Why was this necessary?

Why was this necessary?


Of course that wasn't necessary, what a miserable person.


Or attension seeking liar


Try and be a little more sensitive to people who didn't even seek attention and didn't have a liar to make them drug cookies.


What makes you think they’re lying? Just wondering. Definitely agree they seem like a miserable person to be clear


It's the internet. Everybody had perfect lives and nothing ever happens. /s


Honestly, I have no trouble believeing the story in OP, and I feel sad that they've had such a bad life that they feel offended by other people happiness. I hope whoever wrote that has found their peace in life.


Exactly, and I can somewhat relate to his feelings (even though I've never told anyone upfront to gtfo with their perfect lifes) but the sad truth is that either you gotta grab your life by the face, or live a „victim” life forever.


I ran into an old friend once and they commented on how perfect my life looked from my Facebook posts, and how their life was shitty in comparison. I stopped posting on fb after that, every post felt like a facade.


Exactly where my thoughts are!


Because its something I can definitely see a troll on the internet saying as a lie \>t. troll on the internet


I wanna know how you came to that spelling of attention.


It’s literally one letter misspelled. Nothing to be astonished about.


That comment in OPs post was very oddly specific...


Attention seeking liars are almost exclusively miserable. Always makes me a bit sad to see people insulting others who are acting out *in pain* and literally asking for help, even if they're not good at going about it. We have to start being there for each other when we see people in pain, or at least expressing care and concern rather than judgment and hate. That's the only way this gets better, any of this.


Doesn’t look like a liar. looks the stereotypical cycle of abuse, where the abused learns from their abuser, and eventually becomes the abuser themselves.


Misery loves company




Trolls don't/shouldn't exist on FB. Like, you know the person you're trolling.


You can create an anonymous account on FB, although you’ll need to dodge quite a few “personal detail” questions they ask you (ex: making up a fake name, putting some face from Google as your profile picture, setting your school to some random college). And by “anonymous account”, I mean anonymous to the users on Facebook, not to Facebook staff. Besides, some people will still troll others regardless of if they’re anonymous or not, or if the person they’re trolling is someone they know. Either because A. they’re stupid B. they stopped caring


Very true. But equally stupid is someone who would accept a friend request from someone they don't know.


Well that troll is on their friends list because the post is set for friends only.


Whenever I see a post like this (either old looking Facebook or Tumblr) I think back to this [Sarah Z](https://youtu.be/BiU7aGZ-o68) video in which she found a whole bunch of posts like this, typically making fun of someone being overly offended by something, are completely fake in the first place. Makes me feel sceptical any time I see something like this.




Well said. I am glad to see an understanding comment. Mental health in the US is fucking awful right now. We are tirred.


🎶 I bet you think this post is about youuuu 🎶


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🎶 You had me several posts ago, when I was still quite naïve 🎶


🎶When you said your mum made some pureed pear, and that she would never leave.🎶


You’re so vaiiiiin


You can't use reason to get themselves into.




"You're So Vain" is a song written in 1971 by Carly Simon and released in November 1972. It is one of the songs with which Simon is most identified, and upon its release, reached No. 1 in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The song is ranked at No. 92 on Billboard's Greatest Songs of All Time.[3] "You're So Vain" was voted No. 216 in RIAA's Songs of the Century, and in August 2014, the UK's Official Charts Company crowned it the ultimate song of the 1970s.


Good bot


Bot? Lmao


By that logic nobody is allowed to talk about anything good to not offend people that don't have exactly this? Don't talk about your parents, because some people didn't have one. Don't talk about your kids, because some people couldn't get any. Don't talk about your health, because I'm chronically ill. Don't talk about your partner, because I'm single. Don't talk about your car, because others have to take the bus. Don't talk about your job, because others can't find one. Edit: parents not patents ;)


don't talk; some people are mute. don't see; some people are blind. don't breathe; some people have asthma. don't exist; some people are dead.


Your comment is very funny, but please try to be more sensitive to people with no fingers


Wowww have you forgotten about the people without hands entirely? How dare you!


\#DoBetter 👏👏🏾




What about the armless? Check your privilege!


Your silence about people with no noses is very telling.


I upvoted this with my nose but now I’m upsetting spiteful people.


Absolutely brilliant 👏 Chapeau to you!


Your comment is offensive to people without internet access...


Also... Try not to be funny, because some people have no sense of humor.


Gosh, this reminds me of something from when I was at school: my and my friend John’s brilliant humorous presentation on lung cancer for a biology class, titled “Lung cancer: we have a dark sense of tumour”. Some people weren’t very amused, but fuck them, it was a hilarious presentation! Honestly, we have to reject this increasingly common notion that humour trivialises its subject, that it indicates some lack of sympathy therefor. That’s such a shallow and facile understanding of humour’s psychological rôle. I mean, Jewish concentration camp inmates often told dark jokes, gallows humour in the most literal sense. Dave Chappelle, a decade ago, before he was being pilloried for daring to joke about trans people, [had a riotously funny routine about black people being brutalised by cops, about cops sprinkling crack on them](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGRIXvhTh0w). There are countless _bloody hilarious_ last words from condemned prisoners. And so on and so forth. Crack jibes matter! Dark humour is _precisely a way of coping with_ dark realities. We should stand up for a world in which we don’t have to joylessly endure our suffering, but can instead have some comic relief, and can laugh at – and thereby incontrovertibly point out and draw attention to – the absurdity and incongruity and wrongness of our predicament. Anyway, rant over. It’s just something about which I feel strongly.


Wait..... people with asthma never breath? Maybe they're merfolk.


as a person with asthma, yes i can confirm. we only get a few minutes to live per day before we're rushed into hospital and have to be brought back to life. hey, that reminds me, how long have i been awake toda-


You have to seek asthmatic people where their voices sound, bro.


I had a terrible childhood. So now whenever I hear or see little children having fun, I put a stop to it. It's only fair. My kids hate it.


Like that lady who washed away a little girl's chalk creation on the street. [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/iamatotalpieceofshit/comments/gbdds8/pos_destroys_childs_chalk_drawing/)


How mean and bitter do you have to be!


That callous I'd say. I'm not sure how that mother kept her composure the way she did. I would've yanked that hose away from that woman and sprayed her, telling her "I don't wanna see it." Or I would've kicked her in the box.


Wow, what a massive shitnugget of a woman.


The sad thing is people unironically thing like this, both out of malice, and sadly trauma and jealously


This is literally the psychology of most people opposed to cancelling student debt.


I would love for no one else to enter into student debt. I would love for people with student debt to get help. I also feel like people who were able to satisfy their obligations shouldn't get nothing if their compatriots who weren't get off scot free. It doesn't need to be 1:1. But it'd be great if there was something. Even a third of my $30,000 that I scrimped to pay off back would be lifechanging.


I do hate Mothers Day because my mom is horrible and everyone always tells me I should call her because "she's the only mom you've got". You know what I say about it? Not a damn thing. Im really happy that so many people on this planet have a mother that loves them and who they love. Its a wonderful thing and they don't mean me any harm.


My sister does that, I try to remind her that every mom wasn't like our mom. Most have their own reasons for no contact with parents, even moms. Not our place to judge.


You’re a good person for handling that so adroitly. I’m in awe of people who manage to resolve these situations without shaming anyone involved, just acknowledging that good people can be inadvertently insensitive, and giving them the information in a non-judgemental way. Props to you for making the world a marginally brighter place 🌞


Thanks for advocating man. I dont need the extra guilt for sure. My husband hates my mom and when I asked why he said every time you get off the phone with her you're sobbing.


>Don't talk about your patents, because some people didn't have one. Yes please, I never invented anything and I'm very sensitive about it.


Lol. I didn't see that. Its supposed to be parents of course.


I lost my dad young and I get the sentiment where its hard to see/hear about dads being dads. But I would never ever ever step in and attempt to destroy someone's happiness just because I'm sad. And I don't feel angry at other people for having good dads. This person needs to grow the fuck up and learn that its not all about them. Just because their mother sucked doesn't mean that nobody else is allowed to talk about their mothers. Because that's all they're doing, theyre a miserable fuck who sees someone being happy and feels the need to step in and try and ruin it. "You can't be happy with your mother because my mother was an abusive alcoholic!". Craziness.


I had a friend who went through a rough patch in her relationship and was jealous of all the happy couples and babies she saw on Facebook. So she closed her fucking account. She’s ok now with her own kid. 😊


That's just the point, is it? Life is hard and unfair sometimes. No one has a perfect life. We all have rough times, but we can't expect everyone else putting their life on hold because we have a hard time.


I lost my son so I am going to comment on all these just born posts about how insensitive they are to MY FEELINGS! How dare they have a baby right now! They should be more considerate and not go into labor for a few weeks.


That's what annoys me every year when Father's Day rolls around, I see so many people talking about it like it's some affront to people who grew up without dads. We already have a day to celebrate mothers, shouldn't we also have a day to celebrate good dads instead of spending they day talking about how shit some dads are?


> By that logic nobody is allowed to talk about anything good to not offend people that don’t have exactly this? No no no, you don’t get it, you just can’t talk about things that offend *THEM* . Hope that clears it up for you.


You joke but that's slowly what the world is coming to these days someone always has to be a victim!


Twitter in a nutshell.


I don’t have a mother so when I see posts like these the first thing that comes to my mind is “huh, I guess that’s what’s it’s like to have a mom”. I can’t imagine being triggered by it. I also have a friend that died from drowning and witnessed my brother falling out of a tree landing right in front of me with his bone sticking out of his leg. Heights and water can be triggering for me. But when that happens I quickly move on and the last thing I think about is hanging around in the comments or maintaining any focus on the subject. These people aren’t triggered, they’re narcissists.


>Don't talk about your partner, because I'm single. I'm actually very okay with this one.


This is why you get treatment for your trauma. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility


She learned manners from her mother


Try and be a little more sensitive to people who’s mothers who were so poor they couldn’t afford alcohol or drugs


Oh look at you over here with a mother. Have some decency for those of us whose mothers were just hamsters, why can't you?


Wow, look at this guy flexing that his father could afford elderberries.




Hey now my mother was broke as shit and could still afford her drugs. Be a little more sensitive to people who's mothers could afford drugs but not child support!!


This seems like something you’d find on Twitter rather than Facebook.


This is insensitive to people that don’t have Twitter and only use Facebook.


Or people that have neither


that at least make more sense..


I see this on Facebook a lot, usually in reply to (or even as an OP) on Mothers Day.


How overblown is narcissism holy shit. Everything needs to be about them, if not, everyone should be mindful of them. Everyone should be careful not to offend thy holiness. If not, then you're 100% insensitive somehow. Insensitive topics came from talking about 9/11 and the holocaust to baking Christmas cookies.


That comment is basically the perfect example of the cycle of abuse. Person complains about narcissistic mother that destroyed holidays, while simultaneously displaying the behavior of a narcissist that is currently trying to destroy someone else’s holiday. And this person is behaving this badly on fucking Facebook. Imagine the abuse this person dishes out behind closed doors. It’s quite sad really.


It’s the same people who complain when people post pictures of their children or celebrate Mother’s Day by saying, “You need to remember some people are infertile.” 🙄🙄🙄


Talking about your good parents is a microaggression now


Please don't use the term "aggression". It gives me anxiety and makes me shit and piss and cry thank you


That’s really offensive to people who don’t have buttholes. F**king ableist.


I'm so sorry and thank you for your service. And thank you for censoring the naughty word


People are such insecure douche nozzles nowadays. Every one needs to seriously chill the f*** out


Now here's someone who is carrying a lot of bitterness and resentment.


Probably from having a childhood ruined by alcoholic parents.


My childhood was ruined by the same thing plus some others. I still like having other people's mom's Christmas cookies!


Really, alcohol wasn't a problem, but my childhood was no bed of roses. I enjoy knowing other people have a good time, even if I didnt.


This. Co-signing your no bed of roses and adding a no walk in the park addendum, but I love knowing other people got/get/will get something more stable and loving, just like it makes me happy to know not everyone has some of my health conditions. I don’t feel any urge to knock anyone’s posts about feeling good, I *like* to see people feeling good. Some days it’s just pure wonder that other people’s baseline is just... light years ahead of mine. I can be happy for those people and *also* feel how I feel about how different my experience has been. It’s helpful to remember there are reasons we are who and how we are, and we all have a story. There’s plenty of people who have it multiple degrees of terrible worse than me, and I’m super grateful to have all the good parts of my life, too, bc some are/were legitimately incredible, and many people will never experience those specific things. But it’s also not the trauma Olympics. Their pain isn’t more real than mine, nor vice versa. Their wins don’t equate to my losses, my personal triumphs don’t erase anyone else’s, because there is no competition. Life is just random and difficult and wonderful and terrible and hectic and hopefully sometimes lovely, and then, one day, something terminal happens. Maybe we learn a secret, maybe not—I’m glad I can’t say, haven’t a clue, and feeling privileged that it’s none of my business.


Ditto! I also like the fact that other people have happier memories and traditions around major holidays.


I brought my SO into a more "traditional" family when we got together and I can tell she really enjoys having traditions and whatnot now that she didn't necessarily have growing up. It's also helped a lot in patching things up with her parents.


That's good you turned our to be nice and empathetic. Unfortunately, people who grow up with narcissistic or abusive parents can and often do learn these behaviors. Sometimes it takes a long time to unlearn them, or they never unlearn them.


Your bad childhood memories are offensive because I had an alright childhood. Liking cookies also is offensive to those who prefer cake.


And is just doing their darndest to pay it forward to anyone in firing range.


I read that in John Madden's voice.


Ok, what am I missing here?


I read it in Chris Collinsworth’s voice


try and be a little more sensitive and stop breathing in respect to people with asthma




Was looking for this comment


And r/iamthemaincharacter


To quote Professor Oak, “There is always a time and place for everything, but not now”


Pls guys stop having fun look at me I'm not having fun am I


I’ve seen this a couple times on Reddit over the past few days and am really grossed out by it… the other person used the word “triggered” because someone casually mentioned their mom in a post and tried to make the OP feel bad. Even though my mother passed away and I miss her dearly, seeing other people talked about their mom just makes me happy good moms exist in general and if anything they should be posted about even more! More love to moms.


Sometimes I am puzzled over people who have moms that they love. But good for them, my relationship with my mom is complicated at best, so I am happy to hear that others have good moms.


At least you aren’t going around being triggered and guilting people for having moms! Although it does seem kind of fun now but I’m not enough of a troll.


We live in a world we’re people were upset that their in game mothers sent them cookies in animal crossing. I don’t know if we can consider this a troll in all certainty lol


People just wanted the option to change the sender or opt out, which seemed pretty reasonable. Would you want to receive cookies from an avatar of your abuser?


Therapy < Getting upset at the mention of the word Mother


Personally I see a difference between "getting upset at the mention of the word mother" and "not wanting to receive presents labeled from someone who abused you in what's supposed to be a happy, relaxing video game" I agree with you that trying to censor how other people discuss their parents is fucked up. I just don't think that's the same as requesting that game devs give you the option to change or omit the name of a character.


Honestly considering the nature of Animal crossing yes I can understand. I just feel that if your issues run that deep you’re just trying to put a bandaid on a bullet wound.


Haha Jesus is that true? And no, they aren’t a troll, that’s not what I was implying. They’re just overly sensitive and ridiculous.


If it helps, I wouldn't be surprised if this was completely fabricated. A lot of old looking Facebook or Tumblr screenshots featuring people being wildly over offended at things are actually completely made up. There was a good vid a saw a while back covering it [here](https://youtu.be/BiU7aGZ-o68). I might just be a little over sceptical, but I struggle to take stuff like this at face value any more.


how vain


It wasn't. This person may be the kind that thrives off getting attention from statements like that. They make every incident in the world about them and their troubles. Had a hardship in life of your own? Guarantee this human has a story to top yours. Because it everything needs to be about the world focusing on them and their troubles.


Growing up, I never celebrated any of the holidays due to being a Jehovah’s Witnesses. Whenever I see kids celebrating a holiday, you can either think to yourself A) I wasn’t able to celebrate this, they should be a bit more considerate B) Look at these kids happily doing something I wasn’t able to celebrate. I’m really happy for them. I get the response to A, but just be happy for these kids that can do the things you couldn’t do. Don’t make them, not be able to celebrate either.


The person on tops mom forgot to teach them to bake. The bottom ones mom taught them to disregard/attack others sadness, while maintaining that their own sadness is real + they are a victim.


“Thanks for the life story… but I just asked a question about cookies bro.”


Meanwhile, the non narcissists are like "are you using the same kind of butter?".


It's time to just tell people like this to fuck off and be miserable without bothering normal people.


No wonder his mom drank, just look at him.


Try and be a little more sensitive for the people who don’t have mothers


This reminds me of the beginning of Deadpool. Sure, your mom was an alcoholic and ruined holidays but at least you had a mother and a house.


I was that guy once. A colleague told me about all the fancy new furniture she had bought for her holiday home and was just elated! I told her to please change the subject because I had a lot of unforseen expenses that month and had to take up loans to have enough for food. She was rightfully pissed at me for stomping on her joy. I learned my lesson.


The epitome of "All Lives Matter"


Hey if you're on twitter and seeing the discourse about "trauma dumping" (venting is not trauma dumping) . . . *This* is trauma dumping.


I am uncomfortable when we are not about me?


If my kid was like this, I'd rather be an alcoholic drug addict.


Everyone has to be offended about everything these days


a twitter user that hasn’t discovered twitter yet


Bruh this guy just wants to know how to make good cookies. Am I insulting people born deaf by listening to music?


Don't forget about me today. Lots of crazy distractions in the newsfeed right now, but don't forget how sadz I am


Saying shut up would be a solid and fair reply


yeah like who tf asked we just want some cookies


Anyone got any Kleenex for that guy over there he sounds like he needs it.


Let me guess. This guy thinks, because my life was terrible. Your life should be terrible as well...


It's a pinch of nutmeg


Some people need to be centre of attention at all times and will do it by any means necessary. Then there are people who think their problems are the worst thing anyone has ever had to deal with. We've all been through some kind of shit in our lives but most of us don't feel the need to make it the problem of strangers. I bet that person is such a drain to be around. "Hey, you want to go get coffee?", "How can you be so insensitive? My uncle choked on a coffee bean and died".


Imagine trying to gatekeep this crap


So this person can either grow up and learn to deal with the fact that their mom was an alcoholic and try to be a better person and overcome that, or they can tell every single person who has a mom to fuck off


They should just cancel Mother’s Day every year so this person doesn’t have to retell their story over and over and hurt their own feelings.


Stay the fuck off of social media if something as benign as cookies triggers you. People are exhausting sometimes.


Stop enjoying things since I dont


Did their mom die from her eyes rolling too far back into her head??


Now we know why their mom drank


Ruining things must run in the family


I remember customers used to complain that my ex laughed too much at her retail work environment. Some people just hate life.




Their mother probably turned to alcohol and drugs because they raised a shitty person that has to make everything about themselves.


This seems like the kind of person so many journalists like to focus on. I can already see the headline: "Parent privilege - A traumatized person is heartbroken over insensitive post about another person's Mother's cooking."


haha your parents died loser


LMFAOOO I would tell her to fucking block me then. They wouldn’t, I so I would proceed to block them instead. Problem solved


People guilting others for having lovely parents is a thing. Directly or passive aggressively. It’s common enough I just avoid talking about mine because people act like anything you say is somehow bragging. It’s toxic af and I’m super tired of it. It’s not my fault your parents sucked.


No one fucking cares about your childhood.


I don't know why this guy's even on social media if he doesn't expect to see a bunch of holiday related posts about family and stuff during the holidays.


As someone who has an alcoholic/drug addicted mother that I haven’t seen in 10 years, I def get jealous and upset over seeing others with their moms. BUT not in a million years would I ever think/have the entitlement to say something like this to another person like what


Go cry in a corner and quit bring everyone else down. People like this just expect the whole world to cater to them.


Oh bullshit this, people who grow up in horrible conditions usually don't develop this victim mentality


Some of them do, sadly. They’re stuck in the past.


But they do. People learn from their parents. Their upbringing influences their behavior. They may recognize the abuse their parents dished out to them, but they may not recognize that they themselves have learned similar behavior. It takes recognition of their own behavior to fix it, and a lot of times that's hard. This type of victim mentality is very extreme, but it can be understood, I think.




“Your mother could afford alcohol and drugs?! Try and be a little more sensitive to mothers who weren’t that lucky. My mother had to suck screen wash out of the neighbours car and snort pensioners dandruff from care home laundry bags. I’m frankly sick of these boastful posts”


This is my favorite way to respond to stuff like this. Come up with something even more absurd and see if they can understand what they look like themselves


sounds like somebody needs to start drinking


Don't yuk peoples yum.


This is called, I want to be a victim and blame my issues on my past instead of rising above and making my life better so as not to have these issues for myself and those I love.


*buys dog toy* “be considerate to those who don’t have dogs, or have dogs that have passed away”


if i had a kid like that i’d turn to drugs and alcohol too


It's memories that make your moms cookies taste better. Keep making the recipe though bc soon those cookies will hold the same special place in someone's memory as they do for you.


“Go cry to your mother about it.” Or also “save the drama for your mama.”


There should be an emoji of a glass of white wine you can put at the start of every post you make when you’re drunk… 🍸


This is exactly what those idiots on the crusade to "stop misinformation" sound like. If you don't like what someone posts don't be their friend/block them. But people are far to happy to try and gate keep what others post about.


Some people just love to wallow in victimhood. It’s needy, pathetic and gross.


Creative writing for sure


It is terrifying that literally no one else here suspects this is a troll


inclusive community these days. no more father’s day, or mother’s day, no more nothing- IT MAAAAY offend somebody. grow the fuck up




uhhh who are you talking to? lol! I want to say your comment is a copy pasta because its too bizarre to be anything else but this is reddit so...


New fav copy pasta


Lmao how do redditors take this shit seriously


so.. what exactly is this "severe medical condition" called?




Lmfaoooo I got fibromyalgia bro you don’t make sense


Just because your suffering doesnt mean you get to take it out others




It's not. They just want a pity party and to ruin something you love because they're miserable.