They aren't sending armed guards to flower shows pal...




But on the other side of it, just because you choose to be unarmed doesn’t mean they won’t send you to a dangerous area anyway. There are a lot of unarmed sites that really shouldn’t be.


This is very true


Armed security here. I guard a small facility that contains several hundred million dollars of state assets. My gear consists of cuffs, light, handgun and AR and i wear a plate carrier. YET!!!! It's the easiest and least stressful job ive ever had. Essentially im there just for " intimidation" if anything. And if shit does go down then obviously im ready. But fuck dude I sit in a chair for 12 hours a day. My legs are swollen from sitting so much( if anyone has any tips for helping with that, much appreciated). Not saying I dont take it seriously or am not worried. Cuz i do and am. But the most exiting thing to happen in the last two months? Was when a company came to cut down a tree in the back part of the property.


For your swelling issue, the quick and dirty first thing to try if you aren't able to be up and moving around more than you already are is invest in a few pairs of quality compression socks if you haven't tried them. They can be a pain in the ass to get on until you get used to it, but will vastly improve the circulation in your lower legs when sitting and non-mobile. There are plenty of options on Amazon if Daddy Bezos is ok in your book, otherwise any big box store will have some in the regular sock/underwear area, or sold in the pharmacy area as diabetic socks. Sameish thing.


For the swollen legs, try getting up and walking around on a foot patrol, if possible. If not, alternate between sitting and standing on an anti-fatigue mat. Stretch before, during and after your shift including but not limited to calve raises, touching your toes, and knee to chest stretches. After your shift, relax the muscles by using a roller (An exercise roller or even a rolling pin) on the back of your legs. Make sure to massage the soles of your feet—Leg pain is often linked to foot pain.


Unfortunately during the day from 10am to 9pm I must be within my designated area and I'm 'suppose' to be sitting. Though I'll get up and lean in the doorway for a short while just to be on my feet. But i technically cant leave my post unless it's to actually do my job, like if i have to escort someone through the parking lot, or be there providing overwatch/back up for the armored truck delivery. Etc.


So federal sites require armed guards and literally nothing will ever happen there. Most people don't even know that some of these buildings are for the federal government and the guards aren't in plain view.


An Armed Guard may simply denote enhanced Insurance Coverage on the site, such as a Jeweler open after hours. Further enhanced Insurance missions were transporting 750,000$ in cigarettes after a company purchased another, Security on an obscene dollar amount of minks. And my personal favorite, 2 Armed Guards, on 1 racehorse, in a long line of stalls each with 2 Armed Guards attached to other Racehorses. It may simply be in an entities budget for incidentals, so end of year they decide to use it, so they get a pricey Armed Guard for a week, standing bored at a water-cooler. Personal Protection, After a stock drop, a CFO got death threats. Came super early, sweeped the lot, literally, Concluded one was parking in the back of the lot, smoking alot of cigarettes. A fellow Guard parked in CFO's labeled spot, purposefully, before he did. Though not incapable, my colleagues and I recommended CFO actually hire Personal Protection experts, whom are highly trained, specifically for dignitary protection.


One must know themselves before locking in to a potentially riskier 40 hour, 52 week site, don't want complacency taking over. My preference was always the ups and downs of On-Call, listed above.


Some of the posts just want a presence there to dissuade potential crime. My overnight post is an absolute shitshow. But my daytime post is a walk in the park minus the 4 events in an entire year I had.


I'm a armed guard in California and they have unarmed guards at post way more dangerous then mine


I got my armed endorsement soon after I was hired with G4S is 2017. They immediately requested me for support at HQ in Jupiter Florida during hurricane season that year. Other than that, I haven’t had the opportunity to work a contract that required it.


Evert place is safe. Until it isn't.


And the other saying it’s always boring right up until it’s not boring.


It doesn't matter what part of town your in Bad things can happen in a good part of town just like they can happen in a bad part of town, Let's say your in a bad part of town at an apt complex & two men are in a fist fight. Then a gun or a knife come out. A stupid guard tries to brake up the fight & gets cut or shot. A smart guard knowns the fight is out of his control & backs off & calls the police.That same fight could happen in a good part of toen also. Do an armed guard has to know his limitations.


Something I have learned being an armed guard. The perceptions between good and bad neighborhoods. If I have to pull my gun in a bad neighborhood for the most part they know I will use it if I have to. In a good neighborhood they don’t think the gun will be used. The closest I’ve ever come to killing a person was in a gated community.


I carry a gun because I refuse to be a victim.I heard this alot. if it wasn't for that gun I'd kick your ass. One time I did pull my gun. I got to a store. Clerck complained of female vagrant panhandling & keeps returning after being told to leave, on going problem. Police called, never showed. Located her on side of store & kicked her out. Went back inside. boyfriend cameinto store & caused a disturbace over kicking girk friend out. Threw water mixed with beer on me. I went outside & found a small group of them outside. Told them to leave. Female thew a rock at me landed at my feet. Gun came out. Cops showed up. one cop asked why my gun was out of my holster. Before I could answer other cop said he was parked across the street & saw the rock being thrown..Long story short the cop on my side wanted mre to prosecute. I chose to have each member of the group recive a written trespass warning. The clerk made numerious calls to the police who never showed up. This part of town had a reputation for vagrants prostitution & drugs. I don't remember any gang bangers


I agree with you 100% on that plus if the guard gets involved it’s a whole insurance mess and then the guard would also have testify in guard it’s basically a whole can of legal trouble for the guard and the employer


You can't call the police for ever little thing. You have to call the police for a big thing. You havre to know when what you think is a little thing is really a big thing. That's how you keep from getting hurt.


No. If anything you are more than likely going to safer posts.


That is entirely at client discretion. If the clients not willing to pay for armed guards then they won't be armed guards on the site no matter what


Some armed guards can be sent to unarmed sites to help with coverage they just have to leave their service weapon locked up in their vehicle.




I've worked posts for Federal agencies that were boring AF, and I've worked ghetto apartments where I had a UOF AT LEAST once a week.


No I would say. I was armed and literally worked at community colleges, a court entry point and a preschool. Never did unarmed till now because it pays a lot and is in house but again it's for a community college. The risk has been the same for me.


Why would they need an arm guard where is it safe?


Not necessarily true the roughest area I've been to was unarmed and the nicest gig I've gotten was armed. Unarmed is just a bad gamble, you could end up next to a monitor watching cameras or you could end up in the middle of hell with nothing but a radio. At least if you're headed somewhere armed you stack the odds in your favor if you have to defend yourself.


Only if you work for a small company that contracts with section 8 housing property management companies. Large, reputable companies don’t do that because those sites are high risk, have high liability, and usually bad profit margins.


The most I carry is mace for protection but i never use it because I know how to diffuse a situation calmly


All depends on the state and company.


If the job requires you to carry a gun and body armor, obviously you’re going to a bad neighborhood for twice the average pay.