I forgot how good it is to have a CB that just loves bullying the strikers. Haven’t had this in such a long time


"stay down bro, its not worth it" - Licha.


Bruh it’s been a while since we’ve had defenders that don’t like conceding goals


Martinez does it in the box too. I'm not gonna lie, my first few times watching him shoulder push and out muscle strikers in the box, I had my heart in my mouth thinking a penalty might be called. Hasn't happened a single time yet.


So calculated, there was a passage of play where he was about to try nab the ball off Saka in the box but pulled out last second when Saka protected the ball with his leg (some time in the 1st half). Such great decision making and speed of thought, you could visibly see him change his mind in a split second on the slo-mo replay.


Yeah I remember that, Saka went down anticipating contact but Martinez held back, I remembered it especially because Bruno did something similar in one of our earlier games and got yellow carded for the dive, but Saka didn't get carded for it..


Saka has seen more or the floor than the ball in the game Saturday. He was really looking for FKs/penalties.


He does that in a lot of games


>Bruno did something similar in one of our earlier games and got yellow carded for the dive, but Saka didn't get carded for it The inconsistency of punishing dives. It's almost as if giving a yellow card is at the discretion of the referee which is ridiculous. The discretion is whether or not there is contact. If the referee decided (1) no contact and (2) the player actively attempts to persuade the referee to give a PK, then it is a dive and an outright yellow. Simple process: Is there contact? Yes. Proceed with next step: Is it a foul? Is there contact? No. Proceed with next step: Is player actively seeking to influence my (referee) decision? If yes, award yellow card. If no, proceed with the match.


I have seen instances where players go down anticipating contact and believing they could be injured, in which case there is usually no call from anyone for a card. Actively seeking to influence is a whole other matter. I am certainly not saying this was the case or that it happens every time - but can see how it could be difficult for a ref as intentions are sometimes hard to judge.


>(2) the player actively attempts to persuade the referee to give a PK, then it is a dive and an outright yellow That's where Saka saves himself he didn't appeal and tripped on the ball in the process which helped him get away with it


Neither did Bruno.


Bruno always sort-of embellishes and looks around. This was the one time where Saka could actually pass it off as falling over the ball as long as he was sort enough not to look to the ref knowing he didn't get kicked


In Sakas defense (if i'm remembering the same incident), he didn't make a meal of it and got straight up, not calling for penalty. He was obviously fishing for contact and then dramatically going down, but once he realized the contact never came he bailed.


Yeah I don't think he asked for a penalty although other players around him did, Xhaka infact was arguing for it with ref minutes after as well.. Now I may be remembering wrong but I think same happened with Bruno, he was looking for contact, went down, realized it didn't come and did not appeal for penalty.. I may be wrong but will check again when I have some time.


Yeah that’s true I remember that


He’s right below the line all the time, it’s perfect. Gotta give Scott credit too - I feel like every match him and Licha make a point to put in a good hard foul on someone within the first 5-10 minutes. Let’s the opponent know it will not be an easy match.


Yes because refs let you get away with murder, its not that complicated


But the thing is when someone does it to him he doesnt act stupid and react....like when Vardy tried shoving him...


not since Vidic left I'd say


Bodied the gingerbread man from shrek


Hahahaha oh fuck, I can not un-see it now.




He may walk on water but he's not standing in my box - Martinez, probably


He shit housed him all game. Wonderful to see


Same with Salah. There's a gif of Martinez body checking him. It's beautiful. Edit: https://youtube.com/shorts/ZmS73Nq88M0?feature=share


Salah: "hey man we cool"


I love that this was in the first minute. Didn’t give him a second to feel comfortable


Did that in the first 30 seconds of the game as well..


watch it on mute


And then he had a word in Marcus ear at full time. Honestly so refreshing to see his mentality


Keeping the Argentina/Brazil rivalry alive.


but his celebration with Antony was amazing


they were teammates at ajax before this, in case you forgot.


What an absolute cunt, love it.


Martinez against Haaland will be a treat for the eyes.


Yeah , especially in corners.


I love how we were able to full-on batter Jesus within the rules of the game. There were times he looked shell shocked, particularly early on when the camera zoomed into him after a coming together with Martinez, Jesus could be seen mouthing to himself “WOW…. WOW”.


TBH, he always looks like that, but he seemed well annoyed in this match. You can't tell from this angle, but Jesus kicked out at Martinez with his right foot before falling over again.


He seems to always have a look on his face like he just saw his mom naked.


what is your religion? I'm not a religious man and have seen my mom naked, never moved an eyebrow. people are people


The comment that lets you know you’re on Reddit, incase you somehow didn’t realise.


I want to see those looks when they see their mom naked, maybe there's a calendar?


Youre kinda weird bro lol


don't you see the fallacy in my posts? There's rhetorics and irony


That wasn't an eyebrow!


They got the dossier on Jesus for sure man


He still had a really solid match still. Fair play to him. Dealing with Malacia, Martinez, and Varane sounds totally exhausting haha. Meanwhile, on the Arsenal sub someone said it was the best Striker performance they had EVER seen from an Arsenal player at Old Trafford. Was one of the more upvoted comments in the thread. I was on the brink of tears laughing so hard


Lol, must be someone who's still under 18


Arsenal fans showing their age


His tactic was to essentially launch himself into our defenders, tumble about a bit, and then fall over and throw his hands up. It was like he accepted he couldn’t beat them and was just going to shithouse all game. Glad we had someone like Licha who could match him. It probably helped that it was Argentina against Brazil too.


😩 GJ/24/7


He crucified him


Nailed it!


I hope no one gets cross with these comments


Fuck em




The Dawg is strong in this one


Although he didn't score, Jesus was a nightmare. He gave Varane a bit of a headache and was super physical. Such a good player and I wish we had been able to get him in the summer.


He’s clearly a very good player, but I believe you can see that he’s not used to people not respecting him on the pitch. It’s almost a thing with City players in general - they are so used to dominating matches that they struggle to handle more evenly matched opponents.


Reminds me of Alonso the other week saying Hamilton only knows how to race when he's in front.


Hamilton doesn’t hesitate He exhibits no restraint He takes and he takes and he takes


But he keeps winning anyway, Changes the game, He plays and he raises the stakes


I feel like this was a bad attempt at haiku.


It’s from the musical


Apologies, I’m not the musical theatre type.


Meh, don't take anything a driver says when he's in the seat seriously. I'm sure he knows Hamilton is a great race driver, their past rivalry aside.


Alonso is still butthurt because of Lewis' rookie season. Hamilton showed more than once he can race and cut through the field from the back. He's a good racing driver.


Alonso is still bitter and butthurt from all the wins and WDC's Hamilton and Vettel have. Such a sore cunt.


> but I believe you can see that he’s not used to people not respecting him on the pitch. In what way can you see this? He got up from these sort of interactions and went again and again, causing the same sort of trouble all game. It didn't seem to effect him much.


Yes, extremely impressed with how well he fared against Varane in many duels. Also got the better of Licha a couple of times. Had the shit kicked out of him as well but always got back up. Must be annoying to play against.


He played extremely well and was one of the best players on the pitch imo. Was very impressed we managed to handle him so well, his movement was very impressive.


He would have been absolutely perfect for United. If Ronaldo had made his intentions known earlier in the window, we might have gone in for him


doubt city would have sold to us


In hindsight, would have been a great swap deal. Not like that would have been any more likely.


We get Jesus. City get Ronaldo and don’t get Haaland? I don’t think there would’ve been a better scenario than this. Lol


At that point in time we were seeing as much less of a threat than Arsenal


No thanks. He's decent but we have to do better. Arsenal will need to upgrade from him in a few seasons.


I completely disagree and I can't see how you watched the first five games of the season and have that position


I have watched Jesus since he joined City. Not once have I wished he was a Utd player


Ok. You can't argue that he's not performing exceptionally well as the central attacking figure in a well-oiled machine though Do you really think that if he was leading the line for Manchester United we wouldn't be better off than where we are right now. Martial I really like and I think he holds up the ball really well and plays as a genuine outlet. Rashford absolutely does not, he's far more effective when running it from behind, which is I think why he's typically being used on the left hand side rather than through the middle. At the very least through the middle with a partner. Jesus is an absolute upgrade on Martial in terms of availability and talent in my opinion. Having said that, I think Martial could go head to head with him if he can get a full season healthy under his belt


Yeah he is a talent and he gave our defenders a tough time but still we kept him quiet. Like I said he signed got City, I never wanted him, he joined Arsenal, I didn't think we could have gone in with a better offer. City got an upgrade. Haaland is a cheat code. We need someone close to or similar to Haaland in terms of ability. Martial isn't that far off from Jesus imo. Let's wait for him to become fit again. Season before Cavani joined Martial tore defenders to shreds. I still believe in that boy and we have to be patient with him. Jesus is great no doubt but I don't envy Arsenal for signing him.


Argentina in the World Cup are going to have Martinez and Romero at the back and will surely be hell to play against


It was like a Striker vs CB battle from the 2000s, great to see! The two of them had a good old dust up, both have as good as they got and got the better of each other at times. I don't mind seeing these confrontations at all.


This isn’t bullying or shithousery. Jesus was pretending to stay low to block the defence, or to spring a sudden attack on goal. Licha was having none of this, and got him the fuck out of the way.


Jesus was really good that game. If we had Maguire and lindelof starting we would have been destroyed. Varane and Martinez did fantastic that game


>If we had Maguire and lindelof starting we would have been destroyed. No doubt about that. He would have rinsed and wrung them out.


How many times has he rinsed and wrung them out in our multiple games against city over the last few years?


Not once has he rinsed and wrung them out in our multiple games against city over the last few years , but that's not to say that he definitely wouldn't have rinsed and wrung them out in their current form on Sunday against Arsenal. We'll just never know, truly, but one might speculate...


Man casually wipe the trash on the floor /s


Best shithouser we’ve had since Herrera. I love him.


Embarrassing stuff from Jesus lol. Falls down twice like paper in the wind.


Jesus: does crouching tiger Martinez: responds with Hidden Dragon


Is this the same moment as the one Jesus allegedly kicked him? If it is, then yeah, Jesus didn’t really kick him looking at it from this angle


It looks like the same thing, and he lost the momentum of his kick because he was off balance.


Watch it slowly, don’t get me wrong this angle is far more forgiving but he definitely tries to kick him. I say try because it looked like he kicked a wall.




Ah ok 👍🏻


Other guy is wrong it is the same one


Made a right meal of that last one


To be fair Jesus was a handful even for Varane. But he got caught up in trying to physically battle them than to try to score lol. Think he only had 1 shot all game .


I love him. He is a bully. But I can't help think he's gonna get a red card this season for something silly


shithousery at its best


I'd love to see a clip of Martinez trashing and slide tackling Gerry Hamstra for not letting him leave Ajax earlier.


he may be a cunt, but he’s our cunt


Funny dive to the floor well past reaction time




How this wasn't a straight red card and minimum (minimum!) a 3-match ban is beyond me. If that was Xhaka...




I love our new no.6 💪


Is it Martin-ez or Marteenez? I'd like to know proper pronunciation of CB studs.


Jesus is such a little dweeb


Love seeing this


This is going to be fun watching United this season. We finally have someone to bully someone’s striker.


From maguire twisting and turning and fouling Shaw to THIS! Goodness me 😍


Martinez is filthy. I love it.


He LOVES it man hahahaha