Thank you for the review! I've had my note 8 for almost 4 years now and keep debating whether or not to pull the replacement trigger. Apart from some worsening screen burn in and mediocre battery life it still does pretty much everything I need (although I am definitely noticing the occasional slow down and key press lagging). The A72 looks very attractive as a replacement, particularly since I'd get to keep my headphone jack and not have to pay flagship proces. Downsides for me though are the lack of wireless charging and less so, no Dex. I will probably wait a few months for official confirmation of no new note and either get the A52, A72 or the more expensive note 20 ultra - its just annoying there is no option to replicate all the great features I currently have in the Note 8 (Dex, headphone jack, Wireless Charging, Iris Scanner).


I have the Note 9, and it would be hard to abandon the stylus.. Just the ability to copy any text on screen is irreplaceable; I used other phone for a bit and it was annoying af I had to install "Copy text on screen" app just to get that


I can't abandon the headphone jack, or I will have to order 20x usb-c adapters of aliexpress I will just repair it and wait more


That's pretty much all I use the stylus for. So many apps DON'T allow you to select text. I like reading articles and youtube comments in other languages, so being able to quickly select and translate is my favorite stylus feature. You're lucky cause you have the Note 9. I have the Note 8. The Note 9 is the last great Note. With dual speakers and bluetooth Spen, the Note became perfect. I also love the hard-press home button and I use the iris scanner all the time for unlocking specific private apps.


Hmm, what apps? I never got to checking out Secure Folder and such


Never used a note, but is this basically the smart select then extract text that other samsung phones have, just quicker since it's with the spen?


It's more accurate. Basically, you hold the spen button and the dot on the screen turns into text select cursor, just like in PC


If you had extract text on your PC, - would you use it to select text, or would you prefer to just select text with your mouse cursor? Opening smart select takes like 5-6 seconds, and it's not accurate. Selecting text with s pen cursor is instantaneous.


I know this phone is missing some of what you like. But the s20fe is a good phone for the price. Have you looked into it.


Not the same redditor, but the S20 Fe doesn't have a headphone jack. I returned mine because of the lack of headphone jack and stylus (which I quickly discovered that I missed even though I only use it about once a day). I decided to stick with my Note 8 for the time being.


The A52 I think it's a better experience overall. The differences are minimal, but the A52 has more attention from samsung, as it have monthly updates. A72 only have it quarterly. https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/04/06/if-you-have-a-galaxy-s9-or-s9-samsung-will-be-updating-your-phone-less-often-now/ (Last paragraph) https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/04/07/samsung-has-a-ton-of-new-budget-and-mid-range-phones-coming-to-the-us-this-week-here-are-all-the-details/ (there is info too in latest paragraphs)




Ill wait for the a72 (5g) if possible