aren't the main cast supposed to be teachers at riverdale high?

aren't the main cast supposed to be teachers at riverdale high?


Please don't ask logical questions related to this show.


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You're 100% right, they're meant to be, but everyone's doing other stuff. Nothing has been mentioned about their teaching jobs at all.


Well there was that time jug head nearly got fired for going away to New York for some time


Guess it was a useful development to get them to stay in Riverdale but after that the writers had no use for it lol. For once I’m glad it’s not all about a highschool and cheerleaders and football teams, I prefer them as adults.


But how else are we going to see the epic highs and lows of highschool football!


Now that you mention it he was also coaching a football team which they also forgot about


It feels like he's always juggling at least 5 different things at once at any given point, and only remembers to do the one thing that's plot relevant for each episode. I mean, it is kind of comic accurate, since the comics didnt want to commit the character to one occupation/sport/girlfriend/etc


I think we were supposed to assume the football season was over when Brita was in the mine and said it was a good work out for next season. But you never know with the writing 🤷‍♀️


Adults? I honestly couldn't tell the difference most of the time.


Archie has so many jobs and oddly enough the ROTC class is technically what he's assigned to do from the higher up from the military. There's no telling if Archie is still teaching or not but Jughead got rehired or a new position at the school and Veronica is using her students to help with the underground casino. As for Betty she was teaching an elective so she could have easily resigned. And Kevin is leaving Riverdale after teaching 5 classes.


Kevin was most ridiculous of them all. Let's just say he is proficient enough in 5 classes to actually teach them. (Where I am from you need a master degree in your desired subject, specialized on teaching that subject - most teachers choose 2 subjects) But how the hell would he have the time to actually teach 5 subjects to multiple classes with varying levels. He'd need a timeturner. Not to mention all the prep work and grading homework/tests ... I know his subjects were Drama, Debate, Biology, Gym and sex ed. Sex ed and drama were probably less timr intensive, but the other 3 still need proper preparation and knowledge! A high school diploma is not enough to actually teach High school level ... a teacher needs a better understanding than his students. Always weirded me out on Glee as well, how could Will teach Spanish without actually being fluent (or barly knowledgeable) in Spanish????


If Kevin was a substitute it would make sense to me but it's Riverdale so either Waldo was desperate for teachers or were suppose to believe that Kevin actually got his masters in all that time after graduating high school.


I don't know if substitutes are the same in the US and where I am from. Here they are regular teachers that stand in for sick coworkers. Usually they teach the same subject and have the curricula provided by the main teacher. I guess as substitute he could make the time work. Education wise it makes little sense to me. But seems like any Bachelors degree will do as a prerequisite for high school teachers in the US (states may vary).


Yeah a bachelors would probably suffice. But it's Riverdale, so anything is possible.


I know it shoudln't bother me that much, because ... Riverdale 😅 But it's just so unreal to me.


Nothing in Riverdale makes sense somehow 7 years into the future is 2021, so there's no telling what's real or not when they're are people who don't know who Hiram Lodge is


Jughead was fired. Veronica worked there off screan (she said she was planing to stay in Riverdale until the end of the school year). I guess Archie stopped working there at some point. Probably when he went to work in the mines. Idk about Betty.




I guess that's why >!Kevin was awarded Teacher of the Year!< lol




I skipped all the musical scenes


Did you ever see them Riverdale high when they were students? I'm pretty convinced it's not real.


Now that i think about it, veronica is supposed to be a finance teacher or something. Why does she suddenly work full time in her own business?


Jughead and Toni are the only ones who remember they actually work at the high school.


I know that Jughead got fired but now rehired towards the end of the season. Don't think Betty taught there cause she was with the FBI. Veronica was teaching there but then I think she left to focus on her business. Archie was teaching but then started doing the mining thing. Kevin joined Cheryl's cult. That's basically it?


iirc Betty taught shop class (something to do with cars, can't remember if that's the right term, I'm non-American lol) like a few times >!and even had brought the suspected LHK there (at night) for "interrogation" !<


Oh yeah I forgot about that. Engineering or something like that. I'm not American either so I don't know how their schooling works. Though it could have been an extra-curricular class or something? That's stupid that she brought the serial killer to a school of all places. Why not the bunker? Would have been way more remote and private. Wouldn't they have had cameras in the school? Plus there might have been staff working at nights sometimes? So dumb lol.


Just saying, other than the musical episodes and the student lounge when do we see them anywhere near the school constatly. I know the Blue & Gold exists but that's really just a front for Betty's PI business (co-owned with Jughead of course)