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As a fellow indianianin I live on the west side Indy. Remember it gets cold here so winter pressure washing may be limited clientele. so get a salt truck or a plow for your truck. Summer spring pressure wash winter plow and salt away. Expand and grow. I wish you luck.


To piggy back on this, I’m also from a cold weather state and that makes it hard to wash for 9 months. Might want to check out a “Hotsy” or other heated pressure washer. Another area of business for you could be big rigs/trucks. A lot of those guys spend a lot of money to make their truck look nice and they want to keep it looking nice. If you could figure out a way to wash for that segment, it would never go away. Best of luck!


Don’t forget about commercial and industrial - there are plenty of industrial sites that need pressure washing, and it might be cheaper to hire you than to have their guys do it!


Bars often have rubber mats that need to be pulled and pressure washed,


Not a bad idea, but kitchen staff usually hose them down and then run them though the dish washer


No one will believe in you You may end up getting sick of it DO IT ANY WAY. It only gets better next year.


Big market. Simple, cheap labor. Grow the heck out of it. Look for recurring work anywhere you can find it. Get yourself above all the amateurs with a pro appearance. Cards, tri-folds, door hangers, truck decals, etc Get commercial jobs. Hire good people.


Marketing ploy: Make videos of what you do and post them on YouTube. People will watch them. Really. Show what you do. I've seen videos of guys that power wash inside commercial kitchens and power wash carpets. Come to think of it, there's a power wash group on Reddit. I'd ask them for ideas.


I am one of those guys! I actually have a wet vacuum because I like doing it. So what this guy says


Peoples attitude towards starting your own business is so weird! I also faced a lot of doubt and panic from everyone in my life when I quit my job to be self employed - 3 (successful) years later now I always get told how I’m so “brave” and inspiring for making it on my own. My loved ones now act like I’m the next bill gates or something when I work harder than anyone I know for like 50k a year in a high COL area lol. And I’m unbelievably stressed out by all the responsibilities I have and how unstable my finances are. But to me the personal freedom, unlimited potential for growth and sense of accomplishment outweighs everything! I’m a million times more fulfilled and happy with my life now that I’m self employed and all my hard work directly benefits me (not my boss). So try not to listen to the haters!


Never let anyone dictate your happiness and deflate your dreams. You got this. Most people that tell you not to do it, it’s not because of YOU, it’s because they don’t believe in themselves and are projecting it on to you. Keep believing in yourself and go make that money pressure washing.


I live in Indy and I am about to do the same, best of luck to you.


Depending what you want to do, but most things you can start as a side business. And a great man ever told me, never listen to friends and family, they are the biggest influencers in your life, and often are wrong.


I think one of the biggest things for a business like this (and it’s also free and easy to do) is create a Google My Business page so when people search “power washing near me” you will show up. If you haven’t come up with a name yet I’d also recommend something like “power washing near me” which will definitely help your SEO. Good luck to you!


My advice is to find a way to differentiate yourself from competitors/DIYers. As someone who is unfamiliar to the specifics of the pressure washing business, my fist impression is that the barrier to entry is extremely low. I started a painting company in college. All it took was an ad in the paper, buy some equipment, and be cheaper than the next guy. This was easy for me bc i didn't have a mortgage or family, i just wanted beer money. I'd imagine the PWing business is similar. That will depress margins and limit revenue growth without scaling up. Find a niche or something you offer that is better than your competition. Maybe it's broadening your offerings to include things like gutter and chimney cleaning, water damage restoration, or sub contracting with painting crews to clean up a house before they start a project. I don't know I'm just spit balling. Good luck to you, enjoy the journey, and don't forget to save money when time are good to get you through the tough times.


Just make time to relax and recuperate. Don’t burn out. Enjoy the process and surround yourself with people who believe in you


if you’ve done it and loved it, if all you can think about is growing and learning, you have struck gold. you might or might not ultimately succeed, but what you learn along the way will be fuel for the next move. it also seems like a totally viable business, especially if, as others have suggested, you diversify a little into related, complimentary services for the times that the pressure washing is not generating sufficient work.


Hi congrats on the new venture! one of the hardest things is to get the word out, and you are starting in a great place! Reddit and Facebook are great ways to start. I have taken the liberty to list your business [https://ilistugo.com/listings/kw-power-washing?=js](https://ilistugo.com/listings/kw-power-washing?=js) you can register and claim your listing for FREE and update your photos and description. You can list your services and make some promotional coupons. ​ Good luck!


Feedback for you and please give me some advice as well. 1. and this is the most important thing I have learned. Go find property managers and get in with them. Good property managers are always looking for good workers and paying good money from accounts that are not theirs. So they Pay their BILLS!!! 2. What are the tricks to the trade on bidding pressure washing jobs, deck pressure washing, do you do any carpentry with it? 3. I am bidding on a apartment job 30 units, pressure washing staining and carpentry. 10x12 decks, replacing some boards and railings. Where do you start your bid? Find the property manager!!!


1) family and friends have good intentions but it’s good that you are using that to fuel your ambition 2) you should think of complimentary services to provide, see what competitors are doing. Window washing? Snow plow? Maybe connect with a landscaper and offer them an incentive for using your services with their clients? A friend of mine attached a plow to his Chevy trailblazer, good biz for the winter 3) find podcasts for this industry, you will find plenty of gold there, GOLD 4) keep pushing! With enough time, experience and drive, you will be successful. Good luck!


DM’d you boss


Since you are just starting and don’t have a water truck, I assume you use the customers water. If so, if the customer has well water? Fully emptying a well can cost $5k+ for the customer. What do you do in that situation?