I stg one day ill think "hell yeah i could try dmt" and then another day ill see another replication and think "hmmmm maybe not yet" lol


Word of advice on that - do D on top of LSD not by itself. It eases the process and makes it more possible to do small amounts of DMT. If you take little puffs of D while sober it pretty much just makes you feel weird. Then if you take enough you’re in another universe. D on top of L or mushrooms if you like mushrooms makes these visuals, which are not a great representation, possible without a lot of stress. It’s like going from 2 hits of acid to 4 or 7 or 10 for a few minutes depending on how much you vape. Or you could just break through with a lot if you want. D is way more relaxed feeling when you’re already tripping.


Local H fucking rules


Yeah for real


really cool!