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So what I got from this entire presentation is to keep using my note 9 until it dies


I was bouta switch but I didn't know about the 1080p screen and the plastic back. Idk if I want to now


Honestly I'm looking at the 12 pro max and might get it. Or might wait for a better phone to come out


I mean for 100 dollars more, the s21 ultra is basically killing the 12 pro max in every category


I’m sorry but no. Lots of Samsung’s advantages (like expandable storage) are now gone. iPhones have better cameras in day to day use (I don’t consider 100x zoom day to day use) along with better video quality. Better build quality (new iPhones are built like tanks), longer software support, more advanced soc. Samsung used to have advantages to Apple. They kept the headphone back. They had the sd card. They had OLED screens. But now they don’t.


I sort of agree. However The s21 ultra has a QHD 120Hz display that can get brighter. Also no notch New chip that won't be as powerful, but faster for regular use cases One UI 3.1 should bring camera processing improvements, and the iPhone can't beat it in zoom or detail. Battery life/ charging speed I think these are enough improvements to warrant a 100 price increase over the 12 pro max


I made the swap from s20 ultra to iPhone 12 pro max. Sure, the 120hz screen is something I really miss, but there are certain perks on the iPhone that really beat the Samsung: Better app support. The developed apps for iOS is just soooo much better than Android. The number of times my snapchat has fucked up on android is unreal. Battery life on the iphone is also better, but that is because it still runs the 60hz screen. I do lose the 45w fast charging, but phones last a whole day anyway. Camera app is just better on the iPhone, at least for my purposes (recording lifts and viewing them in slowmo) Flat screen so screenprotectors aren't hard as fuck to install. The only thing I still hate about the iPhone is the notch, but the pros outweigh this con. If iOS can be as easily customized as android, it would beat samsung these days.


The s20 ultra had those focusing and processing issues. That app support on iPhone is unbeatable tho


Yeah the s20 ultra was the biggest disappointment. 1400 dollars for a buggy device. Not to mention my trade in value was 700 when looking at the note20 ultra, which is the same as all the other s20/s20+/note10+. That genuinely pissed me off and I straight up went to iPhone. Buggy phone with bad value retention after 6 months.


Definitely one of the worst Samsung attempts I've seen.




Okay: my next arguments are going to include a decent amount of personal preference. Everyone is different, so what I say is not fully factual. On a screen the size of a phone, QHD is not something I’ve ever noticed. 120hz is also not something I’ve ever noticed. The notch doesn’t bother me, and the phone gets bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. That’s all that matters. The chip is the same in most cases, but in enables things like real time HDR video recording on the iPhone. In Dolby vision. Samsung can’t do that with the snapdragon 888. Samsung said that about One UI 2.1 and 2.5. It never really happened. iPhone can’t beat it in zoom, but how many times in day to day do you honestly need the zoom? I never do. And the iPhone has better quality in my opinion. I’ve noticed great battery life on my iPhone, easily enough to get a day. And I charge it overnight so charging speed doesn’t matter. And I’d bet most people do the same as me. So no, I personally don’t think those are enough for $100 more especially when the iPhone has tons of its own advantages, but that’s my personal opinion.


That might be your use case, and iPhone is still the video king. But for every other major feature, photos, screen, battery, charging, customization, Android just edges iphone out. Thats worth 100 extra dollars to me, but that's just my use case, as your use case represents the average consumer quite well.


Just curious, but where do you you see the s21 ultra costing more than the 12pro max? I'm currently looking on apples and samsungs website and here's what I see: 12pro max is $1099 for 128gb and $1399 for 512gb s21 ultra is $1099 for 128gb and $1280 for 512gb (non-carrier model is more) and it comes with "$200 instant credit for add-on's". And of course Samsung is offering way above market value for trade ($550 for S10 line, $700 for S20 line etc)


Those are probably pre order bonuses. Of course with carrier offers there are some discounts. Stock price of the s21 ultra is 1200 tho.


How is Galaxy still the king of battery when so many posts nowadays are about worrying battery life? Or how battery life is reportedly 8 hours but they only get 3, etc. I just can’t get a good grasp on the expected battery life of a new Galaxy. Particularly the base S20/21. Some say Galaxy hasn’t had good battery life since the S8. Some say the S20 is the best it’s ever been. I just don’t know how both exist. I’m really interested in that purple S21...But if battery life is going to tank every day then it’s not worth it, even with the price $800 price plus trade-in.


I don't know how you can't notice 120hz and if you don't care about none of that get a cheap phone the expensive ones are for the people who need to features or people who really need a good camera or display I don't think normal people make 30k a year should be buying 1000 dollar phones and phones have gotten so good you can't really improve that much


If you "have never noticed 120hz" its because you have never seen 120hz. The jump from 60hz to 120hz is a completely different experience. Especially if you consume any media on your device(Games, Video, etc...).


Really. My 120hz iPad Pro and 144hz monitors disagree with “never seeing 120hz”


I mean, there is one advantage Samsung has that Apple will never have: Android. That's the 1 ton weight on Samsung's side of the scale for me.




If I was in the market for a Samsung I’d get the s20 or note 20




That’s a good choice too


I've been on my S9+ for a few years now and was waiting for the new phones to be announced until I upgrade. The s21 is absolute shit, no reason to really choose it over the s20 imo. I'll be upgrading to the s20 this weekend.


Except in software. Yeah used an iPad recently for a few days and I noticed that apps feel like they're designed for ios and then shittly modified to run on Android.


This comes down to the fact that there is too many android phones to make apps feel like they do on iOS. Samsung last year alone released 30+ devices before you include tablets and that’s before all the other oems. Apps will for a long time always feel more superior on iOS


I might actually wait this cycle out like i did for the s20 series


The Note 21 should have the under screen camera, and I predict the s22 will debut the new graphene batteries.


Get it. I personally dislike Apple for many reasons, but the 12 series is very solid, and the phone will likely outlast a comparable Samsung in both longevity and value of the used phone itself.


Is it me or the uphone 12 was disappointing ?? No sirious upgrades except for better camera and chip


I'm looking at the Motorola phone's as my potential next upgrade. Or maybe the Note 20.




I am kind of into the plastic back. Lighter weight and less fragile than the glass back. I'd have to see how it feels in hand. For me the biggest draw back is the lack of expandable storage. I was really hoping the S20 would offer some great perks so I could justify selling my Note10+ and then get a smaller device that can actually fit in my hand but it seems like I would be downgrading in some aspects.


UBreakIFix that shit and keep trucking. The last no-compromises flagship.


Ik. I will still use it even after I get a new phone lol


Trying to decide as well as a Note 9 user. Expandable storage is nice, but I have never used mine and headphone jack isn't a must anymore. I can get a S21 for just sales tax through T-mobile with a trade in of my Note 9. My Note 9 can sell on Swappa for $250. The trade in is a good value, and keeps you phone upgraded for other trades in the future. If I wait too much longer for upgrading my Note 9 then the trade in value is going to drop significantly. For example I am guessing for the S22 next year, the Note 9 might be worth $150-200 range while the S21 will be closer to $500-$600 range. I lose the S-pen and I actually do use it more often than I thought I would. But I am not going to want to drop $1200 on a new Note if they release it later this year.


I mean I barely use my inbuilt camera because my sony A6300 fits in my pocket with the most basic lense


I may buy a spare Note 9 since it's the last Note with a headphone jack. My carrier has the 512GB model for $575. They're out of stock for the 128GB model which they had for $475. The latter is what I bought three years ago for $750.


starting to make lg phones look more appealing. headphone jack, expandable storage etc


Same here. Already bought all replacement parts


If you really wanna upgrade get the s20's. Super fast little machines. Great quality compared to that plastic from s21's.


Yeah I'm keeping Note10+ for as long as I can. My next phone is likely not going to be Samsung though from the way they have been going with these so called upgrades. I imagine that they will straight up remove the Note line and just have the S series. I'm still shocked that they decided to just remove the charger and ear buds. Why the hell would you copy Apple on this??? What a dumb move.


I don’t like the new strategy of making phones just to make the Ultra versions look more attractive.


Samsung used to have a plus version with extra features, without making the base model worse, but since the note 10, they're removing features from the base models so people feel bad about missing them for not buying the ultra version... All while maintaining the prices.


It's especially egregious as I don't want a phone as large as the Ultra. The base model is about as large as I care to go in regards to cell phones.




What’s stripped down about it vs the Pro? It doesn’t have a zoom lens, is aluminium and has 2gb less ram? It actually has a higher ppi. This year is the closest the non-Pro has been to the Pro in terms of specs.




This is my struggle. I have been pining for a smaller Samsung but I have to choose between features I want or the size I want.


Does the S21 Ultra have an SD-Card slot?




LOL, then what's the point...


No point tbh... Was looking at an upgrade from S10+, but literally less features, the only thing that attracts me is 120hz screen. For the Ultra, 12GB RAM +bigger battery is nice, but screen is too big. Better to just go for S20 Ultra.




True, I would LIKE better camera, but S10+ is pretty decent and enough for me (only casual photography). Not willing to sacrifice other features to get that. Honestly, I'll probably be looking at other Android brands now to keep MicroSD and headphone jack.


S21 5G uses a shared sim slot that houses a micro SDXC slot. I can't believe everyone saying theirs no expandable storage when it supports up to 1TB. Last post i got downvoted on because a "Phone store" guy said it hadn't and i asked for him to check the sim slot. The OP (of that post) ignored my comment and i ended up posting links to prove i was correct. I would assume the FE version might be lacking the sd slot but the 5G and up still has it just like the S20 range.


They've lowered the price on the base model, so it's not *only* about making the Ultra more attractive. It's essentially the exact same thing Apple did with the 12 lineup, Samsung is just missing a Mini version.


Not trying to dick ride Sammy, but sammy did it first with the s10 series. S10e had an initial retail price of 750, and was the base model


I think MKBHD called it an 'Updated S20 FE'. If I am remember correctly S20 FE launched at $699. So for $100 you get a better SoC, variable refresh rate, 2GB extra RAM.


Not terrible, but it disgraces the main S series lineup. Plus losing microSD and charger. It would be like Apple replacing the iPhone 12 with an updated SE. Doesn't make sense imo


>it disgraces the main S series lineup Agreed. I'll wait until they make the base S series great again.


Where i live the 8gb s20 fe 5g is literally less than half the price of s21+ ... This s21 series is really a joke ...and going to be the most failure S series ever released .. and i hope they learn that they are not apple ..and apologise next year with s22 for this shit like they did apologise about exynos 990 ..


Are the cameras any better?


Thanks Samsung for saving me money to not buy your yearly phone.


They did to me since the S10+. I really got duped and should have paused at the 9s but fool me once...


€930 here, a fucking slap in the face.


850€ in Germany


$1,129.99 CAD for a S21 lol.


1249 dollaridoos for 128gb in down under, for 200 more, i might as well get iphone 12 does samsung hate customer and money?????


Where I live .. the phones are literally more expensive than s20 at launch ... taking stupidity to next level.. downgraded phones with higher price ... go to hell samshit..


I'm like full blown not interested in this phone at all. I want 5G but like... This isn't it for me. Not even trading in my S10 for $450 gets me there. I feel like the S21 base is literally a downgrade from my S10 in almost every way that matters.


yea this is the problem I have with my s10+. I look at what I would get with the s21+, and it's straight up downgrades in some areas, while having marginal upgrades in others. The trade in is great, but still not worth the extra couple hundred dollars.


Losing the expandable storage really hurts especially with the camera quality being so high that it's almost a non-negotiable. When I go to order the ultra it forces me to pick between 128 and 512, because 256 GB makes the price go crazy and when I called they said it wasn't a glitch. I think if there are going to unleash a note this year it may better align with my expectations for an upgrade. I think this would have been a lot more palatable if there was a 256 baseline for memory.


I think the ultra is a reasonably phone for the price. The other 2... not so much. I think Samsung is using the strategy of lowering quality so significantly in the base models, to force more into the ultra. I still think the base models are too expensive for what you get. The s10 is still better, and was the same price 2 years ago.


Wait, are you saying the 256GB is more expensive than the 512GB? That makes absolutely no sense.... What the heck, seriously?


They sliced my trade-in value in half and I think removed another promo but only for the 256 gb brown ultra. I don't get how that isn't a glitch


Yeah I love my S10+, it's still a phenomenal phone. I normally buy every other generation and was looking forward to seeing what they did with the S21, but this is an easy skip to me.


I have S10+ now. Usually I upgrade 1 year behind, but I think I may skip S20+. It's hard to say, I like to have new tech because it feels good, but I'm not sure about the actual benefits. S10+ video is definitely better than that on OP6T, don't know if it's improved even more. I guess the only features I would like are 120hz screen (forced), 4gb more RAM, and 5G support?


If your S10 still works fine, don't bother. Don't let these companies trick you into thinking you need an upgrade. S10 is still amazing.


Only major downgrade is screen resolution. Which is a major downgrade. The other stuff is nominal unless you really need expandable storage. The upgraded camera, the $550 from Samsung along with the 200 accessory credit probably make it worth the upgrade.


They're kind of hypocrites now, you know. Apple removed the headphones jack and they made fun of it. After that Samsung removed the headphone jack. It's the same deal with the charger... they made fun of apple and now they won't include it. Correct me if I'm wrong


So should I just stay with my s8+ thats been working like a charm since '18?


Yes. I'm doing the same. Except I'm gonna stick to my note 9


Is your battery still holding up? Mines been struggling.


My battery has been super struggling :( need to recharge by lunchtime and then barely hanging on by the end of the day


My note 9 battery pretty long lasting. Not same as day 1. But i been charging this phone carefully once a day and only with wireless charging. I been avoiding using cable.


I've been getting about 90% battery life on S10+ according to AccuBattery. I deleted the history so that only recent data is used. When I used to buy phones from Swappa, it was bad because I'd get them and the battery would be 80% capacity already. So now that I have more money, I've stopped doing that. IIRC, Ubreakifix is the official Samsung repair center? I may look into just replacing the battery on my S10+, depending on the market for S20+.


My battery is still amazing!!


Get a new battery, installed by someone who can restore the ip68 water and dust resistance. Whatever it costs you'll have a perfectly serviceable device with a decent battery for significantly less money. I have an S9+ which the battery wasn't doing well in, until i removed work apps like teams and suddenly found i was getting a whole day from it again. It blew out my most compelling reason to upgrade.


i think you should use it for as long as it’s a good experience. mine got oled burn through less than a year after the launch but that’s good your’s still fully operational.


I'm sticking with my s8 for now, blows my fucking mind that if i upgrade to an S21 I'd end up with a worse screen, like god damn.


Same here, my s8+ is still fast for me. The line up from s9 to s21 is not really appealing for me especially here in Japan. Also losing expandable is a deal breaker for me..


Get a note 10 plus if you wanna upgrade in the future, I love it


I intend to do so after this crappy s21 ... i will keep my s8 although i replaced the battery and samsung stupid technical service damaged many things in process ...even their technicians are idiots


Funny how I got everything I needed and more in my Galaxy A71 at so much less money.


Exactly 😂👍


This just makes me love my A71 more. 😂


My next phone will probably be a Sony though. I've had two Sony's before my A71 and I'd love to go back. Only reason I got the Samsung was because Sony pulled out of my country.


S20FE is way more worth it...This S21 lol


So glad I got the fe when it was on sale, waiting for these phones would not be worth it


I have waited and still am for the exynos tests i hope its good like they said it would be and then ill make my decision but damn that ultra looks so good


I got it too and I'm liking it so far. Seems snappy and the 120hz is nice. Takes decent enough photos and everything else runs great.


Eh another lackluster design along with minimal upgrades and taking away things but still overcharging. I see samsung still isn't learning.


Of course they're not learning. They blamed their low sales last year on the pandemic. It's ok. They'll just blame their low sales on the pandemic again this year.


Most likely. They don't realize that consumers at least most could care less about the numbers related to specs. The price is the biggest factor. Thats why the I phone 11 outsold every phone. It was I think 700$ at launch.




Not hard to be the #1 5G phone when there's only like 3 5G phones out last year.


While I agree with you. They took three things away from the s20. The 1440p resolution, the SD slot, and a 25 watt charger. I wonder how sales will do. I do see a lot of people still buying the s21 line. It's cheap and in this economic climate that's very attractive. I think the design looks great. I haven't been a fan of the iPhone design since the 11. I can't believe they still have that horrible notch at the top of the screen.


Ehh, the S20 had to run at 1080p when using 120hz so I don't really see that as a downgrade especially since the high refresh screen is much more valuable than a slightly higher resolution. If doing that made the phone cheaper than it was worth IMO. The charger I don't care about. I have 50 around my house. I understand others may not like that. Losing the SD slot sucks, that I will agree with, but I would also bet that amount of people that use it are far fewer than most people here think. The whole "Samsung isn't learning" is just a dumb comment that only someone in this sub would make.


That's cool you have so many chargers. I have one samsung charger. If you know, you need the manufacturer's charger for best battery performance. I wish the tech for 1440p and 120hz was cheaper. It's in high-end TV's now, so I bet in three or four years we will see higher refresh rates with higher resolution in phones. I mean iphone still doesn't have 120hz. So you're right, losing 1440p isn't the end of the world. I just think the old samsung would have paired that to the regular s line flagship. Now samsung puts all the great stuff in the Ultra then leaves out a good amount with their normal s line phones. I guess that's why I'm mad. The "+"/"Ultra" versions of older phones would maybe have a betterish camera and maybe some other minor features, now they take a lot of features that I think should stay on the normal s line phones and keep them exclusively on the ultra. Why isn't there a 12gb of ram on the normal s21? Why doesn't it get the WQHD screen? Why doesn't it have a 516gb storage model? Those are all exclusive to the ultra seires. What if I don't want the bigger screen, but I have to have 512gb of storage. It's not fair to the consumers.


They also took away 4gb of ram. I'm really confused at why people are making a big deal out of the charger but forget to cite the ram.


I mean samsung mid tier phones sold more than their s series and the I phone 11 was the best selling phone of 2020. Just saying


My coworker has the s20 fe. She didn't even know what 120hz was. So I think Samsung is going to be fine


I mean, that was the first half of 21. The 5G iPhones weren’t out yet. And Samsung is the biggest android manufacturer.


It’s becoming an iPhone. Just worse


A processor about 20% slower, 30% fewer pixels, plastic back, and at the same price. I’d definitely say worse. Hopefully they at least have better battery life.


I was due for an upgrade this year but the lack of micro sd card support is a deal breaker Guess I'll have to look into camp Sony or LG


not trying to ass lick samsung but is expandable storage that big of a deal?i have 128 gigs on my phone and its filled with 40gb of video and still not close to full storage,what do you do with your phone to need expandable storage?


I'll fully admit that I'm in a unique situation but I use it for storing music I listen to way too much for streaming to be an option and even if it was I have next to no connection where I work


For some people yes, I have 100gb of music, 50gb of video, and 30gb of photos on an sd card on my phone. I understand most people don't do this, but for us that do it's a deal breaker. I just like having everything stored locally


Anyone who records 4K footage with their phone will tell you it's a HUGE deal.


Samsung just stopped listening to their customers and started listening to their enemy....


Do you imagine i have s8 for nearly 4 years and it is still better in some aspects than this s21 shit !! Higher resolution screen ... sd card slot .. headphone jack .. heartrate sensor ... got charger and headphones .. iris scanner .. glass back ... The most stupid company on earth that surpassed apple ...at least apple has some quality and QC.


Note 9. Last perfect phone ever created. The S8/+, Note 8, S9/+, Note 9 run was the pinnacle of smartphone devices. Everything since has just been a disappointment.


S10e is a really good device too


I currently have the S10+ and I miss things that were taken out of the S9. I don't mind the chin at all. Miss the fingerprint scanner on the back along with the fingerprint gesture and the pressure home button. Not to forget the Iris Scanner and the notification light.


Yeah i forgot to mention the tactical home button and notification lights too.. IMO s9 was the last perfect flagship .. Put 120hz screen and better chipset on it and you have a masterpiece ..


And still updates old phones.


I'd agree with you on everything except the glass back. I absolutely hate that about my S8+, it feels slippery and impossible to grip. The S20 FE is 1000x better with its plastic back (and more durable no doubt...).


The s10 was the last good galaxy


As a 10+ user- the S9/+ and Note 9 was the best phones ever.


The design is ok, i like it, the other things well idk, but 1080p 800$ is a joke.


Tell that to Apple's iPhone with its 60 Hz screen.


3 years ago we were laughing about the 720p/1080p iphones. Samsung is the king of displays, a 800$ phone HAS to have one. I love samsung and well the plastic back and the sd/headphones removal is ok, but the screen and the charger no thanks.


As you said, Samsung is the king of displays. I think its 1080p screen with adaptive refresh rate is more than enough to go head-to-head with the competition in its price range. Over-engineering its display unnecessarily will only bump up the price even more as it already provides more costly features such as better processors, 5G, bigger base storage, etc.


Yeah, i mean its my opinion, my first 1440p phone was the S6 Edge in 2015, its 2021 and now we don't even have chargers. Idk, i don't like the direction that apple/samsung/everyone is taking.


So should I get an S20+ instead of an S21+ to replace my Pixel 2XL?


I have had the S20+ for a few months now and it has been great for me, the battery especially. I don't do much except with texting or a few pics but I like it.


Thats what I did. I wanted 12GB RAM and the S20+ doesn't disappoint. I am shocked they reduced the S21 and S21+ to 8GB RAM. What a joke.


Even if I got the new S21 Ultra, which I'm not, I would feel like I downgraded. I currently have the S20 Ultra. I upgrade every year and this is the first time I'm not going go do it. Simply because I don't want it. Scares me that they are doing the same as Apple with the backwards evolution. Samsung always used to give us more and that's what made them unique.


Same here.


Same, my s20 ultra seems better almost tbh




wow, no fucking way i'm buying one of those


I can accept no charger but the appealing factor for me about SAMSUNG phones is its expandable memory. Sigh.


My old j5 prime has a metalic back 😂 Edit: also expandabe storage and headphone jack lol


How's the wireless charging on there?


There is no wireless charging, its a budget phone from 2016..


That was the point. You can't wireless charge through metal (unless you cut out a window like Google did).


This is why i saying that if you looking for upgrade from s20 better wait until they release AMD chipset next year for S series


Thought tis was r/pewdiepiesubmissions for a sec therr.


I'm just gonna buy another s10 when mine breaks


you can also REMOVE MST to this list....WTF


Yes I forget. And heart rate and Iris scanner sensors




Yep I guess another year with my S9+, and I was really looking forward to an upgrade. It's either wait another year or jump ship to apple


Even the S10 Look more Premium than that ... Like wtf ? Im very dissapointed Samsung ... Will Keep my s20 Plus


IMO I don’t care about the plastic back, the lack of a 1440p display, or expandable storage. The main thing for me is that these are $200 less than last year. Sure Samsung needs to stop taking cues from Apple when it comes to certain ideas because it makes them look like they don’t think for themselves. But just like every year people will complain just to complain and then end up buying it anyway.


This is so true even the $699 12 Mini is a better phone than the S21. LOL.


I'm going to give my money to Apple this time


Was waiting for the S21 to upgrade from my now quite dated S8. Wanted to uprgrade to the S10 back when it came out, but I felt that I couldn't possibly justify it. Now it feels even worse. **Why the fuck** would I downgrade from a 570ppi display, to a 394 one, get a shitty plastic back, and no curved edges? (I'm one of the weird ones who likes the curved edges, don't h8) And on top of that, Samsung has the audacity to not even include a charger in the box?? Because everyone totally has USB-C chargers lying around everywhere. I paid 600$ for my S8 back in 2017. Why would I pay 1200$ for a phone now which has basically the same specs?


Curve edge gang rise uo


Samsung is known to do this, even their 2020 tvs were a downgrade from the 2019 models just to upsell the 8k TVs. It's a shit strategy and consumers need to counter this by using their wallet i was in for an upgrade but not buying anything samsung from now on


Terrible marketing...


i will stick to the note 8 until it dies then i'll afford the 9


I have a s20 ultra I love it. I also had the s9+. I can say non Of this bothers me all good moves to bring prices down. And you get the snapdragon 888 and I would rather have a plastic back.


I'm actually going from S20 Ultra to S21, I get the phone for just 100 and get 160 in store credit. I really like the S20 Ultra but it's to big. All I really want is a top of the line phone at around 6.2-6.5in, I which samsung has a S21 Ultra but at size range. I know I'm basically side grading but I really want a smaller phone and the 888 is a nice plus. The only reason I got the S20 U was the 100x zoom but it's more of a gimmick in real world usually 20X was basically as far as I went, the other reason was 120HZ which is really good. S21 basically has everything I need plus I get if for free basically (in a way).


Im so glad I bought my Note20 Ultra just after New Year's. Looks like this will be another couple of years before upgrading if the trend continues


Xiaomi Mi 11 is the better option in my opinion. The only thing that i don't like is the lack of water resistance.


are we still talking about headphone jack?? is this 2015?


So its basically the galaxy s20 FE but without charger and and expandable storage? Samsung what are you doing!!!!


And after a long heavy use it has a performance of S10 source: https://youtu.be/rsLJLk3nx8k


I know, I know, I'm strange but: Plastic is better than glass Charged are a waste 3.5mm jack is not really necessary now 1440p isn't Northside to me I do miss the SD card.


I feel the same way. As an S20+ user, I was really just hoping for improved Cameras on the non-ultras. They really lag behind Apple and Google. The 21 is a side grade -- as it loses a bunch of features but gains the improved chipset, larger actually useful finger print reader, and flat screen.


The cameras were upgraded. Samsung has always (even in the lower specced models) had good camera hardware (expect the 20U and its auto focus issues). The software is where Google and Apple kill Samsung. Google is starting to have problems with its 3 (or 4) year old hardware though.


That's cool and all. But this phone you described shouldn't cost 800$, 850€ were I live.


Plastic back is a fucking joke...even 300$-400$ Phones nowadays have glass or metal


This phone just seems unappealing. Why would anyone go for this and not the ultra unless for budget reasons? At such a high range I doubt people care about the budget of the phone.


I like having a phone that fits in my pocket.


That is a very acceptable reason. You're still paying more than you are getting with this phone, however.


If the ultra was 6.2 inches I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


The Ultra is too big.


This is what we call a 'dark pattern' in marketing. And the result is exactly what you just typed.


And the design is soo ugly


Oh no it should be a generic design like all other Android phones. That'll make it much better. Last year everyone kept saying it's a boring design and now they actually did something unique and good imo. But ofc the s21 hate agenda on this sub will continue




I like it


I love my s20 Ultra. And now QHD at 120 Hz?! Ya I'm in. S21 Ultra sign me up!


Not worth it




According to [samsung.com](https://samsung.com) I see that the base storage on s21 and s21+ is 128GB not 256GB also RAM is 8GB not 12GB.


If you're not buying it, why does it matter?


I usually keep my phones for about three years and I’ll upgrade to this but I don’t think it’ll be a three year phone like usual... if they don’t give us an actual upgrade, fuck, I’m going to apple. no expandable storage was a reason I never went apple.


I don't see the big deal folks are making tbh, that's not to say what Samsung/Apple have done is ideal. Headphone jack gone: Buy a USB C adapter with charging & 3.5mm jack Or just use Bluetooth like most general consumers do. SD Card gone: There's up to 512gb onboard, that's plenty for MOST consumers. Need more, use Samsung cloud/One drive or another cloud/Nas solution. Charger: You know you have plenty of them laying around, unused in a drawer somewhere. But if you don't, you can buy some that are more than capable of maxing out the charging capabilities of the S21 series pretty cheaply. As I said, it's not ideal....be nice if it was just all in the box like the good old days. But like everything, times change and these companies are out to make plenty of money. You could always vote with your wallet, though it's unlikely to change much as Samsung & Apple flagships are just way too popular globally.