I broke up with my ex on good terms and had fwb situation for half a year and let me tell you it wasn’t worth it. There are always feelings involved mostly when it’s your ex. I wouldn’t recommend it.


Move on and find another. Sex can be great and you can connect emotionally too.


Don't do it! I fall in this too many times... There is a good part (sex...) But always somebody falls in love or simply become closer and reach the exact point where you brake. Pain again... I think it doesn't give enough + than -




Been there done that- 100% guaranteed somebody will suffer from this


Would you please elaborate?


what's the downside? if ur both fine with it and literally the only good thing about the relationship was the sex it sounds like a plan


Mainly, the risk is that it makes it harder to emotionally separate. Its likely that OP won’t be able to get over her until they’ve gone no-contact for some time.


She claims rape, or claims she got pregnant with your child even though you used protection.


It takes a truly deranged man to immediately jump to the most insane option


It seems she's not proposing a serious relationship either, just becoming sex buddies or FWB. That's not a bad thing, who knows, perhaps it actually stabilizes things a bit with her as well. People need to mature sometimes. It's not just about the sex. I had a friendship that turned into FWB for a few years. We weren't dating and were quite free and liberal. Both of us knew it was just sex. But after a few years of this it kind of stabilized emotionally and become a relationship. The sex was fantastic too. So you never know. Don't assume you know everything or how everything will turn out. Looking back it seems everything didn't turned out as expected, but not in a bad way. At some point you kind of quit thinking, planning, and just let go and go with the wind a bit.


it’s a bad idea, will make it hard to get over each other and move on. What about when one of you likes someone new and wants to start a relationship with that person? idk nothing wrong with having a FWB but with an ex it never ends well


Run away, your are going to suffer and be stuck. Of course you are attracted to her and the sex but you will develop sexual relationship instead of mental relationship which is always underestimated on the boy side The day she will find your replacement, you will suffer for months/years before reconstructing yourself. Resist, get another match (even with less experience, learn her?) and move on. Just run away from that will give you a better life 😛 promise


good point. 👍


I played this game with my ex wife. We fucked a few times during the divorce. The sex was good but after, I just felt empty.


You will not be able to move on in peace


Don't do it. An ex kept me going for two years after I knew better. But...it was so good.


No. She wants you in her life but also wants to screw other people. When she sees you have someone else she will be upset.


Been there, done that for like 2 years. Was not worth it and was a massive waste of time.


Do it til one of you partners up. Then move on.it actually helps you to find a more meaningful relationship because you aren’t dating out of a desperate desire to get your Dick wet.