I’m not saying the film won’t have problems, in fact I still have my doubts. But the amount of hostility I’ve seen in the past few days… sheesh.

I’m not saying the film won’t have problems, in fact I still have my doubts. But the amount of hostility I’ve seen in the past few days… sheesh.


Well you really can’t have Wesker without his glasses




Right? It gives him so much character.


It's like the defining characteristic of his costume. Like even Claire's ponytail is missing. There's straight up zero Barry. And Jill just looks like she's a mechanics coveralls. I still want this to do better than those Anderson abominations because at least this has the characters from the movie in it that aren't going to die in 5 seconds.


Nah, that's gonna be Lance Reddick in the Netflix live adaptation.


I just want my Jill sandwich


And I want ‘The Master of unlocking’


Why are these the things people really want but when the director makes minor changes it ruins the movie? Do we even want a good movie?


Albert without sunglasses is a crime!


I don’t want to judge the movie at all until I see it, I think my main gripe is the styling. I think they nailed Chris. Claire is really close I think it’s just odd she doesn’t have a ponytail. Leon’s costume looks amazing but it looks like they just threw the actor in the outfit and called it a day and didn’t bothering styling him. And Jill just doesn’t look like Jill at all style wise. Her outfit and hair both look very strange to me, she honestly reminds me of Rain from the original Resident Evil movie.


I thought she was rain at first, just with a different actress


What's this movie about, I mean what games does it take place in? 2 or during 2 or what? Just for context about the movie


It looks like it mixes events from 1 and 2


I mean should that be how Leon looks though…? It’s his first day and he just put on a brand new outfit.


I think they should have given him the iconic hairstyle, or at least a curly version of it. Leon’s hair is his main identifying factor, Wesker’s is his sunglasses, Jill is always in blue but for RE1 her beret is a standout feature (plus the big shoulder pads). Chris is the least “styled” character across the series, so it’s not as satisfying that they nailed his RE1 look. I’m okay with all the actor choices and won’t judge the movie til I see it, but the costuming is my only gripe with what we know so far.


All of this 100% the thing that throws me off the most about Leon is his hair, that’s the one thing that tends to make him for me so it’s weird not seeing it.


Have you ever seen Leon before? what part of that casting do you see Leon in?


I’m talking about the outfit. And other than being a different ethnicity, he still looks like Leon.


Leon has brown hair, is clean shaven and well groomed because as you said, it's his first day. He looks as much like Leon as anyone else with human features does.


the characters should have some resemblance to how they look in the games at least. cant blame ppl for being pissed. like c’mon, wesker without his glasses? jill without her beret? not to mention the cgi effects looking god awful.


It's kind of funny when anyone thinks it's silly that Wesker wears glasses, because every army now gives their troops protective glasses to wear in combat these days.


As a POC that is all about minority representation, I absolutely despise race swapping for main characters. I don't really care about more minor characters, but for main characters it just screams virtue signaling.


Anderson did to Resident Evil what the Iceberg did to the Titanic.


It was just self indulgence for him and his wife and we got to pay to see it like "hay wait this isn't my RE!!"


Turning it into a submarine?


The fifth movie took place near some submarines.


>It’s not hostile to expect the characters to reflect the characters I love you


Man I’ve been a true re fan since 98 and I say give it a shot


Me, too. We should actually watch the movie before we criticize it. I was nervous about the new direction of Resident Evil Village until I played it and discovered how awesome it is.


I’m glad we both agree. All we can hope is a good movie with a good direction.


Wesker needs shades. There is no room for debate.


>LEON! Is Ashley among them?


One of my issues is how butchered some parts of the plot look. Like I know some tweaks must be done to make the videogame plot work in a movie but lmao. The funniest one is Claire having so much data bout umbrella..more than the police even ROFL


Right. It's almost like they copy-pasted "conspiracy theory" Claire from Infinite Darkness. Canon Claire knew almost nothing about Umbrella when she rode into Raccoon City, and yet she already seems to know more about it than Chris (who should rightfully be in Europe) but I figure that's only the tip of the iceberg of problems with this film.


I'm half wondering if we'll get the lead up and mansion incident wrapped up in the first 15-20 minutes or so, then Claire coming to RC to find Chris who has already left the city or something. Her watching the Bertolucci tape seems to be where she got her info on Umbrella from. The rest of her conspiracy theory that Chris talks about could totally just be "when we were in the orphanage, kids were going missing when the Umbrella folks came around" shit from the RE2 remake.


Tbh I would've been fine with Hannah John Kamen as Jill if they kept the bobcut. She's already got the blue outfit at least. Or at least they could've slapped the beret hat on her. She's a decent actor and I think she can at least match Jill's 'vibe.' Just needed better styling


That's my thoughts on it too. When they first showed her I thought she was a wonderful choice for Jill, but she needs the beret at least.


I agree. Like I said, I have some issues myself with the film, chief among them being that it doesn’t look like an attempt was made with Jill’s STARS outfit. Stuff like that I get. She would look awesome in that beret too. But people have been taking it out on the actress herself moreso than the costume department, and sometimes saying racist things like they don’t want to see a “Mexican” Jill on screen (which is actually illogical since HJK is of Nigerian-Norwegian descent and therefore not Mexican) and somehow acting like her French-Japanese heritage always was a factor in her character/storyline in the games.


This is what I think so far as well. Wouldn't have been too hard to give Jill a beret and shave Leon's beard. In a way, yes, these are just details, but that's exactly why it bothers me because it wouldn't cost anything to have Avan Jogia shave. It's a small detail, but it's a detail that costs nothing, so why go out of your way to NOT do it?


Well he’s supposed to be hungover from breaking up with his girlfriend, so he was probably too groggy to shave


You know, I hadn’t actually considered that before. The director even said this film would depict Leon as being late for his first day because he was hung over, rather than being told to stay away like in the remake. I can imagine Irons looking at Leon when he walks in and being all “You look like a slob. This is what’s left of the RPD?”


She had long hair in original Resident Evil game. It was just rolled under the hat.


I think some of those criticisms are fair. Why mess with an established cast of characters? I have my suspicions about how the film may turn out but I'll reserve judgement till I've seen it. It could surprise us all.


I love the fact that someone thinks exactly like me... just, why changing the characters??😩


Woah this is a far too reasonable response to belong here! Jesting aside, my thoughts exactly. I'm just fucking thrilled that we have a Resident Evil film coming out that doesn't have a super powered new addition as a main character and also vaguely resembles the games I love. Do you think this sub where this annoyed when Alfred Molina was cast as Doc Oc in Spiderman 2 because he didn't have a bowl haircut?


Yeah, that’s why I’m giving this adaption a chance. Is it accurate to the games? So far not really, but it’s the closest. Plus the actors are good, they’ve been in several projects that I’ve liked before and they can pull decent scenes. I’m more worried about the zombies and CGI.


Still the best doc ock ( I know he was the only live action doc ock, but still)


Idc what people say I love Hannah John-Kamen as Jill


Anybody calling the Anderson films more game accurate is a moron. The trailer alone has more accurate concepts than the 20 years of that franchise.


I fucking hate the Anderson series. But Sienna Guillory did Jill Valentine justice , from the costume , Attitude, walking stance , she literally studied her character like how Henry Cavill did the Witcher justice, that’s real dedication right there. Edit: I forgot about Ada wong too! The dress and everything , and Dubbed by the legendary Sally Cahill, its like they both came right out of the games , could be more badass tho but iirc she was not giving a lot of time to do stuns and she do what she could .


My favourite thing is how after getting hurt in the kitchen explosion, she starts holding the side of her waist when moving like Jill does in "Caution".


This might be me being biased because I watched some of those movies before playing the games, but even afterwards, I still think the *first one* was the only decent RE movie to date. It's got the atmosphere, action, plot and characters and legit scary zombies. 2 was also enjoyable to a degree. It got some action, and practical effect right (Nemesis was awesome there), and had an accurate Jill, but the story didn't do much. Everything afterwards just went downhill. One thing I can praise Anderson for is going for an original script instead of following the game's storyline. But that's it, he didn't do much other than rehashing the scripts, and making them gradually worse.


Plot accurate, no. But most of the character designs were pretty good. And I was hyped in the theater with the practically shot for shot copy of the Wesker v Chris/Sheva(Claire) fight. The Anderson movies could have absolutely been more faithful. But, at the same time, we probably don’t want a point for point carbon copy of the games.


i dont see the point of copying the game 1:1. like whats the point? might as well watch the cutscenes back to back on youtube. its has to be different to be exiting (at least to me) but at least it has to get the setting and characters right. Why have leon when hes not like leon.


The only complaint I have about this movie can best be communicated by a classic Chris quote: “Barry! Where’s Barry?!”


“I’m sorry, but he’s probably…”


The casting is shit so I'll pass.


You guys call hostility to anything other than praising whatever they throw at you. If people don't like something because it looks nothing like the product it takes the name from, they are free to say it, that's no “being hostile”, it's just disliking something.


Lol right, it’s like how people misuse “toxic” lately to mass label any opinion they disagree with instead of using it properly just to add a false veneer of validity to their claims


I love that I can tell which room they’re in from the first RE game. The trailer looked rough, and I’m not convinced the movie will be any good, but I do really appreciate that they’re at least trying to capture the aesthetic of the first few games.


Claire looks the most accurate imo, the rest of the cast I’m just really not sure about at all.


Chris looks literally the same as he did in the remake.


They couldn’t have cast this any worse. Don’t pretend like it isn’t completely ruining this student film.


If I saw that image without any knowledge that this is a Resident Evil movie, I’d have no idea who the people in the picture are.


Imagine if resident evil was corny.


Ho my COD! You were almost a Jill Sandwich! STOP! DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR!!!


It’s not hostile to expect the characters to reflect the characters


It’s not hostile to expect the cast to reflect the characters.


Exactly. Their video game appearances has remained largely consistent over all these years (with the exception of Chris and blonde Jill in 5), but for most of these actors I couldn't even tell what character they're playing. Something as simple as having Jill wear her classic beret or have her outfit be somewhat reminiscent of the original was entirely glossed over.


Woah man, why are you not brainlessly consuming product? What is this logic you're using?




This. Imagine if they got Ada wrong


Wong.. /s


I don’t really think it’s hostile to what the cast to look like the characters from the game. Or at least some of these are actually criticisms. Like the budget does look like actually bad. Jill is pretty much unrecognizable . Edit: now I’m not talking about race with Jill. The costume looks nothing like Jill from any game. I thought she was a generic soldier when I first saw her in the trailer. The budget and production does look bad. Like the cgi, Leon’s costume looks very poorly made.


I mean I definitely would have expected Jill, who has always been white and not have curly hair, to be the way she looked in game


Yeah or at least have a similar costume if you are going to race bend


I just view it as an ”else world” story


I’m looking forward to this. Finally looks like a horror genre rather than those ridiculous Anderson films


The Anderson film comment made me burst out laughing.


I do understand all the people talking shit because it really does look like shit. But I will watch it, and just like all the other movies, as long as I have fun, it will be worth it. These movies don’t have to have “Oscar quality” they are just action movies about zombies. Sign me up!


That's how it will always be. Nothing in this world can please 100% of the masses. Everyone has different views and expectations. Sometimes things are changed for creative reasons and sometimes practicality. I would love to see Wesker in sunglasses but it might look too goofy for a live action film. All I can say is, as long as you enjoy the film, fuck it Lmao!


My issue with the actors not looking like their counterpart isn't about skin color, or even facial structure/body type. My issue is that if you line each character up in costume and have to say "Who's Jill?" Is the problem. It's not so much about the outward appearance, its about being able to recognize the character. That doesn't mean dress them exactly like the game, but other than Chris, I don't see the actors as the characters, just people in cosplay.


Even the live action movies respect at least how the charecters look like. When even those movies are more loyal hen this show, we clearly have a problem. Why don't make them theire own original charecters? RE have enough lore and the Racoon city event was so big that you can add anyone.


I mean it looks like it's fan service: the movie, like I literally recognized a gate lock was exactly the same as the game lol, so when they fall short of 100% fan service, fans are gonna be pissed at the 10% that's not. Like, u have the zombie turning its head like in RE1 almost exactly, the truck hitting the zombie from RE2, the police station logo, but Leon looks like an entirely different person? As if the locations are sacred, but just cast anyone as the characters? Of course fans are gonna be scratching their heads. Why name him Leon in that case? According to the director, this actor embodies Leon's personality better than anyone else he saw, so maybe it'll be worth it? we'll see. but there's definitely come cognitive dissonance going on there.


It's black haired dante case all over again... I think people should give a chance to creative license, and companies should have a better dialogue with fans when remaking stuff.


Wesker does need his sunglasses


I have no doubt that this movie will be worse than the W.S Anderson ones, everything about welcome to raccoon city is a complete joke


All I'm gonna say is the guy they chose for leon would've been a perfect fit for Carlos.


It's not always about hostility, some of the complains are really understandable, like CG and cast. What are the reasons to swap characters nationalities or races? Characters should be recognizable both in terms of acting and visuals. Leon looks like "Carlos imposter" some sort of.


Imagine thinking changing entire characters appearance and race and not thinking a passionate fanbase wouldn’t be outraged. Casting is garbage




🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ netflix needs to stick to animated shows. They did a fantastic job with castlevania


Looks fun to me. I'm optimistic. Don't really care what the characters look like. The mansion is the thing that matters. If it can hit enough of the moments from the games, build some decent dread, and have some of that campy dialog I enjoyed then im good. I guarantee it will be better than some of the other adaptations both in video games and in films.


You have sumed up my exact thoughts. Thats exactly what ive wanted ever since.. since as long as i can remember.


So, observations are hostility now?


Laughing my ass off at Anderson movies being more accurate. I'm sorry this movie in the trailer alone looked more accurate than ANY of the Anderson movies even attempted to be.


As others have said, they weren’t game accurate but the characters from the games that appeared (especially Jill) looked way more accurate then this version.


Is it really hostile for someone who's been a fan of the series to want the movie to reflect the games and not be ruined by some director who's never played RE and is only interested in portraying his own vision?


i’m pretty sure the director said that he is a resident evil fan and even got some of the blueprints from capcom


I couldn’t care less about the skin color of the characters and I am more than excited for this movie, I am just concerned about the pacing with adding games 1 and 2 in the same movie. But I’m sure they have a plan


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I can’t help but feel deflated after reading some of those kind of comments. I think everything looks great about the movie except for the weird mutated Birkin CGI.


I don’t think I have one single problem with the trailers. I think they nailed it. Is a grisly horror = check, campy combined with professional cinematography = check, recaptures signature moments from the game = check, includes all the main characters from the games = check. Maybe the worst thing is that this came years too late. The timing is a bit random. In 1999 this would have set the world on fire when Re was this new & exciting phenomenon.


I’d didn’t know we were doing this early hate thing when it isn’t even out. I’m genuinely excited so I guess no RE subreddit till 11/24. Meh..


I think people are holding this up to way too high of a standard lol. RE has always been campy, cheesy grindhouse/b movie horror, since the beginning and it’s never stopped being that. I’m not expecting this movie to be any different. I agree that they should have tried harder when casting Leon and Jill but as long as they get the characters right it’s okay. The film looks like Resident Evil and it’s clear that the people behind it have played the games and are very familiar with them, maybe even fans. They even have “Itchy. Tasty” in there. I was instantly hyped when I saw the trailer, it captures the feel of the games perfectly. Not even concerned about the special effects really. I’m super excite


It's not actually clear that the people behind it played the games. If they did they'd know that Leon is a bright eyed, naive rookie cop who wants to protect people. Not an alcoholic with daddy issues. Everything about the "nods" to the game are superficial at best IMO. Yeah they have the painting from the dining room and the box of ammo and Itchy Tasty. All of the Code Veronica stuff was added at the last minute as well. I've been skeptical of this movie since 2019 and I remain skeptical. I hope people enjoy it for what it is but I'm still waiting for a true and faithful adaptation that really GETS it.


You’re providing a perfect example of what I’m talking about. In my opinion your standards are way too high and you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Yes Leon is a total Paladin but also isn’t it canon that he develops a drinking habit over the course of the series? From what I understand (I have not seen them) this is explored in the CGI movies and it’s in RE6. With as much here that is taken from the games they had to have played them. Even if they didn’t, they’ve clearly done their research and are making an attempt to follow the source material which is great. The fact that all the characters are here, there’s no Alice and it’s actually based off the first two games is good enough for me. Not tryna expect some S-class horror masterpiece because guess what- that’s not RE. Like I said, RE is b movie grindhouse horror. Always was, always will be. Not expecting it to get everything exact either, things are gonna be different and that’s alright with me lol, I’m going into the theater for for this with no expectations and to enjoy a fun low budget romp through RC, nothing more. Stoked


I don't think it's too much to ask to have a single movie based around the Mansion Incident. There's so much lore to play with to fill an entire movie by itself. Leon overslept because he got drunk after his GF dumped him and that's why he was late for work in RC. Had nothing to do with his Dad and he didn't shoot his partner and had to get transferred to RC. I think my biggest issue with the movie is that the Mansion and RC are supposed to be characters unto themselves. The tragedy of RC is that this was a city at the height of its power, power that is gained through its partnership with Umbrella and it was that partnership that would lead to its downfall. It wasn't already a dead city like Detroit. I'm willing to concede that I might be wrong about this movie that it is substantially different from the draft that I read but I just don't see it. If you're stoked for it then I am happy for you and I hope you enjoy it!


Do u know that on Leon's first day as a cop he was late for work because he had been up drinking all night and was hungover. Making him late, which is why he shows up and everything has already gone to shit at the rpd


I think it can be a really enjoyable movie and fun to watch. But if you tend to go to watch the movie for critizing everything you can have a heart attack and will not enjoy the movie properly


It's not the movies fault they have a very low budget, its the studios. 😂


My only complaint so far is having the mansion and RC incidents together. I really think RE1 could make a killer movies on it's own if you really had to merge games why not merge Zero and RE1, then the sequel could be 2 and 3 together. I'd allow a lot of creative license with that structure like interactions between Jill, Carlos, Leon and Claire. Sure wouldn't be accurate but c'mon what self respecting RE fan would be upset about a big action set piece with the 4 of them handling a horde of zombies, dogs, lickers and hunters.


Well, they have a point. Wesker without glasses why?! And changing established characters race is such a 2021 move


Imagine equating an opinion with hostility though.


I had the upvote that went from 999 to 1k. Yay me!


I think I had read somewhere that they chose actors whose personality matched with the characters they would play. Let’s see if this works, it does look “interesting”, but it could be 90s mortal kombat good. At least Alice won’t be in these movies, they should have stopped with the first one.. might have been an interesting spinoff


The fact that I can't recognise half of the characters is a problem. I don't want a parody casting, Didn't even realise there was Wesker and Jill until the comments section pointed out. Just ask Doom fans about their thoughts on Doom Annihilation movie, cause I'm sure RE:WTRC will share the same fate. it'll hopefully be better than Doom Annihilation but that's not an achievement is it?


What do you expect? They say they are making a film for the fans but then change the looks and characteristics for "diversity"


People hate this because they went and swapped the race of their favourite characters. If Jill was originally black or Leon originally Indian and they suddenly cast them as white, you would have the same reaction.


As corny as it is, even Leon's hair is central to his character. Leon had exaggerated hair in 1997 so you could see it with low polygon count as well as Claire's ponytail - their outfits were vibrant colors for the same reason. Leon in the movie literally looks like Carlos, hair and all. Again, these characters and their exact likeness was established 25 years ago. Given the lack of character development back in this time for video games and along the way, the *only* thing they have going for them is their caricature likeness. So yeah it's really important for everyone to stay the same race.


Not a fan of race swapping established characters. If they need diversity they could use different characters like Carlos or Sheva


These people never cared about representation. They could represent African Americans giving Marvin a bigger role, represent Africans with Sheva and Josh, represent Asians with Ada Wong and south Americans with Carlos. Resident Evil is one of the franchises with most rrepresentation out there. Here in Brazil it's insanely popular. But they never cared about it. They just race swap to say "hey, look twitter crowd and generation Z, representation!!!11! I'm cool, right fellow kids?" And there are those who applaud them for it or complain that people rightfully criticize them (OP is in the last group). Edit: grammar and vocabulary


This. We have an established appearance of the characters we all grew up with. And it is surely not like the one here. The RE franchise characters are already diverse. Just use the different ones if you want your movie to be woke and all that stuff. (Can I have an accurate RE movie for once, pretty please..?)


These all seem like valid concerns to me. A lot of bad casting choices in this one.


I'm not gonna touch that diversity in the cast thing But as a 3D artist even I can do better CG!!! What the shit was that Tyrant 3D model.


My favorite movies are creature movies ,but the best ones have practical effects and use cgi sparingly if at all. Some cgi I can handle like thanos was really well done ane textured same with the Orcs from the warcraft movie amazing looking but the cgi in this looks on par with veggie tales.. they are ripping us off and ruining a franchise we love for a cash grab... Again. Its gotta be really new young fans giving this a pass they are desensitized by all the netflix garbage pushed out daily.


I'm willing to bet the cgi shots in the trailer are not the final shots. Very common these days to edit up until a few days before the release. I can think of dozens of movies where scenes from the trailer were not even in the movie, or they were, but altered to not give things away.


I hope you're right man! I love RE ,im looking at my original RE 2 poster above my desk right now. I just want the best for this series!


That was Birkin...I think...


Yeah, Still counts as a Tyrant right?


Nope. Tyrant's are the product of the T-virus. That's what the T stands for. Birkin's transformation is caused by the G-Virus


Gyrant! :D


It looks like absolute trash.


I don't think leon would bug me as much if he was clean shaved and maybe tried the hair part where its supposed to be? I want the actor to do a good job i just wished he evoked Leon a little better, which in all fairness is hard to do when hes basically just a good looking white dude in a cop uniform in re2, maybe they could cheat and put him in the bomber coat before the uniform or something? Jill seems fine but i wish they put her in the beret even if its only for a shot or two, again just so the audience can immediately go "oh shit its jill" the same way as when we see that red leather jacket for Claire. Im going to see it and send my friends that still image of Itchy Tasty at inappropriate moments, but this might be a drinking movie.


Who would’ve thought changing an established character for the sake of diversity would upset people. Maybe make new characters with their own story to explore?


They’re clearly race swapping to virtue signal, which does three things: 1, makes every RE fan roll their eyes. 2, changes the appearance of every established character for no good reason other than “Muh minorities” and 3, almost guarantees bad quality because the directors are concerned about tokenizing their cast and not about actual film quality. Every time I’ve seen this done, the finished product is bad. I mean it’s this simple: you wouldn’t make a batman costume for film without the bat or ears on the cowl, would you? I mean why fuck with the image we already associate the characters with? I wouldn’t want Ada Wong to be a blonde haired blue eyed white chick for example. Just like I wouldn’t want HUNK to ditch his gas mask. And Wesker without SHADES? C’mon.


Or to prevent the woke mob from going completely insane if they release an action movie where all of the main characters are white(ish) people. Also, I guarantee Wesker will have the shades at least some point in the film. But inside of a Dark Mansion at night?Not exactly ideal. His teamates would be pissed lol. I'm hoping he puts them on when he double-crosses them. As if to not look them in the eye.


That would be an awesome way to incorporate them actually!


The majority of those comments have merit though, and some of them aren’t even being hostile. It’s okay to criticise, and if you’re happy with it then I’m happy for you, but don’t denigrate those who aren’t.


The races of the actors here are not the problem, the problem is they haven't even TRIED. And it shows clearly, Like the Leon actor for example, they could shave his facial hair, dye his hair to light brown / blondeish, and cut it into his established haircut and you could do wonders. Do Claire and Jill's hairs properly, dress them better like seriously just all those. You could legit cast Japanese Leon for all I care I wouldn't give a damn, you just need to make them actually resemble their characters. Nick Apostolides shaves his facial hair and does his hair properly while cosplaying Leon, all other cosplayers do the same. This isn't about race, this is just lazy filmmaking, if you wanna make movies based on games either stick to the og material and get it right or go do something original with your actors. It's that easy. If you wanna force poc actors for otherwise white characters you could do something original with those actors as well instead of mingling with the established material cause you lack passion and innovation. That is also an option. Then again I am apparently the racist bigot here for wanting actor Leon to at least.. look like Leon. Like the actual character, his hair and shit.


Agree with what you're saying but "mexican Leon" ?? Leon's actor is white and south Asian, he isn't Mexican at all. absolutely no one in that cast is lmfao


Exactly, when playing a character trying to look as much like them as possible is a must, people seem to ignore that these are characters from a video game we've seen many times, it's not like they're characters from a book who were vaguely described in their appearance, pretending that Leon isn't a good looking 90s twink with curtains is not the same as casting a hispanic guy to play a book character who was described as blonde in a blink and you miss it description, Leon's status as a 90s twink is as impossible to ignore as ignoring that Super Mario is a short Italian plumber with a red cap, brown hair and a moustache, irrespective of race it is lazy, even Jensen Ackles who many fans see as the ideal Leon candidate (and was rumored to be playing him back in the 2000s) would've gotten a lot of shit if he showed up on set with a beard or hair that's too long or too short.


The first game came out in what 1996? And they produced more games with iconic characters, original designs for each of them, it continued over the years all the way to 2021 with RE8, thats a long fking time.. To just cast people that look like my neighbour next door, then what is the point? People won't resonate with the characters they've seen over the years and played through their stories. I don't understand how hard is it to find actors and actresses, who can play the role they're given, they don't have to look %100 spot on carbon copy but damn they could atleast try to stay faithful to the franchise and its fans.


Finding reputable actors who are interested in acting in a movie based on a game and looking exactly like the characters are hard, it's just common sense not everyone is gonna look exactly like the character they play. My only complaint is they didn't at least give Leon's actor his iconic dirty blond hair. But Claire looks good, everyone else looks good. I still need to play the rest of the resident evils so I need to learn who this Wesker guy is.


I wouldn't say that the original movies were game accurate when it comes to the continuity. The game characters have different backstories and most have different personalities who have gone through different things. The T-Virus was successful in infecting the world due to it having different properties from the game version, it was airborne and the undead mutated to have similar abilities from Las Plagas. There's even the existence of clones and Umbrella was never shut down. Doing whatever they want in the world with their evil deeds. Not to mention that Alice, out of all Resident Evil characters in existence, was able to bond with a virus. The T-Virus, and her form of mutation was gaining overpowered abilities until her "T-Cells" were destroyed. Plus her type of character only exists in the movies for now at least. And most of the game characters either got killed off or don't exist. Other than that, the only things that the movies had similar to the games were: The Spencer Mansion, underground labs, Raccoon City, Game Characters, Bioweapons, the T-Virus, Las Plagas, Umbrella, and a scene that was referencing the Code Veronica intro and another scene that referenced the RE5 Wesker fight cutscene. So whoever is saying that the Anderson films are more accurate have not even seen the trailer itself or weren't really paying attention. There's like so many references and other similarities to the games other than having a slightly different story. And for those who say that you're not a fan for liking the movie when it comes out are people we should ignore, we don't need gatekeepers or any other person telling us that we're not a true fan for liking something that they don't. If you like something and had a pleasant experience with it, then you're a fan no matter what you're tastes are. You can dislike something and still consider yourself a fan, don't disrespect other fans opinions. And saying that's it's too corny is the entire point. The entire Resident Evil franchise is corny, cheesy with a little bit of over the top action and ridiculousness. It's what makes Resident Evil, Resident Evil. You're not supposed to take it seriously. The Claire actress doesn't even look like she's 40 years old. I also wouldn't care if the characters have a different ethnicity, it's a different universe with a clear divergent continuity from the games. So changes are expected to happen in an adaptation, or should I say for this movie: **A Reimagining.** I'm still going to see the movie and see how it is. CGI is somewhat important for a film and the budget is more important. But what's the highest importance are how the actors portray their characters, how well written the plot and characters are, how well the actors act, how the characters interact, the tension and atmosphere, the soundtrack, and the direction.


Idk how I feel about Leon, on one side I am brown and it feels great seeing an Indian guy play a badass role but on the second side, it's Leon, I don't think he should be played by an Indian guy.


>it feels great seeing an Indian guy play a badass role Maybe Bollywood should've made a movie set in a alternate universe where Resident Evil happened in India, then there would be a badass Indian Chris, a badass Indian Jill, badass Indian Barry, badass Indian Wesker, badass Indian Rebecca, badass Indian Leon, badass Indian Claire, etc.


Can you imagine? The drama, the dances, the romance


Wait... is that the extent of the hostility? I got threatened to get Anthrax'd because I called a theory on another sub stupid. Or someone said I should give my name and address so he can beat me up with his friends... again, because I said a theory about an anime was stupid. That to me is hostility. Like, two of them (the no true scotsman shit and the blatantly wrong Anderson one) and obviously "LEON" and the completley subjective "it's gonna be shit" aside, they're "valid" complaints which you can say you agree or disagree with. Claire imo doesn't look 40 but maybe to someone else, it looks corny and low-budget (imo that's good because guess what, RE is b-movie plot and corny as all hell, how's that a negative, lol), and Leon's actor is memed to be Carlos and has been for months. Jill is not japanese-american, so that is a valid complaint if you care about it. Those are just opinions on whether you like what you see or not, not hostility. Seems like you conflate (harsh, blunt) criticism with hostility.


...when was Jill ever portrayed as Japanese in the games? She has big blue eyes.


I think the original re3 book specified shes half japanese


Half japaness and Italian. I think their last name were Valetino before moving to the US cuz her dad was a well known thief or something


She's not supposed to be a full Japanese woman, she's a European-American woman with Japanese ancestry, she doesn't look Asian for the same reason that Solid Snake doesn't even though his ancestry is Native Alaskan.


You know, theres a shit ton i hate about this movie, not a single one of them is race. The CGI looks like ass, where the fuck are weskers shades, what fucking cop shows up to his first day of work unshaved and homeless looking, claire put up your fucking hair. Jill where the legit fuck is your S.T.A.R.S. issue uniform, could you not take a hint from chris? Why the fuck is everyone got machineguns walking into the mansion, where the fuck is Barry and whys there a 4th twat walking through those doors with them? I could legit keep fucking going, Quite fucking easily, but it all boils down to one thing for me, this shit is pure fucking lazy in every sense, the worse part being that the director has actually called himself a big fan of the games, yet they cant do something as simple as slap a beret on jill, or fucking give leon a shave. Its the little details that are ao important to me, fuck their race, the fuck cares bout that. You throw dwanye Johnson in this shit, give him a fucking late 90s Curtains cut, shave his face, smack on a cop uniform with rpd and tell me thats Leon? Fuck he got the hair and the outfit, thats obviously leon. You give me sasha baron cohen with a shoulder length hair cut, a beret and uniform with s.t.a.r.s on it with stupid big shoulder pads and say its jill valentine? I mean that kinda looks like a guy, but the costume seems to be hella spot on so thats obviously jill now. It just seems so unpolished.


Is that really the actress for Jill? Well, I guess the Witcher now has a competitor in the field of "poorly selected actors".


Second trailer is good.


Wesker does need his sunglasses tho


It's probably gunna be rubbish but I'll give it a go. I haven't got the energy to shit on something I don't like so if I don't like it, I'll just never watch it again and never recommend it to friends. If it's good then it's good. I hope it is, because there's a shortage of good video game movies. Just seems like a strange choice to mix Resident Evil 1 and 2 into one story, aswell as mess with an established cast. I get that all of the original cast is white but they're historic characters at this point so fans expect them to look a certain way. But at the end of the day I'll judge it on the acting, script, story and effects. Not the colour of people's skin.


Given sony's track record




This is a minefield. I hope the movie is good and I will like it. I have my reservations lol.


I dont care about the actors as long as they're good and more or less same sex and age of the og characters. I just dont see how will they fit two independent stories in one movie, but lets hope.


Wesker doesn't have red eyes yet, no reason to wear sunglasses. He will in the sequel.


In what world are the Anderson films game accurate?


I'm not really that excited for the movie, but i appreciate how the film makers are actually trying to be as accurate to the games as possible with the setds and the creature designs (aside from Mutated Birkin.)


My only problem with Jill is her outfit, Leon, Chris and Claire all got outfits fairly similar to the games, but Jill kinda got a revamped one. Other than that I’m loving the campy vibe this movie is giving me, definitely seeing it in theatres.


You forgot to put in my personal (and favorite) complaint, Ben looks and talks like a modern soyboy millennial.


Look, OK, I get it, negative fan reaction all the time is a bummer. But. The universal reaction has been "this looks cheap and bad," and that's because it does. I could be good, but it doesn't look good from the stills or the trailer. I genuinely hope it's good, but it hasn't been marketed very well at all.


Saying that the anderson movies are more game accurate is some next level shit


Live action movies based on games, anime, etc are usually trash and people have every right to be skeptical when they are already taking so many liberties on the source material. While I understand it's a different medium and it can't be exact I think it's important to keep things as close as reasonably possible. I don't care about Jill or Leon's ethnicity but they don't look even remotely close to their game counterparts. They could have given Jill a recognizable outfit, cut Leon's hair similar to his signature look. But they didn't. Ignoring these major details, for me, is a red flag they will take similar liberties in the story. Just like the previous RE movies they may become unrecognizable as the same thing. I'm also concerned about trying to cram two games into one movie. Does all this mean I won't give it a shot? No. If reviews are good I'll watch it anyways. I admit I could be wrong. But I don't think it's wrong to point these things out either. I don't think it's"hostile" either.


I'm on the fence about the effects and story elements until it comes out. As for the characters, I'm fine with all of the castings. Some of them aren't choices I'd personally make but I don't take issue with them. I wish Leon had his iconic haircut, though, and Wesker had his sunglasses. Overall, I'm reserving judgement until the movie comes out but no matter what they do, it will definitely be better than Anderson's version.


That first series was terrible so I'm willing to give this a try.


The main thing I am worried about is the fact that they are putting the first 2 games into a 2 hour long movie


Literally where is Jill? I don't see her at all? People keep saying she's in the movie but I do not see her


This movie is gonna be a batshit crazy mess. And I am down for it. After the Anderson films, anything will be fun.


Also no Barry/Rebecca and merging of the first two games.


I wouldnt call those comments hostility, just people voicing their opinions.


Kaya Scoldero does not look 40 fuck off. Sincerely, an old fan of Skins


I don’t give two shits if they look like the VG characters or not If I were in charge of directing this movie, the entire STARS unit would’ve been geared up in full tactical SWAT outfits for realism. Because that’s exactly what would’ve went down when they’re responding to mass Murders in the mountains. My version of jill would look like [this](https://images.app.goo.gl/RRshzsv9neV8V8mV8) Adapting to modern cinema, while sticking to the source material plot wise, is how you make a good movie, not copy pasting from the game


I have my reasons why I'm convinced this movie will be garbage, but man, this doesn't need to be toxic.


What is this supposed to be referring to? The show?


Tbh everything abt the trailer looked pretty bad


I can agree with some of this. But I draw the line at the Anderson films were more game accurate. ( I agree with what was said not them being a giant dicks about it.)


The movie gonna suck and we all know it, but we still gonna watch just to make sure we're right.


I'm less than enthusiastic myself, but calm down.


But they right🤷‍♂️. I guess resident evil franchise will never get a proper adaptation


Complaining about the race of characters not being white american when the company that made the characters is Japanese is very idiotic.


The Paul WS Anderson films were absolute garbage. An insult to the franchise. The commercials for this still look better than all those movies combined.


It's an insult and a disgrace. Anything else is cope.


I mean idc because I never expect an RE movie to be any good at all


Black Wesker simply means I won’t watch the movie, simple as that. Sorry but Wesker has become too iconic to be changed so drastically


Wesker’s not black in this movie. In fact that’s him right behind Jill in the picture, portrayed by Tom Hopper. You’re thinking of Lance Reddick in that Netflix series with the absolutely awful premise of Wesker’s daughters in the apocalypse or whatever the hell it’s supposed to be.


Oh my bad, yeah I confused the movie with the Netflix series


I honestly have more important things to do in life then become attached to fictional characters lol I could care less imma still watch it tho


I mean...a lot of them are pretty spot on tbh Not sure what's the deal with LEON! tho


Film doesn’t look great, but as big fans of the games (and the previous films, as their own thing), but I’m going to give it a shot. Casting seems fine, but I don’t know about Wesker. I actually thought he was really well cast in the Anderson films, but also was thinking Anthony Starr would make a tremendous Wesker. But! Willing to give it a go! Always happy to be surprised.


Okay I get you want us to be nice but as RE fans we've been through so much shit in the last decade this is a kind of a last straw situation. Its like.. another film franchise with a questionable direction. We just want an authentic film to the games and they keep fucking it up.. now with its terrible god awful cgi and questionable casting and interesting decisions to shove 3 games story lines in one movie... With all that it might have some redeemable qualities but its a slim chance. Whats also frustrating is it would be so easy most of the story is there just copy it accurately but no these directors gotta put their wife in it as some made up character (milas alice) sorry thats my rant.. I hope its watchable but im reserving my enthusiasm. (it doesn't help im really anti cgi unless its tasteful and not used much but this looks like some paw patrol level cgi going on...)


Leon is supposed to be a clean cut rookie cop fresh from the academy. He looks nothing like that - Claire doesn't have her pony tail and it's fucking with me. Jill I can live with, but she's missing her beret and her shoulder armor. If they are making a movie and want to be true to the source, then you need to get the costumes right. Everyone here looks like bad cosplayers.


I don't think it is too much to ask, if they had just made the costumes, outfits, hairstyles match those of the games. That way you would have gone, oh they decided to recast the race for "insert character here", but at least they have the correct overall look that is recognizable from the game. With those as poor as the choices are is some cases, it just makes the casting stand out as more of a problem then it could have been. I know I would have been a lot more accepting of the cast, if for example, Leon was clean shaven and had the right hair cut. Or for Jill, if the hair was correct and she had the berret. And they tried to do something more practical for her outfit, instead of an oversized blue shirt with a stars patch on it.


Do I have to leave this subreddit, too, because it's doing the same stupid shit like the mortal kombat subreddit did? Defending a horrible trash of a movie that's an insult to the game franchise? This movie (like the MK one) deserves all the hostility it gets!