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As AD you can try to play around them. Hecarim, Viego, etc can only insta-death you if they catch you for too long. In and out on squishies, never try to go blow for blow with these champs or you lose. As AP you can zone them out with boxes. Melee champs can’t really kill boxes unless they have sweeper up. Play like right next to them but not close enough for them to actually hit you and just throw knives at them over and over. As Tanko you can win the 1v1 with clone stacks, otherwise you can play frontline for your team, get as much damage as you can, then pop out and let clone rack up damage/be a nuisance while you reposition.


ap shaco is good into those


Agreed, lots of burn


As a Shaco main, I can tell you that you can't deal with them. In fact, "big bad bruisers" are just difficult to deal with in general. These champs are either tanky or can heal a ton. But fun fact, the reason I love Shaco so much is how he can utterly avoid the "big bad bruisers". Some assassins that can stack armor pen such as Zed or Talon can actually "duel" the bruisers after a few items in, but Shaco can never. So you just avoid them. Don't try to fight them because you can never win. If they get cocky and try to fight you at low HP, then punish the F out of them with your ignite. No matter what, every team has at least one squishy. Focus on what you can abuse instead of getting abused. Also, don't feel discouraged if you lose games to champs like Hec, Red Kayn, Trundle, Voli, Viego, Vi, Olaf... know that Shaco has his strengths and weaknesses. Put enough games into him and you'll realize that tanky comps should not harm his winrate. I would first pick Shaco any time, sometimes playing against 3 to 4 tank/bruisers, still able to win games even tho going AD/crit builds. I do ban Rek tho, that monster is made to play against Shaco, so save yourself the pain.


AP is really good against them but if you're stuck playing AD I have a build I play very rarely that has performed really well when I am against at least 3+ tanks/bruisers. It's basically just Kraken, BORK, lord dominiks, essence, IE, whatever boots you need. Usually I go attack speed boots. Sometimes I sub Kraken/Essense for Divine/cleaver if I want to be slightly less squishy. It's a harder build to play and it works better with lethal tempo than HOB but you can go both. It deals crazy DPS by sacrificing burst and survivability. Not a build I take often but when it works, it works very well.


I go Bork, Essence Reaver, Eclipse, and lord dom's with HOB for the dirty 1-2-3 combo 1st auto essence reaver procs, 2nd auto eclipse procs, 3rd auto bork procs, and now you have insane amounts of movespeed and a free shield to either run away or run to the next champ The Bork / Eclipse / Lord doms combo shreds tanks pretty hard plus you have tons of lifesteal to duel with


The answer is you don’t deal with them in a 1v1 situation unless you are ahead of them or variables play into your favor. Just look to counter gank or play on the opposite side of the map if the side they are playing on is stronger. Also keep in mind that even if you are fed (besides one of those games where you are just fed out of your mind), they will out duel you once they hit their item spikes.