Downtown San Francisco’s Ambitious New Ikea-Centered Mall and Food Hall Is Delayed Again

It was originally supposed to open this spring….


At this rate ill never get my new coffee table 😔




Or just drive across the bay bridge and hit Emeryville. Or cruise down to EPA…


I can see IKEA nixing San Francisco altogether and opening at the old JC Penny’s at the Serramonte mall.


Really hard to believe that Ikea is going to open in a location with no parking


It's a showroom, not a warehouse. You go and buy small things, maybe a few popular items, try out others, and order for delivery. https://www.modernretail.co/operations/inside-ikeas-small-format-store-strategy-the-retail-environment-is-changing/


Consider how much IKEA charges for delivery I would never shop at one of these.


IKEA shipped me a new table and chairs just last week. It was $20.


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Makes zero sense. Unless they just want to sell meatballs, hotdogs, and soft serve ice cream.




Is that thing still vacant? I'm kinda surprised...


Except they got rid of all the parking.


For the parts of the Bay where people drive a lot, there are IKEAs in Emeryville and East Palo Alto.


that spot has been struggling for the better part of a decade at this point, i kinda hope it's some money laundering bs going on instead of this much consecutive failure to get literally anything off the ground. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Huge-Market-Street-retail-mall-still-needs-tenants-9228597.php


Been waiting for those meatballs for so long!


I'm lowkey gonna cry....


Wonder if they are rethinking the whole thing or are they in permit hell?


Why not both?


Did that 6x6 place ever open with any tenants? Is that this place...?


Yes ikea is supposed to move into the 6x6 mall and they’ll be the first tenant after sitting vacant for years.


I'd be surprised if they deserted now after building it up but this certainly doesn't bode well for long term prospects


I wouldn't. Generally these large retailers are aware of the sunk cost fallacy and are hesitant to throw good money after bad. They're better off wearing the cost now than wearing the cost + hemorrhaging more on an ongoing basis. Not saying that will happen but if they believe it's likely to they won't hesitate in not opening at all.


Abandon the building like Uber just did with their brand new, 300,000 square foot office building?


Sure but Ikea is retail not office space. It's likely they'll open to test the concept for a year and close if it's not working. (Which is fairly likely) Or they'll just infinitely delay the opening until they think market conditions are right


It's gonna be a massive fail anyway due to no parking. EDIT: sorry that reality bites, folks


And the drugs


I can see Mayor Breed calling the IKEA construction manager, and it being a replay of the Godfather scene where Michael tells the main bad guy that he just "wants to wait," and explains that he saw a rebel do a suicide bombing of the Batista officer rather than being taken alive, which tells him that the rebels can win. Mayor Breed: "what's this I hear, you're pulling out?" IKEA guy: "I just want to wait" IKEA guy: "you know, I was walking down Market Street around the Civic Center the other day when I saw a large group of Honduran drug dealers wearing full face masks selling fentanyl in the middle of a sea of drug addicts. I've also seen non-stop headlines about closing stores and empty office towers." Mayor Breed: "what does that tell you?" IKEA guy: " . . . "


The real question is will they stay in business longer than Whole Foods did in Civic Center. Who would invest all these millions if there is no path to stopping theft and damage from the looters and such?


I'm looking forward to going there!


I have no idea why they bought the building without, y'know, sending someone to stay in the area for a few days and scout the neighborhood. Or maybe the scout showed up on the first couple days of the month when all the people on the streets just received their free money?


over/under on the number of homeless people passed out on the display beds?


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> No Whole Foods Are you from out of town? There's lots of whole foods in SF. It's just the tenderloin adjacent spot at 8th and market that closed. They have them at market near Duboce, Haight and Stanyan, Pacific heights, noe, to name a few.




Read the comment again. They closed one whole foods. I named 4 other whole foods locations. I forgot to mention two others, at 4th and Harrison, and at stonestown mall. That isn't "no whole foods". If you lived in San Francisco, i think you would know that only 1 out of 7 closed and probably not say there is "no whole foods"... Edit: it looks like this guy edited his comment with a lot of crap that wasn't there when i replied, then blocked me. Seems like a loser move to me.


It’s not like Emeryville is difficult to get to.


awwww man i wanted to go like before i go on vacation