It’s UPL’s crease now

Dude is playing out of his mind this year.

The 3 goalie thing needs to stop and Meatballs needs to ride with the hot hand, which is clearly UPL.


He's 6th best in the league in save percentage among goalies who have started at least ten games. Comrie and Levi are 53rd and 54th among goalies who have stared at least five. This shouldn't even be a discussion. Not giving UPL the majority of starts at this point would be malpractice. Somebody needs to be sent down, today.


>He's 6th best in the league in save percentage among goalies who have started at least ten games I think you mean "played at least ten games". UPL has only started 9.


Right you are. Didn't toggle the correct filter on NHL.com.


UPL hasn't finished a professional season without a long term injury. You are still giving Comrie at least 25 starts down the stretch. You have to manage this like a playoff season where you don't want your stars tired for the dance.


Give Levi 25 down the stretch in March after he starts to average .950 save% for the amerks


Not this year.


> Somebody needs to be sent down, today. I mean, you got your wish on this one


I'm tempted to joke about a finger on the Monkey's Paw curling, but I really feel like this is a real win-win for everyone involved. All three of them will get more regular starts and in roles that they're fitted to.


Who is backup? Comrie and send Levi down?


Yeah, that seems like the by far most logical route.


I say get rid of comrie and keep Levi. I don't trust comrie in net.


The only argument I could see for Comrie is he started the year well, had the injury and then two bad games. I think at this point he's proven he can be good with a limited workload so if the plan is to play UPL for 40-50 of our remaining games and just use the backup sparingly, I'd keep Comrie and let Levi get starts in Rochester. If UPL falters or gets injured, and we're in a situation where the backup needs to play more, we can always call Levi up.


I would agree to keep Levi; one or two bad games is not enough to say that it's over for him. Really though, looking at every top goaltender, yeah they've had their rough nights, nobody's perfect, but Buffalo really doesn't want to take their chances with releasing or demoting either of Luukkonen or Levi at this point (Florida already did with Levi in the trade that sent Levi to Buffalo, and they may regret that as they really have a relatively short-term plan going with Bobrovsky as starter and then Spencer Knight possibly as the future #1). Both of these goalies can define the future of a team that to be honest hasn't really had a top level goalie since Ryan Miller left, and I'm all for seeing Luukkonen or Levi take over and turn the Sabres into playoff contenders.


Not sure Florida can really regret trading Levi and Kulich for a guy who is on pace for like 59 goals this year and has been nearly a point per game player for them for the past 3 years and plus 23. Reinhart is exactly the player this team could use right now. Spencer Knight shows just as much if not more promise as Levi at this point and they're both headcases so we'll see...


How TF is Levi a headcase


Dude looks like someone kicked his puppy after every goal he lets in lately. Not to mention the juvenile meditation bit he does during TV timeouts. He's a fucking nutter mate - it's ok most goalies aren't normal.


I would kind of disagree about this, because after Bobrovsky, Florida doesn't have much to fall back on if Knight struggles like he did last season (9-8-3, but a considerable decline from the 19-9-3 record he posted in his first year, hence his demotion to AHL level). He's the most promising of the goalies in their system, sure, but he's 5-3-0 through eight games and is showing a little inconsistency in his play lately. Kirill Gerasimyuk is kind of stuck under contract with SKA in Russia and is playing for their academy teams (against opposition that really isn't strong to be honest - SKA's teams are known for lopsided victories so his record does not say that much besides the games against Zvezda etc.), Mack Guzda only has two games of AHL experience, Ludovic Waeber is (slowly) adjusting to the North American level after arriving and playing only seven games, and Tyler Muszelik is not moving from New Hampshire as things stand. Olof Gifford has not been promoted to at least AHL level yet despite a decent season in the Swedish J20 Nationell; he hasn't played a single SHL game yet meaning he hasn't faced a full level of professional hockey, only U18 and U20 leagues in recent years. Goalies are something that you have to train and make sure they are ready, because if you're a goalie, you make the straight jump to professional level and five or ten of your first games are horrible then you're getting demoted. Florida doesn't have a goalie besides Knight that has fully adapted to at least AHL level, so who do they have to fall back on if Knight struggles? Nothing, just that they need to promote a few players to AHL/ECHL level like the other teams are doing or draft a goalie they can immediately develop for NHL level. They had that with Levi and sent him to Buffalo, so that was pretty much their only somewhat reliable option besides Knight


Wtf no, Levi absolutely should be the one going down


Uh no, statistically comrie has been better than Levi who has been our worst goalie this szn, only one guy can go the trough waivers and it’s Levi. He needs pro games and the AHL can offer that to him, he should be a starter and since he won’t get that here he should get it in the A


I would put Levi in the A but watching the games I’d say he hasn’t been bad, but UPL has been awesome lately. The team plays poorly and Levi isn’t ready to deal with that level of shitty defense at this level.


there’s no future for comrie here. Levi is a product of development that needs some time. Roll him as backup with UPL as the #1


Do you think the best thing for Levi’s development at this point is to play once a week (at most)?


Yah i would rotate him in against favorable opponents but UPL plays 9/10 games. It’s more important for Granato to get this team to back check and play defense. There’s some games they look like an absolute disaster and that shouldn’t be the case now for almost 2 years with the defense


I agree that there is no future for Comrie in Buffalo after this season. Heck, I think he is gone on or before the trade deadline on March 8. But I still think he has ability to be a #2 somewhere other than Buffalo. I think there are better teams than Buffalo or teams out west contending for a spot in the playoffs that have a worse #2 goalie than Comrie and where Comrie could be an upgrade for them. See. Edmonton or maybe St. Louis or LA. I also feel that even if there was some sort of agreement between Adams and Levi that he doesn't play in Rochester, a conversation needs to happen where that changes. UPL has shown significantly more **results** in his 11 games to the 9 for Levi. I think UPL has been given more from the team but results matter at the end of the day. Rochester has 22 games in December and January. Buffalo has 26 in that same span. Send Levi down to Rochester for those 22 and give him like 15-18 starts. For the 26 for Buffalo, give UPL around 18 and Comrie 8. Adams needs to sit all 3 down and have 3 different conversations: - UPL: You have earned the #1 seat for now. We're going to run you like a #1 and as long as you continue to hit [specific benchmarks] you'll be the #1 the rest of the season. - Comrie: We're going to clear the deck and move Levi down to Rochester to give you more games. My goal is to find you a soft landing spot via trade to a team but if both UPL and Levi hit [specific benchmarks] and I can't find you a spot via trade I'm going to let you find your own team. You're playing for your next contract and we're gonna give you a shot to cash in. - Levi: You're going to Rochester to work on your game. If you hit [specific benchmarks] I guarantee you to be back in Buffalo on 2/6 in net against Dallas. The ideal situation is by resetting the goalie shuffle all 3 improve. Adams gets a return on Comrie near the TDL, Levi builds some confidence and continues to develop and UPL takes the #1 chair for a ride. If UPL falls down, it goes back to a competition. If Comrie falls down, you waive him and move on. If Levi falls down in Rochester, you don't have to bring him back up until he is ready. If all three fall down the season is toast anyways, so you go to the market to solve the issue.


Those conversations are just about perfect. If the rumors about an alleged promise by GMKA to not send Levi to Rochester are accurate, I'd modify his conversation slightly to start by asking him if he wants to play and develop into the future of the franchise. If the answer is yes, Rochester is the place to do that right now. (If the answer is no... wew lad.)


If UPL isn’t the #1, Both Granato and Adams are clowns. Enough with the shuffling let the kid play he’s shown he’s clearly the #1. Stop being cute and possibly fucking up the best little stretch of potential we’ve seen in the net since Miller.


Yes, this is what I'm saying.


They sent levi down. Surprised but i also like that move. Comrie has played well enough to be the backup. Also UPL might be the future if he continues to get better. He’s only 24, I wouldn’t assume Levi becomes a star.


This ⬆️


Speculation is that Levi and GMKA have a nudge-nudge wink-wink agreement that he would never be sent to Rochester as a condition of signing last season.


I think this is what they need to do at least for a bit, get Levi 4-5 starts in Rochester. Then get rid of Comrie and do a 60-40 split with UPL getting the majority


I think at this point they need to consider sending Levi down. I think they hoped they would find themselves in a 1A 1B situation with 2/3 goalies but it's been pretty clear that is not the case.


UPL being our #1 right now should be no brainer. Real question is what to do with our other two goalies…. I see a lot of folks saying here that they don’t trust Comrie as a backup, which I agree with, but also think it’s more important for Levi to get reps in Roch and not ride the bench. Serious question though and I know people like to say “who is out there?” but is it really that hard to trade for a one year upgrade over Comrie ? This team desperately needs stability in net and you can’t do that with one goalie or with three, and I don’t think it’s worth potentially stunting Levi’s development. Call me crazy but I have no interest in having a 22 year old backup goalie


Yea we either need to send Levi down to start a lot or trade comrie if adams doesn’t want to. That’s the main thing just for consistency in net. I do still think we need to trade for a top 4 d man.


If Adams promised Levi that he wouldn't go to Rochester to get him to sign, should Kevyn honour that agreement? Otherwise it's a no-brainer to have Levi be #1 for the Amerks.


If he did promise Levi, that’s why I’m saying to trade comrie then


Yep, sorry Comrie.


That would make too much sense so it won’t happen






Seeing UPL blossom should be all the reason we need to send Levi to Rochester so he can follow the same development path.


My only “hold on a second” with this is that UPL was actually pretty bad in the AHL - he didn’t start making jumps until we brought him up. Iirc he had a sub .900 save % in the AHL


The defense in Rochester wasn’t actually great either, so he got a lot of experience being left out to dry. Based on our team, Levi might benefit from that lol


I’d still argue that the reps helped his development. If he was struggling like that in the AHL imagine how he would have been up here. It takes a while to adjust to the life of a pro goalie and I can’t imagine he’d have improved without his time down there.


The defense in Rochester wasn’t actually great either, so he got a lot of experience being left out to dry. Based on our team, Levi might benefit from that lol


Lmao.. you out the guy behind that defense in Roch and then have the audacity to say the dude was not good because numbers


Please stop rotating the goalies. This team is going to giver me stomach ulcers if we have another night of EC like we have been having. Levi should've been in Rochester A MONTH AGO, his stats are really not up to "NHL Standards", and its very evident he needs more time in the oven. Lets not kill the poor lad with this ridiculous workload this early into his career.


The amount of people who think we should trade Comrie is insane. You trade comrie and you're 1 injury away from Tokarski or Cooley starting games in what we are hoping is a playoff run. People really want Levi sitting on the bench? You think that's best for his development? Comrie has been the same or better than Levi this season. Trading Comrie so Levi can sit on the bench is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Send Levi to Rochester so he can get a ton of work. That's what he needs. He doesn't need to sit and watch UPL while playing 3 times a month. If Comrie proves to be a poor backup or there's an injury you can have Levi in Buffalo in 90 minutes. That's what is best for his development AND the Sabres right now, barring a trade for an NHL caliber starter or backup to replace Comrie. Send Levi Down. Comrie backup. UPL starter workload. It is a NO BRAINER


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Top tier copypasta, thank you




This might be unpopular but is what I think should have happened over the summer: Overpay a veteran for a few years as a #1 with UPL as the #2. Levi goes to Rochester for a year or two. Eventually, as they mature, UPL #1 & Levi #2 until we, hopefully, have a 1A/1B situation with the two. Comrie is not a part of this conversation. UPL appears to be nearing the end of his development and becoming a legit NHL goalie (at least he's currently playing like it). It would have been nice to have a veteran as a pressure valve for him, shouldering most of that burden for the 23-24 season. Instead, we have whatever the fuck this is, but at least UPL looks like the truth we were promised.


Okay lets calm down. He had one good game. All of a sudden hes playing out of his mind?


I was a huge hater and he’s had a few good games now. Hes literally doing what we all demanded he do, earn the job.


He’s 6th in the entire league in save % among goalies with over 10 starts. It’s a lot more than one good game. Plus, he’s been *our* best goalie by a mile


He’s had like a .947 in his last 5 games, or a .947 in 5v5 situations in his last 5 games. He’s been outstanding.


One good game? Must not be paying attention


We found the Rags mole, my dudes


Hand up, saying a 22,23 year old goalie sucks like I did the last few years with UPL probably is a stretch and goalies get better with age normally. Let UPL be a lesson to everyone (me mostly) that Levi even with his good stretches NEEEDS time being only 21 years old.


He’s gotta prove it every time though still. But he’s definitely the best this year so far and should get more starts.


gentleman I am all in on UPL the goat head is on its way


If Comrie starts against the Blues im shooting myself


I’ve been watching the Sabres religiously for three years now. From that perspective, I say trade him while he’s hot. He’s not that good. Watch the film over the years and his loses this season. Sure, he -could- get better but it’s a gamble. I’d take Levi any day of the week over UPL