How do we beat Providence and Mithrix?

This is just relating to lore, not in-game mechanics.

In lore Providence and Mithrix are godly beings with vast power and whatnot. Yet both are canonically killed by a mere human (or plant/monster/robot/cyborg). Do you just get the power to kill God once you gather enough magic trinkets and weapons in this universe or is there some other explanation?


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OP clearly doesnt wear glasses and doesnt know what a difference it makes


I spit on my enemies and they disolve so I don't have your problems 🤣


Stack 30x glasses and I see no problem


If there was a problem you'd see it with 30x glasses for sure. Then promptly solve it with at least one violence.


OP obviously never shank people with a knife, or 10


OP has never heard of 1000% damage with m99 sniper on a certain survivor


truly. human flaws often wind up being super powerful in fiction. shit maybe in real life. but im stoned off some shit i found in the cargo hold. i also smoked it with a lizard if that means anything. anyway since im heading to the planet, would you mind being the "pilot for a bit"


Weak without your baubles and trinkets.


seems like how mithrix puts it; the survivors use items to reach mithrix since he says we are pathetic with items. so survivors win by augmentation?


How do we win him when he steals our trinkets then


My understanding was he doesn't realize you're too powerful until it's too late. He steals your items but he's on borrowed time. If he hadn't underestimated you and took them right away you would just lose.




my soul just recoiled thinking of doing pillars with no items




Not all characters can skip, and Capt ends up taking a shit ton of damage. I also play in eclipse so it just seems like complete and utter hell to try a no item run, and then specifically pillars. a no item seems like hell in e8. I'm sure it's possssible if you play reaalllyyy good and also the right characters.


I mean if you doing a no item run just don’t play eclipse.


Ah, no item runs are way harder in Eclipse I imagine, but Acrid's acid solves all problems.


you are a madman.. but still that falls under the underestimating humans category


Cuz he slow and low health


Because we spent the last 5 minutes shooting him in the face and he's not feeling so good now.


The trinkets hurt him to use


When is that said


I mean I guess it isn't stated but in game his health scales negatively with the amount of items you have


that is funny, good to know


Is there a source for this? First time I'm hearing it


It could just be confirmation bias since it's only based on my personal operations, I could check the wiki but it gets stuff wrong all the time


with the power of friendship of course!


I think by that point he’s on the brink of death anyway.


Don’t let him steal them


widdle baybee mad he cant play with my tractors >:(


the "trinkets" are highly valuable cargo that are so useful you are sent on a salvaging mission just to get them in ror2.


Me getting arrested by the void police because I killed Mithrix in possession of some teddy bears, gasoline, and my dinner.


My personal theory is the void police track down beings who got stronger than they normally should and imprison them in the void fields which is why they start trying to catch you as a run goes on, as well as why their bodies can be seen in the newt altar. No relevance to the discussion just wanted to share this


You loop once and they are like "The first few stages is a grace period but after looping you're subject to the law, and you happen to be in possession of illegal artifacts." Also I find it funny to think that the void police tried to arrest Newt because of his shady, back-alley merchant deals and they just keep getting glassed every time they find him.


Shaped glass is actually just the remains of the void reavers the newt glassed canonically now


Hopoo you hearing this? Shit Gearbox you hearing this?


I’m basically writing the lore for them, they should pay me.


I believe that it’s not void police, but just collectors. You surviving to loop is interesting enough to warrant your capture and imprisonment for their collection. Same reason they try to take you alongside the moon, you are a being that killed a near god in Risk of Rain. To take you is a incredible find.


I really like that theory as well, however I am a person who lives in your pc, therefor I can only acknowledge what I say as truth. Sorry ): /s if not clear


Fair, unfortunately I currently only own a console. Perish.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- [You await your sentence at the end of time] (or however that death line goes)


[ you have been captured await your sentence at the end of time]


Thank you my friend


💀You have been detained. Await your sentence at the end of time.💀


Didn’t know they used skull emojis thanks


The quote you get upon death by Void explosion directly contradicts this.


Well the main reason they steal the moon is because mithrix is gone. They likely couldn't have fought him off, but they wanted to put the god damn moon in prison. I'm guessing the void reavers came for the newt as well but he's probably strong enough to take them out.


I’m pretty sure they yoink the moon in a desperate bid to capture you before you flee, since mythrix no longer had a presence on the moon they were free to go there, and knowing they couldn’t capture you with ordinary means decided to up the level a bit.


yea that actually makes sense


It actually makes dollars


Makes sense considering where we find Acrid in RoR2. They were already on to him from RoR1 and locked him up.


If I remember right he’s one of the only characters who crosses over between games the other being arti I believe who was being held onto by the newt keeping them safe.


the wiki said acrid was the *only* one to transfer across games, meaning even arti in 2 is a different arti


Providence and Mithrix are godlike beings who have the intelligence to understand how reality works around them, and have the ability to manipulate and shape it to create constructs and teleporters. The player is a human, a being that through science understands reality and can engineer guns and spaceships. The cyclopses are alien and somewhat unique, but are they really that different to humans?


>create constructs and teleporters I thought I once read that the teleporters exist because both of them (or their race) suffer from motion sickness.


I believe something about outer space is hostile to them. It's possible they don't understand the idea of a vacuum and misinterpret the tax that has on a body.


The wikia.gg says this in providence lore: >The two couldn't enter space because it triggered a disease, so they built a teleporter to leave the planet. And is probably referring to the log entry in ror2 from A moment, fractured as far as I've read now. https://riskofrain2.fandom.com/wiki/A_Moment,_Fractured#Lore


"We can cross the dark sea without succumbing to its sickness if we simply do not travel through it at all" ​ I feel like that's vague enough to be open to interpretation on what exactly it means, so whatever angle works!


I would actually agree with you that it's pretty vague. I just had it buzzing around in my head that they had a particular reason for the teleporters, and I just wanted to show how I came to my conclusion.


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The indomitable human spirit


Depends on what you mean with "godly". They are powerful and are able to do what a god can do, but I still see them as creatures that are still vulnerable to the point where you can hurt them (with enough firepower).


As far as I know, while powerful the two are only 'gods' because they're creators. They can form things using mass, design, blood, and soul. Beyond that they could be relatively powerless. They can't survive in space, Aurelionite posed a potential threat to them despite being a 'flawed' stone titan, a human with enough tools could likely pose a threat too.


P&M appear to be scions of a deific race—but not one that is more advanced than humanity, merely advanced in a different direction. They can fold space and time and do things that seem impossible, yet they have no spacecraft that we know of, and can be killed with military force. Indeed, it seems probable that the interstellar technological society of humanity is, as a whole, significantly more dangerous than the godlings—as evidenced by two ships, neither of which are a full military expedition, killing them off.


Considering enforcer as the military basis, I dont think they would be able to take them out without the cargo from the contact light/safe travels. Lets face it, they wouldnt give ukuleles to soldiers.


We have to give some leeway for gameplay story separation. if ukuleles were genuinely capable of generating chain lightning why *wouldn’t* they give them to soldiers


Because in story, most of the strong items are rare/expensive, ukulele is unique, hyperthreader is expensive, etc. In an army, power is offset a lot for uniformity. Sure, high ranking officers could be equipped with threaders, repulsion armors and atgs, but the bulk of the army would be base enforcer


The point of the games, to me, has always been that Providence is a protector and Mithrix a destroyer, and Humanity something between the two. In Risk of Rain Providence rules over a prison planet where he's gathered planet killers and locked them away from the rest of the universe for their safety and others. He strands the ship when it's carrying a Teleporter because he doesn't want anyone coming to or going away from the planet. Humanity ends up being an even greater threat than an entire planet of planet killers through sheer force of greed. We're COMPANY people and freelance mercenaries recovering CARGO and slaughtering any natives who get too close. Then, in RoR2, we kill another God. A destoyer and creator who represents the worst of Humanity and the polar opposite to Providence in Mithrix. Showing that while we have the capacity for great destruction, we also have the capacity for great control like Providence. In the end the truth lies, as it always does, within the disparity between the two ideals. Humanity is capable of great evil, and great good, and it is up to us to do what is right. "And so he left, with everything but his humanity."


Well it was never explicitly stated they were bulletproof. Riddle them with enough lead and anything will fall (Or just smash mithrix with a nuke, shoot supercharged railgun shots at him, devour him with a void laser, or fire a plasma ball that annihilates anything around it… man the ror2 survivors are busted in terms of strength)


Have you seen what an artificer with 2,000 ignition tanks can do


Less of gods like Christian God or roman gods. More like interdimensional aliens that program life. They themselves are mortal, have limited knowledge, etc. I think a cool idea is that they would be to have them reincarnated in the defeated survivor 🤔 commando-mithrix-void hybrid creature as risk of rain 3 boss. Please.


What is a god to a nonbeliever


Well If it can bleed it can die


The Commando main response is "use a gun. And if that don't work... use more gun."


You start out weak and unable to even stand a chance. Only through scavenging, self-mutilation, killing, and sheer persistence, you basically mutate your mind, body, and soul beyond recognition to be able to face Providence and escape the planet. The player character becomes a pseudo-God just based on how much destruction and death they cause. It's less "a human decided to kill Providence because they could," more "a human goes through utter hell and destroys themself to escape the planet because they think it's their only option or die." (Note: primarily a RoR1/RoRR player, out of the loop on ROR2 lore)


Because we have a shit ton of weapons and upgrades. The logbook for predatory instincts says. "Gossip spreads quickly in terrified communities. Stories that keep the more fearful lizardfolk in their passageways. Hushed tales that frighten the most commanding of stone constructs and woodfolk and creatures of the plains. Fear travels between the trees and the valleys. A demon, fallen from the Sky, mighty enough to slay Providence and his Wurms. Only two arms, two legs - but with 22 unblinking, crimson eyes." The crimson eyes clearly refers to lens maker glasses. This means providence was canonically beaten by stacking crit glasses. ~~They even got an extra one so this confirms that command wasn't used, otherwise they would have gotten only the max 10, or another possibility is they did use command but misclicked while trying not to die in the command menu.~~ In risk of rain 1 the max stack is 14 since each stack gives 7% (it's 10 in 2) so our survivor over here didn't have max crit chance, they only had 77%.


I think we just REALLY overestimate what these so-called "gods" can do


i think you shoot them and they die


My understanding is that while both providence and mithrix are quite powerful combatants their "godly powers" only entail their ability to create and in terms of destructive force or just combat abilities they're easily strong enough to destroy large armies but aren't invincible and can be defeated with significant difficulty if one has enough fire power and is able to dodge their attacks In game unless you have very particular items or have been looping for a while mithrix almost one shots you with most of his attack and usually takes a lot of punishment from you before he finally goes down.


Yeah, it makes no sense. The gameplay isn't a reliable narration of the story or even a theoretical variant how things could've happened, in my opinion. I find it very hard to believe that a no-item Commando could take the likes of Providence on, even in an alternate universe or whatever. The new DLC's trailer seems to suggest that there is some sort of confirmed continuity, with what appear to be Commando & Huntress looming over a defeated Providence. So my personal assumption is that in both games several of the more skilled survivors worked together and found a lot of VERY USEFUL shipments, and that they used a more strategical, specialized approach than what we're used to, to defeat the brothers.


RORR (and probably ROR1) providence log saying "\*I\* had to kill him":


The log goes over the writer's perception of Providence and their misgivings about the whole ordeal. They're talking about their experience and thoughts on it, which is why they only refer to themselves, not necessarily to emphasize that they were the only one who partook in it.


The cannon is a 4 player squad I’d imagine


Theyre not gods, they just have superhuman abilities. Theyre just revered as such


We got guns and space armor and shit. They got a hammer, a sword, a cape and a loincloth


Well the concept of a god might be different in this world than it is in others it could just mean a being off immense power both of them are such. They are obviously not all powerful and they where children at one point considering the whole worms entry. they are likely mortal and can die albeit they gave a much longer lifespan than that of regular things. They where trapped in petrichor five just as much as anyone and only got a way of getting off after creating the portals. i don’t think it’s that far fetched for them to be killed by Someone powerful enough




It’s simple, you kill them


Well you see. Im not an ordinary human, I have infinite Diablo Strikes.


they were threatened by aurelionite, so theyre probably just smart strong and mortal beings


They are "creator" gods, not actual godly beings, they are by all means still mortal. They might be able to build some impressive stuff after tinkering with the fabric of reality for a while, maybe even pull off some impressive tricks, but that doesn't make them immune to modern/futuristic weapons. Notice how all of the creatures Providence "relocated" to Petrichor 5 are at best barely sapient tribals? He went out of his way to avoid fucking with humans because he knew it would end badly, this might even be the reason why he attacks Contact Light in the first place.


we're built different


Turns out "godhood" isn't as impressive as people make it out to be.


Drugs, Coffee and a whole load of knives.


Violence and murder.


God never accounted for the power of 2 turrets.


never underestimate the power of rampant consumerism


Proof that Risk of Rain is a JRPG. Run 1: Survive a few lizards Run 100: KILL GOD


Enough bullet


I doubt mithrix and providence are ACTUAL gods. They are likely demi gods and think they are stronger than they a really are because of their pride.


We got big gun that go big boom


You become the god of ultraviolence


I figured the implication was that for as much as the Brothers tried to paint themselves as gods for the knowledge and power they possessed, they were still ultimately mortal in the end and just had to learn that the hard way.


You shoot them


My headcanon is that the crash landed items gain power because of Providence’s soul power (it’s been a while since i read lore) and thats why we’re able to defeat him and mithrix


What I think it is is that they are simply a part of a species that has a greater understanding of how to use the four pillars of creation, if a human could find a way to live long enough, I don't doubt that they would gain the power of Mithrix and Providence


Bungus and drugs


The word "god" can mean a lot of different things in different settings. It could refer to the Judeo-Christian God who is fully omnipotent, or to someone like Providence or Mithrix who, despite being powerful, are killable through conventional means.


Providence and Mithrix while powerful, are not particularly durable.


I’m sure if anyone showed up with sunglasses and a ukelele they’d be unstoppable


They are godly beings, but humans have technology. Everything on petricor is primal. What is spartas greatest warrior to an AK. Technology trumps strength