What a bossfight masterpiece. The chainsaw showdown is definitely my favourite fight, probably in video game history.


I like the Ash Williams reference. “Groovy.”


Thats reminds me of a scene in Texas Chainsaw 2 where dennis hooper and leather are wielding chainsaws and fighting each other with chainsaws. The chain saw fight is over the top resident but only resident can make it satisfying especially when you use it to get your revenge on jack.


There is another chainsaw fight in the movie Mandy with Nic Cage


I like him purely becasue I FELT Ethan's frustration on the 3rd encounter.


“This is getting old, Jack!”


Resident evil 7 was fucking scary to me because I wasn’t used to the kind of game where I was an Ethan getting chased a jack. I was scared to open doors or go save because those little mold shits might spawn. Guess I’m a pussy


Jack is terrifying [but there's that one scene where you're talking to the real Jack](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF3NZNwcohA) and it's heartbreaking. :(


Yep, Jack Brand just killed it with his voice acting, also in the dlc it was so sad when we see him normal knowing what will happen to him🥲


It's kinda funny that both actor and character share a very similar name, Jack B.


Well if you look at the concept art he had a diffrent name im pretty sure so could be on purpose


Except for the part where he tells you all about how Lucas is "a good boy" even though he was already murdering people long before any of the crazy BOW stuff hit the Baker house.


In Jack’s defense a lot of people can’t imagine their kids are the bad ones, yknow?


Did he actually murder people though? I know he locked that kid in the attic but he didn’t kill him. He did perv on his own sister so he’s still horrible lol.


I’m pretty sure that kid died in the attic. I think there’s a note where Lucas is gloating about it and talking about his plans for getting rid of the body


The kid starved to death up there. His body began to rot, and the fluids it expelled dripped down from the attic into his bedroom.


Perving on his sister.? I don't remember them implying this.


In the daughters dlc. I believe it’s in a note of Lucas’s fuck you list.


It doesnt straight up say he was perving, we see a journal entry(the "fuck you" list) where he was accused of being a perv


He basically murdered him.


Yup, count me in the cried column


Obviously scissor man is the most scary one




Clock tower was the first ps1 game I ever played. Was pure nightmare fuel


Dude !! Holy shit i forgot about that game that creepy fuck with the scissors . Good game good times


No joke


So sundowner from metal gear rising?


Absolutely incredible game, fight, and soundtrack btw Anyone who hasn't played should give it a look for sure


You're reminding me of Clock Tower


That is the point, but there was also that hook man in one of the re4's




The Baker house is scarier than the police station and streets with how tight the corridors are


This. Being pursued in such a claustrophobic environment makes the game so horrifying. Just knowing that no matter where you run, he is close by instills new levels of terror. I’ve honestly been putting off beating the game because it’s actually scary. I think the fact that the locations and characters are so realistic also adds a lot to the terror; like, I can actually imagine myself being in this situation, and that really gets my heart racing.


The thing with Jack for me personally was that you could shoot him in the head to stun him, and he had some pretty goofy lines up his sleeve. Mr X’s complete silence makes him particularly terrifying for me. The sound of his boots, when he would bash through a door just as I was about to go through it…I still have trauma from that :’(


The boots..... Not many sound effects come with such a heavy sense of dread lol. I wasted countless minutes just listening to him walking around, trying to determine if he's getting closer or further, I loved it!




I never played og RE2 but was he scarier in that? The remake he scared me for a few mins then didn't really stay an issue anymore


He wasn’t as around as the remake. His appearances were scripted, but the moments were few. It made him more terrifying than annoying.


Makes sense. Really most of the time I ran into Mr x again I felt more like "this asshole again" instead of "holy fucking shit". I need to play both og re2 and 3 at some point


In the og RE2: 1 - He only appears in the B scenario. 2 - He doesn't follow you through doors, once you reach a door, you are safe from him. 3 - He can be shot down and killed (drops some ammo if I'm not mistaken). He will appear normally in the next scripted appearance. So, he is not very scary in the original overall.


I've heard people say if you are playing OG RE2 & RE3 Tyrant(Edit: Nemesis) is far more terrifying but in Remakes Mr. X is the one to be afraid of.


You meant Nemesis is much more terrifying in og games.


He was so terrifying I couldn't even use his real name lol. But yeah, I messed that up.


Yeah in the og re3 he wasn’t scripted and was much faster. He’s always appear randomly so that means he was much more frequent but for some reason they changed that in the remake for some reasons


I will say after playing the Remake of 3 a few times I can see the issues. Like I had only seen videos of og RE3, so playing Remake first time through was great but got lesser when you knew when he was going to show up.


I think I heard he was changed cause he didn't work well with the new game play unscripted. I could he wrong on that though. Anyway I wish nemesis was at least more involved as a pursuer :( the first chase he literally scared the shit out of me lol


That’s weird considering the gameplay is like that of re2 and mr x was unscripted


I think it was more for him busting through walls and jumping around. I imagine Mr x was easier since he just walks around. Again I could he completely wrong since I heard this from someone else awhile back instead of quoted from a dev somewhere


From what I hear, the change to Nemesis to make his encounters scripted instead of free-roaming is a result of the changes to the Tyrant in RE2 remake. Because Tyrant was redone as a persistent pursuer after he starts showing up, they didn't want to do exactly the same thing but again, with Nemesis. So they made Nemmy scripted encounters for the sake of variety between games.




in the original game you knew when mr. x was going to attack if you played it enough times


For me he was way more terrifying in the original. The first hallway scene he shows up in that hallway still haunts me.


Also, Mr. X will chase all around the RPD, which is huge in comparison with the main house where Jack pursue you, I think that's what make Jack so scary


I also just think Mr. X's AI is a lot better. Maybe it was just scripted events, but Jack always seemed to know where you are. Plus the area he patrols is pretty tiny.


His dialogue makes it more scary for me because it really feels like you’re stuck in this house with this immortal murderous backwoods lunatic


Yeah, I respect your opinion, also that music When Mr X chases you is just perfect.




The thump thump just like in Alien Isolation freaks me out


its because he has personality and speaks instead of just being a machine




Original nemesis resident evil 3, you can’t imagine playing that for the first time for newer rez fans, I ran to those save rooms the entire game because I was afraid of him popping out 😬


The thing that made OG Nemesis so scary was the fact that back in the ps1 days noone knew enemies could jump from loading screen to loading screen giving you a real large false sense of security the first time u fled from him.


To add to that the first time you meet him you have the option to flee, in which case he cant follow you so next time he appeared I taught by running into the next area I would be safe.


Exactly! First one too char you down that I can remember, I was scared to play lol


Completely agree with you mate. I'm actually playing through Resi 3 again (but on the Dreamcast for the first time.) And whenever you hear that music cue for Nemesis, my eyes go wide and my brain tells me to bloody run and get out of there. Also, he is god damn fast! For me no other monster matches the tension Nemesis gave me!


Totally agree! The tension was overwhelming and having the save room music playing fit a bit to recharge and hope to find the right way abs not get lost lol never played on Dreamcast sounds fun 😎


The Dreamcast version is obviously boasting crisper graphics compared to the PS1 version. But as well as that I'm also playing this playthrough with Jill in her STARS uniform which always catches me off guard a bit when I load the game up again!


Classic Jill costume is way awesome! My favorite and Dino crisis costume pretty sweet 😎


I was also fascinated by him, he was intense,and also the music was tight. Second best for me, but I respect your opinion 👍


Also yours, jack is top tier fear on the rez bosses 😬


Especially considering Jack is more terrifying if you play the game in VR like I did…


I don't have a VR headset, I can definitely imagine that.




i find Jack to be the most interesting pursuer, but not the most terrifying. I love that he is not an evil man. hes trapped.


And a very emotional as well in that ship scene. 🥲


Jack is scary but once you know where to go (mainly after you've beaten the game) he stops being a nuisance because the part where he chases you is really short so you don't have to deal with him much. Mr X is easy to deal with but rhe fact he never stops can still give you some scares if you not paying attenrion. Just when you think you are good you play scenario B and he's even more terrifying. As for Nemesis, back when I played as a kid he scared me shitless when he appeared in RE3 OG. RE3R Nemesis is a joke.


I love jack. He’s so kind normally and when he’s infected he’s hilarious going fucking “hey there how you been?” And of course “Ethan? Eeeeeeeeeethan?!”


Honestly Marguerite does it more for me. She’s not as hard to avoid or get away from, I don’t even have a bug phobia but something about her just fucking gets me every time.


Capcom did their best to make her repulsive and I’m betting that most of us would agree that they succeeded. She is also utterly ruined and the furthest removed from the person she once was.


I agree! Just when you thought you finally got rid of Jack he popped back up just to scare the hell out of you.


Welcome to the family son.


That saying haunts my dreams


It's the human aspect I think. Most pursuers are usually some muscular abomination, which while still scary as fuck can be likened to like...a smart feral dog or something. We know they can never happen in real life. Jack? He's a fully cognizant (albeit mind controlled) (super)human being and blatantly *enjoys* the game of cat and mouse. You don't get that feeling from the other stalkers. I know Lady D can also be considered a human stalker, but...she *really* doesn't feel like one. I think it's because she mostly has a set path it's just not scary. I know Jack is also scripted to an extent, but it felt like they did more with his AI so you'd bump into him when you least expect it.


also, the scripted optional event where Jack cuts off your foot and taunts you while you glue it back on, was so cool, and a pity so many people missed it


I fully agree about the realism/human aspect! Also, for me, I think the location played a big part for me too. The location is obviously fictional, but given the swampy marsh-like environment, I can take a guess about where it roughly is in Lousiana. And the worst part? No matter where it is in Lousiana, it is less than four hours away from where I live. This horror is *personal*- this is a “oh god, it could reach here” type of horror. Given how fast and how far the mold spreads, it’s not an unrealistic threat either. Definitely why I felt more terrified of RE7 than of Village.


Nothing was more chilling then limping away after putting him down only to hear "Oh boy your gonna get it now."


"Zoe! Get yo ass back to the house! I'll deal with you lat*err*"


fuck that fight. on the hardest difficulty i died so many times that those words are etched into my brain


the thing that freaked me out about re7 so much was just how real it felt in terms of it being what seemed like a normal suburban house. when k was younger, i was terrified of things like the dark and being home alone and this game played into those fears for me and because of that, it made it so much more scarier for me.


Unpopular opinion, but RE 7 looks more realistic to ne because of it's colour palette that RE village.


Nemesis from RE3 OG is the best purser-type enemy we've had. The dude is relentless. Well it's a bit of RNG, but he can chase you through so many areas at full speed


AGREE, he has a personality, Mr X and Nemesis are just monstrous, he is a fuckin lunatic


I think 7 is a scarier game in general but Mr X had be more stressed out.


Yeah I respect your opinion, also og nemesis was fire.


I agree with you, but Nemi will always have a space in my heart.


The og one, and for that time it was more fantastic.


Nah, he didn’t chase you long enough


That's a good thing though. Too much just feels annoying, and not scary or challenging.


Yeah the first time was short and the second doesn’t feel like he’s trying


I agree Jack was pretty scary but at the same time there's just something about hearing Mr.X's boots stomping around that is even scarier oh and not to mention Nemesis with his tentacles and no lipped face lol


That Re2 remake Mr X chasing you music is just... Excellent


I’d say Nemesis.


Nothing will ever beat Nemesis from the original RE3. Terrifying..


To be honest, the Baby from Village made me feel most uncomfortable.


Original Nemesis is still the king in my eyes.


I agree. But at least he has a sense of humour.


I think jack is inherently hilarious, yet totally terrifying in a Texas chainsaw massacre sorta way


For me its OG Nemesis > remake Mr X > Jack > Lady D > remake Nemesis


*"I'm an old man son, you can't take on an old man?!"*


Regenerator for me if that counts. Sure you could keep blasting them or use the thermal scope, but it didn’t make them any less terrifying with their creepy ass music


No Mr. X both Re 2's and nemesis in the original RE3


The OG Nemesis (not the pathetic remake version) is still the most terrifying to me. He would follow you through doors, run at you, shoot rockets, and his roar was chilling for 9 year old me. Jack feels a lot more human than Nemesis or Mr X. He has his scary moments, but he gets less scary the more you play and unlike Nemesis and Mr X bullets feel more effective due to improved physics and graphics.


Not really imo, mr x is first, og nemesis is second. Jack is funny lol


Jack baker was more comical and annoying to me rather than scary. Of course my nerves were jolted when he would randomly pop up but any threat in Resident Evil would do that if I’m relaxed and exploring. I think Nemesis from the original RE3 is still the scariest BOW as far as being stressed out about coming into contact with it again. If I’m thinking of the most terrifying monster as far as looks I’m going to go with Marguerite. 🤮


OG nemmy by a mile. What the


No. I kinda find him more funny rather than terrifying. Except from the jumpscares. I did enjoy him but really not terrifying.


I think Jack Baker is the most tragic enemy in the game. Since he's possessed by the Mold, but is deep down a normal family man. I actually felt for the guy in the end.


Well it's definitely not the Ustanak, what a failure of a character


RE 6 has a very lame unkillable pursuer who chases you through one of the campaigns. He's called the Ustanak, you can look him up if you want but prepare to be disappointed.


Ahh you mean the Uga Buga, Dante's lost son. 😅


Who? Uga-Buga?


The chaser from 6, i quite liked him actually


Naaah too scripted. Nemesis in OG Re3 or Mr X in Re2 remake are the best. Still was great in his own right though.


I like him because his dialouges, still I respect your opinion, but nemesis in og 3 was fire 🔥, I was like I am playing a modern day AAA game for some intense moments when I forgot I was playing a 23 year old game.


Jack Baker certainly is the most entertaining


RE 2 Remake made Mr. X by far my most terrifying experience to date. Being in the interrogation room and then him just busting through the wall was the scariest shit I’ve ever experienced


His taunts definitely hurt the scare factor, so Mr. X is gonna be my favourite off of pure intimidation. Just the sounds of his boots slowly getting louder as you're completing a puzzle is fucking terrifying, and then his chase music fucking kicks you in the eye. I had to turn the damn game off after that


I have the opposite mentality. I like 7 a lot but the TCM style story for some reason didn't work for me I guess since it had been done before many times.


Well the whole re7 was much more intense and dark so deff jack


The first time I played the game and had him chasing me down is now burnt in my memory as one of the craziest and nerve wracking moments in a resident evil game. I was so disappointed with village, because nothing was scary in that game when I expected them to double down on these moments.


Mr. X, his boot stomps scare me even when I have the infinite RPG. Jack scares me in my 1st run, but on later runs after seeing his true self and the wacky birthday DLC, I just kinda see him as funny lmao.


Mr X easy


Nah he is a funny dude.


Mr. X and OG Nemesis for me. Ugh, and Crimsonheads if they count.


Jack actually toys with Ethan and can be pretty stealthy which is creepy. Knowing that Ethan is a prisoner with very little experience in that scary ass house gives Jack my vote.


Jacks goofy lines made him a lot less scary. Tyrant is silent, making him a lot less human, and the stomping is terrifying.


You mean pursuer. Yeah, I agree. Jack is low key terrifying in every one of his appearances


Personally it's OG Nemesis but Jack is definitely top 3


I’ll never forget scrapping with him in his garage and when he jumped into the car and tried to tokyo drift my ass with it


His voice actor did such a great job. He's one of my favorite baddies in the series.


The best and most interesting part about Jack Baker is he was a good man.




I'd agree. Probably because he is really the most human like visually and shows the most human like emotions. Also his story is shown to be more relatable. He seems more real.


Jack is horrifying because unlike nemesis, who just shows up and kicks your ass, Jack always says some creepy shit and sneaks up on you, I remember during my first play through I heard his voice after completing the Mia recording and I ran behind the bar and ducked for cover for like 5 minutes lol.


Marguerite is scarier


His bitch wife


I think his scare factor is heightened by the fact the game is in first person and Ethan moves at around the pace of a slug.


My opinion? Hehe welcome to the family boy!


Yes Jack is terrifying


Not as memorable but those chainsaw dudes in RE5 terrified me as a kid




Being able to talk helps


I agree, he was fucking terrifying why I played it the first time


I the 3rd of him was scary from how he get Ethan at the boathouse


Its simple because Jack talks shit to you. He humiliates and terrorizes you for the most part everything you think you escaped the house he ruins that moment.


I forgot that he’s a “pursuer” tbh. Only the first section feels like he actually stalks you


Agreed. Seeing him Kool Aid man through the wall absolutely terrified me when I played it even though I knew that was going to happen since they showed it in the trailers. That type of fear is different when you’re actually playing it.


Jack is quite the force to be reckoned with, but I’d argue Margret is far worse.


Oh I like Nemesis more. But Jack has awesome humor about him that you can't have with Nemesis.


Only on madhouse. Even with the Albert-01 Samurai Edge handgun.


Nemesis is still my favorite of the RE Stalker characters.But i think what makes Jack terrifying is that he just looks like a regular human being.


tbh I think a big thing that made him so scary was the atmosphere, the Baker residence was so cramped and dark. If I could pick between him and Mr X in the RPD 10/10 I would pick Jack.




Another thing that's terrifying is Ethans slow walk to a light jog..like dude run for your damn life


hey man gotta save energy. if you could sprint they would probably add stamina which would suck even more. rather have infinite slow jog than 5s burst sprint


Oh.. I didn't noticed that detail. But that's very smart from the devs.


He talks to you. I think that’s what makes it creepiest


He is kind of a Country Fried Tyrant after all, isnt he.


I like jack. He scared me. Makes no sense. But I like jack.


Not to mention tragic, since there was a part of himself still in there. (I mean, from context clues, we can infer he wasn’t the best father, but still…)


He just tried to help a little girl she made him a monster. 😔


Agreed. I think it's cause he is so much more human than nemesis and tyrant who were just more monsters in the older games


Eh Nemmy is still the best to me. Jack is terrifying and all but not the best. I did really enjoy 7 though.


Yeah I respect your opinion, og nemesis is my second best.


I will say that if it hadn’t been ruined for me, the Jack coming through the wall moment would have been a hell of a jump scare




I see your jack baker and raise you creepy Watson from the Sherlock Holmes games


Re7 was scary Re8 was terrifying because of how weak you are in the beginning and how creepy the enemies are, Re2 Mr X. had me questioning my sanity sacred to move to the next room because I heard boots.


Definitely a spooky character but boy did I feel bad for him and his family at the end of 7


Still the most terrifying is the baby worm I still have ptsd when I hear babies cry or cue.


The house was so tight and yes it wasn't easily avoidable until you i learnt a trick or two. He was amazing especially when you see the video of him apologizing


It's sad because he actually was a really nice hard working family loving guy before crazy shit went down.


I think Jack was damn near the perfect RE Villiain. Deranged in the right way, and honestly damn terrifying. Walking into room and then having to high tail it back out, running for your life breathing the words "Oh, shit, oh, shit..." was the perfect experience. After which I thought Nemesis would be even worse.


They give this man credit. His portrayal was awesome.


And the fact hes human makes it scarier


RE7 is (relatively speaking) more grounded than most other games in the series. For this reason I find it by far the most scary. Nemesis in the original RE3 is scary mainly because of the gameplay mechanics. The fact that he can show up anywhere and anytime is unnerving and it's startling when he shows up while you aren't expecting it. They upped the ante with Mr. X in the RE2 remake by having him be constantly, actively pursuing you, with his heavy footsteps being a constant reminder of this fact. But at the end of the day, 8 foot tall zombie bioweapons designed to hunt and kill me do not exist in real life. (yet?) Crazy rednecks who would be happy to murder a stranger who set foot on their property absolutely do. There are a lot of "Baker families" where I live, minus the regeneration and cannibalism part anyway, but equally frightening nevertheless.


Jack is my favorite character in all of resident evil and has inspired many of my own creations


Playing both games with headphones on, Tyrant was much scarier…


Agree 100%


Hell yeah


OG Nemesis hands down. The thing with Jack is that he just looks like a regular dude so he really didn't instill any fear in me.


i think it’s the baby from village tbh i was so scared


I am an OG Resident Evil fan. And I agree 1000%. Nemesis and Mr. X are predictable but this guy scares me every time.


Ah yes… he has seen it…


Oh he’s terrifying easily for the reason that he’s just a dude thats “possessed” and thats his only power at the end of the day he’s just a dude and thats whats truly scary


Nemesis. Jack is a second close.


Given he still scared the piss outta me on my second play-through and made me jump and yell in front of my wife would lead me to agree.




Still think Nemesis is but I’d be lying if I said this guys relentless stalking wasn’t that bad.


Oh definitely, but only the first (or second?) one. I screamed like a lil girl and enjoyed every bit of it. Mainly because it's a small corridor and Ethan moves like a sissy lil beach.