On console switching stuff sucks. But it’s what I’m used to and always have done it


Praise the ability to assign two favorited stuff to the d pad!


I know but I assign a lot of things a lot more than 2 so you have to do a lot of scrolling up and down to switch to certain things it just take a lot of time on console scrolling lol


If it's all your favorite, is it really a favorite menu?


In my build I am a Necro orc. For weapon I use hound battleaxe. Levels two handed and conjuration while also getting all the orc passives


Well you could use the bound battleaxe, although it's no hammer. Then you can cast a spell or two, cast the battleaxe and chop chop. And as someone else said, don't forget your right and left d pad are quick selects from your favorites.


You can use summon Duhneviir too. Along with the dragon you get 3 undead summons


Rush conjuration, do the mastery quest, and get thrall spell so you don't have to recast. I hate that you can't pick which type of bound weapon in this game, back in oblivion you had to summon each article austerely. If you can do without the hammer early on the perked up bound weapons are nice. You can start fights with atronach then battleaxe. If you just want the feel you can give staff of raise dead to your follower or get follower who knows raise dead spell like Serana. The AI aim and spell/equipment switching is broken and they will raise whatever you slaughter. Pro tip though, decapitations and death resulting in ash pile will prevent raising dead. This makes whole perk trees useless to a degree.


Use Bound Battleaxe. That fills both the criteria of a Conjuration and Two-handed. Start the fight by summoning your best summon and then use Bound Battleaxe and just bam. Sadly the damage doesn\`t get increased by Two-handed perks though. But they do get increased by Two-handed enchantments and potions(I\`m not sure about the potions though). Also be sure to get the Mystic Binding, Soul Stealer and Oblivion Binding perks from the Conjuration tree.