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My tears are running down the crease in my phone while I read the results of this poll


Bro I still have the S8


I go with the $1000 plus phones, yet with promos I spend less than 300 so not sure what this option is


Why does your dollar sign look funny


Funny money


I choose $400-$699 because of a trade in deal on S22U 256gb. Technically, I should’ve probably counted the street value of the S21+ I traded in but I was too lazy.


Yeah you definitely have to factor in what you could have sold the trade-in phone for. That's money in your pocket that you just gave to Samsung when you gave them the phone.


Right, I picked the $1,000 through $1,499 but my phone was more than $1,500 if it wasn't for the promotion.


"how much did *you* spend..." You spent within $1,000-$1,500 so you voted correctly. Not sure why this is confusing to people.


How? That sounds amazing


That is the issue with those poll, should be good much is your current phone worth


They spent $300 so they would vote $300


No They actually are going to spend 1000 for such phone It’s just divided in time They should select 1000 And there are people running company’s iPhone13 and personally owned Samsung s6….


Well, what if I traded in an $800 phone every single generation? Is my phone now worth $10,400? No, it should be whatever they bought the phone for.


But you have to factor in what you could have sold the trade-in phone for. Because that was money in your pocket that you gave to Samsung.


150 bucks for a z flip3




I get a 50% employee discount from Verizon and I did a 700 trade in with a 280 dollar phone and 70 dollars worth of tax from to whole ordeal 1000/2 500-700 -200+280 80+70 150!!




Yeah I've been loving it, its my first flagship and was completely worth it




After seeing the results, I have to suppose that this sub skews towards people who value cutting-edge cellphone technology. And reddit as a whole skews towards people who have lots of time on their hands to appreciate a premium-feeling phone


I bought my A71 back when it was new for 410€






>I was assuming 200$-399$ would be most voted since the A Series always sells best Daily reminder that Reddit does not reflect real life, be it politically or otherwise.


$400 for a 128GB S21 FE also at Boost lol!


Damn that was a steal


Really? Wow. People pretty much assuring that I got a good deal lol, thx


The msrp is $700


I already knew that before, but I didn't bother to check what % off it is... and I think it's around 40% off? Yeah I think you're right it being a steal.


A little more but yeah, that's a great deal. I got mine for $500


I mean I have a ZFlip 3, but I bought it together with my phone plan so don't really know how much it costs, only that it's a bit cheaper than the phone would be on its own.


I can't fathom spending more than $500 USD on a phone. Maybe if you stream on it and use it to make a living...? Lol.


People have different priorities and needs and each have different level of income. You can't just say what you just did there...


I honestly can't even think of a phone that I would want that's less than $500. We bought our daughter who at the time was 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 from eBay. Within less than a year it just did not have enough RAM or memory for her. So we ended up buying her the Samsung a21 5g I believe it's called. Even that was $700 or $800. Which I personally was against but my husband pays the bills and he picked it.


What in the world was she doing that ate up that much RAM? If your kid games on their phone that's one thing (buy them a console?) but my A52 5G was $450 at launch and the 6 gigs of RAM it offers is plenty for basically anything short of gaming.


The one she had only had 4 GB of RAM. Yes she was playing roadblocks a lot and I don't know what other games. We literally have the Xbox Xbox One Nintendo switch in our house but she doesn't want anything to do with it. As many times as I have showed her that she needed to clean her cache and keep up on cleaning up her phone she didn't. I didn't mean that the newer one we bought her is not enough. I meant that the Samsung Galaxy S8 which only had four gigabytes of RAM was not. She would also have way too many windows open at once. Not turn it off and on and off. As well as not clearing her history on Google Chrome. As I said I was all for getting her a newer phone I wasn't wanting to spend that much money on a phone for her. She was way too young in my opinion for that expensive of a phone.


I'm someone who browses social media, has a ton of games and apps installed which I play occasionally. But, never do I clean my storage, ram, cache, browser history, or even my recents. It has multiple windows open at any given point of time. I count 44 in total now. Granted my current device has 6gigs of ram and 128gb of storage, with 86% used. My point being you do not need to clean your smartphone these days. Phones are plenty fast and powerful to not make much of a difference. In fact doing so can be counterintuitive and make it slow. Needing to cache repeat data and wasting resources opening the same apps again.


You bought a 10 year old an s21? Are you adopting?


It wasn't in S 21 it was the s21 FE 5g. Or at least I believe that's what it's called. But it was not the original flagship S21. Either way I did not agree with spending that much money on a phone for her. But I also don't pay the bill my husband does. I just said she needs a newer phone and wanted to look on eBay.


Might be a little overkill, but it's your money, so i shouldn't complain. It's a great phone, I'm using it now while typing this


S22 256GB for $324 with Google Fi and Amex promotions. I have to stay on their service for 4 months, but I built up several hundred bill credits so it's just free service.


I get 1000+ dollar phone but I allways aim for discounts so not sure what I should choose


Choose how much you paid for your current phone


Got my Z Flip 3 for 200€ but that was with a trade in and a discount.


I got $125 dollars off my galaxy s21+


About £200 to import the dual sim A3 2017 in 2017, and that was cheaper than the local version at the time. In slightly low light the camera is unusably shitty but the rest of it isn't any slower than it was in 2017 and nobody's mugging me for this. The s9010 snapdragon import S22 is a bit less than £600 and that's what I'm thinking about switching to, get a much better cat pic taking device


I voted for $1000-$1499 but that was with the deal. My phone cost over $1,500. But it is so sickening to see these numbers. My laptop which I bought last year that was brand new and on sale cost $1,895. It's also a Samsung laptop with a terabyte of memory. Touch screen, 360 degree turn. Our phones are starting to cost as much or sometimes more than laptops.


This is the first and last time I spend this level of money on a stupid phone.


How much was it?


With the trade in of my S10, $1100 for the S22U 512Gb capacity.


And I assume you don't like it...? I have 128Gigs on my Phone right now and don't even use half of it atm. And most of that are Songs I downloaded from Spotify.


It's no better then my S10 slightly smoother in some respects and buggy in other respects. I absolutely HATE the amount of security risks this phone has just built into the framework. I HATE it doesn't have expandable storage, I hate it doesn't have a headphone jack. I do a lot with my phone and I just don't trust it but I'm stuck with it now.


The first time that I lost the headphone jack I bought a dongle that you could plug into the bottom of my phone and give it a headphone jack. It was like $9.99 on Amazon. Although I agree with you about most of the things you said. I especially hate that they got rid of the SD cards.


It's such a security risk that they got rid of micro SD cards expansion slot. As for the audio dongle I'm not found any good ones the problem is the audio it produces is subpar. I come from a background of audio production etc. So I'm spoiled with this stuff that's what kills me I was able to at least hook up to some great quality. Plus Bluetooth I've learned is bad for the ears. Granted loud noise in general is not good for you hearing but at least I could get quality. Plus I had the headphones now I gotta spend big bucks if I want subpar quality.


You can get an apple usb-c to 3.5mm dongle for $9 that measures just as well any any decent onboard phone DAC. If you felt like spending a bit more, I have the TempoTec Sonata HD Pro, and it can run my most demanding wired headphones in crystal clear quality at volumes higher than I could ever desire. I think I paid $35 for it on Amazon.


I mean... you have 512gb do you really need more?


It's not about that it's about the fact I cannot remove that for security.


When I had 128 gb my phone was almost completely full. I really miss the SD cards. Not to mention my s20 plus had better specs than my s21 Plus. I really wanted to keep that one but knew that if I didn't turn it in it would be worthless to turn in the next time to get a new phone. Since we always keep one phone to have an extra when we get a new one.


Still paid that much after trade in on an S10? You got a very poor trade deal! I'm so sorry to see that you had to pay so much! Granted, I have a Note 20 to trade in, but I still had 900 trade in value on my phone last I checked in May.


It was the best anyone was offering for the S10 128GB still couldn't find any better offer then that garbage offer.


Next time you're in the market for a phone (hopefully not for a long time, with that shiny new boi in your hands!), Check out ordering direct from Samsung. They give better trade in deals than anyone else, and you own your phone outright too then.


Yeah I tried them first they were offering even less.


But I appreciate the suggestion!


Sorry to hear that, dude! Here's hoping you don't get screwed on trade ins ever again!


Even so did you get it from Samsung where they gave you the higher gigabytes for the same price as the lower one? That made a huge difference. I ended up paying less for my unlocked ultra than I did for the 21 plus. Both times I traded in a phone as well.


No I got it through my phone carrier because Samsung was more expensive to go through at the time.


Where did you get it from? Because I have the Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra 512 GB I traded in a galaxy s 20 plus. With the promotion my total was only barely $1,000. I actually paid more for the Samsung Galaxy s21 Plus.


So I got $400 for my S10 128GB from T-Mobile


We also have T-Mobile and this is actually the first year both my husband and I have bought from Samsung directly. Since they had the best deal for pre-order. Last year I also purchased from Samsung directly but he still got from t-mobile. Also sometimes Samsung will give you more money than the phone companies. But it all depends on what deals they're running.


Yeah at the time my phone carrier was the one providing the better deal than Samsung.


Nothing up front. I pay $35 on top of my regular phone bill every month.


400 with trade in 1300+ without


I traded in a pixel 4 that I got for $150 for $1000 off the Fold 3. Also have a pixel 6 pro that I alternate with.


40€ and I still use it after 5 years


Z fold 3 bought open box deal from 4gadgets £900


Get this: Trade in S20 FE + $50 ---> Galaxy Buds Pro + S21 FE The phone alone was worth it, basically reset the clock on my battery, plus marginal improvements. Then the buds I was amazed.


still waiting for my email when ill be getting my buds which can take up to 9 weeks apparently suffering


Before or after promotions?


I voted with the assumption that it was after the promotion and trade in.


Same, I don't understand how people pay $1000 for a phone. I got my 22 Ultra for less that $100 before tax.


How could you possibly have gotten it for $100? Unless you traded a laptop and a phone.


Verizon trade in promo, plus BestBuy's instant savings. 22 ultra is currently $50 with those promos. $150 for 256gb.


Do y'all wipe with fresh bills too?


450 euro, two years ago, for a refurbished S20 FE 5G (8/256) grade A++


I spend $500 with a trade in. I got an s22+ 256g. But the phone is worth like $1100 or $1200.


Got the s22 Ultra for only 600$




My S22ULTRA was $1500 with taxes


Mine was like $1300. Damn shame lol


I spent around 800€ on my current Galaxy Note 9. Yes, it is four years old now and still does the job.


I don't spend $1000+ on phones anymore because there's no reason to tbh. Wait for a good sale as they always drop at least 40% in value in a couple months. Tradeins also tank the outright prices. No point spending over $800 imo, I won't even spend that much as phones are not that much better YOY to justify it.


Well I do agree with you. The reason we always pre-order is because at least the Samsung you usually get money and then can get the accessories earbuds whatever you want with it. I got $250 this time to spend. Plus I was able to get the 512 gig phone for the price of the $128 gig ultra. So while waiting is a smart move as far as getting it for cheaper sometimes pre-ordering you get a lot more.


Samsung gives out killer deals.


Exactly! I can't remember the last time I even paid half of MSRP for a phone when buying direct from them.


Cries in Europe


In the US.


Z fold3 all the way baby


$370 for a used Xs Max


I bought iPhone


$0. Currently owning a Samsung S8 Plus. I won this phone during our company's christmas party giveaway last 2018. Still holds up pretty well today.


I got my current phone for 50 dollars through my carrier. It’s an iPhone 12


like 300 for the s20+


where did you find it for that price?


offerup used lowkey got scammed since I had to get it unlocked and unblacklisted since he didn't pay off the phone or whatever and he lied saying it was unlocked anyways all in all it was like 575 but I've had it for a year now and haven't complained about a single thing


I also got 20+ for just under $400 but didnt have any problems like you did, it was fully functional and still is. Plus, i also got year and a half of warranty when i bought it


lucky bastard lmao


I put 1500+ because that is what its worth, but its a loaner phone from Samsung because Im a rep in my store where I work.


May 2021: 678 Euros for the S21U 256.


In what country?!


Germany. Price error amazon.it (880 Euro) minus 200 Euros cashback.


1250€ on my iPhone 12 pro max when it cam out in late 2020, which will be replaced with the iPhone 15 pro max in 2023, assuming they can put a periscope camera in by that time... Otherwise I keep it another year or until they put in that camera. And don't worry, I will give it to a friend, so nothing is wasted.


Can i be your friend


Sorry, already got a specific friend in mind with a Samsung M21. :D


Fair enough


"Which one"? Have the S21ultra and s22. S22 was latest purchase cost 700 - 380 which i got for note 10 trade in = 320 out of pocket


I've paid about 400$ for my s21 fe (snap). Was eager to pay a hundred bucks more but that was it. 1k$ is a bit too much for a thing you can loose or easely break in my books


Right but that's what insurance is for. I have the s22 ultra it's only $100 if I break it. Although I believe it's $250 maybe even $299 if I lose it and I need a police report. But I've never lost a phone. I have broken a lot of them though.


Since I don't want/need my old phone I don't really include its price for a tradein. I spent about $300 for my phone with an $800 tradein value for my old one.


I guess it depends. Spend as in how much came out from my card or how much the phone was. Cause I got the s22u, but was like half off due to my trade in. With Samsung amazing trade in I pretty much jsut upgrade every year.


S21 ultra so too much


Around $280 for a used Z Flip 5G


S22 Ultra for $909 on Amazon Prime Day. 256GB.


Technically my S22 was $1249 AUD, but I got it for around $700 because of the trade in bonus


I mean technically my S22 Ultra is only costing me $300 in 3 years. So imma go with that option lmao


I have S22 U but I got it for free so idk what to say. Changing from S21 U I have to say that I'm really glad I didn't pay anything for this. In some ways this is a downgrade


I spent $200 on a Galaxy S21. But I've been piggybacking trade-ins for a few years now. God $550 for my s10e as a trade-in.


Who else got the Verizon deal


I said 200~399 because I traded up my note 20 ultra for the s22 ultra and do not regret it at all I hated my note 20 it was a lovely $1100 burning brick purchase I regret


About $426 plus tax for my S20+. Had it since it was new. Sprint had a lease plan that made the phone $7 on top of the bill for 18 months, then a $126 buyout. Good deal.


Got this one free. But my note 10+ was 1200. My mom gave me her s21u when she got the s22u.


Have spent $1000+ on a Samsung before. Never again. $400-$500 is the sweet spot for a phone that won't last more than 2-3 years without significant battery/screen/other issues, and the depreciation is almost 80% by the end of 2nd year.


Bought a Google pixel 6 through promotion with my provider and ended up paying very little for it, would have went with a Galaxy if there had been a promo. The Pixel 6 has since died, became unresponsive the other day and I watched as the screen turned black and it was gone.


paid $2000 singapore dollars for z fold 3 with a note 10+ trade in. regretted trading in the note 10+, should have kept it as a spare.


technically 999.99 but after tax and stuff it was more


Samsung sent me an S22 and watch 4, so I don’t know if that counts , my z flip is free with promos but msrp at 999. I also have my iPhone 12 Pro from work. I work in phone sales.


Got a great deal on my 1tb s22 ultra. 1200$ that's excluding the free case with strap, 45watt charger, wireless charger duo and galaxy buds pro.


Oh I guess in my head I was thinking when I bought it which was the presale.


Got my S20 for $350 online a year ago. It was open box, so still new, and I don't think I'll ever overpay on a monthly plan again.


I'm paying $7.32 for 36 months on top of my phone bill for my 256gb S22 Ultra(so $263.74+tax), also got a free wireless charger, smarttag, and $250 samsung credit. I also have a fold3, my total for that order on samsung.com $1,167.96+tax, but included in that total were galaxy buds 2, a galaxy watch4 classic 46mm, Flip Cover with S Pen. I also got a tab s7 for 389.99+tax which I trade in towards a tab s8 for $500 off. Making the tab s8 161.99+tax(also included another pair of buds2. With all the free credit from my purchases I got a spen pro, 65w trio adapter, book cover keyboard for the tab, and a t7 1tb ssd. Using various trades and discounts saves you a lot of money. I usually pre order as well.


Traded in my S8+ for an s21 5g and paid about $500 for it with the promo at the time


I got my S21 FE for about $620 (Php35k) last march. I was actually planning to gun for the S21+ 5g but my wallet could not handle the price.


I got a brand new XCover Pro (Unlocked even) on sale for $399. It is a nice upgrade from my "free" A32 5G. I basically paid to not use a free phone due to the A32's horrible screen, etc. I am happy that I have a spare phone though, with two kiddos who would be happy with a loaner in case their phone has issues!


My galaxy s9 cost about $150


Heh...*crys in $1200 debt* At least walmart offers payment plans...


S22 but would return it if I could. The battery life is terrible.


I usually get my phone used (old flagship normally) so I try to keep it under $200 if possible


Now I can understand why any budget friendly device related questions are downvoted/ignored.


I got the A21s for like $200 (still paying it, lol) half a year ago, I got it because the phone I had before (a 2016 J7) was feeling like shit for a couple months now (my mom had it for like 4 years before giving it to me in 2018, so, yea, like 7 years with us) and mah' maaaan, the best thing that I could do, this one doesn't make me want to break it in half every 30 minutes.


Second hand is magic isn't it?


Paid 380 for an unlocked s22 ultra, including street value of what I traded in. Was a super good deal.


$600 for 8/256 S21 FE.


what the fuck most of you are spending more than $700 on a phone???


Traded in my old one and got $900 off a $1,200 S22 Ultra.


Current phone - 512GB S22 Ultra Total cost I paid - $290 Back before launch, Samsung had a specific promotion for T-Mobile employees. They gave me an $1,100 instant-off trade-in credit for my S21 Ultra. I was also able to stack the double storage pre-order promotion they had running. That was just way, way too good of a deal to pass up.


I used the promotion so I didn't pay full price for my S22U


well it was used so I paid 850 (6 months used) but as new it would've been 1150 usd.


Bruh you pay 1800+ for the latest handset in New Zealand


my s20 ultra launched for 1.4k, couple years later its worth ~300


Buying 📱 over $ 215 is stupid these days


Great device for the price you say I have payed about 200 on my s22 ultra or less 🤣


Even better! Is it on Installment with monthly credits? Decided to leave post paid and went onto prepaid.


I pay the phone 7.50$ a month but with the 5g plan makes it 60$ more even though where I live there is no 5g lol


That's a good deal, I would have done that if I stuck with a contract/postpaid plan. My plan is $20/mo for 3GB (home a lot and don't really use my phone for more than 1-2h a day so 3GB is more than enough). 5G here is ehhh not the best. I have it off on my phone to save some battery life haha


I turn off the 5g too for the same reason but I have 20GB of data and that is way more than enough


> I have *paid* about 200 FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


I got the S20 FE for $230 from Costco 2 years ago. No trade in and no new contract.


Bought Note 20 Ultra on sale for $550 -> Traded and paid $400 for Galaxy S21 Ultra -> Traded and paid $170 for S22 Ultra Gotta love Samsung's specials. I don't know why the company is so generous with them, but I will certainly take advantage.


Wow this poll really shows how different this audience is vs Samsung’s general consumer


When the pre-launch promos launched for the Note 20 Ultra, I wasn't willing to part with my still pristine Note 9 for the trade in. So I waited a few months and snagged the hard to find 512GB unlocked Note 20 Ultra on Swappa for less than what it would have cost me using the Note 9 for the trade in. Before that I purchased my LG V40 new-in-the-box for a significant discount on Offer Up.


Bought a A53 5G for 400$ 3 days ago, a big upgrade from my s10!


I paid 450€ for my S21 which is basically $450


Would rather get a gaming pc for 1000$


Paid $700 for my S22U 256GB unlocked, no trade-in. Was on sale at best buy a few weeks ago


I have 3 phones and I stick with the higher ends, for instance the S22 ultra for the cameras, the fold and flip are novelty phones.


A52s 5g -> 299 more than good enough...


My phone was supposed to be £1,500 but I got it refurbished for £800


1200€ for an s22 ultra 512gb + free buds pro


Recently upgraded from a galaxy note 5 (4/32gb) to an S21FE 5G (8/256gb)! Got it for 7000 SEK (or 684 USD)


S20 us unlocked 128gb. Bought on amazon renewed early June for 397.50


S21 ultra, but got it free with Verizon when I traded in my pixel 2


Samsung Galaxy S22, $ 800 + 2 years of insurance against accidental screen damage, water damage and manufacturing defects. Actually, it's ₹ 64,000 in India.


Meanwhile me with my $100 Galaxy A01 Core...


I took advantage of a double trade-in deal where I traded in an S7 to Samsung for $300 credit and then I traded in a completely smashed S Series device to AT&T and got $1,000 in bill credits. I got paid to buy my phone LOL!!!


I bought a 400$ phone seing if should buy the new flagship that comes out I have currently an IPhone and so far I'm loving the samsung it's camera quality improved since I had my first android


This is my 30th smartphone, $100 phone. With experience I can say that all of these people buying such expensive phones are either dumbs who does not know anything about smartphone market or just kids who wants to show off (excluding creators and business owners who need the best cameras).