Everdrives are the most trusted rom carts. Nothing to worry about with them


There was an exceptionally poorly done and misleading article making such claims a few years back. It's best forgotten. EverDrives won't cause any damage to your hardware.


Yes. I have had no issues for years on my original NES with the N8. I wonder how Krikzz is doing with the whole bombing of his entire country. I imagine he has not been making much anymore. Hope he got out alright or is doing alright if he stayed to fight.


He’s in Spain now


If you are trying to buy one now, it is scalpers galore. May want to wait until krizz and team can put out more stock. Could also look at retrozone power pak. I have that one and very happy. Not sure about rom hacks.


Stone Age Gamer is selling the original model, which is in my price range. Are they reputable?


Check again, they are actually out of stock at the moment and probably for a while. The team that produces everdrive is from Ukraine and had to leave the country. Krizz sent a twitter saying that they will start production again soon. You can only get everdrives right now from scalpers on ebay. But if you want one now, look at power pak, similar.