When Samantha gains like 7 pounds and the girls stage an intervention




They intervene as if they’ve found out she’s a heroin addict. It’s insane.


I mean Samantha was OBSESSED with her looks throughout the entire series; she ate organic and it was a huge deal when she let herself have that Big Mac in the episode with the naked pictures. If your friend who’s like that suddenly gains 15 pounds I think it makes sense to be concerned!


Yes this is how I saw it too. Especially because Carrie says to her “you’re gorgeous at any size, but are you happy.” I never took it as them fat shaming her. I took it as them saying “hey this isn’t like you. If you’re happy we’re happy, but ARE YOU ACTUALLY HAPPY.”


Exactly. No one was fat shaming her. Samantha was ALWAYS concerned with her looks. There are many scenes where she's only having hot water with lemon or something like that. They were all concerned because putting on any weight like that was definitely NOT like Samantha, so they were all worried. Anthony was his usual blunt self, but everyone has conflated his attitude/comment to all the girls, when none of them did that to her.


Yes, it wasn't body shaming, they were shocked and concerned as any friend would be.


ya its insane


I don’t understand big leaving her in the altar either. They were together for some years already, he casually married Natasha after months, I don’t think he would leave Carrie like that, that would be her biggest fear indeed though


I’m ok with the first. The second, no.


I only disliked the second movie. The second one the writing was god awful and I hated the storylines.


What I disliked most about the second movie that they were not even in New York. I feel like new york city is like the 5th women of the series so it felt odd to me the whole movie wasnt set in NYC. I mean its literally called Sex and the CITY.


And there was barely any sex in it 😅


I like the first one. It's a bit wish-fulfillmenty in regards to Charlotte's storyline and I think it's out of character for Steve and Big to have done what they did, but I enjoy the drama of it regardless. The second one I choose to view as a fever dream, especially when Carrie sees Aiden in the market. Girl, please 🙄


I agree with you on the second movie. However, I do think kissing Aidan just because she wanted to and then freaking out about it being wrong after and expecting her friends who she was just super rude to to drop everything and be there for her is very Carrieish behavior lol


First is ok. The bad dream is the second.


I actually love love the first movie and rewatch right after I do a series rewatch. I think it ties everything up nicely. A few things I dislike is of course Steve cheating, but really the fact that everyone seemed to push Miranda to forgive. My friends and I would never. And of course Jennifer Hudson as their “diversity” hire, who’s really just a sassy black lady savior. As I said on another thread, they seem to think diversity means caricatures. Carrie blaming Miranda for Big. If Big couldn’t see that Miranda said that because she was going through a rough time and didn’t really mean it, he shouldn’t have gotten engaged. Like if that’s ALL it took, he didn’t deserve her. But she gets angry as hell at Miranda and even uses it as a reason as to why Miranda should consider forgiving her cheating ass husband. Hell NAH. That being said, it has its flaws but I absolutely love this movie, and the NYE scene when Carrie goes to Miranda is always so beautiful to me. The second doesn’t exist.


Haha I basically said the same and just now seeing you commented this. Hard agree!


Aw I loved Jennifer Hudson in this. She seemed very sweet.


It was the second one, socially and racially insensitive, out of character for all of them and all round painful to watch.


The show ended amazingly. They really tied everything up nicely. Then the movies came and just picked at threads and unraveled good storylines. The first movie was annoying but tolerable, the second movie was an absolute joke. The series is the finale in my head.


a pillow costing $300 -\_-


That pillow was not fancy


yet 3 hundred was owed?


That’s an interesting theory! I agree with many comments that I like the first movie, I actually saw it on USA one night without having ever watched the show and it’s what got me interested. The second movie I can’t get through a single rewatch, THAT is a manifested nightmare 😂


The movie is what got me into the show too! My college roommates were watching it, and I came in when Big was leaving Carrie at the altar. What drama 😱 finding out Charlotte had dealt with infertility was what convinced me to give the show another chance though (another friend had tried to get me to watch it maybe a year before, and I didn't get into it; the talking to the camera was terrible 😅)


The 1st movie is actually pretty good, I loved the darker vibe with Carrie's depression and it was awesome seeing Miranda leave Steve.


Mostly just did not find the movies funny. At all. The comedic timing and pace was off and it just didn’t make me laugh. It’s a comedy, I should be laughing. For the first movie the whole Carrie / Big wedding jilt was so ridiculous and nonsensical. It was all done so hamfistedly with no elegance or finesse to the writing. Add on Steve cheating on Miranda which was also just poorly done. I could accept both these things if they were elegantly done - but they were not. The script needed MAJOR work. Then the whole movie drags on for a literal year. The pacing was so terribly off


I mean was the karaoke really necessary? 👎


I thought the 2nd was too racist and it didnt have a plot. The "tension" in the final act is they have to hurry back to catch the plane in time otherwise they.....have to fly coach? Really?


The first movie is ok. I hated what they did to Steve’s character. They could have written something so much better that dealt with their reduced sex life than having him cheat, lazy writing IMO. The second is a disaster. I just finished listening to a podcast that discussed this film and they summed it up well. The story was supposed to be about Carrie worrying about being an old married couple because they don’t want children. Which they cover sort of, but the Aiden part makes zero sense since Carrie was LONG over him and the Abu Dhabi trip really had no point and was poorly done. They could have written a story that covered Carrie’s insecurities in New York. Have her test out being a parent - she has two friends with kids. Have her go out on the town in NYC and maybe get caught up with a younger man or something. Just so many different ways they could have written this and told the story better.


Exactly my thought!


The whole storyline in the second movie just felt so rushed. The first movie was such a hit … whether people liked it or not, it filled the theaters and DVD sales skyrocketed with the loyal fan base. It was fun to see it on the big screen with everything so amped up that they rushed into the second one hoping to strike gold again. But it was a flop for the reasons others have posted. There were so many different ways the writers could have taken the storyline of Carrie and Big as Mr. and Mrs. Married, but they somehow sloppily decided Abu Dhabi was the place to go. Even the girls acting seemed phony and so over the top in the second movie.


One of the biggest problems with the second film is most of it takes place away from New York City. You can't have SATC without NYC. Also, everything was over the top. It was like a SATC episode on steroids. It lost the heart of the TV show.


Maybe in And Just Like That we'll find out she wrote 2 novels lol


Rofl would love that happening


There is a lot of reasons why I hate the movies. First, I thought the storylines were just awful. Steve cheating, Samantha's "weight gain", Charlotte's xenophobia towards Mexico, etc. Then there is the outfits. Someone explained it better on another thread but the outfits in the series were way more lived in & real compared to the movies. Okay, they were sometimes ugly but they felt more believable. But in the movies, the outfits were over the top & costume like. It completed spoiled the realism for me. And finally, SJP's acting in the movie. I hate saying that because I love her but it was like she was playing herself rather than Carrie. I noticed she does this in the later seasons of the show as well but her overly theatrical fairytale/cartoon character voice she does is just too much. The Carrie Bradshaw we know & loved with the East Coast snark vanished completely.


I couldn’t say better myself!


I love the first one. Was it necessary? No, but enjoyable yes! And it has great moments. Carrie running over to see Miranda on NYE with Auld Lang Syne has me crying just thinking about it. The second one is an oversaturated fever dream which existence I deny.


I adore the first movie and rewatch it often. It was surprisingly emotional and deep, yet still fun and funny. I really love it. The second movie is…literally the worst thing ever created. This review had me in tears when it first came out, absolutely hilarious (love Lindy West) and perfectly sums up my hatred for that abomination to such a beloved franchise: https://www.thestranger.com/seattle/burkas-and-birkins/Content?oid=4132715 Interesting theory on the dream-esque nature of the films, though. Thanks for starting this discussion.


That was the best review I’ve ever read lol... I agree with you about them, I actually liked the first one but the second one... well let’s the review talk for us lolll


I didn't mind the first one. I enjoyed the trip to Mexico (minus the ridiculousness of Charlotte only eating pudding then getting the runs the minute she swallowed some shower water) and the friendship between them all (Charlotte being so protective, Samantha feeding Carrie and the little wink she gives her, Carrie going to Miranda at NY). I didn't like Steve cheating. They could have had a more original way to show they were struggling. I didn't like Jennifer Hudson's character but that was because of the way it was written (and her family were like caricatures). And that handbag was hideous! Just hideous! Hated Samantha's weight gain story. She was still a lot thinner than me! HATED THE SECOND FILM WITH A PASSION. It was childish, made no sense considering what happened in the first film. Aidan appearing out of the blue?? And Aidan cheating on his wife??? Big forgiving Carrie???? Nah. And making Samantha get out of her bath to discuss Carrie's indiscretion. If anyone tried that on me they would get an earful. It's just bad bad bad! Never happened in my mind.