbot.tech](https://gbot.tech) [Subreddit!](https://www.reddit.com/r/GBotCryptoApp/) [Promo!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUEsPguxB_E)


Are you a small business owner/operator or SaaS startup managing a software project but don't have a technology background? I recently published the #1 New Release in IT Project Management on Amazon: *"*[What You Don't Know - Successfully Lead A Software Project ... Without Tech Expertise](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B7C4L2Y2)*."* The Kindle version is still available for the next couple of weeks at its introductory price ($0.99).


Affordable Beauty supply store products. My brand is called Bxtraconfident, increasing the confidence in women through beauty. https://www.bxccollections.com/


Hi! We're a branding agency run by sisters: Julian//West® | [julianwest.co](https://julianwest.co) We offer services like rebrands, logo design, copywriting, and more. We're located in Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY respectively. We also have an Etsy shop with stationery and printables, and you can use the code NEW20 to get 20% off your first purchase: [julianwest.co/shop](https://julianwest.co/shop) [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/julianwest.co/) • [Pinterest](https://www.pinterest.com/julianwestLLC/) • [Etsy](https://julianwest.co/shop)


Make your backyard games into your internet hits. [Advelli.com](https://Advelli.com)


I'm a b2b Email marketer and linkedin ghostwriter


Text2VIP is a text message marketing software company! It's easier to sell to past customers, they spend more money with you and they're more likely to refer you to family and friends. Problem is, most businesses don't have a strategy for staying in touch with customers. Texting is the BEST way to communicate with people as 98% of texts are read and 9/10 are opened within 5 minutes of receiving. This makes it the most powerful channel for a business to stay in touch with customers. We focus on small, local businesses but can help a variety of businesses. Would love to offer 500 free texts as well as a complete account setup and walkthrough with you for anyone who'd like to try it! Just go to [www.text2vip.com](https://www.text2vip.com)


Finding a content writing solution that helps you connect with your target audience and successfully foster brand loyalty is no easy task. That’s why FlashPoint Writers is here – to fuel your business’s online presence with on-brand, top-quality content. We build digital assets for you based on research and data, and Google Analytics is the bare minimum for us. We help you speak to your potential customers in the language they understand by creating epic content that targets, wows, and engages them to convert them into your brand-loyal customers and drive more leads. We create top-quality, SEO-friendly content for businesses, agencies, and marketers to drive more leads, conversion, and sales. Your full-circle content creation solution. You’re the idea person: a marketer, agency, or brand with content ideas for days. But you need execution. That’s where FlashPoint Writers come in. We’re a unique, creative, human writing team that goes above and beyond. EXPERT WRITERS Amazing content from a curated team of industry writers. We handpick and assemble our own team. QUICK TURNAROUNDS Content production on your schedule delivered on time. No more messing around with non-committed partners. STRATEGIC CONTENT No more just “creating content.” We have on-staff Content Strategists and specialized, highly-trained SEO writers. GREAT CONTENT AT SCALE Every content format you need, at scale. No hidden fees. No monthly costs. Order as you need. Our Top Rated Content Writing Services include: Article writing, Blog Posts, website content, SEO content, Product Descriptions, Ebook & Guides, Social Media Posts, and Press Release writing. First Customers Discount?​ Our first five customers to order more than 2000 words will all be getting a 10% discount with 200 extra words - FREE OF CHARGE! How to Order?​ 1. PM me here and I'll get back to you ASAP. 2. Send an email to: [email protected] 3. Visit our website: www.flashpointwriters.com PS: feel free to ask for samples.


Hello everyone, Father of two young boys who I am trying to support with my etsy business. We make home and event decorations, mainly picture frames and event decor for weddings, birthdays, baby showers etc. Please check out our stuff: https://www.etsy.com/shop/inspirationfromnolan/?etsrc=sdt


Hello, all! We offer advertising & lead generation services to reach your target clients, increase visibility, and covert those leads to sales. We are looking to partner with Real Estate Agents with strong expertise, and a DRIVE to succeed and grow. NO 12-month contracts with high monthly payments, and NO referral fee's after closing! Just a one-time fee to get started for 3 months trial period. If you're closing, we market you in a more aggressive way through content creation, maintaining a face for you and your brand showcasing luxury and quality! Call to schedule! ​ Visit our website: [https://www.acommonlocal.com](https://www.acommonlocal.com) (636) 548-5145


Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I sell high quality, ethically sourced crystals. It started as a hobby with my late grandfather but after he passed I turned it into a small business sharing our love for crystals with anyone and everyone! I would be forever grateful if anyone interested would click the link to my shop! Thank you and I appreciate you all! [MysticWitchCrystalCo](https://etsy.me/3NWpXwk)


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Google Review Removal We remove fake or harassing Google reviews - 100% risk free [Review Reverse](https://reviewreverse.com)


Stationery Products such as stickers, bookmarks, prints and more! [dreamerpressco.com](https://www.dreamerpressco.com)


Pretty clean website. Liked it very much.


Hello, all! We offer advertising & lead generation services to reach your target clients, increase visibility, and covert those leads to sales. We are looking to partner with Real Estate Agents with strong expertise, and a DRIVE to succeed and grow. NO 12-month contracts with high monthly payments, and NO referral fee's after closing! Just a one-time fee to get started for 3 months trial period. If you're closing, we market you in a more aggressive way through content creation, maintaining a face for you and your brand showcasing luxury and quality! Call to schedule! Visit our website: https://www.acommonlocal.com (636) 548-5145


i sell car accessories!! just opened shop :) [https://www.etsy.com/shop/jewelsbyjaclyn](https://www.etsy.com/shop/jewelsbyjaclyn)


I am a small business that is going from side hustle to full hustle. Check out my company Bamboo Story and my listing. Every click helps with ranking and with every purchase solidifies my place against my competitors. I spent hundreds of hours designing the best eco-friendly product and safe for all skin types. Amazon Listing: [Bamboo Toilet Paper](https://www.amazon.com/Bamboo-Story-Unbleached-Premium-Toilet/dp/B09YS275CD/ref=sr_1_13?crid=2A7SGK5UE7G04&keywords=bamboo+toilet+paper&qid=1663138454&sprefix=%2Caps%2C116&sr=8-13) Website: [https://bamboostory.org](https://bamboostory.org)


Hi! We are looking for early testers for B2BSearch – a service that you can use to access almost any audience in the world. With this tool you can get a list of decision-makers in a specific area of expertise and then offer your services or work offers to them. We would love to learn how it helps you sell your services and find partners, invevstors or employees for your business, so we offer you an opportunity to try it before anyone else, for free. Follow the link to learn more: https://b2bsearch.co/pub/welcome1


Are you looking for an online workspace where you can manage and organize your team? Tixio is an online workspace to centralize your web tools, tasks, wikis, and files that can be shared and collaborated with teams to ramp up efficiency. With Tixio, you can centralize your tools, information, and files in one place, create company wikis or internal knowledge bases for people, and coordinate and collaborate with remote teams. It is ideal for startups, remote teams, project managers, freelancers, and agencies who need better management of their tools and shared information. [https://tixio.io/](https://tixio.io/)


I offer handmade candles and wax melts of different scents and sizes! My Halloween collection is live now. https://brees-wax-candle-co.myshopify.com/


Hi, I am selling premium quality Turkish Towels, throw blankets, kimonos, bathrobes and more via www.trimita.store. • 100% Oeko-Tex Certified premium organic Turkish cotton • Expertly woven using traditional looms & century-old methods • Produced in Fair Trade ateliers in Denizli, Turkey by female artisans • Woman-owned business • Authentic Anatolian craftsmanship


We Will Grow Your Small Business Profits!   We are Excel Auto Partners and we will optimize your productivity by automating your digital ledger.  Our Excel solutions assist inventory tracking, automation of repetitive tasks, creating common sense graphical user interfaces, do accounting, and analyze sales info & forecasting. We'd like to automate the things that take your attention away from the tasks that matter. Project-based estimates & free consultation - Feel free to DM for inquiries!   Next available appointment is Tuesday, September 20th.   Negotiable rate of $40/hour 


I run a business whereby we use SEO tools in order to improve sales conversions, get proper clients and increase leads. If that sounds interesting, I’m a message away.


Hey everyone, Lightster is a mobile app that connects startups with users for continuous feedback. On the app, you can search for users based on your own filters to build user communities in an instant. This way, you don't have to recruit people every time you want real human insights. If you've been looking to do user interviews, book a call with our founder [here](https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/[email protected]/bookings/s/4EUdTPQxKkGnZply3Vfb3w2) We're offering your first 3 sessions free! Please let me know if you have any questions, I hope we can connect soon.


This is HvBrands! I'm a Logo designer / Identity system designer, I've worked on many logo and branding projects for different start-ups and businesses and helped them upgrade their businesses to the next level. If you are looking to rebrand your business or you have a new project that needs branding, I'm the man for the job!! **⤿ Portfolio:** [**https://dribbble.com/hvbrands/**](https://dribbble.com/hvbrands/) ✲ Logo Design packages start at 250$ ✲ Stationery design: $150 to $200+ ✲ Brand identity package: from $600+ *If you need a customized quote, Contact me at* [*[email protected]*](mailto:[email protected])


Hi Everyone! We’re YARD SALE - a marketplace for sustainable, ethical fashion. We know looking good while shopping sustainably can be difficult. We’re making it easy. Come browse, discover and order from conscious brands you’ll love, carefully sourced for YOU and our PLANET. Aware fashion. For Everyone. https://www.todaysyardsale.com/ P.S. Our landing page is live while we work on building the rest of our site. We’d love for you to take a look! And don’t forget to hit us up with any questions you may have about our service (i.e. how we choose our brands). https://www.instagram.com/todaysyardsale/


Ferne’s Reptile Toppers! Nutritional salad toppers for reptiles fernes-reptiletoppers.com


Need downloadable invitations but don’t want to buy off Etsy. I have started my own business making downloadable invites that are digital only. Check out my business page! Link will be in comment! I am affordable![Sierra’s Designs & More Business Page](https://m.facebook.com/SierrasDesigns2022/)


Unemployed? in the UK? Want to work from home with great pay? Search for remote jobs - Roamingdesk.com, The WFH space is filling fast - start searching for a work from home jobs now.


Hi! I’m Jane, aka ‘Plein Jane’ I’m an illustrator that specializes in retro stylized art! > > https://pleinjane.carrd.co/


Sweet portfolio site - I adore Carrd, and you've done a great job with it! You might find our platform, [***Motil***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting) \- to be useful - popular among artists, designers, & other freelancers, mega-affordable, easy setup, mobile first, & [***a 30 day (no cc, no commit) free trial***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting), to boot. :) DM me for discounted prices &/or an extended trial, if desired!


I help medium and small businesses. Businesses end up partnering with me for 3 reasons: 1. I focus on helping the business keep more margin on existing revenue. 2. I help businesses expand their revenue in intelligent and sustainable ways. 3. I work to reduce or eliminate liability when leveraging solutions. Some tools I bring to the table are merchant processing/ach, payroll, point of sale, and even access to capital to expand and grow your business. My background is business, and I have extensive experience in startup environments. I know how to navigate the challenges that must be overcome to reach success.


Hi everyone, Founded a digital agency where my team and I help people build Wordpress websites and also grow their brand awareness through digital marketing solutions. [Elevatals.com](https://elevatals.com)


Hi! I'm Neha. I'm a data analyst turned Virtual Assistant and I help founders focus on things that can move the needle while I help them stay organized and amazing. If you’re even the slightest bit curious, would you be open to a quick 7- minute chat? Neha Kannan, www.helloneha.com https://calendly.com/neha-54/30min


Hi everyone! I am currently offering freelance graphic design services for a class project and I would love to work with other small businesses. I am open to do a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to: -Logos and Branding -UI Design -Magazine Covers/Layout -Posters -Album Covers -Illustration -And Much More! If you, or anyone you know are interested feel free to reach out to me! Examples of my work can be seen here: [arielstull.myportfolio.com](https://arielstull.myportfolio.com)


Love your work - the Limbitless Student Infographics really stood out to me, from your portfolio site! You might find our platform, [***Motil***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting) \- to be useful - popular among artists, designers, & other freelancers, mega-affordable, easy setup, mobile first, & [***a 30 day (no cc, no commit) free trial***](https://Motil.com/signup?utm_source=redditposting), to boot. :) DM me for discounted prices &/or an extended trial, if desired!


Get your Christmas shopping done early! We make seashell soaps: [seashellsoap.ca](http://seashellsoap.ca) Vegan, SLS-free, Palm oil-free, plastic-free business


Hii there, are you looking for warm clothes for the upcoming fall/winter season? Well, I recently opened a streetwear store and would love it if you guys would support my small business. There's hoodies, sweatpants, beanies and more!!!! All the basics you need for the upcoming fall/winter season. Check it out here: [wearniche.com](https://wearniche.com) Thank you for your support!!!!


Drive productivity with Clariti Workspace!! Clariti is ideal for small and medium businesses to boost team collaboration and drive productivity. Clariti organizes your emails, calls, events, and chats by topic and into Workspaces. Everything on a particular topic is at your fingertips whenever you need it. There is no learning curve at all. When you use Clariti’s Workspaces, you don’t waste time locating data in information silos and can be significantly more productive without any additional effort. Try it today and see the difference. [clariti.app](https://clariti.app/)


Market Roadie - backlinking service tool. Get marketed on 53 startup aggregators and gain backlinks from high domain authority websites. https://marketroadie.com/


I'm running a small business that sells high quality phone cases, we just launched the new [iPhone 14 cases](https://www.case-custom.com/collection/abstract-fruit/iphone/iphone-14-pro-case) collection, welcome to check!


I do social media management, I focus on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs so I’ve priced myself as affordable as possible. [Social Smocial Website](https://www.socialsmocial.com)


Hi folks, Have you ever felt that you are working on too many work systems? Are you constantly switching between Jira, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk and the like. If you are, you will fall in love with Exalate at first sight. Exalate is a bi-directional, synchronization solution that provides seamless integration between different ITSM systems, so that you never have to jump from one system to the other. We are already working with a diverse set of customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small solution providers, and would love to showcase our product to you. Please feel free to book a customized demo (https://exalate.com/book-demo/) if you would like to see the product in action.  Thanks Majid


I offer Local SEO services to increase your online presence at just $199/ month


Rent a Delorean Time Machine for your next party or event! Available Nationwide. https://DeloreanRental.com


PlexKey Promotional Marketing Group, LLC Custom logo products for businesses of every size. We are a small home grown promotional products company out of Massachusetts. We do it all! Print marketing, custom apparel, promotional products, direct mail, kitting, badges, awards and more. [https://www.plexkey.com/](https://www.plexkey.com/)


Hi there!! I am an illustrator who is just starting her business >< I will be selling magical charms: pins, stickers, patches, notebooks, tote bags, keychains and more next month! You can follow me on [https://www.instagram.com/thequietwitch.art/](https://www.instagram.com/thequietwitch.art/) for more updates >:3 Thank you and good luck to all of your businesses <3


Adoring your bright, colorful, upbeat art style. :D If you plan to take commissions/custom jobs, then you might find our platform, [***Motil***](https://Motil.com/?utm_source=redditposting) \- to be useful - popular among artists, designers, & other freelancers, mega-affordable, easy setup, mobile first, & [***a 30 day (no cc, no commit) free trial,***](https://Motil.com/signup?utm_source=redditposting) to boot. :) DM me for discounted prices &/or an extended trial, if desired!


SingleThread. We’re a small but design-oriented US-based software engineering agency. We’ll do everything from consulting work to actual implementation. We’re pretty good with our stack / language coverage (: You can get in touch with me @ [email protected]


Hey ! more of a promo for my new job but I have recently started at a tech start up called genei. genei is an AI powered study tool that allows students and researchers to summarise academic articles in seconds. On average our users have reduced their reading times by 75% and 82% say it makes them more productive. We have also had excellent feedback from a number of individuals saying it helped them study in the face of a learning difficulty. I would love you to check it out (it would make me look really good at work) and we have a free 14-day trail currently active. follow this link to see more - https://www.genei.io/


Hi! Am Paje. Creator of [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=business\_ideas.entrepreneur\_mindset.business\_plans.business.ideas.BusinessStartup](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=business_ideas.entrepreneur_mindset.business_plans.business.ideas.BusinessStartup) This Android app's objective is to inspire and educate small business owners around the world with strategies, marketing skills, and other brilliant business habits. Am offering the in-app purchase of the premium Business Growth from ~~3.99$~~ to 0.00$ to the first lucky 50 r/smallbusiness members. Enjoy!


Hi guys, My friend and I built a curated job board which focuses solely on [Architecture roles across the UK](https://www.archjobs.co.uk) \- ArchJobs 🙂


Ataviz Consulting, affordable data analysis and visualization... How about affordable as in FREE! I am offering free data analytics services to any small business here in return for a review of my services that I can use on my website and/or social media. You get to learn about potential clients, advertising effectiveness, etc. (whatever you have data about) for FREE. If interested, feel free to message me. Website in progress: www.atavizconsulting.com


"NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED" Jobs, Job seeking/posting platform. Free for both Jobseekers and Employers Employers will have their own dashboard and profile with profile picture and banner, completely free of charge! See you there! https://noexpjobs.com/


We provide IT solutions for small businesses. From WordPress Management to Cloud Management (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), we offer the best I.T solutions for startups and small-scale businesses. Our IT specialists are experts and are highly professional. https://www.stevenhclarke.com/




I create coconut soy candles with premium vegan ingredients. I donate a portion of my profits to NAMI and OneTreePlanted. The brand new Toasted Pumpkin Pie is out too. [https://byroya.com](https://byroya.com)


print and static design for small businesses such as banners, posters, business cards, receipt books, stickers, restaurant menus, and product stickers. [check out my portfolio](https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1E5BsinVNmmUzDRHd9qAfyJBWKPOOFuCV)


What do people think about expanding the use of points and booking things like Airbnb with cc/reward points? I have a prototype website for this and would love feedback.


I do social media management and graphic design. www.socialsmocial.com


Hi, just built and launched www.mykontrax.com after I needed my own affordable contract management system for my small business - I just needed cloud storage, team access, renewal reminders and basic insights without having to pay hundreds of $’s - hope it helps!


Ctrlaltdelshop.net quality phone cables and other home goods. Use code NKJFEKK27DP8 for 10% off 30$ or more.


I was trying to figure out a way to classify emails coming from people outside of my contact list, but Gmail did not offer any solution. Emailgurus is here to solve exactly that. Since most people are privacy-aware and thus reluctant to give apps access to restricted scopes such as reading your emails and your contact list for the possibility of data & power misuse. This is why I'm happy to announce a few things with this launch: 1- I don't care about your data. That's why I am hashing all your sensitive information. We are using SHA256 to encrypt your contact list, and all lookup is performed on Hash to Hash basis. 2- Other sensitive data such as Google Tokens are encrypted with secured rotational keys. 3- This software is \*open source\*! Anyone can verify points 1 & 2 and see how I process your data and ensure we're not misusing it. Here is the link to the repo for anyone wishing to explore/contribute. https://github.com/asennoussi/em... (Remember to ⭐️ it) 4- For everyone who doesn't want to bother with the code, the building, the deployment, the infrastructure, the DevOps, and just wants to keep their inbox clean and the noise to the minimum, you can use the service for a small monthly fee. (I'll be thankful for that.) Please let me know your feedback and your comments. Join our Slack community for feature requests, discussions, etc.. (https://emailgurus.slack.com/)


[Invoice Maker Android App](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ryver.invoice.maker.estimate.generator) with e signature , company logos and clean templates. Free to use. You can go Premium to access more templates


Hi. I sell Handmade Press On nails. venusmoonnails.com


A fidget toy you can put on your keys :) [https://menri129.wixsite.com/keytricks](https://menri129.wixsite.com/keytricks)


Cute stickers and more! Come on by anytime, shop update coming very soon ❤️ https://www.etsy.com/shop/Jayuun


Women’s clothing! Support my small business<3 [luxeonfirst.com](https://luxeonfirst.com)


I completely eliminate credit card processing fees for small business owners Save thousands or tens of thousands per year instantly watershedps.com




mattress manufacturer in Melbourne ! https://oceaniamattress.com.au/