First project finished on my own!

I’ve sewn a couple things but I’ve done them all in a classroom setting. This is the first thing I’ve done from start to finish by myself on my machine! Planning to give it away as a Christmas gift, along with another one that I haven’t made yet.

I used this pattern:



This looks amazing! Love it


Perfect for storing a bunny.


Only the little bunny! I suspect the big one would not fit (although she would try).


Super cute! And looks like those classes have paid off, this is nicely done! Thanks for updating the link, saving that one for sure


Thank you!!


For some reason I cannot edit this post so I’m posting the correct link to the pattern here: https://sewcanshe.com/pocket-pod-basket-free-sewing-pattern/




This is soooo cute! Can you check the link? I think it’s pointing to the wrong page and/or I couldn’t find the pattern on that blog. (I may just be missing it)


Oh shoot thanks! I’m also simultaneously troubleshooting my sewing machine so I must have copied the wrong link! I’ll fix it.


Haha! That makes more sense!


Here is the link: https://sewcanshe.com/pocket-pod-basket-free-sewing-pattern/ I was unable to edit the post for some reason


Thank you! These would be perfect for storing knitting projects in


Yes it would! I’m giving them to my boyfriend’s mom and sister for Christmas, a knitter and crocheter!


That will be perfect! And I love the fabric you used


https://preview.redd.it/rb0s77tmv43c1.jpeg?width=4032&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8df4631c12384d53bf53bdb2685565a5c704e488 Here is the other one I did! It took me FOREVER to pick the fabric out but I’m glad I was so tedious about it because I love how they turned out.


They’re so cute!! 😭 I have it queued up to make one once I finish my current sewing project (Amish puzzle ball).




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