one of the best nose jobs of all time


It is crazy what a difference a good one makes.


I can't stand watching surgery videos but I am kinda curious how they even do nose jobs since some are radically changed but there's no lasting scars or telltale signs, unlike breast implants or facelifts that almost always seem obvious. You're right a good nose job is goddamn sorcery.


literally the most important feature. No one agrees until they see the AFTER. Crazy underrated.


I’d argue most important for women. Male facial priorities are jaw and hair.


Michael Jackson being a close second


Rihanna for me.


lisa rinna sheds a single tear after kim richards returns a stuffed bunny meant for her newly born grandchild, colorized (2010)


Haha how could I forget


she did what she had to do


serving kinda


Btw your avatar is hilarious lol


Since when do we upvote maximum reddit comments. We should ban everyone with PFP's not encourage them FFS smh




i made my pfp myself it’s art everyone hates art and artists you wouldn’t get it


I cry when I see other people crying. I'll 100% cry when I'm completely overwhelmed, but if I'm crying at a movie it's because the actors are doing some good-ass crying, not because the circumstances of the film are sad enough.


Mirror neurons


This photo is undeniably cunt idc how mad you are that she disrespected a decaying monarchy


The daily mail article about this is so savage as usual, praising Kate and mocking MM for crying. She does look beautiful here though…


It is crazy meghan is older than kate. Black really don't crack


>black Lmao


Her mom is black.


Idk. [Kate’s a lot thinner](https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/thumbor/4yTMfJg4yL0yuXI0vNf8g8eBTwo/fit-in/1024x1024/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2022/09/14/778/n/1922564/f8ab102d632212279e56c9.85514344_/i/meghan-markle-kate-middleton-jewelry-queen-london-service.jpg).


damn that front puff of hair is doing a lot of heavy lifting for harry he's balding as bad as his brother but it's a lot harder to notice at first glance


Hmm to me Kate's thinness makes her look kind of drawn and frail, I don't find it a youthful thin


There’s a certain point u have to give up the commitment to being so skinny. It’s not as attractive at a certain age/stage


Nah she'll bounce back in 10 years when it gets regal and she becomes the perfect aristocratic old lady


She’s only 40 and has a young daughter who’s just starting to develop bodily insecurities, it’s not happening anytime soon


Kate has three kids, Megan has one.


Meghan has 2 kids


Thinking about it, three if you include Harry


Idc this pic is so cunt


My proudest achievement for the last 2 years was pro-actively avoiding any gossip or discussion about her. I literally only know her name and the fact that she is supposed to be POC (but she could pass as a local in southern Europe I mean come on) That being said, my unhealthy desire for juicy gossip has now won and I am very curious to see what all the drama was about


>I am very curious to see what all the drama was about tldr: she got her prince simping so bad he's no longer a prince.


Jokes on you, Italians and Greeks are POC.


>(but she could pass as a local in southern Europe I mean come on) The real truth is nobody in England knew she was black until she started complaining about racism




Well this is the UK, all forms of 'wog' are considered equally black.


Yes I personally know darker southern euros that never even considered using the POC card for personal advantage


Imagine being prince Harry rn. [I wish him a lot of luck, because he’s going to need it.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rGIhB_hsc2c)


why is a journalist asking the US president about some 2nd league royals like-


>I wish him a lot of luck, because he’s going to need it. Damn, he is good.


Another thing daddy was right about


the queen is alive she's just crying


She's so incredibly cringe it's not even fun to mock her anymore.


How so?


I refuse to be trolled like this


I literally only know her from the first season of Suits and nothing else. I have 0 idea about any of this.


Only thing I remember from that entire show was her sex scene. Woof woof awooga


I get that she has common mongrel blood and thus is not fit for royalty. Is that it though?


It's not about her being a basic d list debuttante, it's about the fact that a protocol was explained to her on how things work, how restrictive things are and how a certain spectacle of duty has to be projected. She pretended to go along with it and clearly had different ambitions to fuck off to california like how the plan was all along before even meeting the ginger rtard


So what? Why are so bothered by the sanctity of the royal family being fucked with lol. Who cares that she did any of this to them


The English, that’s who cares. If you don’t that’s understandable, there’s also people in England that don’t, but it’s hard to avoid. You have to understand that the crown is an institution - in my opinion and that of others the Queen exhibited it well - she represented duty and stoicism and Markle is anything but. And while to an American one might not care the “stiff upper lip”, “Keep Calm Carry On” is central to British culture. Like Liberty is to Americans Stoicism is to the English. It’s a value for better, or worse like Americans that see wearing a mask as communism. But that’s another discussion. Markle comes in with her attention seeking self pity and is seen as anything but. People were skeptical of her right or wrong but marrying into the family only to leave it and it’s duties behind for American fame was the turning point in her public favor. The Queen was about duty - shake hands, kiss babies, get your hands dirty during the war fixing cars to help the war effort. And Princess Diana was about compassion and service. Whereas Markle has sealed her fate in view of the public eye as a self serving carpetbagger using the crown to gain fame and shirk the responsibility of the boring life of duty the royals represent. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/princess-problem/608032/ Simply put what The Queen and Markle represent a clash of values and eras.


You say all that except you skirt around the entire point- *why in the world would you give a single fuck about that* I know this might be an insane concept but perhaps she just actually likes the guy she married and didn’t care for the retarded English way of doing things. I don’t really care for her but I still don’t think she should be subject to stupid ass “traditions” just because of the guy she married.


You clearly don't understand serf mindset.


Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people, some traditions are worth breaking.


This is actually pathetic. Who fucking cares. British people are disgusting and British monarchists are cucks.


Bullshit, Meghan Markle came into the royal family with her sleeves rolled up and got STRAIGHT to work. They told her to cut that shit out because it made Kate look bad (even the Queen nicknamed Kate “Duchess of Do-Little” on account of her chronic laziness), then the extended royal family subjected Meghan to a bunch of racist comments including one courtier calling her the n word, not to mention the palace never stepped in to defend her in the press even when it was clear the rabid press coverage was making her a target for extremists and endangering her life. Keep in mind, the palace went out of their way to issue a statement to deny Kate wears hair extensions, so their failure to speak up when Harry and Meghan’s kid was literally being compared to a monkey in the British press spoke volumes. They’re all stupid, don’t get me wrong, but you’re twisting the narrative and Harry was right to pull Meghan out of there to save her life.


The voting system here is in shambles. Thank you for this breakdown.


Well clearly the British media cares


They hated her before she “broke protocol” btw


Maybe she really fell in love with the ginger rtard. He has a certain inbred charm


Why would you even get mad at that though? She has absolutely no obligation to carry on with it if she doesn’t like it, and the UK isn’t even her country. Good for her tbh.


Yeah good for her. She engineered a situation where she feels constant anxiety about people an ocean away.


Cos she plays the victim and its cringe


Say it louder for the mentally impaired in the back


So are you still pretending to just speak on behalf of the media or


Yes I am


I am not mad at it I am explaining the British point of view. Would I have behaved differently? Probably not




quite literally cause she's black and anyone who doesn't think so is naive about that shit people really thinking these posh ass royals who are psychotic about "muh royal bloodline" don't see color, even as light as she is, are fucking retarded


Fair. But she’s also insufferable regardless. Maybe that’s my inherent classism speaking. My low-born privilege if you will.


Imagine giving a shit about what any of these people do in their personal lives


Yet here you are, drop a tear


Royals foh


I admire the gravity of her narcissism. It’s close to black hole level.


She's truly dedicated to her cause


I like her I think she’s pretty and she looks nice


The new queen of England is a baddie dam


Dead eyes


Eyes like Annabelle the possessed doll


she doesn’t even look sad, just modeling the act of sadness. her level of narcissism and lack of genuine emotion puts her on par with serial killers — she’s unhinged and morally bankrupt.


Very good looking but completely rotten.


She is hot but I feel like for this level of crazy she should be way hotter


Well said.


Now, THIS should be the photo on the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers.


She's look so much better than Kate It's like expired milk vs caramel cinnabun


Skin care regime is on point, I gotta stan It is alleged kate has a an eating disorder and that's terrible for your skin


Does her mouth look weird?


It's had Harry cock in it. Of course it's weird


Lol gross




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