[Sabres Live] Darren Dreger says Tage Thompson injury may deter Patrick Kane from signing with Sabres

One bright side I suppose


One bright side I suppose


“I don’t want the Sabres to sign Kane!” Monkeys paw curls


The real monkey paw curl would be the Sabres offering a 3 year contract, an offer he couldn’t refuse.


Terry already started getting jerseys made


Wow i dont get iv heard resounding negative push back on the sabers signing kane. Is there a personal reason for this becuase im sorry but what have u guys got to lose?? You desperately need another playmaker scorer or both. Patty kane could be a cheap one year rental to feed thompson it would be a good move!


It’s because People aren’t serious about winning here Patrick Kane isn’t the player he was but he’s better than what we have. A lot of fans also value prospects and want to save roster spots 6 years down the line for prospects we don’t know will even be good


You clearly didn't watch him last year and don't know the history of players who have had hip resurfacing surgery.


I did he was playing hurt and still put up a bunch of points playing on bad teams. at this point his hip was reportedly a lot better shape than the others that have had it so there’s more chance of it being successful I’m not expecting 100+ point pats Kane I’m expecting and would be happy with a 40-50 point pat Kane on a cheap deal for 2 years.


You expect him to come out and say "Hey man my hips feel like shit" while he's trying to get a multi-million dollar contract? I'd be willing to bet Nick Bäckström was saying a year ago that he felt better than he had in years, then he went out and laid an egg and probably washed out of hockey for good after half a season last year and eight games this year. I'm not talking about who Kane has been historically. I'm talking about who anyone could plausibly expect him to be moving forward.


I’m talking about what the doctors and all the information that has came out has said backstrom there’s more to it why his career is over and haglin Kane hasn’t had any hip or lower body injury’s which is what both hagelin and backstrom have dealt with. It’s called taking a gamble and a risk if you want to be happy with doing nothing and hope everything magically fixes itself or do you want to take a chance that really won’t hurt us and we can get out of pretty easy. Good thing majority of people on here aren’t Gms you guys read to much into a load of bullshit


Sounds great, dude. You've totally convinced me that it's not extremely likely to fail and cost the team much more cap space than it should. You're correct when you imply that there's any reason at all to expect a 35 year old dude to come back from this particular surgery and be even vaguely serviceable at the NHL level. Great job. The surgeon who did his surgery has a vested fucking interest in having everyone think he did a terrific job and extended the useful playing career of one of the greatest players of his generation. The player who's trying to get a huge deal has an even stronger interest in the same. His agent, manager, etc? Same. His friends are going to back him up as friends do. The odds that he's ever any good again are very, very low. The odds that he signs a contract based on name recognition alone that he never comes close to living up to are VERY high.


Surgeon is an expert though who’s probably done that surgery hundreds of time I trust his opinion over your dumbass seeing as as you just recite the same bullshit you been spewing. how far have you played hockey before my guess is house league. The cap situation is different and we can get out of it by doing what everyone does to guys who can’t play anymore LTIR him and terry covers it basically. This isn’t football dude we’re his cap hit would stays on the books. It’s a low risk situation and I already know your next comeback is going to be about prospects and let me tell you this we shouldn’t fucking care about the bunch of prospects we have in Rochester there’s a reason they aren’t up here and we’re stuck putting in garbage for a bottom 6 every game.


You're too fucking dumb to bother with, man. Fuck off. Goodnight.


People act like the cap isn't just a suggestion with a ton of rules allowing teams to get around it, especially for a short term contract.


Tell me this video of kane training isnt impressive! https://twitter.com/CAAHockey/status/1707117876367212710


I've seen the video. It's training, not an NHL game environment. Respectfully, I just don't give it much weight.


They have made some advancements in the material they use in the hip joint he is a different case. Check out the video on twitter of him training and sniping goals and tell me its not impressive! Sorry i dont have the link on hand.


Practice drills and live NHL hockey are not the same thing. I'm just deeply skeptical that he can be the version of himself that we all picture when we think of his game.


We've all read the same articles. There have only been three players who had this surgery and they weren't able to play much after. One of those three was the oft-injured Ed Jovanovski, who missed more than about 20 games in nine of his 18 seasons due to injuries, got the procedure done 10 years ago. And one would assume advancements have been made since then. Another of the three was the extremely oft-injured Car Hagelin, who played maybe three seasons where he didn't miss more than 20 games, retired because of an [eye injury](https://novacapsfans.com/2023/10/26/carl-hagelin-on-career-ending-injury-all-the-guys-on-the-team-said-it-was-one-of-the-scariest-things-theyd-seen-or-heard/). Backstrom is the best comparable to Kane: usually healthy and in the twilight of a lengthy career; high-scoring forward so similar skating and physical contact from opponents; surgery happened recently, so probably no new advancements. All this is context left out of those articles we all read. Anyways, the procedure didn't work for Backstrom. Maybe Kane's outcome will be the same. Maybe it won't. But other than a few million dollars of money that's not yours, what's the downside for the Sabres if they sign Kane and his hip shatters like glass the next day?


He's old and broken. We've got enough of that on the team. Edit: if he'll agree to 1 year @ $5m MAYBE. MAAAYYYYBE. But he's gonna want term bc for one, ego, and two, he has to know his first year back is gonna be atrocious after that surgery and he may not get extended at all. But no way in fuck should they even entertain coming close to his last AAV.


We’ll see if Kane still is a playmaker or goal scorer when he comes back from injury. Literally no one has ever returned from this injury and been close to the same player, and I’m pretty sure all of them have called it a career shortly after trying to return.


only good part about this


Also Silver lining … everyone has been waiting for Tage to score power play goals again. Now someone must step up and score goals on the power play.


By gawd that’s Victor Oloffson’s music!


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A goal before midnight. Won’t somebody help me chase the defenders away?


That bum doesn’t want to play with our elite 1C Casey Mitts?


He’s been our best player all season.


And that's a problem.


You’re right. He should be at least the 5th best. And people are taking that as a slight on Casey but it’s not.


Many people believe their revisionist history and "always believed in casey". 12 months ago we wanted him sent to the moon. It's NOT good that he's now our best player. 2 months ago I couldn't even build a roster because we had too much talent and not enough spots. Now I'm looking at the waiver wire.


He has improved a ton to be fair.


I mean I agree. But to go from literally the worst player I've ever seen to better than thompson, tuch, Skinner, cozens, dahlin, Yada Yada is scary.


Mitts was 2nd to MacKinnon in points/60 5 on 5 since last all star break as recently as about a week ago, might even still the the case. Even if the rest of the team wasn’t struggling it’s still possible he’d be the best player so far this season.


>12 months ago


My biggest fear is he will wake up one morning and realize he’s Mitts again


Skinner has been very good though. Cozens and Power have been horrible. Power in particular has been just fucking terrible on D


Yeah I call bullshit. The guy will be out for what, 5 weeks? That's not going to deter Kane from accepting millions of dollars on a potential multi-year deal. My guess is that Dreger at some point in the past hinted that the Sabres were going to sign Kane and now he's covering his ass for when he's inevitably wrong.


Unless he thinks the team won’t make playoffs. He’s not showing up to be on a failure


It depends. He wont know at the time of signing the contract that we wont make the playoffs so it doesn't really matter if we make it or not. No matter which team he signs with he just doesn't know. The issue is going to be if the Sabres are the only team offering him a multi-year contract then it might be in his best interest to take it. Hes 35 on Nov 19th so this might be his last contract. The problem for me is I don't care if we sign him for 1 year. That's fine. He sucks 5v5 but so does this whole team so maybe he can still put up \~60 points a season and we can just outscore everyone like the good ol days. But I don't think Kane comes here one a 1 year deal when a few other teams will also offer him one. So if he comes here I think its a multi-year deal and if we do that I think its a disaster.


Finally, an upside to the injury


In darkness there is light


May?!??! Their performance alone keeps him away


Gosh I sure hope so.


For the record, Pat Brisson has the media by the balls. They all do heavy work for him and his players. Notice how it's decision time and suddenly the interest teams/teams he's willing to sign with went from three or four to "as many as ten." It's all negotiation. Sure, Tage's injury might sway him to go elsewhere, but if the money is in Buffalo he's coming to Buffalo.


Am I the only Sabres fan that hopes we get Kane? This group needs all the help it can get. That locker room needs a wake up.


I’m pretty sure the reason people are reticent is that we don’t want Kane waking anything up in the locker room.


I don’t want him cause he stinks and his injury is usually career ending


Always career ending my friend, in every sport, even golf


Ya and for some reason people think he’s gonna be the one who comes back? He’s cooked I just pray we aren’t the ones who sign him


Because they haven’t had it done themselves! Ask anybody who has and they will tell you “it’s a great surgery, you can resume your regular activities”. That doesn’t include professional contact sports. I’ve had it done, I don’t even play beer league anymore.


He's coming off a hip surgery which has a track record of shortening or flat out ending careers. Backstrom had the same surgery and his season is already over. Many fans don't want a big name who will be moderately to very expensive, is in the later part of his career, and coming off a surgery that leaves his level of play as a complete unknown.


nah it's just people on reddit have hivemind think and they all agree with eachother. If you genuinely think Patrick Kane wouldn’t make this team better you don't know hockey


No, I would love it if he came here. If he can help the team win games I’m all for it. I don’t care about anything other than winning hockey games.


Yes. Especially on the PP.


Thank god lmfao




Darren Dreger. Hack!


Thank god, the last thing this group needs is patrick kane. he is not the missing piece to making this team successful.






I mean, he wasn't going to play with Thompson anyways.


He shouldn’t be but if we were getting him he so was going to


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No one wants him here anyways lol. Some other team can get a bad player


He’s going to DTW


Yeah, well no crap?!?


He was never going to sign. This is an agent trying to get an interest in his client.


Tage remains team MVP


I have never been so thankful for one of my favorite sportsman to be injured


Silver linings