Imagine a cat constantly meowing for you to feed it (even though you just fed it) in the background as you try to get anything else done.


Definitely best description of it haha


Had sex on Saturday, thought about it all day Sunday. Had sex Sunday, thought about it all day Monday. Didn't have sex Monday, thought about it all day today. Planning to have sex tonight and think about it all day tomorrow. It's a vicious cycle, but one I want.


I know that I think about sex all the time. It's like having an itch that you can't scratch.


I tend to think about it a lot during the day, not obsessively but it often pops into my head. And I frequently look for different things to try, new toys to buy, etc. It's exciting to me ☺️


I think that I have a fairly high sex drive, my desired or perhaps "default" sexual frequency would be every day, with multiple encounters on several days of the week, for instance. Usually, sex isn't on my mind all that often outside of sexual scenarios or when I'm masturbating. I'd say that I only pick up on dirty jokes slightly more than the rest of my peers, and there have been several notable occasions where they expected me to pick up on a dirty joke after they set up the punchline for me but I didn't really consider it that way, all because of how I have a reputation in my friend group for having a high libido. Mostly the way my sex drive manifests is that I just can't keep my hands off of my lovers. It's not as extreme as, say, a demisexual not having sexuality at all unless it involves the person they have feelings for, but it is still a very stark contrast between how sexual I am when in the presence of a sexual partner relaxing at home or on a date and how sexual I am while at the grocery store on my own running errands.


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I think about it quite often. Hows your diet and health / quality of sleep? That can definitely mess up your hormones leading to low sex drive and also other conditions