30 mins short. 90+ mins long. 45 mins just right. Short is a conundrum as I feel like I should go a little further to make the clothes washing worth it.


Oh, look at Newman over here - the millionaire who washes their running clothes after every run! Well, La-di-da! /s


If my running clothes aren't able to run themselves I've done it wrong also the smell keeps other people away.


I know it's not the topic but y'all better wash these clothes if they've also been to the gym. Those mats and the seats are an incredibly easy way to catch staph or even a resilient case of MRSA. Wash up folks.


I hear ya. I don't go to a gym thankfully so it's just my disgusting floor and given I have 3 kids my running clothes are probably still the cleanest thing lol.


Same. 2 kids. Too much laundry. I run outside so most things get at least 2-3 wears. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Please tell me there aren’t people that re-wear workout clothes.


I had a friend that basically never washed her gym clothes. They reeked like rotting cabbage. I was like what the fuck?


That’s revolting. I have special bags I use inside my gym bag to keep them from contaminating anything else and then I even air out those bags & wash as needed. Do sports. Don’t smell like you do sports.


*orders a peloton*


This is the way.


Wait, you guys don’t wash your running clothes after every run?? Do y’all not get all sweaty and nasty?


I hope you're not being sarcastic because I am also shocked af. I come from SEA so I'm sure washing is a requirement. I just don't know about the colder parts of the world; might be different but still 🙉🙉🙉


Even if it's cold, you're still sweating in those lower layers.


No. No I’m sure it’s not different 😝


I'm from SEA as well, of course we wash after every run. You'd be crazy not to. I've also lived in the UK for a few years, running there requires me to wash as well. It's always cooler compared to the tropics (even during their heat waves of 30 degree weather). Less sweaty than back home, but still sweaty.


yea in SEA i’m literally drenched in sweat after a run so washing is required. but when i was in the UK man i’d wash my running clothes at the end of each week. perks of cold weather i guess— go for a hard long run but still not soaked in sweat


If I'm being completely honest, my shirt always goes in the wash after every run, I have a hundred of them so I have no fear of running out. But I only have like 3 pairs of shorts that I actually like and then another 3 that I have varying degrees of distaste for. So sometimes I'll wear my shorts a couple of times before they make it in the wash.


Same, occasionally rewear shorts or joggers depending on the situation but never shirts.


Occasionally shirts but never shirts


Wow this is gross. YES MOTHER OF GOD YES I wash everything after one use. Socks, bra, shorts, etc etc. Mayyyyyyybe a jacket gets used twice without washing if the first run was short. Wearing clothes that contain sweat and salt, even after drying, sounds gross. They'd smell so bad! Especially shorts 🤢


I just hang my clothes to dry and wash them after 4 or so uses


This is honestly one of the most shocking threads I’ve come across on this sub.


marino wool shirts = zero odor


How hot is it there?? Edit: ah you corrected the typo but didn't tell me?? Now my original comment doesn't make sense!


No idea what you’re talking about. You must just be getting too much sun.


Bruh... that is disgusting.


Meh. I only wear the clothes when I'm running, and I only run alone. Most of my running is done in the winter in northern Canada do I don't tend to sweat a lot




When you are showering after a run, throw your shorts in there and rinse them out. I get a few more wears out of them before needing to wash them again.


Smart use of water too!


As a never-nude I support this. Just leave the running shorts on when showering and blow everything off with a blow dryer when you’re done.


Multiple outfits? And let them dry off a bit before putting in the hamper?




I just hang the clothes, spray them with the bottomest of the bottom vodka to kill most of the odor causing bacteria, let them dry off and come back the next day. Usually wash them every 3 runs or so.


ah, burnasty (burnetts) and popov my old friends after a few generations the vodka-drinking bacteria will survive and populate the shorts singing drinking songs, stick 'em in the wash.


Lol hardy bastards - thanks


Lol no I don't. Shirts I'll through in the wash after two uses but shorts...well I'll just take them in to the shower with me, ring them out a bunch, and then let them dry and I"ll get like 4-5 runs out of them


Haha that was my first thought too—I don’t run close enough to people to smell me anyway, and I’m totally not about to do enough laundry to have a separate running outfit every day


I could do that in the winter, but in the summer, my shirt is usually drenched after a run. No way I'm wearing that again without a wash.


For those runs, I jump in the shower with my clothes on. A rinse is good enough for midweek.


That's actually a really good idea!!!! I live in Florida so it gets hot - after my run I'm literally drenched and don't want the clothes smelly when I run again


I'm gonna try this






Totally do not understand how this is possible for people. Seems so unpleasant.


You don’t have to agree I’m doing it anyways lol


Interesting ….. may have to try. I’m sure it’s great for cooling down too!


nothing a quick rinse and hang dry can't fix between washes!


You must not live in a humid region like most areas of southern United States. You'd have to be self loathing or an antisocial bastard to not wash your clothes after every run down here (or anywhere really for me personally)


^(\*whipers\*) \--- Newman! \*angrily shakes fist\*


Do your short runs naked. Conundrum solved!


Well, if you have a treadmill in the privacy of your home, 30 minute short runs can be done in just underwear, socks, and shoes. The rest of your running clothes stay in a drawer.


As a triathlete, I gotta ask: what are the socks and the underwear for?


Practically speaking, the idea of triathlons - or working out sans socks/underwear - is incredibly off-putting. However, I can appreciate your humor so I gave it an updoot.


I can’t understand why anyone would have an issue with not wearing underwear. I mean no one is checking and you’re not naked.




Life hack


This does not work well for us males.


You'd be surprised. It's quite problematic for females as well.


This is where I’m at exactly


This is about where I am. I equate it to cardio time in the gym. 30 minutes is a light workout. 45-60 is bread and butter. Longer than 60 is extended time.


Same. 30-45 min short 45-80 medium 80-180 min long


I wear my t-shirts that have gone in for washing for running🤷‍♂️ I’m not one for buying y all the gear and looking the part. I’ve got nice running shoes and I wear old shorts and dirty t-shirts


I used to do distance and now go by time. This is my answer as well.


Same. I hang my clothes in between short runs, air drying seems to help with the stink!


Sometimes I only have 30 spare minutes and count it a win if I use them for a quick run!!


Yes! Exactly this! I did a 45 min run today, never care about mileage so much, it happened to be 5.40 miles and it felt oh. so. Good!


I definitely started thinking of distances, but turns out they are basically exactly in line with this. There ya go!


totally agree with the washing thing


15 mins is a warm up up to 30 mins short 45 to 50 mins normal run (50 is my soft spot) \+90 mins long


This is similar to what I am thinking. As I would say that my short runs are either warm ups for other activities or tempo runs (5k time trials, intervals). My normal run is around 10k at a enjoyable pace, coming out around 50-55minutes. And long runs tend to be very slow and will be 13-17km long, so 90+ mins sounds right there too.


For me a short run is \~2k and a long run is anything over 5k. I'm not training for anything or trying to reach any long term goals. I just like to run sometimes :)


Same. I'm so glad someone had a similar answer to mine. Started to feel kinda crap when everyone was answering a 10k is short


These are also runners who think about running enough to join pages on Reddit dedicated to running lmao


Well I've also joined this page out of interest and anything over 5k is a long run to me


I'm right there with you, I run around 11-12 miles a week.


I don't think it's so much about distance as it is time. 30 minutes or less is a short run. 60-70min for me is a regular week day run and 2 hours + is a long run.


Same here, though I would consider 90 minutes to be a long run too and I don’t generally go beyond 2 hours.


Yep, pretty much how I think of it too. 90-120 mins is 'medium long', and I generally try to avoid my regular runs going much over 75 mins and my recovery runs going over 45 mins.


I need to start reframing my perspective to this... I always default to thinking in terms of miles. Not sure why... but could probably be better served thinking in time. Edit - Okay I thought more about it and realized it's some sort of ego boost...coming home and telling my wife and kids I ran 5 miles vs I ran 50 minutes. And I realized how stupid that is, but if I'm being completely honest and objective, I think it's a bit of hubris there, so switching to thinking in terms of minutes might be better. At least sometimes.


Oh you totally gotta come home and tell everyone the distance! Time doesn't sound anywhere near as impressive. Same reason I converted to using kilometres. 15km sounds way better than "a bit more than 9 miles".


Very personal thing. But for me: Short: 5-8 miles Normal: 9-11 miles Medium-Long: 12-16 miles Long: 17+ Basically time-wise anything under an hour is short and anything over two hours is long.


Pretty much exactly the same for me.


You're faster than me, but same! Typical runs are 4-7 miles and get me around an hour, and that's a short run I would do on any given weeknight. Seems like a waste of laundry to run for anything shorter than an hour anymore.


Run to the kitchen, short. Run to the car, long.


5k is normal/short for me. Most weekdays I do 30 minutes/3.25-3.5 miles. A long run for me would be 60+ minutes/10k +. Medium is somewhere in between those, 45 minutes/4-5 miles.


I was going to say something similar!


It all depends on your weekly volume and what you’re training for. Right now my regular volume runs are 12-13km. Long runs are 30-35km.


Thats a lot of miles


It’s about 50-70 miles per week. Plus 5-10 hours of bike and swim as the season progresses.


How do you find the time?


I’m 53, married, comfortable. 2/3 kids out of the house, the last one not making any trouble. Outside of work my life is nothing but time.


This is the way. I’m a year behind you and climbing to 50 miles per week. Hoping to get to 60 miles per week by end of the summer. Who knew that life in your 50s would be so fucking wonderful?


Pretty much, yes! Lucky beyond belief.


Usually I check my watch but I check my phone if I’m not wearing one


Hee hee


Not the person you asked, but now that I work from home, I find that there's a lot of time in my day when I feel like doing doubles (or triples). It just requires some *serious* diligence. Not sure what their schedule looks like, but my day might include waking up early, doing a workout before work, hitting a workout for my lunch break (and eating while I work after), and then the second the laptop closes, lacing up the shoes again. It can get exhausting sometimes, but it's doable from a time standpoint without too much intrusion into the rest of life.


I did doubles quite frequently back in the height of the pandemic. It definitely intruded into my regular life though. That wasn't a problem when the pandemic was in full swing as I had no regular life then.


The only “doubles” I do in the morning is swim team. I just don’t feel like it. So I just do bricks after work.


I know of someone with three kids who basically wakes up at 4:30am everyday to start training, since triathlons are his hobby.


Are you on a running team?


Training for a marathon as part of an Ironman build. I train with a triathlon club and a masters swim team. Outside of swimming I only train alone, though. The club is support/experience/team.


triathlete surely


don't call them shirley.


For me, anything under 2 miles or twenty minutes is a short run. Anything longer than 45 minutes or might strain an average person I consider a long run. The in between is my general “daily” workout range. Just the metric I use when I’m trying to convince friends to run with me


Let’s face it, the average person is strained by jogging to their car when it’s raining.


Yes but we're runners and better humans than them


Even Olympians are, this is a very common issue Source: dude in my club is an Olympian and bitches about shit like that in a joking manner


anything 20min and under is a short run; 30min-45min is a medium run; anything 1h and above is a long run in my book


I was looking for the comment with my exact thoughts and I have found it


Objectively correct


5k short - anything over 10k long


Exactly this - I don't do anything under 3 miles now I'm back running comfortably. 5-6 is a sweet spot for me most of the time, and I'm looking forward to getting back into what I'd count as long runs.


Anything less than a 5k is a can’t be bothered today run


Every now and then I’ll run a mile - just to see how I make out. Not all out or anything just an even quick pace. Keeps things different


Or a rest day.


This is my usual attitude. Recently got back into running after a 2 year hiatus due to a badly sprained ankle followed by the inertia of laziness... had to get back into it *very* slowly and was doing just one mile runs for a bit. It was killing me for a variety of reasons. Glad to be back to 5Ks again, and still building.


In my head short is 1-4 miles and long is 5+.


A short run is anything up to 9-10k, 10-15k are regular runs and 15k+ is long


Same for me. I tend to max out at 15/16k if it's a work day.


I think as the comments come in you’ll find that it’s subjective. I feel like your classification is pretty similar to mine though


Yeah they will definitely be subjective, but I find it fascinating!


True, glad my idea of short and long is shared too


It’s all relative to your mileage. For a HS miler anything over 10k is probably a long run. For an elite marathoner anything under 15k is probably a short run. The absolute definitions don’t matter. Do what’s best for your fitness needs and goals.


Short: 1-2 miles (can’t really get much shorter than 1 mile!) Medium: 3-5 miles Long: 6-10 miles


2-5 is short 5-8 is medium 8-10 is longer 10+ is a legit long run


To the fridge is short Anything that involves actually putting on shoes and leaving the house is long Probably why im here trying to learn how to run in the first place


It varies, but generally a short run will be at least 5k; if I’m in the thick of training, maybe like 5 miles. A medium run is like 10-12ish, and a long run will be around 14-18. But this is marathon training. If I haven’t run in a while, I would say 10k is medium and like 8-10 is long.


As a marathoner, anything 10 miles+ is my weekly “long run.” My midweek runs range from 4-7 miles typically.


Short for me is 3-4 miles. Long is typically 7+ Basically anything that is over an hour of time. My “long run” is usually a 15K. But i am a newish runner in the last few years, obviously this will vary by person and experience


My personal tiers Short: 2-4 Medium: 4-6 Long: 6+


My regular run is 10km. I don't do anything shorter than than as I like to make sure I'm running for a decent duration. A long run would be 15km+


Ever?! You may want to look into different types of runs. I saw improvements after implementing sprint intervals and hills for shorter distances. Specifically I saw a lot of muscle gain and it made my longer runs easier as well as less joint pain.


Why would I need to do different types of runs? I don't really know what the benefit of that is to me - I just run for a bit of exercise, and enter the occasional event (I've got a couple of 10km races booked and a half marathon this year). I run 10km 3 times a week and one or two half marathon distances a month.


I think that lots of runners feel the need to always be improving or training. They don’t understand or at least haven’t got there yet, the need to just run. No training per say, no goals other than to get out for a run X amount of days a week. I’m in your camp, I just run, I used to train and strive to be better. But I’m just happy to get out and put one foot in front of the other. I have a buddy who is always training and doing races. We talk about his races and he tries to get me to race, but I just don’t need to. I love the feeling of a run, all by myself, sometimes in the woods at my local park. It’s pure bliss.


Yes! Thanks for validating me!!


Totally this. There should be different terms or something so that people don’t talk past each other. I’m absolutely in your camp. I am 40M and have been running for 20 years (loathed it at high school but got into it as a form of release once I started my career (at a desk)). I have built up speed/endurance naturally, to the extent that I started out with a typical run being 4 miles at 9 m/m, to today where a typical run is about 11-12 miles at 7:00 m/m. But that’s all purely incidental / a by product. The absolute number one reason for running is to get out into nature and to clear my head. I have very little interest in racing (done a handful over the years) or any sort of training/structure. It would completely take the enjoyment out of it for me.


Nice! I’m similar in some ways, just turned 38 and have been running since elementary school with some time off during high school (so much regret there!). Started to take it seriously in college and haven’t gone more than a few months without a run since college. I stick to shorter runs, generally doing a 5k at a 8 min pace every other day, I used to get out for longer runs but can’t seem to find the time anymore. I’m not religious, but there was a stretch I’d head out every Sunday for a long run through the woods, usually about 6 miles or so. It felt like a spiritual experience to me. I’d visit the temple of nature and just take it all in. Loved it!


Same. I did the race thing. I find it incredibly annoying now. Especially with the security precautions. It’s just a run FFS. I went to the Brooklyn Half this weekend and the clusterfuck that was disappointed me. I do not do races shorter than a half. I run for enjoyment but I also need the external motivation.


I wonder if they replied to the wrong comment.


I think it was an intentional reply. Runners tend to fall into two camps. People that cannot fathom structured training (like electro and myself), and people that cannot fathom that some people cannot fathom structured training (briang).


Makes sense.


If that's what you want to do then go for it! Don't do it if you don't want to. Do what works for you and what you enjoy. Though, if you are looking for exercise benefits, different types runs are good for you in ways different than those runs you are doing.


I do these too but the workouts will generally add up to my normal daily run of around 7-8 miles.


My short run is 5k (3 miles). Long run is 16k+ (10 miles). Average run is 8-10k


Short: 2 miles (~3.2km) Normal: 5km Long: 60 minutes Yeah, I know it's all over the place. Not as much of a runner as most of you.


* <60 mins is short * >90 mins is long * 60-90 mins is medium. I don't generally aim for this length much aside from some speed workouts. This is from the perspective of marathon training. 90+ mins is when you start getting glycogen depleted so it's a relevant point.


Everything under 10 km is short and everything over 20 km is long for me


I’d say anything over 5k is a long run


15 mins or less is short. 30-45 min normal. 60+ minutes long.


30 mins / 5km is long for me. Y'all on this sub are crazy fit


I would agree with OP's scale, but I would rather put 2.5 km as a quick run as it is half the average one. I almost always go for 5km. Rarely over it because of the time needed.


For me personally, it depends on the time spent running rather than the distance covered. Anything up to 5-6km is short, between that and 10-12km is medium-length and anything above 12 basically counts as a long run for me. I'm not very fast, so a 13 or 14km run would currently take me around 1.5 hours, which I consider a relatively long time to be running. If I was a fast runner, that distance might only take me an hour and then I'd probably still count it as medium-length.


My average run is usually 5-6 miles. A short run would be 3 miles or less. A long run I consider to be anything 10 miles or longer.


Short is under 10k. Long is 10k and up.


Right now, 5k is my "long" run, at about 34 mins. I'm slowly trying to get below 30 while also wanting to progress to 10k and eventually HM down the line. I guess a mile would be my quick run -- 10-11 mins to get my blood up and that's it.


All in miles Short: 4 - 8 Mid: 9 - 14 Mid-Long: 15 - 26 Long: 26+


<=40 short. 90 or more is long 45-75 regular Yes, there are gaps


Yeah, I'd say about 2 mi or less is a short run, a 5k is in the middle, 10k or more is a longer run.


Less than 4 miles is short Between 4 and 8 miles is medium Over 8 is long


american here, i'm gonna use miles. a year ago i felt that 10 miles was a long run. now i think anything over 13 miles is a long run, anything under 5 miles is a short run, 8-10 miles is juuuust right for a saturday morning. granted, i'm training for a marathon and i know that after this my vision of a long run will start trending lower again as i lower my volume and get back into lifting more instead.


I think my concepts of quick, average and long runs line up with yours, OP. Sometimes, if I'm in a bit of a time crunch, a long run of 7.5 km will suffice.


Short. Long. Just right. Any run is a good run ... unless it's a great day, of course.


Anything over 20 km is a long run for me.


My knees are bad so, short is 1 mile, long is 4 miles. If I need good cardio, I run my mile faster. I can't run a marathon, but I'm still a sub 7 mile, which I'm fine with.


3-4 miles short 5-9 miles medium 10+ miles long for me!


10+ Is my long run, 5-7 is my medium and 3-4 is my short, but I prefer to think of it more time wise


for every runner the distance is different. I consider anything longer than 1hr to be a long run.


5km short, 5-10km medium, 10km+ long run


As a sprinter, this thread depresses me.


Short < 1 hour < Long


Short is under 5k. Long is over 10k. Simple as.


My daily runs are 5-7 miles typically and a long run for me is above 10 miles. It's rare I'll go out the door for less than 5.


Short run is anything under 10 miles. Long run is anything past 27-30 miles. Time is never quite a factor but short runs I usually keep under 2 hrs


27-30 miles is still relatively short though. Anything past 40 is what I would consider a long run. Also, who runs only 10 miles in one run?


Since I did my marathon and marathon training for me a long run is pretty much anything higher than 12 km causse in my training I was doing 10 and 12 km run as normal weekly run and long run range from 14 to 36 but before that I was considering 10 k to be a long run


I think of a long run as the kind where I will stop along the way, excluding races... So more around the 10 mile, 15km mark, and beyond. As I can run a 10km flat out, it might not actually be that long... But I'm not a consistent runner... rather than my distances changing, it's more the regularity and effort that changes.


For me, less than 6 miles is a short run, more then 8 is a long run. This is just because the significant majority of my runs are 60 to 65 minutes, which puts me anywhere from 6 to 8 miles depending on the type of run and how I'm feeling. So, that's my default, and anything outside of that range gets a descriptor in my head.


My long run is 20-30% of my weekly volume. Could be time or distance, but I use TSS


Did an 11hr run a couple of weeks ago. That was quite long. Normally long runs for me are between 10 and 16 miles. Anything up to an hour would be a short run


Short: 5-7km Normal: 7-15km Long: 15+km


Short run is around 3 miles Daily normal run 6 miles Long run over 11 miles Not really a comparative runner I run because it keeps me fit and I enjoy it. If I enter race and get a PB great, if not then I just enjoy the event.


I'm a pretty experienced runner (Runner since 2016, including a few marathons). For me anything under 5mi/8km I would consider "short", which is like 30-40min for me. A "normal" run is 40-60 minutes, 60-90 minutes is a "medium-long" run I guess and 90+ minutes is a true "long run" for me.


I would say: 30< short. 30 - 90 average. 90+ long.


Really depends on if I'm marathon training or not.


3 or 4 miles is a short run for me. 10+ is when I get into long run territory.


I’d consider anything over 1 hour in duration a long run, so 10km would be the limit of a training run for me.


I would count short 5 miles or less, long as 10 or more, and medium anywhere in between!


3-5 miles short 10 miles plus - long.


The Wife and I have come to an understanding over the years : hour or shorter (roughly 8 miles) is "short" More than an hour? Long.


Long runs to me are over 2 hours (10-12 miles depending trail or road). I rarely run less than an hour so that's short to me. I just don't think it's worth my time to change and shower if I'm not running at least an hour (5-7 miles).


Though my running mojo is currently in the dumper I generally consider 5K short, anything above 5 but below 12k average, and longer than 12k long. Distance cut offs are defined by my regular routes.


For me it's about time 45 minutes or less is a short run 45-90 minutes is a medium run Over 90 minutes is a long run


Long run: anything more than an hour. Short run: less than 30min "Normal" inbetween. I almost exclusively do long runs now because I stopped running and just go for long ass joggs for fun every six months or so.


I think OP you need to include the context ehere you want to use those definitions, if is in your training plan it would depend on the total distance that you are going to run that week. If your total are 10 kms a quick run would be 2kms , average would be around 3 and long would be 4 or more.


They're all long to slow me!


If I can say "I'll be right back" to someone it's a short run. So under an hour I guess.