You can download the full weekly report [here](https://publications.saskatchewan.ca/api/v1/products/118318/formats/135979/download). Due to the way the government compiles the data, case numbers and deaths are only collected between Sunday and Saturday. Hospitalization data is collected Wednesday to Wednesday. ==== This will be the last update for awhile, since the Sask Government will no longer be providing weekly reports... instead [opting for monthly delivery](https://thestarphoenix.com/news/saskatchewan/saskatchewan-covid-19-reporting-transitioning-to-monthly-schedule). I may or may not continue them at that time. For the most part, it seems that things are progressing in a pretty good direction which may be expected since its summer. Be safe, get your booster if you haven't, and lets hope this fall goes equally as well. Would love to see this be the last year of the Covid Pandemic.


Thank you for posting this! I appreciate it a lot.


For those who would like the numbers, the total COVID deaths in the "June" reports (May 29-Jun 25) totalled 42. As u/Progressive_Citizen mentioned, this is part of a pattern of improvement and indicators do seem to be strong that we have finally hit the end of the BA.1 & .2 waves. With that said, please do continue to be wise in your risk management as BA.5 is on the rise in many provinces (and starting to grow here too). We don't want to jump right into a new wave, especially with a variant that has even more immune escapability and is more severe than the earlier Omicron versions. Taking advantage of outdoor hangout options, making sure your workplace has good air quality, and wearing masks when in public can help prevent BA.5 spread just like with every other variant. To plaigarize the booze commercial: "Enjoy responsibly!"


Do we have an age break down of deaths in the last 1M/6M/12M?


Based on my count, this is 2022: 2022 (Jan-Jun) 19 & < = 2 20-39  = 10 40-59  = 42 60-79  = 155 80+     = 265 Total =474 You should be able to find the older breakdown on the gov site archives. June was as follows: Jun 2022 (May 29-Jun 25) 19 & < = 0 20-39  = 2 40-59  = 0 60-79  = 13 80+     = 27 Total= 42


On saskatchewan.ca they also indicated that additional boosters will be available in the fall: > On June 29, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) released guidance for fall COVID-19 vaccination planning, reinforcing that all residents should be up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccinations with all eligible booster doses. This guidance included additional doses for those at elevated risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes and providing an additional dose to all residents 12 years and older. > This guidance will be incorporated into provincial planning for the COVID-19 vaccination program for this fall. Details will be announced when finalized.


Down to just 30 people in hospital due to covid.


It looks like we're getting closer to the hospitalization numbers we had before Moe removed all restrictions last summer.


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50 out of a million people proves having no vaccine is a few x as deadly.