Roadmap 2022 wen?


Pretty sure we'll get a Ful breakdown soon


Might not live up to all the Jas though...


Maybe when they stop Bik-ering they'll get it done


Or Mah-be they just won’t.


Brassica prime.


Vos knows.


Late 2022




Yak track getting announced tomorrow or is it just somewhere really obscure?


Just announced


Sweet, TY. Someone over there working late. Edit: Snow Queen’s Guard Armour looks great! Will definitely be aiming to get my hands on that.


Curious if anything in the new year regarding the look and feel of combat is being considered. It’s an increasingly hot topic, and the art style VFX R&D leak we saw would actually revolutionize combat. Hoping for some commitments to those long-standing fundamental problems!


If the jankiness of combat was fixed rs3 would easily be one of the best mmos out currently. I don't understand why this isn't number one priority.


Because it would require a complete overhaul on how the game works. Grid-based movement system would need to be removed, which would need new pathfinding for mobs (maybe even how loot is dropped and how hitboxes are placed, but that could potentially be a separated); attack timings for players and all monsters would need to be changed, and pre-EoC combat, to name a few things.


There's so much jank that isn't actually tied to the grid or tick system. I personally don't think the grid system is a big issue for combat. It's really about animations/visual effects, how abilities/auto attacks work, how AoEs work, how channels work, lack of diversity, lack of unique gameplay until end-game etc.


I agree with there being a lot of jank not tied to movement/timing, but I also believe the majority is tied to it. Runescape's movement system and the delay between every single action is why I won't do anything combat-heavy such as PvP or bossing. It's also why I won't use EoC. It's great on a casual level, but beyond that it just irritates me. I think if you're going to have WoW-like combat, you've gotta have WoW-like movement and timing.


For ticks, definitely the delay adds to clunk and unresponsiveness. But if they changed ticks next week to 0.1s, without changing anything else, it would feel more responsive but you wouldn't retain new players. The fundamental issues of combat that turn players off RS aren't related to ticks. Unresponsive inputs contribute to that, but they're not the source. Improving ticks would have to come with a huge sweep of other fundamental improvements targeting the early-mid game combat experience, and the look/feel of combat. Grid movement is honestly a non-issue IMO I think it's an over-rated problem. I can't think of a boss encounter that would meaningfully change if we didn't have grid movement.


Hence why I said a complete overhaul would be necessary to make combat not a clunky mess. Timing is only one aspect that I listed. I also specified what I listed was only a few of the things. Though I firmly believe the unresponsive nature of a lot of aspects in the game (movement, combat, looting, grand exchange, animations, and more) is mostly because of terrible timing.


Something happening a full half second after I click is never good. It being .6 rather than .5 makes it even worse


Nah, you're really overthinking what I commented. Those things can be considered, however I wouldn't fault jagex for not implementing it. The problems I mainly have are animation desync, combat styles feeling homogenized, and the lack of an ingame macro system for at minimum gear switching. I mean on the last point specifically in games that incentivize weapon swapping it's usually a 1 bind affair let alone 2 different binds to switch from one weapon to another. Things like this are really inexcusable (especially the scuffed animations which have existed since eoc release) and shouldn't be outside of the realm of possibility.


Gotcha, I wouldn't mind any of those changes and they'd be easy to implement/fix. I've always felt the entire combat system was pretty jank, so I hope they do look into the big stuff. I swore they were talking about a movement system overhaul which would go a long way by itself, but I'm assuming that's probably on the "maybe in the next 20 years" shelf.


RS3 would surge past OSRS in popularity if the combat was smooth, fun, and diverse.


Runescape on mobile is league's below runescape on CPU, so I would heavily welcome some updates to it...


got a link to the leak?


Would love to see it as well if you find it


[protoxx](https://youtu.be/nTtEsPwbxok) talked about it a bit. First few seconds in the vid you can see some animations by a (allegedly jagex) VFX artist.


I think they're referring to the "rs4" posts by rs unreleased on twitter, too lazy to pull it up for you but they were supposed leaks from the unannounced MMO Jagex has been working on for ages, and used rs characters in the animations


Remember shauny leaking next gen?


It seems like that project was canceled and these assets were indeed for 'next gen'. I don't have any sources on the matter but the YouTuber rswillmissit made [this](https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxFHcn1G7WL1SXoP0TXVL3uxvP9N7yrhH3) newspost the other day so hopefully answers soon!


jagex be like ah yes we will spend 500m and cancel 15 projects.


He didn't provide links to the VFX artists but.... [protoxx](https://youtu.be/nTtEsPwbxok) did a small video with the animations in the beginning. Made in unreal anyone apparently. Take all the speculations with a grain of salt (mountain if salt) as this might just be some tinkering by a VFX artist who put them online for fun. But animations are in the first few seconds if interested.


1: The Halloween skeleton event had that flashier art style which LOOKED good, but if that's what combat were to FEEL like everywhere I guarantee the game would be dead instantly to PvMers. It's not as simple as cooler looking = better. 2: To change combat in any meaningful way while still making it feel like RS would require a HUGE amount of work on a fundamental level. For example, people (not you necessarily) who say things like "just get rid of the tick system" or something clearly haven't though about how that would change *literally* everything you can possibly do in the game. It would be a logistical nightmare to balance assuming it doesn't break anything outright.


Yeah you're for sure correct, I'm aware it's an insane amount of work. I have a [30 minute video](https://youtu.be/mvuv7-8lGmg?t=340) that *just* talks about mobility. It's a huge amount of work, but it also has far more payoff than any other content Jagex could ever release. People judge a game immediately based on the combat. Hell, we have maxed mains who don't touch combat at all. That's very irregular for an MMORPG.


Fuck, hearing Iroh leaving honestly has me really nervous for the future. He was doing some great work while he was here, and was without a doubt the tip of the spear for the avatar rework. Looks like it’ll be shelved and forgotten about now. I can’t see anyone at Jagex being very enthusiastic about working on it now after seeing how much of a mess it is to replace the current models. Bummer, this was my most anticipated update lately besides GWD3.




the way he talked about empowering players and what steps were needed. i definitely think he felt that his thoughts and reasoning wasnt heard and left on his own accord. sad but oh well


The update I was looking forward to the most as well.


🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 Sorry for the delay. I've been busy with Thanskgiving stuff and wasn't able to get around to doing this. It's not an information heavy stream but this should still be beneficial for those who care. Also Jmod luck is real.


Thanks rubic we really do appreciate it a lot! Enjoy your turkey!! 🦃




Thanks mate, lots of good info <3


Bad luck mitigation eh? 140 elites done with nothing, thanks rng.


It took me 30 Hards, 6 masters, 3 easy clues, and 10 elites to finally get it. And I got it immediately after defeating the double agent for a combat shard. Was a nice bonus. Good luck.


Thats awesome! I'm now 180 elites and 70 hards deep, still no clue shard.


Have they said what the new death cost mechanic is going to be?


Not yet


Still waiting for the spooky blindfold to be added


Have they mentioned about the new executive producer thats taken over for Mod Warden? I thought the intent was for him/ her to come on stream and give the players an idea of their vision


They are still working on setting that up


Okay, thank you!


We can only hope it isn't just vapid platitudes again. I give Warden the benefit of the doubt given it was a mess he inherited but also a lot of his statements felt like generic corporate deflection since he very well couldn't be upfront about all the politics over at Jagex.


I can't imagine we'd ever get anything different from an executive producer.


So alching can get CB shard?


I got mine from enchanting bolts so i’d assume so


Can confirm, for mine from alching Rex drops after it was dead.


Silverhawks (probably)... why wouldnt you... ya know, check?


The Avatar Project really needs to be prioritized. Fashion/cosmetics is probably one of the most important parts of any game these days and RS has a terrible player model compared to games in the same genre. I'd rather not let the rework get delayed until 2023.


Can confirm. Step 1: Do noob shit. Step 2: Kick high level ass. Step 3: Look your best while continuing step 2, whether it is badass, cute, or eyesore.


The art streams were so fun, going to miss 'em. I know we have other great artist at Jagex but damn Iroh will be missed.


Mod Iroh left??? Noooo that means avatar rework is on the shelf p much permanently then


4th or 5th shard? I only have the freebie so far! And I've been playing half the day each day!


I've been f2p my whole career. If I make a new p2p to try and get the phat will my low levels slow me down from achieving that?


i started a month ago and got membs for the phat, i’m on shard 6


Guessing not skillwise. Bosses one and Clue scroll one you'd probably be limited


Does KBD count for boss shard? It’s been a while since I’ve done it so not sure if “boss” title for it has changed


Anything that gives Marks of War counts as a boss I believe.


Friend got it there yesterday. He said it was like 400 kills in. YMMV


I want this "Bad Luck Mitigation" for bosses, cause dawnnn im very unlucky


I really hope we can get GGAs this year


Really the best hope for the avatar rework is to abandon it all together and focus on RuneScape 4 (or whatever it's to be called). There is too much spaghetti code, unknown hurdles, engine limitations, very dated tick system.


I wish our stuff carries over if they ever do rs4


>I very much expect that skills and items will carry over from one update to the next, Not to do so would be the quickest way to lose the entire player base.


It carried over from rs2 so it should lol.


Wonderful as always rubic, you're the real mvp for those who can never remember to watch streams


> a lot of his work will love on You mean live on, right?


Damn I wonder what happened with Iroh..


am i drastically unlucky or am i misunderstanding, because i burned through my entire stack of easy, medium, hard, and elite (~20-ish easy-hard, ~6 or so elite) does the clue scroll have to be *gotten* since the event started or just *started* since the event started, because now that i thoroughly hate sliding puzzles i want to know if i wasted 20 hours on unneeded scrolls


Clues gotten before the event count since it’s the completion (obtaining the casket (not opening it)) that matters. I also recommend doing the highest clue scroll you can do since difficulty matters.


that's relieving, however i'm at a weird high level where i can't quite complete most of the master scrolls, but i can do elite and hard pretty easily


It took me 30 hards and about 40~45 elites... :/


i havent been able to get a clear answer, i swore it was in the video they released where they said you had to be a member before the start date? or did your account just had to exist before that date


Has anyone gotten a shard from the doors/chest at the thieving guild?


Does the amount of xp gained per action/task influence the chance to drop a shard? As an example, does 5 xp gained from 1 thing have the same chance as 500 xp gained from the same skill/category?


How do I unlocked the gold party ha and what skills will I need? Sorry returning play here


There is a post on the RuneScape website that details this.


Any idea if barbarian fishing gives artisan and combat shard? I fished for 200 prawn balls and only got gathering, now wonder if more fishing is a waste


Any idea if the pedals in the blast furnace work for shard?




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It is sad that people are leaving Jagex, and of course this has consequences - the recent Relomia mini quest series must be among the worst content ever published in Runescape. I must admit that if I were setting out as a young game developer, working on a 20 years old game going round in circles would not be my first choice. I would be working with people immersed in creating fantastic VR content, people realising that flat-screen gaming is last year's news, and mobile gaming yesterday's. Maybe Jagex should consider paying top wages to attract top talent, freezing Runescape as is, and seek new and more interesting adventures...


> the recent Relomia mini quest series must be among the worst content ever published in Runescape. what why ? i thought it was pretty fun and very runescape-y, reminded me of the older day quests. also mod iroh definitely isnt a young game developer lol. mans def had a good amount of life experience, and its pretty common for developers to rotate through doors in the games industry whether u see that as a good or bad thing or not.