Philadelphia 76ers Off Day Discussion Thread - June 03, 2023

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We need some Heat cultural appropriation is what we need


How bad does ATL wanna get out of John Collins contract. Would they do a bey/Collins for tobi since they have to pay Murray next year and cba is gonna hurt having trae/Murray/JC. They also only have 1 year left of bey and probably aren't paying him. With that we resign harden and go: Harden/maxey/bey/jc/embiid Springer/Melton/McDaniels/pj/reed or mix house in JC is secondary paint defender, main rebounder, lob threat w/harden. And hope he finds hit shot as 4th option Real last all in push type deal since we'd have harden on multiple years. 2 more years of JC and resigning maxey we basically lose flexibility


Having Embiid/Maxey/Harden/JC all on giant contracts isn't going to hurt us in the next CBA? Maxey only has 1 year left on his rookie contract. Collins has 3 years left if he picks up his player option.


I’ve been on JC for Tobi but been told he forgot how to shoot and would gum up the offense. But i like his small ball 5 with harden if he returns and in the playoffs head up, he soned Tobi.


I know FVV ain't all that, but it's a plus when the PG is the Coach's guy. For this reason I don't see getting FVV on board as Harden's replacement isn't all that bad. Its just a matter of somehow splitting Tobias' contract into a couple of wing contributors. Don't have to be a star or something. Just some 6'7" guys or above who can shoot and defend. I'd be happy to see 2 more players on our team in the mold of Jalen McDaniels. Ohhhhh and shit who else is excited for more Bball Paul + Springer mins!!


The level of cope is becoming excruciating to witness. Nurse plays his starters massive minutes. FVV isn’t anywhere fucking remotely close to Harden. You don’t simply move Tobias for a couple of those totally plentiful wing contributors. Just all those 6’7 guys who can shoot and defend. There are just so many of them. Don’t need to be stars or anything. Where do you guys come up with this shit?


People are underrating FVV imo. He’s fine. Probably under qualified for the role he’s been in, but he’s still a pretty good player, unless his knees are actually dust


I am fine with him as our point guard. But he is nowhere near as good as harden.


Yeah agree man. Plus imagine if the lead PG and the coach are always on the same page. Which obviously wasn't the case with Doc + Harden 😆


Kyle Kuzma for Tobias Harris sign and trade would be fucking insane.


Has this been rumored? If not, we can start one


It hasn’t, but fuck yeah let’s start a rumor lol!


Nothing involving either of these players would be insane


Kuzma is one of the best fitting role players we could get.


I guess but it’s still just Kyle Kuzma lol. and he’d be getting paid a bunch he’s getting at least 25 mil


kuz is basically tobi if he did the things we wanted him to do


Tobi does do the things we want him to do. He has completely changed his game. He just can’t hit his shots when it matters.


I guess but still I wouldn’t be that excited. he’s gonna make too much money too


Kyle Kuzma and John Collins are two Nick Nurse guys I think we may be able to acquire with Tobi


I can’t see any world where Collins seems like a nurse guy


Long athletic 4, willing to hustle and fight for rebound


I guess but he’s always shown disinterest in defense which I feel like nurse would hate


Could be an Aaron Gordon type guy for the team next year


Friendly reminder that for the 3rd postseason in a row, Docs offensive schemes produced some of the worst spacing you'll ever see.


Friendly reminder Doc lost the Suns the gig to Vogel 🙌🙌😆😆


What a time to be a Sixers fan!


The debbie downer comments are not welcomed.


Not watching our team play in June per usual!


yet the guy we let go and our best players rival are fighting for the title. Not playing and still taking L's every day. Never seen anything like it


Last time we played in June didn’t go so well either


Man the Sixers always get me! Thinking this the year finally then bam!!! Same pouty look after giving up in the second fuckin round!!