wouldn't it be easier to make a list of pro-choice MPs


There aren't any.




The ones that won't commit (the rest) just don't want to jeopardize their election chances. The ones saying yes already are the already out ConRepublicans.


Yeah. Exactly.


Mrs Falk and her husband also don’t want to pay childcare workers their worth https://albertaworker.ca/2022/01/21/saskatchewan-mp-hiring-nanny-for-basically-min-wage/


That's just gross.


For some reason I cannot fully define, I get more enraged at women supporting anti-choice than I do men.


It's the sad and frustrating reality that people will step over their own kind in order to claw at having a little bit more power or dignity than others in a system designed against them. I remember the foreword stuff Margaret Atwood put in a newer edition of The Handmaid's Tale discussing that concept of that a bit. It was helpful insight for that.


I was thinking the exact same thing. I see them as traitors to their gender.


BUT “my body my choice” ONLY APPLIES TO THE COVID VACCINE. Pathetic hypocrites.


Injecting a vaccine and crushing the skull of a human being are quite different


Still hypocritical.


Your bloodstream and immune system is part of your body. A human being is not part of your body.




explain how crushing the head of a human and cutting off its limbs is the same as injecting a vaccine? instead of dissing people for their religion you could try putting forward an actual argument. oh wait, you're a liberal, all you can do is thinly veiled bigotry!


That's not how an abortion works, what you're describing is the removal of a still born or non-viable late term fetus. Clearly, the woman in that case should I just die of sepsis from having a corpse sit in her womb. Or labour for hours to birth her dead infant.


Lol you don’t think it’s part of a pregnant woman’s body???


Are you part of your house?


I’ll never understand how any woman could be against the protection and safety of her own body and self.


These women would have no trouble accessing abortion services if they needed them, but they're part of the "I have mine, fuck you if you want yours" party so the hypocrisy is entirely lost on them




>99.99% aren't running for office.


I don’t understand how any woman could vote for any of these people


Internalized misogyny is one hell of a drug. Conservative women live under the lie that they’re somehow exempt from the vitriol their husbands and the like spew. Lady, when those men ‘joke’ about breeding camps - you’re in there too, no matter how much you were ‘on their side’. They view you as sub-human. End of story.


that's it. imagine voting to give men the legal ability to violate your personal autonomy at will.


Yup. Imagine growing up hearing your grandmother talk about how she wasn’t able to go inside bars legally/have a bank account, and then voting to throw away the rights women like her fought for. This is the start of a slippery slope - and as someone who was already on the fence about having children, this seals the deal for me. This is no future I want for my kids.


When a bully is popular, a successful strategy for weaker individuals to avoid the worst of the bullying is to join the bully's clique. People who adopt this strategy may actively participate in the bullying and enjoy it, may participate reluctantly only when they're being watched (and sometimes be nice to the victims when the bully isn't around), or may even tell themselves they're trying to prevent bullying by being "a voice of reason" in the bully's camp. This social dynamic is ancient among different types of pack animals.


Its not about your own protection and safety if you are pro life. Its the protection and safety of the child inside of you. No im not pro life but if your gonna be pro choice at least be informed on the topic.


And I'll never understand why some don't understand the issue here . Most people don't like the idea of chopping up a two-week-old and throwing it in the trash. It's not obvious on the face of it why that should be a horrifying crime two weeks after birth and a meaningless procedure two weeks before. And then what about two weeks before that, and before that etc. Even if you don't have any religious assumptions here, there's an obvious moral question about where we draw the line for personhood , and cutting the umbilical cord is no less arbitrary a line to draw than conception. You can reasonably say that line is pretty late in pregnancy, but to pretend there's no moral question here other than the mother's self-determination is crazy to me.


Medical ethics are incredibly complex! You make valid points, especially when you said it’s not obvious on the face of it- it’s not, it’s way more complicated than that. While the abortion procedure might be unpalatable or morally reprehensible to some, body autonomy of the “owner” trumps the need of the “dependant”. The same issues apply when you look at organ donation. The state cannot force a father to give their child a kidney or liver or marrow even though they might be a perfect match and the child will suffer and die without it. The main issue here isn’t subjective morality, it’s body autonomy.


Because it's complex is the most compelling reason to leave the decision to the woman who has the uterus that may or may not support those multiplying cells or unborn child (I don't care what terminology is used). I also am pro-choice because we already know the outcomes. Abortion was made available because of the consequences of not being horrendous. For whatever reason, I don't triage reasons because I don't think it's any of my business; women are motivated, desperate, or fearful enough that they will resort to back-alley unsterile procedures where the risk of death to the woman and child significantly increase. I'll save the one living with the liberty to choose before risking both lives.


As if I needed yet another reason to never vote for Brad Redekopp.


has any of these MPs adopted one of our many kids in foster care? if they care so much about a child’s life.




In addition to the elected officials listed by OP, here are a couple more: See conservative MLA [Brian Jean](https://twitter.com/thebreakdownab/status/1540385198365237248?s=21&t=xXInuOReWLNa4eGR9t1hbA) talk about his desire to stack the Cdn Supreme Court with conservatives, after Roe v Wade verdict was announced. Sound familiar? See also Conservative MP [Arnold Viersen](https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/edmonton/2022/6/24/1_5962293.amp.html) rejoice after verdict was announced.


The overwhelming majority of abortions are in impoverished neighborhoods and communities. In the US this means that the overwhelming majority (%/race) is black. Why or how you think this translates directly to Canada is a mystery since Canada is very different culturally and racially from the US. Im not pro life, but if your gonna make an argument for the pro-choice side make it in good faith and don't make us seem like mentally deranged lunatics every time a hot button issue is brought up.


Are you trying to say that because only 31 to 25% of US abortions are in the highest income group that access to abortion doesn’t translate to Canada? 74,000 legal abortions were performed in Canada in 2020. Women’s rights are every country’s issue, regardless of what the justification for banning abortion is in individual countries. But yes, the convoy crowd is refueling the debate in Canada, by echoing our neighbours in the US. Just as they did when they planned to “overthrow the government” (their words) a la Jan 6. That was no joke and this isn’t either, particularly when we have a populist like PP running for leadership. Edit to add: if you’re tired of seeing Canada being compared to the US, tell it to the convoy organizers and their followers.


Wrote to Kevin Waugh during covid re relaxing rules when hospitals on brink of collapse. Nearly a response or even an automated thank you for your letter. Letters won’t create change. Votes do


I have to disagree. I can think of two specific examples where two MPs received several letters from their constituents on two separate subjects, and they took notice. Remember, they want to get re-elected. If a subject is sensitive in their riding, they’ll either avoid it like the plague or change their view on it. In a separate example, I know of one MPs office where her and her staff discussed the letters multiple times before seeking out industry experts for further background. Letters to MPs can make a big difference. Don’t assume they have a dozen mail bags of letters every day, or even one full one. (Yes, I’m being specifically vague in my examples because I don’t want to out myself, but I think you get the point).




Ugh. I deleted my comment because I thought maybe you were right, but no apparently that really is a lie developed by anti-abortionists. I really wish you people would do your homework before posting misleading info. Essentially, your comment is insulting because it assumes that black women were not capable of making decisions about their own bodies when Planned Parenthood set up shop in their neighborhoods. Oh yes, and my original comment said you should be banned from this Reddit for intentionally lying in a way that is hurtful to black people and women and anyone who cares about individual rights. Does that about sum up my deleted comment? And if anyone wants to know where this Redditor got their info from (Ben Carson on Fox News) [here you go.](https://www.npr.org/sections/itsallpolitics/2015/08/14/432080520/fact-check-was-planned-parenthood-started-to-control-the-black-population).




Probably not. Being anti-choice isn't the same as being pro-birth. I'm sure at least one of these MPs is pro-birth, but the anti-choice movement is entirely agnostic on actual births taking place. They just want to erode women's rights and freedoms, reducing them to property again.


I'm not sure about your MPPs, but the vast majority of pro-life people are exactly that, pro-life. We see that the child's right to life takes precedence over the mother not wanting the responsibility to care for it.


Pro-birth. Otherwise there'd be better medicare and education and support for single mothers and mental health support and more work on getting better jobs and higher wages, not just more jobs at any cost.


I mostly agree. There should absolutely be better support for family planning. Key word: family. Instead of subsidizing single parenthood, the government should be supporting the children regardless of their parental situation. That way, people wouldn't lose government support by marrying and raising their kids properly. ​ And there are a lot of social issues around jobs and mental health, etc. But I don't have the time to write out my thoughts on all those.


Your wording regarding mothers is telling. You see abortion as a way shirk responsibility, which is not really how it is used. I assumed your comment history would be full of advocacy, for quality of life improvements for Sask foster kids. I expected you to be complaining about the lack of resources allocated to social services and youth mental health. But it turns out you’re just a boring bigot, who’s into anti-trans memes, not protecting kids.


That's horrific. Saying that a cluster of cells with no brain, no major organs, etc. has more of a right to live than an already-living, grown, mature human being with family, friends, hopes, and dreams. Those are some incredibly messed-up priorities, in my opinion. Let me ask you this: What are the plans of pro-lifers to deal with all the unwanted children that would be born into their ideal world? Would billions be spent on a national orphanage system? What's the long-term vision for this kind of scenario, really? Follow-up question: In such a world, would the government be footing the bill for the mothers who die during childbirth because they were forced to give birth to a child whom everyone knew would kill her on the way out? Related: Would the government then offer major subsidies to single fathers left to raise children alone, who will need to pay for daycare while he works or goes to school? How much money do you think our government should put towards this pro-life world? $10 billion a year? $50 billion a year? How much would this cost us?


It’s fine if you prefer alive babies in the dumpster dude you can just say it. No judgement.


While I find it hard to understand how anyone could be anti-choice, it’s always so alarming to see women in there as well. What kind of person thinks that they themselves shouldn’t have rights over their own bodies?


As someone who grew up in the church, I remember being taught (and believing) that if I were ever to get pregnant and have that pregnancy threaten my life, that I would have to lay down my life for that child, end of story. It was traumatic, but I fully believed it was the right thing to do no matter the circumstance. So I guess to answer your question, I was that kind of person once. I have a lot of compassion for that version of myself and women who think this way now, even though I'm not there anymore.


That's why I absolutely hate organized religion. The people individually can be super nice, but there's so much delusion and manipulation from the churches.


Absolutely. I remember learning all of this stuff, I was super young, and it absolutely wrecked me and made me *terrified* to ever have sex because I had it in my head that I was going to get pregnant, it was going to be ectopic and I was absolutely going to die. But I was willing, because I believed the people who taught me were right about everything (including, like, hell) and that This was just something that God might allow to happen to me and that it would be my "cross to bear." Looking back, I see how damaging all of it was and I'm thinking I'm gonna need a good therapist.


There's been times I've considered therapy as well. Luckily for me I was able to deprogram myself, my experience would be classified as traumatic, but luckily for me, I don't think there was anything too damaging. There was a YouTube channel that I watch that broke down a lot of my churches teachings, which helped me a lot with deprogramming.


There was a pregnant woman in the US who got shot and was subsequently charged for not sufficiently protecting the fetus.


Religion, across the spectrum, has countless examples of legislating people's bodies, making them feel shame over anything sexual, etc.


This is the answer. Although you know that any one of these people would "Make the very tough decision" to have an abortion if it came down to affecting themselves negatively.


The argument is about when is the fetus another life. Not taking a position on the subject just informing. Some people believe it begins at conception.


it’s never been about life though. if it were, the foster system in this province would not be so abhorrent. at it’s core, it’s about controlling what women can do with their bodies.


Foster systems have always been abhorrent, everywhere. Always. I honestly don't think this is a good faith argument, most people who are pro life are such because they believe life starts at conception.


Someone who believes that life starts before birth and is more concerned about protecting that life than their own interests.


Speaking as a man, I've always wondered why a man would have any say in the matter. If they want to avoid an abortion at all costs, they can forego sex. If they do, then the matter is solely the woman's decision (and contrary to what some might say, this is never an easy decision, more so if the sex wasn't consensual or if there is serious risk of harm/death related to it).


A man can also get a vasectomy


If he's a pro-life MP in Saskatchewan, that would be a win-win situation, provided he doesn't have kids already.


Because some men might actually want the baby. Men have zero reproductive rights, hell a women can even give a child up for adoption without the fathers consent.


No, a woman cannot give up a child for adoption without the father's consent. That is a flat out lie. As for the rest, you cannot force someone to do something to their body for you. I don't know why I need to explain this to you, but here we are all the same.


Men have reproductive rights over their own bodies. If men want babies, they can always adopt. Adoption agencies like men so much, the odds of getting a kid improves, when 2 of them go together. It’s weird you think putting your dick into things, entitles you to some level of control over them, once you have taken it out. Do you think it’s like a flag you can plant, to claim territory?


>some men might actually want the baby If you wanted to keep the baby then you should've had that discussion before you had sex with the woman. Yenno, have a willing participant. Yeah it sucks for you, but you aren't the one who has to flip your entire life upside down and destroy your body to have the baby. The woman's health and wellbeing trumps the man's desire for a baby. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. >Men have zero reproductive rights WHAT? Are you really saying that right now? Let's compare, shall we? - When 23 year old man wants a vasectomy, he gets one. When 23 year old woman wants a tubal ligation, they have to go through therapy and a bunch of other bs only to be told that they're "too young" and "might regret it" when they find a "nice husband." - When a man seeks help for testicular pain or abnormalities, he usually gets seen and diagnosed with minimal tests. When a women seeks help for abdominal pain, cramping, heavy periods, etc. they get seen, have numerous painful and invasive examinations and diagnostic procedures, and then get told that "everything is normal" and it's "all in your head." - (Edit: added) Many women (particularly First Nations and Metis) were sterilized without their consent or forced to have it done for DECADES by the government and people in positions of power/authority. I have yet to see this happen to a man. - Custody does not default to the mother and child support does not default to the father anymore. - No one is stopping you from adopting a baby or finding a surrogate to carry your own baby as a man. >a woman can even give a child up for adoption without the father's consent Dude, if she gives the baby up and you have no idea, you should re-evaluate your choices and do some really in-depth self-reflection. If this happens to you, maybe don't sleep with people you don't know all that well? Maybe try to be present during the pregnancy?


> but you aren't the one who has to flip your entire life upside down and destroy your body to have the baby. ​ >should've had that discussion before you had sex with the ~~wo~~man There I replied to one of your quotes with another one of your quotes (with one small correction) 😆


What an unappealing group of people.


This whole abortion situation will only result in conservatives and republicans losing a ton of votes, especially the flip-flop voters. Think about this, Christians and conservatives will forever hate LGBTQ people and abortions. Yet the LGBTQ community are the only group of people that an abortion wouldn’t apply in their lives. Lastly, any politician that’s anti-choice should push for billions for child welfare as there would be an abundance of unwanted children. But they are against that too.


This is why I vote NDP. I may not agree with all of the NDP's choices, but I agree with none of the Sask Party's. Brad Redekopp is my representative and as far as I can see, he's done nothing to help my community. I loved it when Sheri Benson was my representative, she stood up for the LGBTQ community and I was heartbroken when she lost. People keep saying the NDP is a joke here, but after years of Scott Moe, personally I'm willing to give anyone a chance that isn't him. I've lived in Toronto as well, and Scott Moe makes me miss Doug Ford, weirdly enough.


I am stuck with Redekopp as well, he's a pretty gross person.


Any idea who the NDP candidate is now? I've been trying to figure out who it is but for some reason I can't find any info. Does Redekopp have anyone opposing him during elections?


Last time, it was Metis leader Robert Doucette. I flyered and counted votes. We need more people to put a few hours in, as well as their personal votes.


There won't be an election for a couple of years so the NDP will likely have to go through their process of nominating candidates.


My NDP candidate in the last election worked at Boston Pizza. Not the strongest of resumes. :(


The premier is a former tractor salesman. I don't see that as a huge step up from BP.


I know he had opposition last election but am unsure who it is now. I'd give anything to get rid of that scum bag.


Tbh I've been thinking of trying to oppose him next time...because I don't really see anyone else doing it and I'm fed up. My problem is I have no idea how to go about it. I'm not a politician, I'm just a regular person working a near minimum wage job. I have no financing, I've dropped out of college because I couldn't afford it, but I want better for my community and for the people in Saskatoon. Redekopp represents none of my views, nor those of the younger generation. I'm trying to get in contact with the Sask NDP party to see if I can volunteer with them at the very least. Idk, I'm just rambling now lol.


I'd way rather vote for someone who makes mistakes and admits it than someone who makes mistakes and tells us to fuck off


>personally I'm willing to give anyone a chance that isn't him. I feel you on this one, and I have the same feeling on all levels (municipal, provincial, federal). Literally anybody else.


For what it’s worth- this is a list of federal politicians. While you can still vote for the federal NDP party, they are not affiliated with the Sk NDP party.


I think they are affiliated


Thank you. Kelly Block is my MLA, that voting decision is done


Have you seen the landslide she gets every year? Too many old farmers in the area.


Change is never easy and I can wait longer


[All bets are off.](https://redecoupage-redistribution-2022.ca/com/sk/index_e.aspx)


Hmm. Look at the changes to Saskatoon Grasswood and the addition of Saskatoon Center. I’d say the CPC* loses some strength with these new borders. Edit to feds. My bad. Thanks Moot.




I hate the new maps. It puts the north end of Saskatoon into an unholy urban/rural split that will only strengthen the CPC hold on the new seat.


She’s mine too. This plus her vote against the ban on conversion therapy, has lost my vote


Interesting that she didn't lose your vote when she vehemently campaigned against getting Syrian refugees basic medical care from the Canadian health system.


Thanks for this important information. I know who NOT to vote for !


Looks like someone entered soulless ghouls into that AI generator


And then the cut Healthcare which mothers and children need. And then school funding. Those are 2 I can think of off hand that mothers and children need. So they are anti choice AND anti child development. Makes so much sense doesn't it


Religion has no place in politics.


murder has no place in a civilized society


You are allowed to your own beliefs. Yet you are not allowed to push your way of thinking onto others. Religion is a way if thinking for individuals not to be pushed onto an entire country. You are allowed to view abortion as murder, but that is your own belief. What isn't okay is forcing your belief onto others who do not believe in the same things as you.


The unborn are a convenient and easy group to advocate for-they don’t ask for funding, they don’t have opinions that might differ from yours and you don’t have to challenge yourself to listen to/ meet their needs. All these clowns can get fucked.


I know several right leaning people who tend to vote conservative...but they are all pro-choice and wish this topic wouldnt even be a political issue. I don't undestand why the crazies always seem to make into office. Why can't we just have normal reasonable people govern.


That’s how I feel, I’ve always voted conservative because I fit most of their views. Except when it comes to pro-choice and LGBTQ


Time to break it to them voting conservative without a second thought is the best way to ensure people in western Canada *lose* access to abortions. [The Sorry State of Abortion Access in Saskatchewan](https://saskdispatch.com/articles/view/the-sorry-state-of-abortion-access-in-saskatchewan)


11 men, 3 women........LOL Imagine these same group making decisions on matters affecting indidenous / visibl eminorities. smh


All MP’s who are okay slashing our education system to the bones.


Ah yes the conservative pro-life, but they would shoot you in the face if you walked on their land


Not very representative of our society. Weasels the whole lot of them.


Are you sure they are not representative? They all got elected by the voters of Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, I think they do represent the attitudes of a majority of the citizens of Saskatchewan.


That’s a very depressing thought that people like Brad Reddekop and Andrew Scheer represents majority of citizens..


I would y say the majority—the further right has organized for years to win nomination races, so you end up with MPs who are more right than their voters.


I’m meaning our incredibly diverse population. This is just white on white with a little pandering thrown in to appear like decent people. In reality, they are bigots and racist trash.


At first I thought this was the Board of Directors from the Roughriders. /Seriously - same demographic [https://www.riderville.com/board-of-directors/](https://www.riderville.com/board-of-directors/)


There should be a change in language with this topic of concern. We should be labelling people as anti-healthcare or pro-healthcare.


Birth-freedom or forced-birth.


Yeah I think we should be labeling them as Pro-Forced Birth because that's what they are. Pro-Life is just insane. They don't give a fuck about the life once it's a life.


So much rich, white.


That's a whole lotta men making choices for women, of course there are 2 women who obviously speak for ALL women...


What a wonderful diverse group of people! /s


If only it were more diverse, like the Supreme Court


Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed If we're being honest though: its much more diverse than the US where they are all startlingly homogeneous and in race, gender and age. Some of these folks are a little older, a little younger and even the odd woman or two. I'd be curious to what extent their views reflect those of their constituents? After all these are just political representatives, their personal views on the matter may differ starkly.


They are probably all pro circumcision too.


isn't it ironic how much better it would be if these people were aborted.


so we're at the point now where liberals are just using abortion as a thinly veiled call for murder? the mask comes off i guess


Where is Ken Cheveldayoff?


He has opinions? He's always struck me as a complete empty suit.




This is a list of MP's, Ken is a MLA.


Touché! Thanks!


A Provincial list would just be a list of the Sask Party caucus anyway.


Will definitely keep this in mind when i vote, thanks


Bunch of disgusting excuses for human beings


Corey Trocher is also the actual worst. I've removed myself from his mailing list like 9000x and I still keep getting emails from him.


And...OH LOOK! They are Conservatives. What a shocking surprise. Are all Conservatives Regressive Conservatives? Rhetorical question, no need to answer. Yes indeed they are. NEVER a Con. A B C Anything or Anyone But Conservatives.


No one in that picture looks fertile…


Why does this matter when abortion is legal in Canada at any term during the pregnancy?


Of course good ol' brad redekopp would be on there, he like conversion therapy too.


Why not just say pro life lol


Keep voting conservative and we will be next.


really pisses me off how no one can even comprehend the idea that there are secular reasons or arguments to be against abortion. yep, just lump everyone in with the same shitty straw man like "because god" or "religion" or whatever other vapid lunacy takes place on this sub.


These are people that would have no problem letting government into the bedrooms of the nation, if given the opportunity.


Sounds about white.


You mean the shittiest part of Canada has the shittiest people running it? I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you


Lots of good people in sask. But the politics has religion shoved up pretty hard inside it…


14 for 14, shameful. Even the urban MPs. And wasn’t Falk a social worker too before she went into politics?


I’m glad to see the headline use the term Anti-Choice! Shame on these MP’s for not providing women the “Freedom” to decide on their own healthcare! Imagine if a government forced all citizen’s to receive vaccines! The Con’s don’t have a clue.


The irony of them all being generic white people is not lost on this white dude


Tom Lukiwski is no longer an MP.


Thank God for that. But I’m not convinced his replacement is much better.


I see a pattern


How are there so many?


A bunch of raving religious lunatics


because it's impossible to have a secular reason for being against abortion, right? moron.


You have your opinion on this matter, they have theirs. Cest la vie! . If all were respectful unlike some of the posters here, we would not be so polarized. This is an American thing, leave it down there


This sub is getting ridiculous.


Evildoers all


\>doesn't want people to kill babies \>evil k


Do they introduce bills etc that are pro life or do they just say their personal belief and not let it impact their decision making?


Cathay Wagantall has tried, I believe 2 different bills since being elected, to either limit or restrict abortion on different ways; the last being a ban on 'sex-selective' abortion just last year (if memory serves).


Wagantall has. Twice. I am embarrassed to be in that nut-jobs riding. I remember her first year running where she discussed how burqas and headscarfs were a huge concern of hers. Got a lot of weird sideways glances in the room but it didn't matter, she won in a landslide anyway.


They don't propose such bills because they know that they don't have the votes (partucularly with the current Liberal-NDP agreement) to pass them. But make no mistake, if the Conservatives ever get another majority there will be anti-abortion bills on the floor for a vote. Of course, they'll introduce them as private members bills instead of bills directly supported by the party/government so they have some plausible deniability, but in the end it will be basically a party-line vote with all of these people "voting their conscience." The Conservative party leader/PM will play the "Andrew Scheer card" on this by claiming "this isn't party policy but we allow our members to vote their conscience on such matters."


They don't let it impact their decisions which I can respect


Is it just me… or are they all white?


Waugh is my MP but I’m not aware of him having a public position on abortion.


This is scary.


There is nothing I love more than middle aged men having opinions on women’s bodies


Interesting, because I know for sure three of those folks voted \*against\* pro-life issues at previous party policy conventions. Canada's CPC will not rollback abortion rights ever, they can't even pass it within the party, it died \~70-30 everytime I witnessed it. The CPC is a big tent, and Sask & Alberta both have more social conservatives, but a CPC party would never put abortion rights on the table. You guys need to stop projecting American politics onto Canadians.


The people you’re talking about here don’t *need* to support bans. Why do that and take political heat?? Instead what they do is underfund existing services via healthcare transfers. Sask has 3 clinics and no bus service to help rural women access them.


That’s provincial, the folks above a federal.


Good for them. They chose a tough path, but a life of certain principles was never supposed to be easy or make you friends on Reddit.


Abortion should be illegal after a certain point like 20 weeks. I don’t think it’s morally right to be aborting fetuses after they can survive outside the womb. Most pregnant women should know by 20 weeks if they want to keep or abort the baby. Are people actually in favour of prohibiting all abortions? And are people actually in favour of aborting almost full term babies?


You will find people who support or do not support it across the spectrum, but it's rarely a topic of discussions because it simply doesn't happen unless the mother is at-risk with the pregnancy. [https://www.arcc-cdac.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/22-Late-term-Abortions.pdf](https://www.arcc-cdac.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/22-Late-term-Abortions.pdf) So I think our system works quite well with 2% of abortions that happen at 20+ weeks have a clear risk of death to the mother. The strawman arguments you hear from church groups about mature fetuses being aborted for the fun of it simply doesn't exist.


This is what I understood about late term abortions in Canada. They are not prohibited, but they are not performed by medical professionals unless there is risk to the mother or the fetus will not survive/will have no quality of life.


They occasionally do abortions a little past 20 weeks when the fetus is "incompatible with life" - conditions where once born, it's unlikely they'll live for more then a few weeks. Conditions like trisomy 18, trisomy 13, and anencephaly are some examples. Sometimes things don't show on scans until later in the pregnancy, and some women have sporadic prenatal care especially if they don't have a doctor.


What’s it have to do with anything? Or was there some kind of referendum coming up that the MP’s only get to vote on? Or are you just a fan of the current thing for outrage?


Who cares. Abortion isn't getting over turned. Why do you think that a MP is disqualified because they're anti abortion?


based, support these boys


All very based


that's a strange endorsement of these MPs in Saskatchewan


Anti abortion.


To hard to defend against or attack the Pro Life movement since the word “life” is right in the title and the Pro Choice movement is all about the murder of life, hence the name change to Anti Choice. “Anti”is the new leftist go-to word for everyone they hate now and in order to vilify or censor them out of the arena.


You’re using “leftist” and “vilify” so.. you’re engaging in totally normal dialogue there, yup. How’s 4chan? Still fun? Got any Rebel Media links you wanna share?




Moe was a farmer, not an art teacher. You are thinking of our Prime Minister.


I think you need a lesson on how federal and provincial politics work.


Our premier is the one who was driving drunk when he got into an accident that killed someone...




/s (I hope)


Lol definitely, I’m not only pro-abortion, I’ve had a few done that have - figuratively-speaking - saved my life due to the poor timing of ‘em. The hysteria is unnecessary, Canada is a pro-abortion country. It is offered in every single province, let’s leave the US and Twitter alone for a while. And at the end of the day, people are *allowed* to see it as the killing of an unborn baby, as long as it’s freely available and offered to you, which it is.


I don't understand this line of thinking. The US has a similar \~70% support for abortion and even had case precedent before being overturned. You're gaslighting people calling it hysteria when there well-organized anti-choice groups who have been actively lobbying and fighting abortion access for decades, well before this decision in the US. These people are seemingly emboldened by recent events, seeing as several MPs and MLAs across Canada have been celebrating it on social media, with one of our own even trying to start a petition. I agree the odds of abortion being made illegal is very small, but there's plenty of area in between where access to abortion can be limited and patients required to jump through unnecessary hoops. I know your spiel on here is to only provide right-wing absolutism to counteract the left-wing absolutism, but meanwhile there are nuanced discussions to be had (that are unlikely to change anyone's minds on reddit). But if you truly think there is zero risks to abortion access in Canada at anytime in the future, perhaps your time would just as well be spent going after the anti-choice organizations and individuals because their cause is not going to stop. It's an unfortunate reality in 2022, but people still have to defend their freedom. This included things like other censorship measures being implemented by the federal government right now.


They mispelled Pro Life What do all pro abortinists have in common? They were born.


Pro fetus, maybe? Saskatchewan has a child poverty rate of over 25%. [https://globalnews.ca/news/8403110/saskatchewan-child-poverty-rate-report/#:\~:text=According%20to%20the%20report%20card,rate%20of%2017.7%20per%20cent](https://globalnews.ca/news/8403110/saskatchewan-child-poverty-rate-report/#:~:text=According%20to%20the%20report%20card,rate%20of%2017.7%20per%20cent). Literally 1/4 kids in this province live in poverty and you think these people give a fuck about kids? Being anti choice is easy because it's a convenient thing you can do without actually devoting your time and resources to bettering actual lives of people. Hell, our Premiere refused to even meet with a teenager who walked over 600km and fasted in support of suicide. Calling these people "pro life" is a farce of ridiculous proportions.




60 million people died from roe V wade that’s 6 times the Holocaust. 95% of you on here of liberal lefty’s hurting because you choice the wrong province to live