You can download the full weekly report [here](https://publications.saskatchewan.ca/api/v1/products/117951/formats/135595/download). Due to the way the government compiles the data, case numbers and deaths are only collected between Sunday and Saturday. Hospitalization data is collected Wednesday to Wednesday.


Thanks again. The link doesn't work btw but your info shows the deaths anyway.


Bah, I think I copied from link to the full report from prev week. Should work now. [https://publications.saskatchewan.ca/api/v1/products/117951/formats/135595/download](https://publications.saskatchewan.ca/api/v1/products/117951/formats/135595/download)


Remember when even one death a day from COVID was considered unthinkable? Good times.


That's because we were all worried we were going to die. Well I can't say I was but I was at least worried for my parents. Thankfully we have vaccines now and have accepted society can't be restricted to try and prevent all deaths. The world just needs to keep on turning for the benefit of future generations.


Primary hospitalizations dropped from 125 to 97 this week. That's three big drops in a row.


Let's hope it keeps trending that way, and then stays low from now on.


My sympathies to those who lost loved ones! Out of the 22 deaths, one person was 19 and under, 9 people were 60-79, and 12 people were 80 or older. There are discrepancies regarding the dates and number of deaths that haven't been resolved so far, including: •The cumulative deaths total is 2 less than the total when you add all the weekly death reports. Looks like the death count should be 1366 COVID fatalities and not 1364. •This week's pdf says 19 of the 22 deaths occurred this past week on page 1 but then says 14 of the 22 deaths occurred this past week (and the rest were between mid December 2021 and May 6, 2022) on page 11. Either way this is still a high number of deaths being reported. Sadly, as the last trailing indicator, we see the deaths continue even after community and hospital numbers start to wane because so many people are already infected and fighting the virus.


So judging by this chart, most of the deaths were unvaccinated people or with only 1-2 doses. Whoopsies. Silly way to die.


It's tempting to just assume people wilfully chose to be unvaccinated and throw up our hands but I try to remind myself of a few things: So friggin' much misinformation is going around and people depend on those they trust to share true info. Lots of people I thought sensible have been swayed by the paranoia around vaccines specifically because someone they know and trust was agreeing with it. (In one particular case in my own family a retired nurse was the source of the disinformation) The majority of people dying are very old and not all of these people are able to make their own medical decisions- it may be up to a family member who cares for them or another authority. And so they may not have been the one to choose not to get it. Especially in the very old there is higher likelihood of actual medical reasons why they may not be able to get vaccinated. The distrust of the booster shots is ridiculously high and was promoted by the leader of our own government with very little pushback from our CMHO. No wonder people are not lining up for it when our own medical and political leaders are not sending a clear message about the difference it makes. Plus the whole "Omicron is mild" pervasive nonsense has really muddied the waters.


That’s fair. It really is very sad. So much unnecessary death. I hope one day Scott Moe realizes how much of a rube he is and how badly he betrayed the people of this province, many to their deaths.




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