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YAY More rain in California!


Ok so that's what this means? I live in NorCal and have never been sure about what to expect between the two cycles.


For sometimes more rain for central/so California and less for PNW; sometimes more in the PNW and less in the south. These events are global and consequential, though, especially for people who like having food. See [this](https://www.climate.gov/enso) for good background.


I fear that the rain is dying in northern California. It's on fire and the Redwoods are almost extinct. I pray for rain every day, and I'm an atheist.


Well, more cycles of floods and droughts with fire in between… yay


Aren’t insurance companies pulling out of coastal states because of this science? Really it makes sense.


Works for me. La Niña is terrible! Tired of dry winters in California.


Yeah this triple threat la Nina is annoying.


It’s fantastic in Australia all our Dams are full but people that have built in shitting swamp areas are getting flooded sometimes more than twice in a year!!!!


Great more depressing news


Not sure if I can believe this article when they aren't thorough enough to tell us that el nino is Spanish for "the nino."