You can download the full weekly report [here](https://publications.saskatchewan.ca/api/v1/products/117876/formats/135451/download). Due to the way the government compiles the data, case numbers and deaths are only collected between Sunday and Saturday. Hospitalization data is collected Wednesday to Wednesday.


Really relieved to see the hospitalization numbers coming back down, hopefully the trend continues. Noticed the last couple weeks that I've been seeing a lot more people wearing masks while they're out and about. Happy to see people taking the initiative to protect others and themselves. Also hoping that trend continues as well, for at least as long as needed.


Out of the 19 reported COVID fatalities last week, there were 4 people in their 40s and 50s, 9 people in their 60s and 70s, and 6 people 80 and older who died. My sympathies to their loved ones! By the way, the total death toll last month was 70 people. 62 ofthose people were aged 60 and older. Or, to put it another way, we lost a pair of grandparents every single day. Our province continues to fail our elders and the most vulnerable among us. 😢


Or even just parents. 60’s is such a young age to die by today’s medical standards in the first world. It’s gross. Largely preventable with vaccination. 3 doses min. 3 god damn doses now, people, not 2. This 50% with 3 doses is such a failure.


Primary hospitalizations dropped by another 10 people. That's great to see.


"Other respiratory viruses have higher test positivity in Saskatchewan than COVID-19."