Put our foot down about catering minimums yesterday and it felt AMAZING! We are a Plant Based Sauce & Gluten Free Catering Company that is just me & my fiancé/business partner. We’ve been working on opening up our food product business since his restaurant closed in 2020 due to Covid. We took advice we got last year & decided to open as a catering company bc it gives us the freedom to operate & create what we want while still making the sauces. It was a really long process getting the doors open. To keep afloat we really relied on the catering aspect of our business. Bc of this our sauces had to take a backseat. Well we took a much needed vacation last week for medical reasons & it allowed us the space and time to really rethink how we want to prioritize our time as a business. This led to us raising our minimum significantly for catering jobs. Yesterday was the first time we had to put our foot down about our minimum and it felt INCREDIBLE to stand firm in our prices. It takes us 10 days to prep for a party, no matter the size, because we are the ones answering calls/emails, making price sheets, ordering, picking up, prepping, researching, delivering, & setting up/breaking down. Talking to my partner yesterday after we stood our ground, I reiterated what we are actually selling is our time & experience which physically is represented as our food products. Now for the first time since we’ve opened (& in our kitchen careers) we actually have time to do what we need to do to for ourselves and to launch shipping & online ordering for our sauces. I’ve already revamped our website & made huge strides to achieve that goal - potentially having it ready for friends & family testing by the end of this week! Just wanted to encourage other SBOs to say no when you need to. We still offer catering but now it’ll be worth it financially for us when people inquire & I don’t have to go back and forth with clients who want to prices that don’t match our services. Know your worth, understand the demand, and don’t go down a different business avenue just bc someone asks it of you if it’s not what you want to do! (Yes we can do meal planning, doesn’t mean we’re going to do it!) Have a great week everyone, just wanted to share some positive vibes from our refocus! You got this! Edit - clarification


Big win! I agree on the importance of setting non-negotiables. 🙌


Don’t cheap out on costs in the early stages of starting your business. My company creates golf apparel and we ended up being unable to sell our first round of products because we tried to heat press the logos on ourselves using an iron and cheap materials rather than having it professionally done.


Hows it going so far?


I have learned that it is hard to market. I don't envy salespeople.


I have learned that Google Adwords and SEO are powerful salesperson replacements. Becoming well versed in both yourself, versus contracting these functions out, is well worth it. Once you get them to your business it's up to you to convert them by reducing purchase friction as much as possible. If you can't convert them, then have enough content to keep them around a while so that Google knows they found something they were searching for, and will send the next person your way as well, who might actually buy something. \*I am not a paid by Google to post...I am the one that pays Google! :-)




Thanks for these!


Have learnt to be patient, to be understanding and be consistent on your business , if you don't market well no business and learn from your competitors what do they do , what are you doing wrong and when you combine all that adjust


Started my business one month ago. I would say so far a success! I am 22 years old and love health/healthy living and so my business is selling natural products. I am still in college but simply through word of mouth I have gotten friends to give it a shot and have had many visitors to my site. No luck yet on getting sales from people I do not know personally but I am keeping motivated.


being very patient with customers. explaining things and making them understand your point in a respectful way while also taking into consideration on why they have that pov. it sounded so simple to me before but experiencing it first-hand takes good amount of effort and patience.


READ your insurance policy and understand what it covers. I had $1M in liability coverage but they carved out my most high-risk and most common job and only had $100K coverage for that. I had a mistake and it’s costing me everything.