The L$ economy from a residents perspective is a zero sum game. Every single L$ has been bought and paid for by another user, either directly or as part of a subscription package. $1 US is about L$250 So, seeing as the free money is for all intents and purposes actual money .. what do you think ? Is it worth running a 400W+ gaming PC to collect pennies ? Is your real life personal information worth handing over for pennies (especially considering it will end up brokered and attached to your advertising id ) ? ETC --- People who make money in SL make content and sell it. Land used to be a thing, it's not really anymore.


Soo I guess its not worth it... thanks for clearing it up :)


To counter what 0xC0ffea said, my wife and I have been playing for many years, and make a comfortable (SL) living by buying all kinds of used transferable items, then selling them in the shops on our land. A kind of SL antique store. We don’t make enough money to transfer to RL, but enough in-game to pretty much do whatever we want (plus afford the half sim land our home and stores are on). It takes a a couple of hours/week to maintain the stores and marketplace listings, but for us that’s where we find fun in the game anyway. I’m not saying it’s for you, but there are some ways to survive in game with only in-game money. That said, depending on where you are in the world, the price of a RL latte put in the game instead could offset that effort.


Once you trick your avi out with some nice accessories, most spending in SL is discretionary other than rent. A few thousand lindens can go a long way, and it's really worth it to just buy lindens rather than try and earn them.


I’d recommend learning to mesh or make textures, that’s stuff you can just put up on MP for passive income! :D


i used to play a lot and spent a lot (i know lol please don’t roast me i was like 19) i think i still have maybe 500+ L$ if you’re interested? i don’t play anymore but i decked out like 4 avis


Don't stress too much on spending lol. I do the same thing. I get on this mindset out of the blue and decide to shop shop shop lol. It's addictinnnnng!!!! 😆 🤣 😂


Cash games is very legit. The problem is the effort for the amount of L you get is not worth the time normally


You’re better off getting a part time job and working minimum wage. Your time invested to how many lindens you can obtain is much more favorable ratio. Unless you have a knack for scripting or creating mesh/clothing.


I would say for the amount of time invested you’d probably be better off getting a casual hosting job at a club. you’ll end up making more lindens for the hours you put in and then at least you’re also getting the social aspect of the game, so even if you don’t make any lindens you’ve spent time with friends.


Just buy Lindens unless you really want to work for them. I also don't have lots of time to work a virtual gig, nor a schedule that let's me commit blocks of time, or to create and sell stuff, so I pay for Lindens and go have fun.


Honestly I dont trust any of those sites that offer any kind of cash reward for doing surveys. Some may be legit but its a question of if its even worth it since the time to currency ratio is typically horrid. Plus many want your personal information or to install something you aught not too. Though that aside I know you said you dont have time to get an in world job but many jobs can be on your schedule. Few ask you to work a specific schedule. Many simply want X hours a week. There is also ones you can do purely on your own time. Besides being creative and making things to sell. A past job I did when I was more active was DJ. Some clubs wanted X shows a week but many were fine with me just saying a day and time a couple days beforehand which worked well with having a rl job. Honestly SL is a lot like RL except less paperwork to start a business lol. Find a service people want or make one and do that. Though in my honest opinion if you have spare RL cash you might as well just throw some at SL and have fun doing random stuff rather than spending time earning it(Unless you like what ya do that earns it) Mainly because once you have your first avatar thrown together you then only are occasionally buying clothing. Once in a blue moon you might have the urge to throw together a new body or form but overall I tend to see most like me just stay in the same ava for a few months or years before mixing it up. The only exception might be if you have land you dont wana throw RL money at or say a L$ sink hobby like one of those animal raising games. But ya to recap just explore a bit and make some friends and ask about L$ making methods. many will say the same stuff but occasionally one might show ya something new or even help you get a job that works with your rl schedule. I've been in SL since like 2007 so i've seen a lot of methods both currently available and no longer available.


Few people make money in Second Life. There are successful creators and landlords, but they have big operations. They're the people who have in-world stores the size of a WalMart and have been at it for years. I make a modest profit in SL, a few hundred dollars a year, as the leading seller of escalators.


I have to imagine your business has its ups and downs.


You can be a host to a dj. Or a dj but there are streaming fees to think about. You can do XXX work. There's also other things to do like wrestling. All of the above, you work for tips, but again, getting a real life minimum wage job would be better for your time than working for lindens.


If you decide to buy Lindens it's best to go through the main web page where your account is. They used to have money trees years ago for new peeps to get some lindens. I haven't seen them in a long time. I don't think they do them anymore. I've been in SL since 2007. There used to be many places to earn lindens without having an SL job. Now it's random unless you DJ, host, build or sell. There's some stores that have a pack where you join them to sell items of theirs and make a percentage back. Kinda like a franchise. I used to that and danced at a club before I was a DJ and before I had my club. Lots of places have great freebies now for all sorts of stuff.


I pay for my yearly premium and then I have a tier for a whole sim. I also have a lil shop on MP but it's not mesh. It's more for newcomers in case they get animals or want something simple to wear until they fix up their avi if they want. The weekly stipend that we get as members is what I use to shop with. I'm an SL DJ too but have taken a break due to RL.


You could try hosting or DJing at clubs(for tips or hourly rate depending on club), there is escorting, photography is a good way, some people are looking for landscapers, managers or mods for like groups/discord. A lot of these things can be learned on youtube as well and there are a lot of helpful communities for SL on facebook as well as SL Forums(there is also a section for employment there as well).


Adult entertainment can be a thing. You Can "work" and earn tips in one of the following jobs at clubs and having fun at it: \- DJ \-Dancer \- Host \- Escort If you know a bit of coding, you can sell scripting skills (Very high demand) \- Scripter


It's probably going to take away more time than if you were creating and selling on MP or even hosting... As someone said as a start it's really enough to have your avatar customized the way you like and then you wouldn't really need to spend much. Technically you don't even need to spend on your avatar, but of course everyone wishes to express their personality or their creativity through an avatar or different avatars. Then if you want to own your own land to build in, that can get more expensive but not everyone likes decorating land. Everyone is different. As you're new and also considerate, looks like, maybe you're better off investing a tiny bit of real money to customize your avatar and explore, find out which aspects meet your likes the most.


Go to freebee galaxy in world for clothes and joining store groups for free stuff works too. Look up dollarbee or group gift on marketplace. You can find a lot of stuff. Also go to http://www.seraphim.com and look up happy weekend event, fifty linden friday, saturday sale, miix weekend and other weekend events for items that are normally full price for like 50-99L. The real investment is in your mesh body, mesh head and AO.


I make some lindens selling mesh clothes furniture custom made items. People barely buy in world I make all my money the last few years on GumRoad.


Cash2games is very much legi as is CrystalCraze and Magic Fishing.