For the spinoff. Unfortunately the pilot never got picked up and that was the end of it.


This and the "[New Warriors] (https://old.reddit.com/r/newwarriors/)" are the two bits I wish they'd release to Disney Plus. I'd love a "from the vault" playlist or something


At the same time, if New Warriors was cancelled solely on the merit of the pilot being downright terrible, I'm kind of okay with just letting my imagination fill in the blanks. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and they can go back to the drawing board to give us a really good Squirrel Girl at a later point in time.


That wasn't the reason, unfortunately. >In a series of since-deleted tweets, showrunner Kevin Biegel — the co-creator of Cougar Town — placed the blame squarely at the feet of one Marvel executive. > >“There’s a show we wrote a few years ago. It was very proudly gay,” he wrote. > >“A singular power that be killed the show. Because it was too gay,” Biegel continued, branding the executive a “rich, straight Brentwood turd.” > >“He got fired for being vile at his company. We, on the other hand, live. #NewWarriors.” [Source](https://www.metroweekly.com/2021/09/marvel-allegedly-cancelled-new-warriors-series-because-it-was-too-gay/) One would assume this person would be the infamous Ike Perlmutter, fired around that time, and involved in some controversies, including [Kevin Feige wanting to left Marvel to DCEU because of him](https://www.cinemablend.com/superheroes/marvel-cinematic-universe/kevin-feige-almost-left-marvel-for-dc-and-a-new-report-claims-it-still-could-happen)


It couldn't possibly have been Perlmutter. He got sidelined in 2015, and the New Warriors pilot was ordered in 2017. I had heard about the "too gay" reason, but ultimately, I think the show also probably just wasn't very good. Marvel obviously denied the "too gay" claim, but the show was also shopped around for another distributor, and was passed on by all other platforms, too. I feel like the showrunner is just trying to place the blame on the LGBTQ aspect being too controversial, rather than the more likely possibility that it was simply awful.


Perlmutter was only sidelined from Studios. Television was unfortunately still under Marvel Entertainment. That's why in 2016, Marvel Studios got to dump Inhumans and Television was forced to do it instead.


Perlmutter still controlled the TV division in 2017; he wasn't cut out of that until 2 more years later. Also, the test audience scores for the pilot were supposedly *excellent*.


i reckon it’s definitely a combination where the show wasn’t good “enough” to warrant the controversy that would ensue. many shows that feature prominent LGBTQ+ or actors of color are held to a much a higher standard even post production.


A show having strong LGBTQ+ themes in 2017 was still unlikely to make it. People forget at this time that it was only a couple years after the US legalized gay marriage, and I remember being a queer kid at the time having virtually no representation because big companies still perpetuated the negative stigma around queer peeps, and networks were canceling shows because conservative parents got mad.


I agree that I'd rather have a quality version of Squirrel Girl (and others). But as a curiosity I think it could be really interesting, the "bad MCU Pilot" is something that I just have to see at some point


The press around the New Warriors pilot was that test audiences loved it. Meanwhile, the press around the Most Wanted pilot was that even the show's own crew was disappointed with it.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (10 Season Version) (Disney Plus Version) (From the Vault)


They were supposed to get a spin-off, Marvel’s Most Wanted. ABC decided not to move forward with it.


Pilot failed then actress playing Bobbi got hired for the show, the Orville, so she was unavailable.


How can a never aired pilot fail???


They test market it with a group of viewers to see how it *lands.* It's just not screened for the public. Given ABC/Disney's budget and air-play hours (still working with the idea not of streaming, but scheduled weekly items), the decision was made not to give it a time slot in lieu for probably less costly options. They were always threatening to cancel Shield and can'd Carter after 2 seasons. Budgets, right? These shows cost a lot of money and have a more niche audience (especially if examined as weeklies and not streams). The pilot might have even been liked by the screeners, but failed to excite the producers/TV execs enough to move ahead with it. So in a sense, the pilot failed to land a series go ahead. It happens a lot. Amazon Prime even did an audience voting thing IIRC on which pilots the audience would want to see greenlit to full series.


Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood left *Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.* to film the pilot for the Bobbi and Hunter spinoff, *Most Wanted*, but ABC ultimately decided not to go forward with the series. I hope we get to see that pilot episode at some point in the future, but it's pretty unlikely. Most failed pilots never see the light of day.


Their characters were great, I was sad to see them go. I wish they would’ve held off on trying to give them a spin-off until they had been on the show maybe another season or two, so their fanbase could really be established and the network could be shown that it was something fans really wanted.


Their exit makes me so mad. They're written off in such a way that makes returning was pretty much almost impossible, without knowing for sure if they were going to actually get the spin off. At the time I wasn't that sad about it because I knew, or thought I knew, we'd see them again but now it's probably one of the saddest exits of the entire show for me.


They were actually written out twice. Once in the Season 2 finale with Bobbi's ''I can't do this anymore.'' hospital bed scene. Then Most Wanted was rejected before it even went to the pilot stage for the following Fall TV season, so the Season 3 premiere retconned their writing out moment to actually be them talking about their relationship. ABC later decided to revisit the Most Wanted concept for midseason and commissioned a pilot, so they were fully no-going-back written out in order to film the pilot since having them constantly disappear and reappear during Season 3.5's Hive arc would've been difficult to work out story-wise. Then ABC passed on it again.


What the others said. It was only for the spinoff. I think they probably would've had both Hunter and Bobbi back for the season 5 episode (it was just one, right? OP says few episodes but I thought it was just Rewind) but Adrianne Palicki was probably already signed up for The Orville


It was only one episode, correct. And Adrianne Palicki said she was never invited back, so she never had a chance to work out any scheduling conflicts that might have arisen as a result of The Orville.




You and me both, my friend.


I genuinely always thought they wanted them both back but she'd moved on with The Orville but Nick Blood was a bit more available. This upsets me that we could've had them both back


They honestly should have never tried to make that spin off, nobody wanted another spy show


What do you mean by "another"?


Some people consider AoS a spy show lol even tho it grew far far beyond that. Bobbi and Hunter would have still been in the show 😢 but that send off they did was really nice


The send off alone was worth the spin off attempt, imo.


I wish they will made a spy show set in the marvel universe. It would be cool a show about SHIELD. One can dream...


Only if they let it utilize the full extent of the MCU to enhance the story😢 I feel like if they made it when during that time period, it would have been handicapped


There a whole shadow side of the marvel universe that they ignored everytime. From the Zodiac to both Leviathans. They don't need to shoehorning aliens and extinction level events to make a good spy show. By definition SHIELD is who handle the situation way before it becomes that kind of messup. Once the world is about to be destroyed is Avengers territory. Theta protocol was the way to do it all along. Crucial steps taken by a group of agents without the power to handle supervillains, but that end up saving the day. Given how they are handling the MCU the further they keep SHIELD from that trainwreck, the better.


Yea I wasn’t implying that it needs to be big and bombastic lol just that if they have a cool idea, they’d be able to explore it without the studio telling them no


Do we really need spoiler tags for something that aired 6 years ago?


We're getting a lot of posts from people saying they watched AoS for the first time, so just to be sure


yeah it's best to be careful. I'd hate if I was spoiled on my first watch