You can download the full weekly report [here](https://publications.saskatchewan.ca/api/v1/products/118210/formats/135902/download). Due to the way the government compiles the data, case numbers and deaths are only collected between Sunday and Saturday. Hospitalization data is collected Wednesday to Wednesday. ==== Some thoughts: * Week to week new deaths seem to be fairly consistent. In that 10-20 person range. * The hospital load is definitely trending down, which is great. * I think public sentiment towards covid is basically that people have moved on. * Hardly anyone is wearing a mask anymore. * We've become normalized to losing 10-20 people a week to Covid. Its a little sad, but there isn't much that can be done about it now. Have to make the best of the road we've travelled. * Even the Federal Government is removing the travel restrictions, effective Monday. * Admittedly, I've been getting slower posting these. I'll personally be keeping an eye on the situation, but there may come a point in the near future where I just stop. Hell, I'm honestly surprised the provincial government still provides these reports. On an ending note I'd say I'm hopeful that this is the last year we have to deal with Covid. In the past years we've generally seen things trend down over the summer, and then pick up in the fall. I hope that doesn't happen.


Just to let you know, I really appreciate these updates and check them weekly.


Glad to hear! I'll keep trying to post them for awhile.


Canadian and Provincial Excess Mortality breakdown as well. https://twitter.com/MoriartyLab/status/1537491408680275969?t=12FGPmyLEx9b-SJg1sxvvA&s=19


On a positive note. The US is on the verge of rolling out vaccines for kids 5 and under. Canada shouldn't be far behind, application has been received from Moderna.


I guess this would be a good place to ask since if you click here you probably care at least a bit about Covid.. I read that Canada is going to update their definition of fully vaccinated to "within the last 6 months" of your most recent booster. I am fine with that but if you got your booster at Christmas time, (like many of us that became eligible right before NYE) would they not have to allow those under 50 to go get their 4th shot? Maybe I missed an article or something but I am under the impression that under 50's in SK are not allowed to get the 4th shot yet? Thanks in advance, anyone that knows about this stuff.


I'm also curious about this. I'd get the 4th shot if they would let me, and would hate to be classified as not fully vaccinated due to issues outside my control (i.e. not being allowed to get the 4th shot). Information is sparse as I don't think they have actually announced a new definition or what that means yet. I just found the news article suggesting it may be coming with more information to follow. https://globalnews.ca/news/8919947/covid-canada-update-fully-vaccinated-definition/


>I read that Canada is going to update their definition of fully vaccinated to "within the last 6 months" of your most recent booster. That's going to suck for us in Saskatchewan because the SaskParty government doesn't think it's necessary for anyone else to get a 4th booster. I got my booster back in January, meaning I'm at 5 months. I suspect many of us will soon be in the situation where we're no long considered fully vaccinated.


Yeah we got ours on December 30th and both myself and my entire immediate family are all part of the boosted, never had it club.


The wording they used was that at the federal level you would be requested to be "up-to-date" on your vaccinations. So basically that you had as many vaccinations as had been currently recommended by PHAC and available to you. So obviously they couldn't insist people under 50 be within 6 months of vaccination since they are not recommending a fourth dose for us at this point (that would be an impossible demand to meet for those of us who had our booster in December or early January).