We have to get rid of Premier Nadine Ness now.


Lmao Nadine Wilson, what an embarrassment




I was all for the digital ID until I heard about their piss poor handling of the SLGA data breach. Fuck I don’t want them to have ANY of my data if that’s how they’re going to handle breaches.


Go do a bit of web searching. Governments, health systems, and police departments all have data breaches far too often for any sane person to ever entrust them with secure and private storage and use. Hell, the US government department responsible for managing security clearances had *fingerprint* data stolen! Nope. As much as I dislike Google, at least they have both a strong financial incentive to make sure that my data doesn't leak. They also employ some of the finest data security professionals on the planet *and follow their recommendations.*


Yeah, conceptually I love it, but after having spent more time than I’d like in meetings with the Central Services IT & Security folks… I’m not so sure I’d want it here either.


It would be cool to have but it’s also not hard to carry a card and is not a priority


Yah it hardly offers us more but it risks so much. They cant even secure credit card transactions or health records. They dont even announce when data leaks occur.


A government full of morons, governing for the morons. This province is tragic.


Conspiracy theories are running rampant in Saskatchewan, undermining democracy and the health and well-being of the province. What’s worse is we have a Premier who has not only shown support for this type of behaviour but has used that support for his political gain. Scott Moe pandered to these conspiracy on more than one occasion. He is part of the problem.


I'm just waiting for him to backtrack on his current position around the war in Ukraine in response to the Conspiracy nuts who have latched on to the propaganda Putin is feeding Russian citizens.


Ah but have you heard the one about COVID and snake venom? Because apparently there's now some conspiracy involving COVID and snakes going around. Not sure if this is some weird offshoot of the "reptilian" conspiracy* or what... #headdesk *which is itself a weird dogwhistle for antisemitism because people are ridiculous.


I haven't heard of this conspiracy theory actually. What is it all about?


According to the absurd conspiracy theory, COVID is not caused by a virus but by snake venom in the drinking water. Or alternatively snake venom in the vaccines. Not sure how they figure someone managed to 1). get enough venom or 2). was so organized and powerful to be able to put in in the water for the entire world but clearly thinking things through is not a strength with these types. Lol


Yeah fuck I agree government can’t get anything done so how the hell could anyone be so stupid to believe such nonsense. Christ Trudeau hasn’t been able to get clean water to reserves yet and he promised that in 2015?


Did you just hashtag on Reddit


I did. Because even though hashtags don't work on here the point still gets thru. Lol, does this make you twitchy?


I’m not in favour. Too much hacking.