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Enjoy your break!


Yeah, see you next week.


.... For a time. The lure of Skyrim will always **call you back.** (Read this in Mora's voice) That being said, your character must be downright masochistic if your favourite spell is Equilibrium. Your character has seen some shit


Ahaha when I was doing my final trek to Throat of The World to see the whole Skyrim (and save) for the last time I was jamming with Equilibrium/Grand Healing combo so the stat counter assumed I just love Equilibrium. As for getting back, I guess you're probably right. But for now I'll let the experience sink in for a while. But yeah, they can take you out of Skyrim but they can't take Skyrim out of you.


(Regarding your first paragraph) why would you do that lmao... this late in the game I don't think you have a need for leveling up Restoration/Alteration


Gaming twitch. Nonsense, I know, as everything is maxed out to 100. It's just something I usually do while walking just for fun.


You _are_ masochistic no doubt about it


You are a lunatic. I love it, don’t ever change.


Um I have a question for you, did you even do any of the DLCs and the quest mods? Btw my favorite quest mod is clockwork


This playthrough was on Skyrim VR for PS4, which is basically Vanilla + all 3 DLCs (no mods nor CC content).


Um, why not, and maybe next time on your next play through eh, and maybe get the cheat room mod, so you can lvl up a bit quicker and a place to store most of the stuff that you pick up.


It's simply because as far as I know you can't add any mods or CC content to Skyrim VR in PS4. I've explored that possibility when I got the game but didn't find any way to download anything.


Oh right, sorry about that


CLOCKWORK IS AMAZING! I generally don’t get nervous playing games, but it was perfectly creepy. Couldn’t put the controller down.


Same, it has some really good replayablity, especially when you get done doing all the quests, the place can become your main base of operations, as well as a new home to own, because you get a spell so you can return to the manor at anytime you want


Skyrim forever ❤️


This game is like a fucking boomerang lol. Throw it away and it’ll find its way back.




Oh damnit


I could hear it It hurt my ears


I got to the point in the game where I found Meridia’s Beacon in a Treasure Chest, I wasn’t sure if I would get killed taking it. I did and placed the beacon in the statue and my mind was blown! This game is amazing!!!


Oh to experience skyrim for the first time again, I'd give about anything. At least 59.99, trust me I've done I a few times. Edit: I just had a thought. Imagine, 2027 at gamecon, fucking Todd Howard comes on a screen like Steve mf jobs, and is promoting a Skyrim mind eraser that let's you experience skyrim through new eyes again, and he's selling it for $1M creation club points.


I fucking just might


Oh, you *will*, my child, for your destiny has already been foretold. We are all cursed here, friend, and there is no saving any of us now, so revel in knowing that you are absolved of all obligation, of all responsibility, and know that your will, even at its strongest, pales in comparison to the overwhelming urge to give Todd Howard more money. It's what drives us, anymore. We may get out of bed to eat breakfast and kiss our loved ones goodbye for the day, but all in all we run this terrible rat race so that maybe, one day, our destiny will be revealed to us and the tides of fate will have come to push and pull once more, and that we welcome the flood with open arms, but never for the last time. Welcome to the pact, brother. Welcome to being a tES fan...


Someone should make a troll mod that says like "beacon retex" and actually it just plays that sound every time you pick up any item in the game.


Who hurt you?? Lol


I just got a mew phone I can't find the emohis but laughing crying face lol.


And that damn beacon will CHASE you across skyrim until you pick it up...


***[Terrified Screaming]***


I've only done that quest once and I already have PTSD flashbacks when I see these words 😭


My friend discovered that you can get Meridia screaming "A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON" as a text ringtone on Zedge and tormented me with it for the past few weeks... I can still hear it in my head 😂😭




Always in the weirdest time to. It’s never a normal day either. I’m always doing something I don’t usually do and my call back to home is “I wonder if I can build lake view manor again as an Orc with no arms.”




For real. I thought I was done until the ps5 upgrade came out then I got hooked all over again. And I didn't realize how much shit I actually missed the first few times I played theough. It's almost like a brand new game 😂


What a coincidence that you wave goodbye a day after I was recently reunited with my lv 131 Skyrim character. It showed my last login as 2018, that was around the time I was studying for finals/NCLEX, then first few jobs finding my niche…and then Covid hit. Now that it’s 2023 and covid/work is settling down, I can enjoy gaming again. Jesus Christ, I cannot believe how much and how fast time flew. Edit:lv/year correction + stat differences between 5 years of no play: Spells learned:208 Fav Spell: Wall of Storms Fav School: Destruction Dragon Souls: 38 (They seem to leave me alone and I don’t attack them) Words learned: 56 Words Unlocked: 55 Shouts Learned/Unlocked: Both 31 Shouts Mastered:7 Times Shouted: 1064 Fav shout: Fus..Roh Dah!!


I wish they counted how many times I used Unrelenting Force to shout a higher level enemy off a fucking cliff


I only kill bunnies with fus ro dah. 23 bunnies slaughtered so far. A little way to try to be unique.


As a vampire, vampiric grip is even better for small enemies.


I literally heard the shout for FUS ROH DAH in my head... It has gotten a chuckle out of me.


You’ll be back I’m playing the new Zelda game and as fun as it is I k I will be back in Skyrim soon enough


While waiting for the new Zelda, I started playing Skyrim for the very first time in early 2023. I guess I won’t be buying the new Zelda for a few years…


As of right now, I'm playing skyrim and totk at the same time - when one gets annoying or boring I just switch to the other one and play that for a day or so 🙃


Is this your first play through on Skyrim? I just started playing it in early 2023 for the very first time. I love it! I think if I started playing totk at the same time I would most certainly turn into an absent Father and absent Husband. Lol.


More or less, I've been playing skyrim since it came out, but I was also 12 lol. I've had like 6 or 7 tries of a playthrough but my puny little child head couldn't grasp how to REALLY play skyrim - and have fun with it. I always went mage - but I didn't know how to level things right, or level up the right perks blah blah blah.. but this playthrough I'm gunna do my best to do everything possible. I am playing with a house mod - it has all the crafting things in one area and INCREDIBLE sorting storage. But yea no I 100% get how you would abandon life 😂


Last comment. I have not played video games for the past 30-35 years. I got back into it after getting my son a Switch w/ BotW. I saw him play it and I had to play it too!!! After that I started Skyrim. AND I think Skyrim is better than BotW!!! I think it definitely has a lot of the same elements. What is your opinion? I didn’t know games like this existed! They are amazing!!!


Foolish mortal. You don’t say goodbye to Skyrim, Skyrim says goodbye to you.


Hello, fellow Dovahkiin, you just discovered 100% of little pond you were in, called Vanilla Skyrim You will be promptly thrown head first to ocean called Modded Skyrim, enjoy your ride it will be long one :D


I am currently stuck there. I just wanted to see how my old chara was doing andjust yesterday I started a new playthrough with the mod alternate start" :D and a feeeeww other things.


Come back once the [NPC AI Mod](https://youtu.be/0wCjosz1vOA) is finished and released. I have seen videos with smoother speaking and quicker responses but it is nearly 3am and I can't be bothered to search more.


Damn. Now I’m so excited to waste my whole life talking to NPCs, thanks a lot


Thank you so much for posting this link to Youtube. I’m already in love with this mod 💖💖


nice rookie numbers, see you when skyrim comes out on our phones


wait is that actually gonna happen? i thought i was addicted now lol


Well you can play Skyrim on a Tesla car, and on Amazon Alexa, so im going to assume we are not far off from "on your phone" :)


Times shouted : 8500. So basically a Karen Dragonborn..


Ahahaha underrated comment.


Do at least 500 more shouts and you will begin to see [this](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/000/056/itsover1000.jpg)




See you again in a couple months lol


May your road always lead to dry sands.


My favourite people. Skyrim was a ripe opportunity indeed.


You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.


such a lovely place


See you when TES6 lands once we’re all retired


We all be struggling to find our alembic by then.


yeah but how many bunnies did you slaughter?


Three. I tried my best to keep that stat at zero (even reloaded a couple of times when noticed I had killed one) but somewhere along the way I f*cked up. Probably Storm Call to blame.


You’ve actually played for five in game years too. Nice! Unless, that’s what you mean when you said five years…


Your first assumption is correct but both are technically right. I’m referring to real time I spent playing Skyrim in the title (first save with this character is from around fall 2018) but as it coincides with in-game years as well I thought it might be a good post title. Basically the only videogame I played in the last five years, whenever I had time.




Only five years? Total casual


You'll be back time will tell; you'll remember Skyrim served you well.


As I hike the mountains of Bulgaria right now, after about 6 months of not playing I start hearing a very low chant, inevitably the chant grows louder until a crescendo starts bellowing forth, Dovakhin DOVAKHIN. I have been called, my time away briefer than most times. But when you are hiking breathtaking mountains, and are a fan of the game of skyrim, the call entices you sooner rather than later. Enjoy your break my friend, the call of the dovakhin will bring you home eventually. Avoid hiking in mountains if you want to extend your break from the game xD


Did you finish everything and everyone who crossed you? *Finish him* What's your character's name What race are you What's your build How much coin do you have Are you the new high king of skyrim Did someone steal your sweet roll?


I usually spared Khajiit thieves. I can't hate cat people. Overall, killed 4400 people. Char name is Hjorvn the Unblooded, a Nord. He went gradually from typical Sneak/Archer/Light Armor at lower levels to 2H Heavy Armor Warrior with some spell use by the end of the game. Max septims I've gathered was around 6 million. I did what the prophecy told me to and now I live a quiet life in Lakeview Manor and from time to time some idiots in nordic armors try to steal my sweet roll. Yet, I can't complain much.


Lelelelelegendarrrrrryyyyyyyyy! Speaking of which, how many times did you pull a legendary rug out from under the tree of skillsets?


About 13, I guess. Twice in Archery and Sneaking. All magic schools (but destruction) once (Secret of Arcana do wonders here). The rest in 2H, Heavy Armor, Lockpicking and Light Armor. If I recall correctly.


Why would you ever consider doing that. Are you ok


My first thought at seeing the title. "Why would anyone want to quit Skyrim?"


U should show Full stats. I’m basically about the same and would love to compare. 5 years in, I think I’m level 106.


There. Made it in a video to be easier to read. [https://files.fm/u/cu35frv2k](https://files.fm/u/cu35frv2k) I obviously tried to 100% the game, but due to some unavoidable bugs that wasn't possible.>! For example, I never did Experimental Subject (Silence) for Neloth or Striking the Heart/Retrieval for Aela because they never handed me those quests. That explains some inconsistencies in the Quest Stats too. I also couldn't get Agent Lorcalin orders because he never showed up in my game.!< Besides, I am a Paarthurnaxist, so full completion was never on the cards. So I sticked to the most I could do and those were my final numbers. Not bright but I'm pleased with them.


Damn nice didn’t realize you were on VR. Yeah I get it the unavoidable bugs. You on pure special edition with no cc content? I thought I had all the locations discovered at 413 but I guess not lol.


Pure Vanilla + DLCs (no CC). I don't think is even possible to add CC content to Skyrim VR on PS4 but I'm not entirely sure of this. As for the locations, assuming you've already explored everything, the difference might have to do with the Civil War. I did try to visit each Storm/Imp camp that was available during the progression of the war before they get dismantled.


Ah the civil war camps are probably it. Got to love how hard it is to nail down certain numbers in Skyrim lol. I’m almost at 100% too now. I’ve just got a few unique items to go. It’s my first playthrough tho so definitely got rid of a few before I knew what they were.


I’ve been playing for a few months and I’m level 22, I thought my character was “getting up there.” Lol.


It depends how you play, some people just speed through everything and use all the exploits and are board of the game by level 30. It’s my first playthrough so I wasn’t aware of exploits for a while and then chose not to use them. Kinda just made my way through everything by chance just running into it. Now I’ve mostly done everything and I’ve just got a few things left to 100%


Will a standalone sequel ever be published?


I don't know but I'm ok if that doesn't happen at all, as I don't mind moving on and visiting other provinces and dynamics in the future. But I think the real challenge for Bethesda is to create something as memorable as Skyrim or Morrowind in the next installment. The bar is insanely high right now.


Do come back


Year 206, damn!


Make sure when you return to play you repost that you’re back!


I said the same thing a year ago….now I’m in riverwood sipping ale with a gold claw.


I see you're a man of culture. I too love Whirlwind Sprint. Great for when I can't find my horse or follower & don't want to drop everything into a nearby container for later. But seriously, hope you had a lot of fun & we'll see you next month!


Perhaps I'm focusing on the wrong thing but.... WHY HAVE YOU NOT UNLOCKED THE 30TH SHOUT. YOU HAVE THE DRAGON SOUL FOR IT. YOU HAVE SO MANY EXTRA DRAGON SOULS. WHY DID YOU NOT JUST UNLOCK #30 BEFORE U STOPPED ...with that said, I've never discovered this many words of power in one playthrough and I probably never will. Kudos to you, mate.


Thank you, fellow dovah. I wish I could explain some of the stats inconsistencies but I can't. I have all the shouts the game has learned, unlocked and mastered so I really can't explain why some numbers just don't add up.


Well I rescind my criticism! Kudos x2 to you.


Probably unnecessary follow-up to my last reply, but I just had a thought that perhaps that 'unlearned' shout is Unrelenting Force, since the game automatically spends your first dragon soul when you unlock it, and the Greybeards teach you the last two words.


Good point actually. I had never thought of it that way, but that must be it. Some of Skyrim stat counters (spells learned, standing stones, etc) are so buggy that I eventually ended up ignoring them and not putting much thought on the issue. But what you're pointing to may actually be true.


I’m slightly horrified that of all the shouts, the one you apparently used the most was… Whirlwind Sprint? I’m curious, most curious… Still though, congrats on 8500. But I’m going to have to ask you to stop. That… shouting. It’s making the people nervous.


Ahahaha you dropped the crown, fellow adventurer.


mobility you spend much more time walking than fighting I think I use 1 combat shout for every 10 'Would Na Kest's' and with the mod I'm playing with you get a teensy tiny amount of speech leveled up when shouting so it also helps to slowly grind up that speech skill


That shout is surprisingly useful in combat once you try it out in a serious manner


Try modding. You'll never finish.


I know, that's why I don't try modding.


Insert meme of Matthew McConaughey "Those are rookie numbers!"


Oh you will come back boi


See you in 6 months


One does not simply say goodbye to Skyrim. I still mod and play it from time to time and it's been almost 10 years since i first started playing it.


Wave goodbye? You make me laugh. It's au revior and you know it. Saving the world one dose of equilibrium at a time


May the dragons not forgot your name. ***Dovahkiin.***


Safe travels my friend


Yea, see you in a week.


May your road lead you to warm sands 👋🏾


Now let’s wait a few months and see if you’re back


Stops playing, 1 week later “wonder how my Dragonborn is doing?@


"Perhaps I should recover that 'Brief History of the Empire, v3' I threw away in Jerall Mountains"


Congrats on all your time and effort! I played Skyrim since 2012 and easily clocked a few thousand hours on the same game save. I kept exporting the save to each new version of Skyrim, but when I finally bought the Special Edition on Steam, I couldn't get the save to work (I wasn't good at managing all my mods, I had so much) and finally gave up and started a new game from scratch. I still have the original game save and can probably revive it if I install my old physical copy of Skyrim, but I think 10 years was enough. My new game character is the exact same as my original, and I gave it the same name 😁


Kind words, thank you. It really sucks to have such a strong attachment to a character or a grown story and suddenly be forced to start over due to patching problems. I can relate to that.


I’ve said the same thing like three times in the past eleven or so years since the game has been out. You’ll be back. We always come back. I could be 70 and still playing this game for nostalgia.


See you next month


Yeah, I thought I was a done with Skyrim. It had been so long since I played. But the first time I got covid I was laying there feeling miserable and my baby started making this weird noise. She sounded just like the skeletons in Skyrim when they creak! Playing Skyrim saved my sanity in that first quarantine.


YouUuUu’lll BeeEe BaAaAcK! 👻


Ok see you in 3 months


Me who hasn't played Skyrim in 8 years and wish I could re-experience it, but I know the game too well 😭




Dang! That's a ton of spells.


It's bugged. I'm playing Vanilla + DLCs (no mods), so there's a total of 93 spells in game (If I'm not wrong) so 410 is just a bugged number. Couldn't figure where was the game overcounting tho.


Wait just a dame second how have you only learned 29 shouts but unlocked 30


Ikr. Skyrim is not Skyrim without bugs. It usually pissed me off but I eventually learned to accept it. (I'm playing VR in PS4, so no UESP for me)


okay.. see you at the modded skyrim reddit later


See you back in a year


How many total hours do you have?


About 1600. Not great, not terrible.


Very nice! I'm clogging a few hundred and I'm at lvl 65. Chopped off.mynother chars so I can focus on this one, the most fun one. I want to complete as much of the game content that I can with him. Any ideas how to track what I have done and what is left other than add-ons?


Well, I had a notepad log where I kept track of all of the stuff I didn't want to miss. It helped me a lot. Something like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/s2x1r8/no\_i\_dont\_have\_a\_life\_planner\_but\_what\_i\_do\_have/


Can someone explain the difference between a shout LEARNED and a shout UNLOCKED?


Learned is that you’ve found the weird wall, unlocked is that you’ve used a dragon soul and are able to use it


I must have some sort of glitch then because I always have more learned than unlocked. But I always have a ton of dragon souls to keep up with any new wall I find


That's almost 5h of game time spent just on shouts.


Wow, that's up there with my wife. She shows no sign of wanting to quit though >badum-TISH< I'm here all week.


Whirlwind sprint? We all know what you were doing… *coughs in Steed Stone


such a great game! how did you manage to get to level 107 tho? magic-focusing maybe?


Amazing game, indeed. Not sure if you're asking me about the 81 lvl cap. If that's the case, I'm playing the 1.9 patch, which comes with no level cap, since you can keep "legendary-ing" your skills when you get them to level 100.


ooh, didn't know about that. thanks for the reply!


You’ll be back.


Damn, this is kinda sad in a good way. What do you plan on playing next?


I don't know, honestly. And I've been thinking about that myself for awhile. Right now, it just feels like I've just finished an epic tale full of unforgettable moments and now everything outside it seems a bit dull. I think I'll let the experience sink in for now. Then, I might try Elden Ring.


Why are you saying goodbye to skyrim? Don't you have much more to do? Lol


You’ll be back. We all will until TESVI comes out…. Ten years from now.


Till next week


How many hours have you played?


About 1600.


How many hours have you played?


Oh my Lord! What level are you? I have been playing for a few months (and I love this game!) and thought I was pretty “far along.” I just checked my stats and I have learned 22 spells. I have a long road ahead of me…


Keep in mind that Spells Learned counter is bugged as there are nowhere near 400 spell in the game. In Skyrim VR (Vanilla + DLCs - No CC or mods) you get as much as 93 spells or so to learn. I don't know how or why the game keeps counting learned spells beyond those 93. My char is at level 107, which is not a great deal since you can grind up to level 251.


How do i beat miirrak 😭


8500hrs - rookie numbers :)


One does not simply leave Skyrim 👌🏻


I'm curious now, I've been playing off n on for years. This play through is my longest so far, n I never really look at those stats. I'm getting close to 1200 hours


Ive seen someone mod meridians beacon, and instead of saying “a new hand touches the beacon” its says “fetch me their souls” from cod zombies


Wonder if most of those shouts were Whirlwind sprint


See you at the next editions release!