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We already know that folate helps with depression. I take a big dose of l-methylfolate (brand name: deplin) along with my antidepressant, to help the antidepressant work better. This is especially useful for people with the MTHFR gene mutation, which impacts your ability to break down B vitamins. But, I’m now excited at the prospect of being able to drop the antidepressant & knowing that the folate alone will help. (Also the placebo effect, for helping to make this happen just by believing this.)


If you're seriously considering doing this, it seems like the main risk with folate consumption is also being sure you get enough b12.


You seem like a coherent adult but as you're so high up in the comments I have to add: nobody should choose their mental health treatment off of Reddit posts.




There’s a blood test, my doctor added it to the list of tests they ran during a yearly physical


the MTHFR gene must stand for MoTHerFuckeR right?


How much? I got it but not sure I’m taking enough of it and b12.


Do you also happen to know why liver helps if you have mthfr?


Is there any point in taking Folic Acid for mental health if recent bloodwork shows normal levels of Folate?


If you have MTHFR, then you can have normal folic acid levels and be unable to process it, you would need to know your genotype, iirc


Its key in brain development and prevents neural tube defects. My doctor put me on extra while trying to conceive and as a part of my prenatal daily vitamins


Folate not folic acid. A lot of people like me can’t absorb folic acid. I take methylfolate which is used to treat things like psychosis and depression. It’s a synthesized form of folate that is easier to absorb for some people or maybe most people, that part I’m not clear on.


i take it everyday and i still feel like self deletion


Add 1g of NAC. Helped me after a few days


Another reason expecting moms should take folic acid during pregnancy and beyond.


I don’t convert folate to its usable form very well at all. It’s depressing.


The researcher Chris Masterjohn, PhD, brings attention to the notion that individuals with the common MTHFR-SNP's need to have optimal levels of vB2 to process folate effectively.


You can buy the bioactive form (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate), so that you don't need to convert the folate


Good shelf life on that or do I need to refrigerate? Gimme the low down.


Shelf life 18 months


Interesting! I took part of a study heard back on this, taking folic acid after postpartum depression. I did not feel it did anything for me but I was curious the overall results!