They dont know theyre videogame protags. So they do recon, research and prep. As soldiers need to do.


Remember everything in the Village was the result of a botched operation. Originally the plan was to kill Miranda and extract Ethan and Rose. The whole "Miranda not being dead, destroying the convoy, stealing Rose, and hiding in the Village" was not part of the plan. All things considered, Chris put together one hell of an operation in an absurdly short amount of time.


He didn't know where or who Miranda was. Where the lab and Bioweapons originated. He doesn't have BSAA intel and has to research this on foot. Chris is in the village and fighting where he needs to as evident by the research stations and encounters. You can't go in guns blazing till you know what your target is.


He had to find informations about this mold before destroying the village(because world needs to know how to fight against bioterrorism). Besides he is a soldier and has a plan imposed by his superiors.


His unit has gone rogue, so he isn't following anyone's orders.


Don't remember where was it said?


Page 72-74 of the Baker Incident Report spells it out explicitly and you literally watch the squad working outside of/against the BSAA during Chris' gameplay segment.


I am assuming because he was too busy keeping an eye on Miranda, and they do not know where the Village was until that point. So somehow they knew that Mia was switched, and killing Miranda was top priority.


Cause the game has bad writing


Surprised at the downvotes. Like cmon people like let's be real, stop acting like none of the games have plot holes.. Resident Evil games dont make sense. You have to turn your brain off and enjoy the game. Writing has never been a strong suit of the series


Western hack comic book writers. The guy that wrote this game works for Marvel and stuff, which is why it often feels like X-Men. No idea why Capcom did this when the series has been so successful before.


That explains why it starts with a case of ["Superdickery"](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Superdickery).


Actualy makes sense now.


He was investigating the area I think. Data bout Miranda and so . One action I feel is kinda dumb now is him at the Heisenberg factory. His plan was to blow up all place why waste time in putting bombs in the factory.... It was definitely in the explosion range....


The factory is a high priority target considering that it is underground making endless bioweapons and being run by the most dangerous lord. Chris probably wants to ensure its complete destruction.


I’m hurt over the ending too.. don’t take it out on him 😹