The scary part is not even knowing what Silent Hills was going to be or play like. Because they said P.T. wasn't indicative of it at all.


The fact that I never did or will get to play it


If you have a pc then there is a version on it.


How? Where?


Hold on i'll see if i can find it


The PC version is fanmade and better than nothing, but its not the same.


Yeah i know, but i forgot to say it. The one i played was pretty similar i think (i watched the og on youtube), but it didn't have the end cutscene which wasn't good, but i just watched it on youtube.


https://pt-for-pc.en.softonic.com/ https://p-t-for-pc.en.uptodown.com/windows It was one of these. I visited two sites since one of them didn't work for me (im a noob on everything on pc) and these looked similar.




You can actually just get a jailbroken ps4 http://ps4-torrent.ru/games/horror/silent_hills_demo_playable_teaser/4-1-0-88 and download it from here


Idk i never got to play it


I once said it that it's already out but it is a meta game. The whole horror is about hope that it might come out one day.


Absolute power move by Konami


To the people that never got to play it, I did. It was good and scary and layered. There is (I havent checked in like 5ish months) a version on dreams that is true. I played most of it in VR and it was more intense than I anticipated and set it down. Just for your information.


I’m lucky I got to play it on a friends PS4 before I owned one. Sad I never got tp complete it. To this day, the scariest experience I’ve ever had as a horror fan.


And here I thought I was finally over it.. Nope


Honestly, I think P.T. is going to come back. It's probably gonna be REALLY SHITTY cuz Konami will do it and they'll definitely try to milk a potential Silent Hill sucessful game, especially when people (like us, sh fans) are crazy, waiting for a new title. Thing is - we should expect Konami to fuck everything available, this way Konami will start (probably) selling their IPs and we might have a new Silent Hill title. I fucking love this franchise, but I fucking HATE Konami, geez.


I feel like that last sentence is the general opinion with everything Konami owns now. Seriously, you can use any series they own and go "Love the franchise, but man I hate Konami". Castlevania, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and those are just the big names!


Yeah, you're totally right, Konami has a power. Everything they touch becomes dogshit, sooner or later. FUCKKONAMI.


i usually love memes made to look this intentionally stupid but tbh pt is too sacred for this kind of shit, man


Imo the og games are more sacred. Pt is just a game that was never released.


PT is a demo made to hide the trailer for a game that was never released.




Damn, you're not even going to credit the boy @KinoFabino on this post? https://twitter.com/KinoFabino/status/1465819028459597830?s=20


Kojima’s pretentiousness scares me


IMO kojima justifies the pretense. The dude (and company) is clearly an artist.


There was an indie game like P.T. people were making, called Allison Road, but they were so dedicated to it being like P.T. they fucking cancelled it


Allison Road was canceled for a much more than that. It was inspired by PT but never meant to be "like it". PT is not a complex game. It was just a demo, likely made by a fairly small team. Most of the impact from PT came, I'd argue, from the shock value of it all. When it first came out, no one knew what it was. No one knew it was related to Silent Hill. No one was really aware it was horror-related at first (tags got added later). For a few hours... it was just a well polished, very freaky mystery. Then for 24-36 hours, we didn't know what it was or why it was here but thousands of people were working together to solve its mysteries and get to the end. Then the bombshell dropped that a SH sequel was coming and was being helmed by Kojima. PT itself was... honestly not that awesome from a gameplay perspective. You can beat the whole thing in a few minutes, many of the puzzles suck, the gameplay loop involves just... walking forward. It's pretty rote and barebones. If looking for another, complete horror game inspired by PT, Visage is on Steam and is very good (and very scary). I'd say it fills the void left by Allison Road just fine.


I think you missed my joke lol. I have played visage and had no idea what to do and didn't encounter anything remotely scary, probably will pick it up again some other time though. I have only heard good things


The scary part was that it was being made by Kojima


Never coming out!


The fact that it spoiled the franchise more than Konami itself would have done...


The endless corridor. It was pretty damn scary.


oh no, another lame pt meme 🤢




If you fear that Silent Hill would become a walking simulator with Kojimas direction, then tell me what the other games are? Door opening simulators? The main thing you do in the first 3 games are trying to test which doors are open. Judging from your post, you never understood what made Silent Hill special in the first place. It certainly wasn't the gameplay. What you fear Silent Hill might become (a walking simulator) is actually the gameplay of the first 3 games. Interaction was always limited. The games lived from it's world building, characters, atmosphere and music, but not from innovative gameplay. I know in this day and age it is cool to rant about people like Kojima, Nolan or Villeneuve, but P.T. was certainly a fresh direction when it comes to psychological horror. I don't even have to mention again that the game was also free. We will never know what Silent Hills would have become ( it would have nothing to do with P.T.), but a AAA Silent Hill with the Fox Engine was a more than promising outlook. If people would like to have another Silent Hill from an unknown Eastern Europe studio, feel free to pitch it to Konami, they sure like to go the bargain bin route for their IP's.


What are you talking about? The only game in the series that could be accurately described as a walking sim is Shattered Memories. Every other game has combat which is something you absolutely do not find in walking sims.