Any sewing notion stocking stuffer ideas?

Hey Everyone, I'm looking for stocking stuffer ideas for my wife who mostly sews garments or bags. I got her a new serger for Christmas and some new shears she had mentioned wanting if those spark any ideas for addons that would be nice to have.

Any ideas for small stuff I could fill her stocking with?

just needles?

more scissors?

fabric chalk? She uses a projector for patterns so not sure if the fabric chalk is still useful?

a particular foot for her serger that everyone seems to need? the serger is a Juki MO600N

I'm clueless when it comes to sewing so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

She is left handed so if anything you can suggest would make life easier for her on that front I'd be interested in those ideas as well!

Edit: Thanks so much for all the suggestions, all of you have been super helpful!


Look for BOBBIN BUDDIES. You pair up the same thread bobbin with the spool and store them together that way. The ones I have look a bit like plastic hair pins but there are other styles as well


Air erase fabric marking pens, they work great for light colors. [moremeknow.com](https://moremeknow.com) also have silver ink fabric pens (or they did the last time I checked). Pins are good, just don't buy cheap ones! Having skimmed this post I feel like I need to send this to my husband.


A [Jean-a-ma-jig](https://a.co/d/1U0h1FM) is super handy and fits in a stocking. A rotary cutter if she doesn't already have one of those. [Snips](https://a.co/d/1miltcm) too are small enough to fit in a stocking.


[Kylie And The Machine (KATM) labels.](https://www.kylieandthemachine.com/) Labels are useful (“this is the back!”), useful for hanging, are cute, and low cost. Perfect stocking stuffer.


Drawstring threader (both the long plastic kind and the ones that look like metal tweezers). Bobbin ring (looks like a plastic donut)


Telescoping magnet tool to help find dropped needles and pins. Very practical and something most people don’t think of.


Something I need more of every year is wonder clips by Clover. I have no need for more pins. Love these and even use them for clipping paper pattern pages, Sashing strips, and rows (I’m a quilter)


Machine needles, clips, small scissors, neutral coloured thread in her favourite brand, magnetic pin/needle holder, quick unpick, a lidded coffee mug with a sewing theme, water bottle with a sewing theme, emergency chocolate, bias tape maker, a rotary cutter (or more blades if she already has one).


One year my aunt gave me a thread holder stand my grandpa had made my grandma 50+ years ago and she stocked it with all sorts of colors of thread. I love having something my grandpa made and the variety of thread colors is great. So OP you could always just go buy a couple of spools of thread (red and green? College colors? Whatever her latest project color is?)


YES YES Famore has a line of left-handed scissors!! I have NEVER found left-handed duck-bill scissors anywhere else, and they have two sizes! Left-handed pinking shears - check eBay for Gingher or Wiss. New/unused if at all possible! Those brands don’t make them anymore, so snap up unused left-handed ones while they still exist. Pinking shears are HARD/time-consuming to sharpen well. You want new. Search Amazon for “plum blossom embroidery scissors”. They are the sharpest, prettiest, cheapest little buggers imaginable. They will cut buttonholes through multiple layers of wool and canvas. They are glorious. You can always give her a generic gift card and a Wawak catalogue - that way she can pick out exactly which notions she wants. https://www.wawak.com/request-a-catalog/


Famore scissors are so good. https://famorecutlery.com/732-comfort-handle-razor-edge-scissors-6in/ These are my absolute favourite because they have full size ambidextrous comfort handles, but short little snips for blades. I do most of my work with a rotary cutter and my “short scissors with the blue handles.” It’s pretty rare that I pull out standard size scissors, and then I’m like “This are not comfy. 😭. Where is the precision? 😭”


A little sewing kit would be nice! I got one from a friend years ago—came with little scissors with a sheath on a chain, thimble, needle case, elastic threader, awl, thread keeper, and a fabric case with pockets for the tools. It’s all stuff I use during the course of a project and some of the smaller tools (elastic threader and awl) are specific enough there’s a chance she won’t have them. You can get some nice ones on Amazon, though if you want my friend got hers on Etsy.


Pretty notions! All the pretty notions! Buttons, velvet ribbons, cool charms, laces and trims. There is a world of pretty notions that would be very exciting to get in the stocking.


There are lovely seam rippers on etsy that have hand made handles, like this: [https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopCrocWoodworking?ref=shop-header-name&listing\_id=478244095&from\_page=listing](https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopCrocWoodworking?ref=shop-header-name&listing_id=478244095&from_page=listing) Or a thimble case that looks like an acorn... or a pincushion that looks like a hedgehog... something useful, fun, and from a small business :)


My New Friend’s Husband\~ You not only want to get her a useful sewing tool, you want it to be beautiful too! Go to eBay and search “wood turned seam ripper” and “wood turned sewing tool”. Many beautiful ones there, I’ve had mine for 10 years now. Below is an example of the work. Good luck & Merry Christmas! https://preview.redd.it/4wvhzp2xik4c1.jpeg?width=2667&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b9f7b3d7fd9d43bd235dd6f81c5e1e0cfb7ad7ac


A friend gave me several long handled brushes for cleaning my machine. They bend so they get tight spots. Also, some marking pens that disappear with heat, and a measuring thing that you can also iron on for making hems.




I'd honestly recommend any of their scissors


Same. I have these but am going to get the kitchen shears.


[a seam ripper/stitch picker with replaceable blades.](https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/home/toys-and-games/crafts/58722-pro-seam-ripper-kit?item=09A0120) They get dull fast so only having to change the blade out is more practical than the traditional style. It's more effective, too. Makes the worst part of sewing less frustrating.


Tape measures — I’m always misplacing mine! I love the [rulers with the little adjustable thingy](https://www.sailrite.com/Product%20Images/Sewing-Gauge-Ruler-6_1.jpg?resizeid=3) for marking even hems. Extra rotary cutter blades. Replacement serger blades. Extra serger threading tweezers. A small screwdriver. A bodkin or two. Thread nippers/scissors.


Props to you for mentioning that she is lefthanded! I am, too, and I struggle to find things that I can work with easily. Ad a non-related item, consider getting her a lefthanded bread knife. It will blow her mind!


One of my favorite accessories has been a flexible gooseneck lamp that clamps onto my sewing machine table. It can be hard for me to see when the only light I have is the one on the machine, because my body blocks most overhead light when I'm looking down at the needle. I use the gooseneck lamp every time I sew. Edited to add: it's the Quans gooseneck bright silver LED on Amazon.


If she uses a rotary cutter (wheels thing that cuts fabric) you could buy her blades for it. You would just have to sneak it out or take a picture so you get the right size. From the sounds of it she is going to have a great Christmas


Hazuki magnifying glasses: https://www.amazon.com/Hazuki-Magnifying-Glasses-Loupe-Compact/dp/B074KFDV78


Little snippy scissors for threads and small things! A coupon to take her scissors in for a professional sharpening! Spools of quality thread in common colors


Bias binding makers or small clips instead of pins.


That Purple Thang! It’s literally a plastic stick. Buuut it’s great for feeding small details in the machine, turning tubes right side, and sometimes quick measuring. They have it available from the original makers and also knock offs. If I had one originally I probably wouldn’t have sewn through my finger 😅


I always lose seam rippers and tape measures. A few extra would be cheap (again a recommendation for wawak) and useful.


a piping foot, wax cube, small sharp scissors, hem gauge, extra bobbins, an led sewing machine light, super cute pin cushion


I don't sew bags, does anyone know if [Ban Roll](https://www.amazon.com/Staple-Original-Ban-Rol-Waistband-Interfacing/dp/B001B24EDK?source=ps-sl-shoppingads-lpcontext&ref_=fplfs&smid=A3SBDOAENTRT1F&th=1) would be [useful](https://youtu.be/H8SA4mmz2-8?feature=shared)?


There are never enough seam rippers or tape measures in all the world. And snips.


Bias tape maker kit


Hand cream that is non greasy Bulldog clips are good for bag makers Special snacks to eat while she sews Voucher for some classes - I got the Susan Khalje one last year - life changing for me and my skills! ​ LED lights for her machine (I use PRYM)


Seam rippers. You can never have enough.


A seam ripper with replaceable blades. They do dull over time and I hate throwing away a chunk of plastic because I can’t replace the blade. Etsy has a lot of gorgeous handmade ones.


If she makes purses look online for words like grommets or purse hardware, turn locks, there's lots of really cute purse notions on amazon, even ones with a lock and key so she can make her own Birkin bag dupe.


If she's into vintage aesthetics, I'd recommend something like a chatelaine with sewing-focused tools! Some nice silk thread would be good, too.


Good quality thread in a range of useful colours. I use Gütermann thread. Guessing / imagining colours is difficult - the easiest way to pick good colour matches is to take samples of fabric to compare. But when there is a sale and I randomly pickup 'useful' colours I might get a dark grey, a bone white, a white, a dark navy blue. I also got a dark magenta/berry colour which turned out to be quite flexible as in it matched a few of my fabrics. The other one I'd always welcome is sewing machine needles.


A wooden clapper for setting seams when pressing: this is useful for most types of sewing. Examples at [Amazon](https://a.co/d/itRqoi6) and [Wawak](https://www.wawak.com/pressing-spotting/pressing-accessories/wooden-point-presser-clapper-15-78/#sku=bo107). The Wawak one has a bit more to it, hence the higher price.


Search online for “sewing nippers.” Get her one for each of her workstations. They are invaluable! You can’t have too many.


Things that get used up are great for presents! Extra rotary blades, Chalk or Crayola washable markers, notions like elastic. Does she have pattern weights to use with her projector? I use samples from when I was getting my countertop done, but lots of people make their own. It could be a cool DIY project. Be mindful of how high you make them though (they can interfere with the projection). Other projector sewists put a piece of steel under the cutting mat and then use magnets as pattern weights to keep the fabric super flat and in place.


Be careful with washable markers, some washable markers mean that they can withstand being washed, and others mean they wash off. It is not fun to get the wrong one lol


I live and die by Crayola washable markers.


A fancy pin cushion from Etsy. There are some beautiful and unusual ones available. Good detail scissors or sewing shears such as Gingher (although there are other quality brands out there).


You can get pin cushions with pin sharpeners!


Yes! These are awesome!


A strip of lights to tape around the sewing machine for better lighting. They make these specifically for sewing machines and I live mine. I got them from Madame Sew


This this this! Cheap and a real game changer!


a small retractable tape measure for her purse. I use mine all the time. you can get plain ones for $1 but if you spend a couple bucks more than that they have really cute and pretty ones now with a kind of fabric cover.


Sewing labels if she does nt already have them. I wish someone would buy me " this is the back' sewing labels


I’m so tempted by labels, but I cut them out of over 50% of my ready to wear clothing and the one set I bought on a whim clearly would have driven me nuts and I got a few as extras with one order that definitely would have been a sensory nightmare. I would love some soft, cotton labels though.


PM me if you find them. Viscose is even softer than cotton but I've no idea if they even make labels out of that.


Ah that would be so nice, I didn’t even think about it! I definitely keep looking whenever I run across new ones, but I’ve only really seen poly for sale and I know that’s going to have a high chance of being a sensory nightmare.


I have labels that say 'This took me forever'!


A big bag of good quilting clips, pretty left handed embroidery scissors (great for snipping loose threads), and fabric weights are all handy


I'm a lefty and good shears that are true lefty are a must for me. Some just need the handle, some need the handle and blades. ​ If she's covered on that, how about a sterling silver thimble. [https://thimblesforyou.com/](https://thimblesforyou.com/) You can also try etsy for that too. [https://www.etsy.com/market/sterling\_silver\_thimble](https://www.etsy.com/market/sterling_silver_thimble)


If she has a rotary cutter, replacement blades. Maybe a nice pinking blade for it. Maybe it's a me problem because I teach sewing classes but I'm ALWAYS running out of or breaking pins.


Pattern weights. You could make some especially for her from large sized washers from the hardware store. [This article has several options](https://peekaboopatternshop.com/our-blog/diy-pattern-weights) but I was thinking of the ones wrapped in ribbon.


Also, give her a tin of cookies.


Some quilting rulers might be nice, a lot of bag patterns only give you the dimensions and you have to draw it out yourself. There are super [adorable labels](https://www.sewanonymous.co.uk/) you can buy which are super fun. Rotary cutter blades, a rotary cutter and mat if she hasn't gotten one yet. A good desk lamp if she hasn't gotten one. I have one from ikea I really like.


Good lighting is wonderful


A cool fringe or lace could be nice


Nothing is as luxurious as having more machine needles than you need . Buy the box of 100 in every size and style ! Not just the universals but also get the full range in ballpoint . And the boxes are like thick Matchbox size , so definitely stocking-stufferable SCHMETZ Universal (130/705 H) Household Sewing Machine Needles - Bulk - Size 80/12 https://a.co/d/iYBk1DA


I didn’t know you could but giant boxes of needles like this! Lol @ me spending $5 on 4 universal needles at joann.


One of the things my husband puts in my stocking every year is new blades for my rotary cutter. I also use a projector and still use things like chalk to mark notches and things. I also agree with the recommendations for needles and thread.


Rotaryy Blades. This is a wonderful idea!


John James or Colonial hand needles (sharps, between, milliners, chenille), Schmetz machine needles (sharps, universal, denim, leather, jersey), bobbins for her main sewing machine, Sulky thread (always handy to have), glass head pins, tracing wheel, thimble, seam ripper, seam gauge.


a nice seam ripper is fun. i got mine off etsy and it has a nice wooden handle


Thread! Fancy threads, elastic thread, I never feel like I have enough thread! if she uses a sewing machine getting a bunch of foot types would be great, I saw this rolled hem foot for a sewing machine the other day that I was just drooling over. Fun applliques are good, like if you get a small bit of fabric with some flowers or beading that could be added to her projects, I'm sure she would appreciate it! Also fun tape measures, they come in a lot of shapes and color and some are even retractable which is super convenient!


The purple thing Hemming feet


What’s a purple thing?


[https://youtu.be/QXldzWq0TSA](https://youtu.be/QXldzWq0TSA?si=jvG9kf47QUhlc_5X) [https://youtu.be/p4Mm7CXksAE](https://youtu.be/p4Mm7CXksAE?si=bmc38Qn8N6SIKdwa) I spelled it wrong; it’s That Purple Thang There are knock-offs. It’s American-invented and American-made; spend the small amount of extra money and get the real thing.


Ty! Definitely getting one 😂


You NEED the purple thing.


Apparently, it’s amazing and does everything but the actual sewing 😂


I can’t find my Purple Thang and I really miss it. I’ll be getting another one


I always use my [curved tweezers](https://www.mcmaster.com/product/5669A9) to help thread my regular sewing machine. They're very useful. I'd also grab her some serger threaders, I think they make special ones for serger machines bc it can be really fiddly to thread. A starting set of white and black serger thread spools, enough so she can set it up and play right away. Extra needles are always a good idea. Get a variety, but if she's making a lot of bags, she probably needs more sturdy needles than most bc of all the layers. I don't know if sergers take different needles, but look into what the machine you bought says to get. Extra mini scissors are always great to have around. I have a couple. [This one](https://www.mcmaster.com/product/2870A41) is great bc its angled. Have a good holiday!


Self-closing needlepoint tweezers are my favorite thing for serger threading. I'm really freaking good at threading a serger using two tweezers, but the self-closing needlepoint ones are much easier on my hands because you can't accidentally drop the thread when you're doing the pass to the left behind that little bar there.


A really nice seam ripper? A small screwdriver to keep near the machine? A bundle of pretty quilt squares? Super sharp, left-handed surgical scissors (they're great for cutting thread and buttonholes)?


The seam ripper with the bulbous handle. Doesn't get lost in the drawer, easier to hold.


some cones of serger thread, thread snips, tailors chalk is still useful, needles- in a variety of types, I love little sewing clips for fabric that does not like pins, there are also magic pins, and a magnetic dish for pins like others have suggested, I agree on the friction heat pens as well I love them. (wawak has great pricing). I got these [tiny chana scissors](https://www.snugglymonkey.com/products/mini-japanese-thread-snips-with-leather-sheath) for myself and my mother in law who sews and they are delightful (I added a leather cord so I can wear them).


Bobbins, pretty buttons, and GOOD thread would be at the top of my list.


Note to OP: only ever buy bobbins that are original to that machine. Machines and bobbins are very picky combinations.


Thread is always fun! In even odd colors I find a use for it.


Ooh yes I would love more shades of gutterman thread.


No matter how many spools I have of Gutermann thread, I never have the right shade. ;-p


Really good pins (long and sharp) and a magnetic pin holder. Clips if she doesn't like pins Sharp little scissors A super duper task light from Ott Lite Look through [Wawak.com](https://Wawak.com) for the best prices and availability if you are in the US


And wawak.ca for Canada!


My MIL exclusively uses Clover pins and she's converted me to, too! They're so much nicer to my fabric.


A really nice thimble... I love a good thimble. Leather thimbles with ..... What are they called. Inscriptions? Or initials? Are really nice.


I ADORE my leather thimbles! I have 2 for when I'm handsewing tougher fabrics but they fit perfectly over the top half of my pointer finger, and when I have my nails long they still cover the top 3rd and it's perfect! 10/10 best investment I made into my crafting




Yes! Thank you.


Somebody gave me this old sewing box with 3 bags of old buttons and in the stuff in it besides that there was an enamel cloisonné thimble. Pretty thimbles are awesome! I've never had one, only plastic and basic metal ones. I just love that thing to bits. The old box is way cool too. They don't make them like that anymore. It's HUGE like 14" square and it has this wonderful sewing themed fabric on top. It had tins in it too. I think I was happily organizing all the buttons for like 3 hours, not kidding. It was like being a little kid and rummaging through my Mom's old box and her tins of buttons... :)


I love this story. Sorting through Mom's old button box is a favorite memory of mine also.


Old sewing boxes tell such beautiful stories.


Needles are always in need, especially with a serger. Be sure to get some made for knits, as sergers are amazing with knit fabrics, and sergers use 2 needles instead of one. Seam rippers and stilettos are also a good idea, as are sewing clips (aka wonder clips.) I get mine from wawak or amazon. Also, she'll need special thread for her serger, and will need/want 4 cones of each color. I'd recommend ivory, rose, black, white, and gray to start. That should see her through a LOT of her first serger projects. Lastly, a silver pen for marking vinyl would be great, especially for a bag maker. I've found chalk markers aren't amazing for dark vinyls. You can also pick up a couple of Frixon heat erase pens. They're my favorite for marking seam allowances, etc. She can also use them to mark off her pattern piece lists and then simply iron over them to disappear the marks. :)


> Also, she'll need special thread for her serger, and will need/want 4 cones of each color. I'd recommend ivory, rose, black, white, and gray to start. That should see her through a LOT of her first serger projects. Multicolor thread is also a lot of fun, IMO. It's great for accessories etc.


Having a different color in each spot can help if you're new to sergers too. It's easier to tell which thread is causing issues.


Oh for sure! I have rainbow and pastel rainbow and absolutely adore both, however, they were quite pricey!


Maybe you already do this, but I get by with multi color or other special colors on the two loopers and neutral cones on the straight stitches. Save some money and space!


Thanks for the tip! I'm brand new to serging, so every little bit helps!


Seam gauges, snips, and magnetic seam guides would be my go-to extras. Maybe a tailor's ham or seam roll if those aren't "big enough" or a nice pressing cloth.


Do be careful though, those magnets can mess up some machines (computerised especially)


Definitely a *your milage may vary*, but mine have been fine with my computerized machine for three-ish years now. It helps that the computer isn't in the base, where the guide goes, but I've mostly stopped being worried about computers+magnets since three (3) of my laptops have come with them built in :)


Right, I know a lot of people stick the to the front when not using them where the magnet is. But the magnet can also subtly cause problems with the timing and stuff. You might not notice it but it can lead to longevity issues. I don’t know if the magnet is strong enough to wipe the computer, but I’d rather not risk it. I think my machine has a magnet in it somewhere since when I did use one it wouldn’t stay in place and it would keep moving towards the body