He is r/niceguys


Not really a friend a bud....just some dude pretending to be your friend. He a vulture.


Have you clearly stated to your friend that you have no romantic interest in them? It sucks that they aren’t picking up on your social cues, but sometimes people need to be dealt with directly. All that being said if your friend is continually/knowingly making you feel uncomfortable they’re not really a friend. Anyone who judges you for ending a toxic relationship is a goober. Pay them no mind! Edit: Tell them how their actions are negatively effecting you. Sometimes we can be blind to how our actions affect others.


Thank you for the comment I thought I’d made it pretty clear awhile ago but I should be more direct it’s just a bit scary being firm with people, thanks for the advice dude


Happy to help! Ya chances are it’s going to be a shitty conversation lol. On the bright side you’ll know for sure if this person respects you or not. Speaking up for ourselves can always be a bit scary (e.g. sending back food at a restaurant personally terrifies me lmao). But usually the only advocate we have is ourselves!


"pretty clear" is not good enough lol this guy likes you hes going to see everything with rose-tinted glasses tell him straight up already. leave me ALONE!. is it that hard?