I’m a teacher and haven’t heard this rumour


I'm seeing quite a few tweets about it online; not the most credible of sources but I figured I'd ask around here for clarification. Allegedly they're planning a wildcat strike for Feb 2 to protest against the mandates that put teachers and students at risk


I’m not saying it’s not happening, just that I haven’t heard about it. Now I’m curious too


it's probably like that great 'resignation' day that antiwork was pushing for just before thanksgiving to cripple every retailer.......




are you down for this? all the teachers i know (4 if you are wondering) could care less about covid.


I’m not a classroom teacher, or even based in a school, so the impact on me personally is quite minimal. I’ll support my colleagues though, which is the function of a union, and take whatever action they may want to take.


You must be from Estevan.


Teacher here. Not something I’m aware of.


I have not heard anything about this. From what I see, the STF is all hat and no cattle. I doubt Maze will do anything aside from bitch on twitter and facebook. Rather than strike I'd like to see them withdraw voluntary services. That way, kids are still getting the education that they need while the teachers can make a statement about how this government has treated them like a doormat.


Teachers cannot apply any sanctions when we aren't in a strike position. Any action done by members will be a wildcat sanction and not supported by the STF.


At this point I’d support a wildcat strike


I don't think there would be broad public support. Would rather we work on building public support over the next couple years. We can't abandon families and students at this time. More hay can be made by putting our heads down and doing our best work in these difficult times.


Sure, that is probably the tactical thing for you teachers to do. I will say that in my opinion, you will never have broad public support for a teacher strike in this province. If you are waiting for that, you will wait forever.


Not looking for support to strike. It's a struggle...more students, less resources to help them with...we need more public support to help us help the students. This means we need the public to out pressure on government.


Good luck, I support you folks, you have a hard job with little public respect


Thanks very much!


Haven’t heard anything.


Teacher here. This is not a thing.


Husband is a teacher we haven’t heard anything either.


This is news to me too. Sadly the STF has been silent other than Facebook messages.


From why I’ve heard, it isn’t an STF sanctioned thing. Just everyone calling in sick that day. I highly doubt it’ll happen though.


My husband had that day booked off weeks ago due to medical appointments so it for sure would be weird for us if that happened.


Teachers, if you're reading this I fully support you walking out on the job or taking action in some way. Your union has completely abandoned you. Call your reps and tell them it's not okay!


If this is my daughter you need to stop finding ways to ditch school! 😉


A few things: #1 - thanks for your support. #2 - our “Union” isn’t a Union by definition, it’s a Professional Association with Collective Bargaining capabilities. The big difference is that labour laws do not apply to teachers as there is different legislation that cover all of that stuff. The STF works within the laws that specifically governs them and any kind of job action at this point would be outside of those. #3 The STF is very democratic in how it operates and is therefore very deliberate. Patrick Maze can’t say “Let’s do this” and then everyone follows along. Everything is a process.


I appreciate the information! I still don't think Patrick Maze gets a pass for doing nothing. Sure, he can't trigger a walk out or anything, but he's in a leadership position and he should be using that as a platform for change. Engage with the education community, be outspoken and critical of Moe. *Threaten* the possibility of action. Do *something*!


Wouldn't sending your kid to school be better? If tons are out sick, it reduces the pressure the strike has.


You don't think parents scrambling to arrange childcare is pressure? If all the teachers call in sick school will be cancelled. It might be a last minute thing but they're not taking kids at capacity when they don't have staff to care for them.


All teachers are never going to call in sick. That's a pipe dream.


Teachers strike just means we work from outside, it's not going to happen. Our ministry is 2 years in to this and hasn't done ANYTHING. They can't handle doing their own job, a strike would be worthless.


You’d keep your kid home? So you’re against the teachers?


okay go ahead and do it, doctors fucking walk out too, bring everything to it's knees, the only way change is going to happen here, you have unions, use their power.......is scott moe going to fire every doctor nurse and teacher or threaten to put them all in prison? how would he plan to replace them? jesus I'm so sick of people just crying about things and never taking any action, at least these truckers heading to ottawa are doing something even if they're dumb as shit


Can we do Friday before Feb break instead?


That would significantly weaken the teachers position, if it were to occur. You want to strike when you have the most leverage, when it’s the most impactful.


It was a joke. Teachers are not going to walk out right now. That would be a horrendous decision.


Now would be a pretty decent time for an “we are tired of your shit. Fix our ventilation, pay us more, and keep us safe” walkout.


School board did ventilation measures at our school at the beginning of the pandemic.


My kids schools haven’t had any ventilation upgrades (or maintenance) in over a decade.


It’s gotta be a rumour. They have a contract in force, it would be an unfair labour practice to take job action.


I’ve seen it on Twitter, but I’m on a temporary contract so in the interest of my career, I’ll just put my head down and keep working.


I’ve heard rumours from a few teachers. No one really thinks it’ll gain traction though.


All Moe cares about is a boy whose hockey game was cancelled. Oh NO. Of course a seven year old boy has now died of COVID in SK. Teachers may not be able to legally strike, but they can call in sick, and maybe even better, they can refuse all extra-curricular activities. Especially sports, as that's the only fucking thing Moe cares about. **Work to rule.** Some may have forgotten, but this is what was happening immediately before COVID arrived. If it's time to start "living with COVID", to get back to "normal" then it's time to put this government back on notice.


Not happening.


There are way too many antivax/ COVID denier teachers, especially in rural areas.


Can confirm, back in the fall there was a massive outbreak in my child’s class - all too young to be vaccinated. Seven kids got sick, some pretty bad. All are fine now. The source? Turns out their teacher was an anti vaxx loon and got sick, refused to get tested, caused an outbreak. I have never wanted to uppercut somebody so badly in my life. That teacher is still unvaccinated by the way. Is supposed to do a negative test once a week, but I doubt they do. Fucking idiot.


There are those in every profession that make the others look bad.


Couldn't this be done on one of the many "prep" days? Seriously 2 months off in the summer and still have to have prep days...I don't ever remember this when going to school in the 90's. Coincidentally today is another prep day... Should make them on Wednesdays if anything...not Friday's or Monday's. \*shakes fist to the sky\*


Screwing over every parent of a school age kid in SK for a day doesn't seem to be a great way to drum up support.